“We’re Going To Feed Off That”

June 23rd, 2019

“No expectations, just actions,” trumpeted America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, to an Alabama television station on Friday.

No, Jameis is not going to be pinned down when it comes to putting a tangible goal on his Buccaneers. Jameis is finished with any of that kind of talk. He’s all about action now.

Jameis spent nearly all of last week giving back to various communities in Alabama with a focus on kids. At one of his football camps, Jameis chatted with the local CBS-TV affiliate, which compiled the video below.

Jameis remarked multiple times about the energy head coach Bucco Bruce Arians is bringing to the Bucs and “we’re going to feed off that.”

Joe loves having a team feeding off its coach’s energy, but that can be a slippery slope. As Arians tells his players, it’s their team, not his. And they need to feed off each other and deeply support each other.

It’s just June semantics, but Arians really is about developing core players to lead and drive the energy, rather than him being the alpha dog of the roster.

24 Responses to ““We’re Going To Feed Off That””

  1. Bird Says:

    Joe feeds off him

  2. Bird Says:

    I saw him play a game on Pitt

    Yup. America

  3. #1bucsfan Says:


  4. Defense Rules Says:

    I have no idea what the term “No expectations, just action” means Joe. The ‘action’ part I get … ‘actions speak louder than words’ or ‘don’t tell me, show me’ I understand. But “no expectations”? What does that mean?

    We ALL have expectations. We ALL have goals. When Byron calls a play & Jameis executes it, their expectation is that it’ll work to achieve whatever goal they had in mind when calling that particular play. Not sure that Jameis got the right takeaway from that discussion with BA. I for one have high expectations for Jameis’ performance this year, and I’d bet that Jameis does too.

  5. Elita Vita Says:

    I believe that sometimes Jameis’ expectations are often so high that it actually has a negative impact on his play. I read this as Jameis to just continue to follow through on his actions he is learning to do and eventually he will succeed.

  6. BUCnDaDDy Says:

    Eating Dubbba’Ss, sorry I couldn’t help myself! Love ya Jameis, but I’m counting on you to ball out, and steer this ship out of the Bermuda Triangle of washed up football, that does not warrant any kind navigating the landscape of the NFL. Where every team has and equal chance to stake their claim of territory immunity that represents a time period in life when you were the best! No one can take that away from you. Tampa, its time to get behind this team, in the darkest hour and do are part of not letting other teams coming in and disrespecting us. As pirates do, we must start taking what is ours, and offer no apologies for making are self at home in your own place. Have a Buccin Great Day!

  7. OneBuc55 Says:

    No expectations = No disappointments

    Don’t worry about the things you cant control, take care of the things you can control and let the chips fall where they may…
    It’s an old cliche but it still holds true, “Action speaks louder than words”…

    No need to talk anymore JW, it’s time to do; there’s alot on the line and I believe in you…Let’s shock the world, Go Bucs!

  8. JA Says:

    We all have expectations, but you can’t go mouthing off about winning the Super Bowl and go 5-11.
    No need to put undue pressure on yourself and be labeled a fool if you don’t produce. LeBron and D. Wade come to mind by spouting off about winning seven titles.
    They won two, both by the skin of their teeth. A grand accomplishment, but they are remembered for their idiot expectations.
    Best to give it your all on every play and see what happens, all the while keeping your expectations to yourself.

  9. Magadude Says:

    So far, between Licht, Arians and Winston, fans could very well be fed a whole lot of BS. We will have to let that play out over the season. But the gullible have been gobbling up Licht’s and Winston’s BS for way too llong.

    “No expectations, just actions” makes no sense. Without goals and objectives, you can’t know how you are doing towards meeting them. So with that let’s not identify where we want to go, let’s just go start executing? Yup, we can’t have those tangible goals…

    Yeah, Winston’s a young man trying to get something going, but he should think more carefully about what he says, keep his hands to himself, don’t eat his fingers, and just play football for now. He’s proven before his words mean nothing. And something I think everyone knows is the best thing for football players mindset when they are trying to get something gong is to just go out and take it one game, one quarter, one play at a time. I do think that’s what Winston means…

  10. tickrdr Says:

    Hope vs. expectations??
    When I buy a lottery ticket I have high hopes….
    “ high apple pie in the sky hopes”.
    But my expectations are quite low.
    I still buy an occasional lottery ticket, but I stopped buying my Bucs’ tickets.
    I still have hope, but my expectations there were too low.


  11. Bob in Valrico Says:

    I will remember both players as some of the best of their era. LeBron as one of the best of all time, But you still need good players to around you. Micheal Jordan, Magic, Byrd are a just a few that enjoyed that advantage.

    Grandiose expectations aside,most players will be remembered for their accomplishments.

    IMO, Jameis should have reasonable goals and expectations.

  12. Bob in Valrico Says:

    one other observation on LeBron. I don’t know how Lebron felt after with Chris . Bosch. But it does seem hard to a big man on a Lebron team. They either get traded or don’t meet his high expectations.

  13. Bob in Valrico Says:

    playing with Chris Bosch

  14. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Another thought on LeBron:
    He has probably had more input than any other player on who he plays with.
    Some other great players involved the other players on the team. Its a team game and all five players have be involved. I respect the players that were able to do that more.

  15. Allbuccedup Says:

    Jameis had the best receivers around him last year. I don’t get your point.

  16. Oneilbucs Says:

    I see why the Patriots win every year they focus on their entire team while every one else focus on just quarterback. That’s why the national media never talks about their record without Brady being in the game. Cause it’s a wining record.

  17. Pittsshore Says:

    I wonder if Tua will get The same amount of exposure when JW is let go this season. He will either make another off-field transgression or perform at his usual terrible level and Arians will bench him. He will then become a locker room distraction and let him go. My crystal ball does not lie.

  18. Oneilbucs Says:

    Yep Pittsshore and Jamies will go win with another team and yall will be saying how bad Tua is when this team still be hoping to make the playoffs. Cause yall don’t understand what it takes to have a winning team.

  19. Oneilbucs Says:

    Yep Pittsshore and Jamies will go win with another team and yall will be saying how bad Tua is when this team still be hoping to make the playoffs. Cause yall don’t understand what it takes to have a winning team. Mb

  20. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Not so much energy the team will feed off, but Arians leadership-

    No more waffling between who’s the starting qb, no more empty promises about having a running game, no more buddy coaching loyalty regardless of how disastrous the results.

  21. Alanbucsfan Says:

    -and No more locker room B.S.

  22. Race to 10 Says:

    No sorry he is spot on. It’s bad enough to an incompetent coach way in over his head but in the crappy scheme they were in if the defense had fed off each other it may have even been worse. Offense se was one of the best so the coaches energy matters so when he is coaching to save his job its obvious. They may not be a .500 club which I think they will be much better but they will prove to be better than 5-11 and that Dirk was trash

  23. Jean Lafitte Says:

    As futile as this team has been how is it that Coach Arians should not be the focus. He is the alpha. He has to be the alpha if this team is to succeed.

  24. Bird Says:


    Pittsbore is just like us.
    Tom Brady is Jameis Winston
    Belicheat and any other dude.
    Good point