Time To Shine

June 8th, 2019

Bucs WR Chris Godwin.

This could be the breakout year for Bucs’ third-year receiver Chris Godwin. And it isn’t just Joe who believes this.

Enter one of the more dynamic receivers in Bucs history, Antonio Bryant. He racked up 1,248 yards for Chucky in 2008 (his diving one-handed catch at Carolina on Monday Night Football may be the best catch in Bucs history).

Bryant is active on Twitter and he’s pimping Godwin to have a huge season.

@ab89: The homie @CGtwelve_ bout to ball out this year! 🔥
#GoBucs @Buccaneers

It stands to reason.

First, Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians believes Godwin is so good he could catch 100 passes this year. Second, Godwin is no longer a bit player. With malcontent receiver DeSean Jackson gone, Godwin bumps up a notch on the depth chart and Arians plans to use him a lot in the slot.

Godwin is one of the few bright spots in what has been a Lost Decade for the Bucs.

32 Responses to “Time To Shine”

  1. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Hit him or any of the Bucs excellent pass catchers IN STRIDE and there will be much to cheer about…it will also help the running game….

  2. Pete I Says:

    Well lets hope so, it can only be a good thing.

    He increased his yardage by 317 yards between year 1 and 2 so if he does the same he is just a bit shy of 1200.

    TD’s increased by 6 so again…13 TD’s?

    1159 yards and 13 TDs? Sure. Good stats for him.

    Jameis “Meaningless Stats” Winston.

    The “Best” QB in Buccaneers history is not even on track to make the Ring of Honor at Ray Jay.

  3. Billy Bob Says:

    Most dynamic catch in Bucs history was made by Joe Jurevicius. His touchdown catch where he tipped the ball up with a defender on him turned his back to the ball that was in the air and the defender curled around going into the endzone to catch the ball as it came down from his own tip

  4. Lou. Says:


    You are correct, sir!!!

  5. K2 Says:

    Agree Billy Bob!

  6. Bird Says:

    Fantasy football sleeper pick

  7. Todd Says:

    Here’s the tipped catch!


  8. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    @BillyBob and @Todd,

    I remember that play!! It gave me chills watching that again. Man, those were the days!!!! Hopefully we are on that path again

  9. BigHog Says:

    No stat is meaningless…it’s what they look at when your career is over and they are trying to determine if and when you get in THE HALL!! It all adds up!! ZSTOP THE HATE ON JW3 …it’s all gonna work itself out!!

  10. AwShbucs Says:

    That Bryant catch is a thing of beauty no doubt but I’d have to give the edge to Mike Evan’s 1 handed catch versus the Falcons in 2017. Not only is it ridiculously acrobatic and skillful, he also gets absolutely lit up and still completes the catch.


  11. B.D Says:

    Godwin drops too many

  12. Magadude Says:

    No question Godwin should be able to fit the bill. However, there is a considerable drop in receiver depth with Hump gone, and like him or not, DJax did make some plays, especially when he was with a QB who can throw the long ball with accuracy.

  13. B.D Says:

    problem is not just the drops… but when they happen

  14. B.D Says:

    Djax gave up.
    he knew Winston was not going to get the ball to him

  15. B.D Says:

    I think we need a new Quarterback myself, just my opinion,,, but this one has not shown me enough,for what we invested in him. hope I am wrong… been a Bucs fan since the begining went to colts and jets preseason games before the Bucs iin Tampa always will root for them , but ……

  16. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Thanks for posting that video Todd. That was an incredible catch. Those were the days. Now, if a similar scenario occurred, the pass probably would have been tipped, intercepted and taken to the house.

  17. SOEbuc Says:

    Godwin is a great blocking WR down field with strength to pull guys off to get YAC

  18. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    The writer was not a Bucs fan in 2003.

    JJ’s catch was another exclamation point by our SB champions Bucs over the bitter Eagles fans. We closed the Vet stadium in 2002 with a victory and opened their new stadium with another victory. Although, we were the champions the schedule makers (obviously anti-Bucs fans) hoped to have redemption having us travel to the new stadium in Philadelphia.

    Bucs 16
    Chickens 0

  19. DB55 Says:

    If Ryan Fitzpatrick is so accurate why did he throw 12 Ints in just 8 games and only won 2 games?

    If JW threw 3 ints in one qrt including a pick-6 he’d be run out of town but somehow Fitz is the better QB in their minds.

    Lmao, rotfl, 🤣😭😂 , I guess it’s true what the say about the poorly educated.

  20. Joe Says:

    Most dynamic catch in Bucs history was made by Joe Jurevicius. His touchdown catch where he tipped the ball up with a defender on him turned his back to the ball that was in the air and the defender curled around going into the endzone to catch the ball as it came down from his own tip

    That was wild. That was on Monday Night Football as well wasn’t it? To open the season at Philly?

  21. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    Greatest catch in Buc’s history, hands down was Donovan McNab to Ronde Barber in Philadelphia. It’s burned into my brain.

  22. Slugglife Says:

    The best JJ catch and run was against the Eagles when we shut down the vet. IMO.

  23. Slugglife Says:

    Yes Ghost. You win this episode.

  24. PSL Bob Says:

    Thanks Todd!!! With my fading memory, I’d forgotten about that one. Great play, and great uniforms. Glory years!

  25. Doctor_berto Says:

    Joe Jurevicius has the best catch in Bucs history!

  26. Rod Munch Says:

    Joe – Yeah, the Joe catch was the 17-0 blowout MNF win when the NFL forced the Bucs to open on the road after winning the SB. A good catch, but hardly what I’d call the best Bucs catch ever.

    If we’re counting catches in meaningless games, I’ve put forth the Mike Evans catch vs Atlanta a couple of years ago:

    It’s amazing he held onto that thing.

    Also I vaguely remembered Mike Williams making an amazing catch versus the Giants, and was looking for it, and just found a Williams TD highlight reel – wow, I forgot how many good TD’s this guy had.


  27. Rod Munch Says:

    Doctor_berto – Joe running wide open is hardly an amazing catch, if that’s the standard then actually Ronde had the best catch in Bucs history.

  28. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Joe Jurevicius , wow that was my favorite as well but I think Mike Evans deserves to be mentioned with the Bucs best catches. That one he had vs Atlanta, one handed, twisting, toe tapping, and holding on even with a jaw jarring hit, that was just crazy.

  29. Joe Says:


    Shame how Williams destroyed himself.

    He played just fine for Schiano and Rah. The nosedive began under Lovie. Coincidence?

  30. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    Ghost…..I don’t know about you but when Rhonde was running to the end zone I was screaming:

    SUPER BOWL!!!!!
    SUPER BOWL!!!!!
    SUPER BOWL!!!!!

    Great times.

  31. Pick6 Says:

    The JJ touchdown was great, it is just marred in my memory because as I was watching it I was penciling in back to back championships for our Buccaneers. We looked invincible at that point, following up an absolutely dominant postseason…..then came the Alstott/Jurevicius double injury, the colts collapse with the Brian Kelly injury, and then the 15+ years of darkness that followed. If we went back to winning I could enjoy that play so much more

  32. Pick6 Says:

    *but in terms of difficulty and rarity I think it has no rivals in Bucs history and very few in league history. Wildly underrated