Bruce Arians’ Comparison Take On Jameis

June 8th, 2019

Yes, America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, has a head coach who is proud of him.

But man, Bucco Bruce Arians has such a high bar, it makes you wonder how Jameis really compares to the other QBs Arians has worked with.

You know the QB names, but the last big one is Carson Palmer, who will enter the Cardinals Ring of Honor this year, it was learned this week. That announcement prompted appearance to land on sports radio in Arizona to discuss.

He talked about the extreme work ethic of Palmer.

“He worked at his craft not just mentally but physically to continue to come back from injuries and do all the things he did,” Arians said of Palmer on KMVP-FM. “He would work on his body for at least three hours a day, rotator cuffs, every part of his body. Then, you know, he really got into the virtually reality … and he actually put it in his house. And for him, he had to manage family time. So, you know, he’d get the kids to bed and he’d watch every single rep in practice that he took all week in practice. So he really practiced twice for every game. So his preparation was flawless.”

Yes, Jameis is known for a great work ethic but the more Joe hears from Arians about Palmer, Peyton Manning and other QBs under Arians, the more Joe wonders if Jameis must raise his off-field game a notch or two to match those guys.

Arians talked about Jameis during the interview and the high marks he’s earned for his spring work. But Arians’ tone felt like a guy saying this Bucs rebuild will be tougher than what he found in Arizona back in 2013, when the Cardinals went 10-6 after a 5-11 season.

“I’m really, really pleased. Tom Moore came in as a consultant and he and I were sitting down talking about that first year in Arizona and then this first year here and the difference,” Arians said. “And, you know, (sigh), Mike Evans is in Larry’s caliber as a receiver, you know, but there’s no Larry Fitzgeralds [in Tampa]. But we’ve got some weapons and then Jameis is, he’s that eager younger guy than Carson [Palmer] who was a vet. And when we got Carson it legitimized our whole team, the whole locker room, because we had a really solid defense. [In Tampa,] it’s more like, ‘Hey, let’s build that defense up.’ And Todd’s doing a great job of that. But Jameis, I’m really happy with him.”

Joe’s got confidence in Jameis and, frankly, Arians is still learning about Jameis. They really didn’t have any significant relationship before he arrived, no matter what you’ve read elsewhere.

But Jameis does have a lot to prove to Arians, who has coached so many great QBs, and to Bucs fans and likely ownership that have a very short fuse when it comes to more losing.

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39 Responses to “Bruce Arians’ Comparison Take On Jameis”

  1. Pete I Says:

    BA or Bust for Jameis “Meaningless Stats” Winston.

    We shall see.

    The “Best” QB in Buccaneers history is not even on track to make the Ring of Honor at Ray Jay.

    Like Carson Palmer made the Zona Ring…Obviously another Low bar to make that ring!

  2. Bird Says:

    Trust me

    When know you have confidence in Jameis
    You don’t have to remind us joez

    I think obsession is a better word

  3. Allbuccedup Says:

    BA or BS we shall see in September.

  4. Jim Says:

    Game time-Jameis and Practice-time Jameis are two different QBs. I assume Arians is preparing for that…

  5. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Interesting comment on the virtual reality,I would really like t know how
    Palmer used it. If it could be used to replicate gametime situations and
    create opportunities to make and evaluate decisions , that would be a
    useful tool. Could it also be use for footwork and mechanics ?

    No question Jameis works hard , but a little direction on what he should work
    on might just help him elevate his game.

  6. OneBuc55 Says:

    Ooo boy, it’s a Jameis article; queue all the haters…

  7. Ndog Says:

    Frankly this debate is getting old and it’s clear people either understand football or not. The one that do get it and the ones that don’t never will and that really sums it up. Enjoy trying to convince people, that have no idea what they are watching they are wrong.

  8. Stanglassman Says:

    Onebuc55- Joe blows that whistle and they all come running. The same handful saying the same things every time.

  9. Pete I Says:

    “Joe blows that whistle and they all come running. The same handful saying the same things every time.”

    Sort of like NDOG and OneBuc55.

    Jameis “Meaningless Stats” Winston.

    The “Best” QB in Buccaneers history is not even on track to make the Ring of Honor at Ray Jay.

  10. Jason Says:

    I seem to recall an article from few years ago about Jameis using virtual reality. His rookie year maybe? It faded away. –Joe

  11. Pete I Says:

    And with Todd the Pollyanna Principal Principals are all present.

    for NDOG – Pollyanna Principal means = also called Pollyannaism or positivity bias is the tendency for people to remember pleasant items more accurately than unpleasant ones. Research indicates that at the subconscious level, the mind has a tendency to focus on the optimistic; while at the conscious level, it has a tendency to focus on the negative.

    Thought this would help you out since you know nothing but football.

    Jameis “Meaningless Stats” Winston.

    The “Best” QB in Buccaneers history is not even on track to make the Ring of Honor at Ray Jay.

  12. Pittsshore Says:

    They should create a virtual reality strip bar game for JW. Hopefully, it will keep him out of them.

  13. kgh4life Says:

    Jameis obviously has elite talent, which is why he was selected first overall,however, the two major concerns i have are his accuracy and decision making, two important parts of Jameis’s game that i really don’t think a coach can fix.

  14. Pete I Says:


    Virtual Strip Bar! Then leave in a Virtual UBER. With Virtual Crab Legs? Win-Win-Win (of course those 3 wins are 14.29 % of all Winston’s Buc wins)

    Jameis “Meaningless Stats” Winston.

    The “Best” QB in Buccaneers history is not even on track to make the Ring of Honor at Ray Jay.

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    Bob in Valrico … Carson Palmer’s use of virtual reality intrigued me too Bob. Seems like I recall the Bucs trying that several years ago then it just disappeared.

    A key point in all of this though is that EVERYONE has only 24 hours in a day, from Bill Gates to Joe the Plumber. It’s how effectively we use that time that makes the biggest difference. I’m sure we’ve all known folks who put in loooong hours but aren’t any more PRODUCTIVE than others who get their work done in a lot fewer hours. Call it WORKING SMARTER or whatever, but putting in looong hours doesn’t always equate to being BETTER.

    And maybe that was Carson Palmer’s view of virtual reality. MAYBE it helped HIM use his time more productively. MAY have exactly the opposite impact on Jameis; no way to know unless he tries it. I’m confident though that with BA, Clyde & Byron in his ear (plus Tom now), that Jameis will get LOTS of suggestions on how to prepare most effectively. But in the final analysis, Jameis has to find what works best for him. From the few interviews that he’s done this year, I think I’m seeing a pretty significant change in Jameis, probably in terms of focus than anything else. HOPEFULLY that translates into better PERFORMANCE on the field come September.

  16. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Put a restraining order on George Whitfield. Cant be 1500 miles near JW3”

    Kobe Faker

    Gump and Klueless are complete idiots having JW full scrimage for 3 weeks under GW. JW makes 20 mill and he hires and pays ex college football players to “sharpen and game ready practice” for 3 weeks?

    JW going to practice throwing the ball in the ground or away to start another play? Against a kid who he paid $100 for the day? JW practiced hero ball for 3 weeks under the tutorledge of broomsweep Whitfield and they wanted JW to throw with patience and decision making?

    BA needs to be hands on to everything concerning JWs development…

    Not delegate”

    Kobe Faker

  17. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Kobe totally agree on Whitfield, if the 4 bucs coaches are teaching jameis how to be a better qb, jameis needs to break ties with whitfield.

    Arians reminds me too much of Barry Melrose

  18. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Kobe, I would be surprised if the Bucs had anything to do with the hiring of Whitfield. I have long felt that he has focused more on getting his body ready
    in shape than the all important footwork and mechanics that could help him
    be more consistant.

  19. OneBuc55 Says:

    Kobe I agree with your assessment of Jameis’ work with Whitfield…

    Hopefully, it doesn’t work against what he’s being asked to do by the coaching staff; as long as it’s in line fundamentally with what the new staff wants from him I’m all for it..What I do respect about Jameis is his willingness to put in the extra work…

  20. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Agree that the possibility of tweeking his preparation could help. Focus is
    important also . Its also possible that Jameis sometimes gets imformation
    overload by trying to process too many things that are happening on the field.

    Just a couple examples:
    Trying to field a bad snap one handed while surveying the field.
    Looking at an oncoming rusher instead of just focussing on the execution of
    a handoff to RB. Although these examples are rarities, they can and do affect outcomes of games.

    I admit , I have few answers for lack of focus, since I have looked for a tool in garage and failed to locate the first time , I looked. In a similar vein, is also
    awareness of your surroundings is essential, and lack of can get you in trouble
    in gametime situations.

  21. Bob in Valrico Says:

    edit: Lack of it

  22. gilhealy Says:

    Jameis, and the Bucs, are gonna thrive this season. This team will be a far cry from anything we’ve seen in recent memory. Totally different. Defense is gonna show out. I, for one, can’t wait.

  23. What in the buc Says:

    Time will tell, just don’t see how he can stop being a turnover machine from college till last season, we are more likely to have a better defense to help stop the bleeding. But hopefully I’m wrong…..

  24. SenileSenior Says:


    I’m with you!

    It sad that so many of our beaten down “hapless Bucs fans” can’t tell the difference between superior NFL coaching and average coaching when they see it.

    They are stuck in the past. They are blind to what is right in front of them.

    This season will be eye opening for many.
    Go Bucs!!!

  25. Cgmaster27 Says:

    And right on que here comes Pete I and piitshore with their same meaningless drivel, over and over. Cant wait to see Jameis get resigned so you’re heads explode, or you pick another team, both are preferable.

  26. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Joe, what on earth do you expect BA to say about Jay Miss? “I think Jay Miss stinks and we’ll replace him after this year.” That’s never coming out of any coach’s piehole.
    However, the proof will be in the pudding. Again, I sure hope I’m wrong, but I expect to see lots of dumb decisions, interceptions and fumbles from Jay Miss. Year five will look much like years one through four. Way too much inconsistency for a number one overall pick.

  27. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    A wise man once said, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” (Parkinson’s Law 1955) That was published first in the Economist which is Lord Rothschild’s publication for the top .001% of the people who actually run this world.

    I think of Steve Spurrier when I ponder that. Some coaches would bristle at the thought of Steve playing 36 rounds of golf a week and taking his lovely wife out to dinner, while they grinded out 18 hour days 7 days a week.

    I think, liker most successful men, he realized his brain actually worked better at solving problems while sleeping. He certainly out coached all of his AAF peers this year (8-1) even though he was well past 80 years old.

  28. dmatt Says:

    The offense n especially the defense will be even better than last year. Why?
    Out with the cancer:
    1.Koetter n system is gone
    2.DJax is gone
    2A.Fitzpatrick is goner
    3.GMcCoy is gone
    4.Grimes is gone
    5.Conte is gone
    In comes Treatment:
    “B” n the “A”Team

    This team can only go up. With or without JPP, this defense will shock the league. We can’t be worse than last year. Watch out for CNassib n the 6’7 rookie Anthony Nelson out of Iowa. This team is itching to take it to the next level.

  29. Figures Says:


    Is it hard to spell the word “and”?

    It’s literally two more letters. Anytime anyone uses the letter “n” for the word “and” I laugh and think how stupid people are.

  30. dmatt Says:

    Don’t u have anything else better to do? It’s not hard for me to tell u to…well, never mind, go “Figure”.

  31. Figures Says:


    Don’t be mad at me because you’re illiterate and can’t spell a three letter word correctly.


  32. D1 Says:


    Next time you’re going fire off a shot…….move the barrel of the gun or your head before you blast someone else about stupidity..

  33. BA FAN Says:

    With a better defense and running game and scheming to help D. Smith’s problem with speed rushers, you will see the winning side of Jameis this year!

  34. Dapostman Says:

    Spelling police (Figures) out in full force.

  35. Figures Says:

    How about putting the barrel in your mouth

  36. Stanglassman Says:

    I really didn’t think Bucs fans would still be talking about ‘Crab Legs’ 5 years into his NFL career. SMH. It’s been explained but you got to kinda read between the lines to know exactly what happened. I’ll spell it out plainly for the people who don’t know and want to learn something.

    Publix instead of throwing out their soon to be expired meats use to give out what’s not sold to college (all Fl as far as I know UF, USF, UCF for sure) student athletes especially the football team. After all their games were responsible for half of the meats sales for gameday cookouts. For liability purposes this was unofficial the same reason The Mill couldn’t give the homeless shelter in French town their day old bagels. This task usually went to a low ranking player (like me) but Jameis went because he wanted to show that he was a team guy etc. It was a bad choice only because he was too high profile he was not stealing. This should have been cleaned up with a phone call but someone leaked it to the news paper.

  37. geno711 Says:


    I like your thought process “n” hope that the 6’7″ Nelson can be a factor as well.

    @Figures Says

    I hope you were just being petty this once.

    Further, I am not sure you showed that @dmatt was illiterate. In fact, he showed an ability to read and understand what you wrote in his first response to you. So the illiterate comment appears to have been used incorrectly. Let me know if you agree?

    By the way, you forgot to properly punctuate “How about putting the barrel in your mouth”.

  38. Allbuccedup Says:

    This would be bucs luck, Jameis has a decent season prompting Jason Licht to sign JW to a five year 150 mil contract of which 120 mil guaranteed money. 2020 season rolls in JW throws 43 ints the breaks nfl record bus go 1-15 prompting BA to retire again leaving the bucs witn no coach, no cap space, and three more years of the worse QB in the nfl.

  39. T REX Says:

    Figures…some posts are a byproduct of Twitter and the character limits or just growing up in a constant text world. This is a sports message board where thoughts and ideas are more important than punctuation.

    You really came off looking like a giant, miserable d bag.

    Bottom line, your crap isn’t welcome here.