Love For Scotty Miller

June 28th, 2019

Gets props from Bucs QB.

There is always one player from a draft who seems like a dark horse to make an impact. This year, that could be wide receiver Scotty Miller.

Built like a DeSean Jackson on a hunger strike, Miller looks more like a computer tech at Best Buy than an NFL wide receiver. But Miller has what cannot be built or obtained. That is blazing speed.

Recently America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, appeared on the “Adam Schefter Podcast” and talked up the rookie wide receiver from Bowling Green.

Adam Schefter: Can Scotty Miller contribute to this offense this season?

Jameis Winston: Oh, he can do it right now. He came in [to underwear football season] prepared. He came in with a desire to — like Adam [Humphries] came in. Adam and I came in together and you could see the look in Adam’s eye that he was just ready for this level. He was ready to prove his worth. And I think Scotty Miller has done that in OTAs and minicamp, or getting DBs and the whole defense to respect him.

In Joe’s eyes, Miller will make the team if he excels on special teams. That means as a return guy. The Bucs’ return gave has largely stunk for too long. And with his speed, Miller seems perfect for punt return.

If Joe had to cobble together a depth chart of the wide receivers, Joe would slot Miller behind Justin Watson if for no other reason than Watson has both speed and size. Miller is almost tiny.

52 Responses to “Love For Scotty Miller”

  1. Magadude Says:

    He’s only 5’9″ and 174….somewhat thinnish. But yes, fast. My biggest worry is he’s not much on catch radius so Winston may have trouble with completions if right on target. His size and weight doesn’t bode well for 50/50 balls. He returned kicks at BGS…I think indeed special teams could be his ticket…

  2. Magadude Says:

    ^^^if NOT right on target…

  3. Todd Says:

    $100 that Miller’s nickname doesn’t become MeMiller like MeJax. Refreshing. So glad that gangsta-wannabe-cancer is now an opponent.

  4. Lunchbox Says:

    He’s got a bit of a Johnny Manziel look to him. Scotty Football?

  5. Ndog Says:

    The whole Jameis is inaccurate thing is such a load of garbage. For instance the crap above talking about catch radius, so I guess Adam Humphries is some huge WR with a tremendous catch radius. You people just make stuff up man, such weak sauce everyday from the same clueless poster.

  6. Eric y Says:

    Lol the comments are too funny… geez y’all crack me up with the nonsense

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here is a possible depth Chart:
    And one or two of 4 or five UDFAs…..including Bobo

    Special teams is key.

  8. Rayjay1122 Says:

    It’s Miller time.

  9. Magadude Says:

    @NDog…catch radius is very important when a player is not hit in stride. Hump was most successful coming back toward the ball…plus Hump is a very good route runner. Luckily, so is Miller. Had Evans and VJax not had catch radium as big plusses it would have made it much harder for Winston. You can defend your man until the cows come home, but it’s pretty well known by a lot of analysts that Winston’s accuracy is not one of his better points. Oh, you may have heard, Jameis Winston also also has a slight INT problem. I know, you say “Wah! None of that’s true. You are an idiot!” Just close your eyes and make another wish Ndog! LOL!

  10. lowercaseg Says:

    rooting for him but I’m worried about his weight. Can’t help but picture him getting destroyed.

  11. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Miller may end up being our punt returner but I think Anderson will be our kickoff returner.

  12. Ndog Says:

    See that’s your problem you use analysts as your guide when I actually make opinions for myself by actually watching the games. You see people assume things based upon others who also haven’t watched the games. But that’s ok, based upon your clueless comments daily, I don’t expect you to understand.

  13. SB Says:

    I have a strange feeling that Scotty Miller could be used in a Christian McCafferey type mold. Of course I don’t know anything about his ability to hit holes but with that speed I would be impressed if BA came up with some type of special package for him.

  14. Bird Says:


    Was thinking the same thing. He does look like John football
    A little Worried for this kid. Joe has a huge crush on John football in a really weird way. This kid may want to be careful of an up close and personal interview.

  15. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I watch the games too…..

    Guess what?

    Jameis isn’t very accurate.


    Shut it Ndog.

  16. dmatt Says:

    He looks more like a young Sean Penn to me. I believe he’ll do what we expected MeJax to do, only better n without the attitude. He’s a diamond in the rough.

  17. Ndog Says:

    DoooshLaRue Says:
    June 28th, 2019 at 8:33 pm
    I watch the games too…..

    Guess what?

    Jameis isn’t very accurate.


    Shut it Ndog.

    Well then you don’t know what you are watching.

  18. Rod Munch Says:

    I am not sold on Perriman at all, the guy was cut from the Redskins last year and they had the worst WR’s in the NFL. I’m not sure why people think he’s suddenly a surefire #3, in fact, I’m making the prediction now, Perriman will get cut before the year is up. Hope I’m wrong and he has a good year, if that’s the case feel free to mock me, but he had a couple of OK games in Cleveland and that’s his career high point.

    Right now Bobo has to be the #3, and he has looked good when he’s been been at 3/4 on the depth chart. If he doesn’t talk his way off the team, I’d assume he’ll have a good season.

    The of course is the wildcard, Justin Watson, who had very little playtime but generally looked pretty good. He has very good size and excellent speed and seems like he’d be the natural guy to backup whoever ends up playing outside.

  19. BucFan727 Says:

    I’m glad Winston is on my team. Hope he has a great year. Go Bucs!

  20. Ndog Says:

    2018 comp%
    Tom Brady 65.8
    Aaron Rodgers 62.3
    Russell Wilson 65.6
    Jared Goff 64.9
    Jameis Winston 64.6

    So I guess next you’re going to tell us the only reason Jameis is in the same range as all of the guys mentioned above is because he checks the ball down so often. You people make yourself look dumber every day.


  21. Wesley Says:

    Practice squad career.

  22. Bird Says:

    Winston completion percentage > Aaron Rodgers completion percentage

    Therefore , Jameis is better then Aaron Rodgers.
    Only Ndog . The only guy that watches games with his own 2 eyes. I watch games with my nose.

    Dude. We all know you are a Nole fan but you are just getting a little more deranged each day. The only person you should compare Jameis too on that list is Jared Goff. Pretty sure everyone else on that list has earned the right of being labeled “elite”

    We can only hope that arians can take Jameis to that next level.
    But man. You are really out there

  23. SteveK Says:

    Jameis has a 1.19 TD: 1Turnover Ratio.

    We need less turnovers in order to have a chance of winning.

  24. Ndog Says:

    Again Bird putting words in my mouth, but the truth is the truth and that is that Jameis comp% is inline with many of the best in the game, yet you people say he is inaccurate yet lawd the others again proving how clueless/bias you all really are. I have not said Jameis is anywhere near Rodgers, Brady or any other great QB but I also don’t make ridiculous statements that can’t be proven. On the contrary I point out facts that you can’t refute, so you resort to making up items cause you have nothing else to say.

  25. Magadude Says:

    @Ndog…you said I was making stuff up, and I simply pointed out that catch radius is used by a lot of people. I guest my info from a lot of places–to fom my own opinion. Oh, I agree you make opinions for yourself…LOL. I would think maybe it’s just Friday and you’ve been hitting the boze, but you are like this all the time.

  26. Bird Says:

    You people.


    Hey man. Say what you want. More people are rooting for Jameis then you think. But when you keep making excuses for his average play yet rip McCoy for his average play then I gotta call it out.

  27. Ndog Says:

    Again more opinions with nothing to back it up. Time will tell but please don’t claim you are rooting for Jameis as your daily rip jobs proves that is a bold face lie. Oh sorry you are rooting for him but it’s to fail.

  28. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Amen Bird.

  29. Magadude Says:

    Hey @Ndog…you are really opening our eyes. ’18 stats and all. Did you know Mitch Trubisky and Mike Glennon are also elite. Mitch had a 66.6% and 95 Rtg. Glennon was over 71% and Rtg of 112. But of course, Mitch is a real QB with an upside and bight future. No way will CHI let him go. Oh my, here’s one close to home: Fitz completed 66.7% with a over 100 as a Rtg–for the Bucs. According to you then, Winston isn’t even in their league. I’d bet both Mike and Ryan could come play for us soon. And they don’t screw their team and fans by getting suspended to torpedo the season. Hmmmm. Well you convinced me…Winston is accurate due to his % but he’s far from the others. LOL.

  30. Magadude Says:

    @Bird, even I am rooting for Winston. I want him to win every game, and score whever he touches the ball. I am a Bucs fan. But like McCoy, he needs to go.

  31. Ndog Says:

    See that’s where watching games helps as Chicago throws a ton a screens passes, slants, and gimmick plays that drive up comp% whereas we throw the ball down the field but again you would have to actually watch AND UNDERSTAND football to get it. So your response makes perfect sense.

  32. Magadude Says:

    @Ndog…you are too funny. Good evening.

  33. Bird Says:


    Dude. Look at my posts.
    I’m a buc fan . I’ll call out your hypocrisy.
    Of course I’m rooting for Jameis cause he’s a buc. If he is playing well that means the Bucs have a chance in playoffs.

    Not a homer. I don’t make excuses for players that went to the same college
    Call me a hater if you want . Cause I do criticize his decisions on and off the field.

  34. Bird Says:


    Remember when you rooted for fitz to fail
    You were stoked when he had bad games so Jameis would get starter role back. You called him fitztragic . You said it was typical for him to turn ball over. Lose games. You were trashing him

    Turnovers and loses typical for fitz
    Turnovers and losses for Jameis were not his fault ever.

    So you were Rooting for a buc player to lose.
    Who is not a buc fan?
    Like I said. I’m hear to call out your hypocrisy out all day.

  35. Pittsshore Says:

    @Ndog: you continue to demonstrate your ignorance on this site FOR MANY YEARS!!!! You proclaimed Dirk Koetter would be the savior of your criminal QB from Free Shoes University. You have always blamed the Bucs defense for the teams losses since the arrival of Forrest Gump. And more importantly…. you have always been wrong. What’s your next excuse????

  36. Ndog Says:

    I never called Fitzpatrick that and I didn’t root against him, I just knew Koetter was an idiot and there was no positive end game with Fitzpatrick and I knew exactly what was going to happen. You people and Koetter were the only ones to believe those first two games were anything more than defenses being caught off guard by a new offense being called by Monken. Once again I was right and hear we are Koetter gone, Fitzpatrick gone, the only thing still left is your delusions. Again one of the 5 most talented players on this team is the QB and he gives us a chance to win BUT ONLY if the other parts of the team do anything to support the passing game. How this is not crystal clear is simply mind boggling, if you actually watch the games that is.

  37. Ndog Says:

    Please show us all a post where I said Koetter will be a savior. I’ll wait, until then you are proven wrong AGAIN. Man you guys are easy, cause you see lies dont win debates, facts do.

  38. Cobraboy Says:

    Smaller guys have been great NFL players for many years.

    There is the old expression: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

    Everyone can get hurt in the NFL. Fact is small, quick guys don’t take the clean shots like larger, slower guys.

    I am far more worried about Scott’s ability to read defenses, make the cuts and catch the ball than I am his durability.

  39. Jimmy Says:

    Jameis talks up all his teammates. I’m rooting for him though.

  40. Maze Says:

    I already told you Joe, Miller is the steal of the draft

  41. RustyRhinos Says:

    Ndog I just finished watching the 2018 Buccaneer highlights. Were you can watch all the good plays. When watching this if it were not for the catch radius of the WR most passes would have been incomplete. Not to mention that our WR are super human, it sure looks like one QB hit recivers in their hands in stride and the other threw it to an area and let the WR make the play at his own expense. Because one of the QB’s could not put the ball were the WR would not get clobbered, and next to zero YAC due to this style of throws.

    This season should let us see if our “Franchise” QB can adjust his own flaws, from coaching from the “QB whisperer” who by the way is not the only whispers in the “franchise” ears. So time will tell us.

    Go Bucs!!!

  42. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    I’m not worried about his size getting him killed. Wide receivers are more protected than the balls eagle these days. Especially if you are little contact looks worse than it is. The other thing to note is maybe that elite speed will actually create speration from DBS, something we don’t see to much of.

  43. Magadude Says:

    I think a lot of the Winston apologists like to shove at his non-believers a non-existent thought that Fitz should have been the QB of the future. I don’t think any Bucs fan that actually follows what’s going on would ever believe Fitz was the QB of the future. I know I didn’t. But until he proved otherwise, he was the hot hand to stay in. And I think that is arguable at all levels. At the same time though, many had decided that Winston was not the guy of the future, for myriad of reasons. It’s not “Winston or no one” or “Winston or Glennon” (or enter other substandard caliber QB). It is possible to find a QB who can be at least as good or better than Winston and also not have all the baggage. Many of us have seen enough.

  44. Magadude Says:

    @Conte…good point on separation…added to route running that could also mitigation Winston’s accuracy issues. On another note, the rules protect the WRs these days but just that one hit, legal or not, is what ends seasons too often, so a guy taking up a roster spot that is now on IR always is a concern…manageable risk perhaps?

  45. RobertG Says:

    Winston career completion average is 61.2% which is not bad. In 2018 his was 64% and in 2017 was 63%.
    Brews is 67% which is excellent
    Brady is 64%
    Newton is 59%
    Josh Freeman was 57%
    I’d say Winston doesn’t have a problem putting the ball where it needs to go.

  46. RobertG Says:

    Btw, Glennon average completion rate is 60%. It was 71% with the bears but he only played 4 games. He did throw 5 int in those games so I’d think it would be safe to say he’s far from Elite.
    Winston has only gotten better every year. This year he should excel!

  47. Malcolm-Reynolds Says:

    I see your points ndog – I think some of the posters on here (whether they admit it or not) will never really root for Winston to do well with this team because of the color of his skin. I think that goes all the way back to the draft and Mariota. While not completely absolving Winston of past mistakes, he is at least not what some of our past franchise QB’s have been. I point to Steve Young and ask: Did he look like a Hall of Fame QB with Tampa Bay? No! But his talent mixed with his work ethic plus Bill Walsh and a great 49er organization made him a Hall of Famer. Bucs draft picks Freeman and Dilfer for example, were talented but were not willing to put in the work it takes to become great NFL QB’s. Dilfer admitted this himself, and it was said multiple times about Freeman. I think the one thing to remember is that a Work Ethic is half the battle when it comes to determining a player’s ability to achieve success in this league. NO ONE can question Jameis’s work ethic. Will he put it all together this year? I honestly don’t know. I know as a Bucs Fan, I am rooting for whoever my QB is to have a Great year EVERY YEAR. Starting over again next year with a highly drafted QB is certainly NO GUARANTEE of long term success. I would like see what Jameis can do with better coaching and a scheme that plays more to his abilities. I think MOST of us hope that’s what BA plans to do this year….. Oh and throw in a little running game and maybe some defense for a change too.

  48. Cgmaster27 Says:

    @bird, dont come on here pretending to be be a Jameis fan. Your constant trolling and comments every post say otherwise. Funny thing is the only one using facts is ndog. You all come on here with this “in stride” crap every post. I watched highlights of Aaron Rodgers last night and all 4 passes shown were behind recievers. Every qb throws the ball off target at times, stop with that stupid excuse. We can criticize his turnovers, that’s legitimate, but this catch radius thing is so completely over blown by ou trolls its getting old.

  49. Magadude Says:

    @Robert G…yeah, certainly Glennon is not elite. He’s probably average as a backup. I brought him up because of Ndog’s facts about 2018 completion rate with no other info. And in doing that, a load of QBs are up there with Brady, Brees, etc. Worthless stat (Ndog fact).

  50. Chip Chipperson Says:

    Magadude….after making a point, never finish with “LOL”. You lose all credibility…..unless you’re a proud Land O Lakes gangster.

  51. Stonedbuc Says:

    This kid just looks like an old school fighter, he’ll end up being a bruiser as he gets older getting the tough yards and laying down big blocks you wouldn’t expect.

  52. Allen Says:

    Jameis doesn’t have an accuracy problem. He has a decision making problem. He continues to believes he can throw into smaller windows more often then he should.