GMC Felt Wanted

June 12th, 2019

Talks new friends, Tampa Bay.

While many loud Bucs fans nearly hollered themselves hoarse over the past decade for the Bucs to get rid of former stud defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, it was quite the opposite in Carolina.

The new Stinking Panthers defensive tackle told NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport on his podcast, “RapSheet and Friends” that it was the reception GMC receiving from the Stinking Panthers during the recruiting process that won him over.

“The guys were so welcoming and there was an instant chemistry,” GMC said.

When Rapoport asked about how big of a role pouty Cam Newton played in luring GMC to Carolina, GMC made it clear it was a lot of players. In short, the Stinking Panthers put the full-court press on in wooing GMC.

“Not just Cam. When they took me to lunch, I just expected to eat with the coaches,” GMC explained. “I walk in, there were six guys at the table. There was Greg Olson, Chris McCaffrey, Luke Kuechly, Shaq Thompson, Trai Turner and Kawann Short. I am like, ‘Gosh, six people showed up on their off day? To have lunch with me?’

“That speaks volumes about one, the respect you have from the players and two, how much they want you on the team and three what kind of people they are.”

GMC added that the restaurant was vegan since he recently flipped his eating style and he was blown away how the Carolina 6 “sacrificed” to dine and sell GMC on the Stinking Panthers.

“That may not speak volumes to other people, but it speaks volumes to what type of people and players are in this organization,” GMC said.

As for leaving the Bucs and Tampa, GMC had a long soliloquy about how he will never turn his back on the Tampa Bay area.

“I will never say anything bad about Tampa; I will never say anything negative about Tampa.”

53 Responses to “GMC Felt Wanted”

  1. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:


  2. gotbbucs Says:

    Jesus…..stop already. He’s going to love anyone or anything that shows him attention. He’s like a puppy getting his belly scratched.

  3. Bruce Blahak Says:

    attention and adulation…GMC in two words. That’s all he wants…

  4. Youngbucs Says: or maybe there I’m fixing your site for you.

  5. RustyRhinos Says:

    McCoy is a recently turned vegan? Who knew bats ate tofu. Glad to hear of everyone who showed up and wanted to be there it is very touching, really. Anyone have a bat tissue?

    Yeah yeah yeah, good luck this season McCoy against every other NFC South team. I am excited to see what happens when we play the Panthers.

    Go Bucs!

  6. taylor Says:

    He is a class act move on folks

  7. johnny Says:

    i listened. McCoy is a great guy and very bright. I wish him well when he’s not playing the BUCS.

  8. Humpty Dumpty Says:

    Ex Buc…let it go Joe and move on to the players we currently have.

  9. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Joe, you are riling up the GMC haters!!! Love it.

  10. Bucnjim Says:

    Watch the love fade quickly the first game he gets run over or hurt for the 20th time. You could write a country song with all the drama that follows him.

  11. SCBucsFan Says:

    Hate it all you like but THAT is how you recruit players. GMC, in a reduced role, will be solid.

  12. Youngbucs Says:

    Yeah right a SOLID flush.

  13. Marine Buc Says:

    Im glad GMC is feeling the warm and fuzzies in Carolina. I’m sure that he will be able to keep up his amazing level of production on the field come game day. ONE TACKLE per game. ONE…

  14. Desertbucfan76 Says:

    It was free lunch for those guys. What do you expect.


  15. Colonel Angus Says:

    Put this in the who gives a sh!t file.

  16. Succaneers Says:


  17. adam from ny Says:

    watch gerald get like 3 sacks vs. the bucs in the 2 games this year…he’ll prolly be amped up to show out

  18. Maze Says:

    Vegans are weak

  19. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Now Cam and GMC will have someone to play dress up with…

  20. RTG Bucs Says:

    Careful Joe, you are calling him a “former stud” now. You run the risk of being labeled a HATER.

    It wasn’t the reception that won him over, it was the guaranteed $$$.

  21. Snook Says:

    Inflate his ego and pay him money.

    That’s what GMC likes. His comments here just confirmed that.

  22. Snook Says:

    No one thinks you turned your back on us, Gerald.

    You were a forgettable player on the field. You fooled a lot of people here by buying movie tickets for kids a few times a year but anyone who’s watched the tape knows you were an average DT.

    But nice try at saving face. Good riddance. Enjoy your money.

    Carolina can now have “all of Gerald”. Which is not much.

  23. Bruce Blahak Says:

    The Pro Bowls are the only thing he has on his resume …and those are questionable. The voting is a joke. Because he gets a few sacks in garbage time, he gets voted in on stats. Did nothing for this team! Overrated to the extreme. Can this be the last softy batman, phony leader, crybaby post of this “Scammer”….

  24. Marine Buc Says:

    Carolina should create a “safe space” for McCoy. Full of Batman pillows and big comfy blankets. Somewhere he can talk about his feelings without being judged by mean sane people…

  25. 813bucboi Says:

    they showed up for the free meal…lol..not for you!!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  26. Bucsdelight Says:

    @RTG Bucs, he was had more guaranteed money from the Ravens, but he didn’t go there.

  27. JGhoti86 Says:

    First – this guy is all class and speaks his mind. It’s refreshing!

    Second – didnt GMC say that he wouldn’t want to play in a 3-4 defense when he was with the Bucs? Aren’t the Stinking Panthers transitioning to a 3-4 defense this year??

  28. Todd Says:

    Meanwhile, four weeks prior, Suh was meeting BA and TB at Ruth’s Chris hammering out his new deal.

  29. Jean Lafitte Says:

    one year

  30. Jean Lafitte Says:

    at least vegans still drink beer

  31. Bucsdelight Says:

    I’ve tried Googling for this McCoy won’t play in a 3-4 comment and I can’t find anything. Where did that come from?

  32. JGhoti86 Says:


    I’m not 100% positive, but I’m pretty that is accurate and that’s the gist. I can’t remember if he made a comment like that verbatim or was it implied. I’m gonna have to look for it, so don’t quote me on it yet. That’s why I asking and hoping one of the Joe’s can verify if what I’m asking is accurate.

  33. Bucsdelight Says:

    So found this from JoeBucs archive back in 2017.

    One reason the Bucs will stay in a base 43 – which is what defensive coordinator Mike Smith repeatedly says the defense is – is because GMC is best suited as a 43 tackle. Running too much of a 34 front might neuter GMC. Last thing you want to do is limit your best defensive player.

    Yesterday, GMC was asked what he thought about playing in a 34 front. The subject is clearly a sore spot for GMC; you could tell he was biting his tongue and he basically said he will do whatever the coaches ask of him.

    “I just play what they call, man,” GMC said.

    When probed further how that changes his game, GMC didn’t bite but what he didn’t say spoke volumes.

    “I’m not going to answer that,” GMC said. “I just play what they call. I don’t have [a] say-so what we run. I’m a team guy. I do what they ask me to do. Do I feel like I could have been more effective in a different way? Yes, but I’m a team guy. It’s not about Gerald. Whatever coach calls is what I am going to run.”

    – Analysis: Appears people just took that as he didn’t want to play in a 3-4.

  34. Bucsdelight Says:


    There aren’t a lot of beers out there that are vegan, but there are a handful or so of tail gate beers available. Craft beers tend to use gelatin for their clarification and fining.

  35. JGhoti86 Says:

    Thanks for info. I’m having trouble finding anything. I’m almost certain he said something to the effect of him being a 3 technique and would not want to play another or a different position. I’m pretty sure Joe had touched on this topic AWHILE ago.

    @Joe – could you clarify this at all or remember him talking once about playing anything other than a 3 tech, would be less than desireable…

    If I’m totally off-base on this than I do apologize to you Bucsdelight for the misinformation or inaccuracy.

  36. Bucsdelight Says:

    I posted from one of Joe’s archives. That’s what GMC said.

  37. JGhoti86 Says:

    Didn’t see your post of article before I had posted.

  38. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    So sick of the gmc posts …

  39. Buc believer Says:

    GMC said “I will never say anything bad about Tampa” of course not! He stole 100 million from the team and never has to worry about money in his life or his kids kids lives. Tampa has been much better to him than he was to us!

  40. RTG Bucs Says:

    @ Bucsdelight, I did not know that the Ravens offered more guaranteed. Did the Browns offer anything guaranteed?

  41. C2asante Says:

    Gerald was always a classy player. He played well even though he never reached the expectations most had for him based on draft position and salary. However he never embarrassed the franchise or himself as a man. I like Suh better as a player but I respect Gerald McCoy as a man who despite all the unfair crap spewed about him has carried himself with class and not fired back in kind

  42. Bucsace Says:

    I’m tired of hearing that Joe should stop posting about GMC…..this guys career in Tampa was a $100 million scandal, he deserves to be posted about in perpetuity

  43. Mike Johnson Says:

    My Dad was right..Losers hate. Opps my bad..did not mean to step on any toes here. Good Luck GMC. Hope you don’t have much against us though.

  44. Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. GMC is a HOF talent. Should be an All Pro this year and each year he is on an average or above average team. If he somehow wins a Super Bowl before throwing in the towel, and plays for at least 3 more years (all All Pro), he has a shot at the Hall. Great guy too sounds like.

  45. diddler Says:

    Definite class act. I liked the man but the player was frustrating to watch. Glad to see him move on to another team in our division LMAO fuuuuuuuuq.

  46. Tom T. Says:

    Please stop reporting on Carolina Panther players. Thanks!

  47. Old School Athlete Says:

    For those of you saying GMC will average one tackle per game next year, go back and read the names of those guys he had lunch with. Totally different level of talent there. He’s not going to be double teamed every other play in Carolina. His numbers will be just fine. (Hopefully not against us)
    I’m not upset about the fact that he was cut. From the financial standpoint, I get it. I just don’t understand the personal attacks and character assassination. What more could one guy have done to help the team with so little help around him?

  48. Brandon Says:

    Fittingly, vegans lack killer instinct. Very fitting that McCoy is now officially one.

  49. Buc believer Says:

    @Tom T…. I’m starting to think this is Joe Panthers fan blog.

  50. ElioT Says:

    What’s he going to do when the Panthers D is getting whooped in the 4th quarter and someone needs to make a play?


    I’ll be the mortgage on it!

  51. ElioT Says:


  52. BigMacAttack Says:

    Tampa was too hot for the GMC. It kept boiling over and breaking down. The Bucs should have pursued the Florida lemon law with this one. Definitely not Ford tough or built like a rock. It was more like a Nissan, Knees-on the ground again. Rivera is a sucker

  53. Bucsdelight Says:

    @RTG, I haven’t seen anything from the Browns. Only thing I saw, is an article talking about they could get him under $10mil. So I don’t think their guaranteed money would have matched up.