Four-headed Monster

June 21st, 2019

Mr. Biscuit.

So Bucco Bruce Arians likes to air the ball out as much as former Bucs offensive coordinator Todd Monken, eh?

That should bring more entertainment to Bucs fans. And Evan Silva of brings word just what we can expect from Arians and his no-risk-it-no-biscuit offense.

The first name that jumps out here is Justin Watson. Arians has already given Watson props.

But here is a factor Silva likely did not include. Arians, with the exception of working with Heath Miller in Pittsburgh, has never had a tight end with the talents possessed by O.J. Howard and Cam Brate.

Brate is a touchdown machine for a tight end and Howard is simply a matchup freak.

So would Arians run an empty-backfield (cynics would suggest the Bucs currently have an empty backfield) with four receivers and a tight end? Would Arians consider Howard a receiver and have him line up inside or outside with three other receivers on the field and one back? Or would it be straight four wide receivers and one back?

Arians has a lot of toys to play with in the passing game. It should be fun.

30 Responses to “Four-headed Monster”

  1. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Do whatever it takes to score a sh1t ton of points.

    GO BUCS!

  2. SB Says:

    It’s gonna be exciting to watch. Bring our Defense and Run game to just average and we score 30 a game!

    As to the last article I am not a JW3 hater in the least but could you Imagine Mike Evans on the Patriots, Saints, or Chiefs????
    That would be just nasty!

  3. Darin Says:

    It will be all of the above. I love the 4 wr sets as much as mike smith hates them. Bring it on BA.

  4. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Brates career is done

    Them hips are finished…

    Should retire to free us some bread

    Auclair is healthy and can block and catch better than Brate”

    Kobe Faker

  5. Dirty Bucs Says:

    LOL @ Auclair can catch better than Brate. Sit down.

  6. The Fighting Schiano’s Says:

    Kobe, go home. You’re drunk.

  7. SOEbuc Says:

    A trade for Brate of any sort should be done. My mom had two hip surgery on both (not with Bucs medical staff) but she has money to get good doctors and it took her about three years to walk normally again.


    Barber is a good pass blocker back so I would like to totally not have empty back every pass play.

  8. Z28 Says:

    No run game! Equals destruction for pass game. Can’t just rely on our receivers has to be balanced

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Interesting stat … 42% of Cards 2017 pass plays were 4-WR sets. Also scary as he11.

    Cards had the 3-headed monster starting at QB in 2017: Palmer (7 games), Gabbert (5 games, Stanton (4 games). The 3 of them combined for 5026 yds total (1386 was from rushing, 3979 from passing & minus 339 lost as a result of allowing 52 sacks).

    Cards had total offensive 1152 plays in 2017 … 410 rushes, 598 passing & 52 sacks. That would’ve meant that BA would used 4-WR sets in 251 plays … or slightly less than 22% of their offensive plays. That Cards offense produced 295 pts … 18.4 PPG average. In a word … YUCK. Low scoring offense and the Cards QBs got killed (over 3 sacks allowed per game), probably from lack of protection? Larry Fitzgerald was quite productive (1156 yds) but the rest of the WRs & TEs & RBs were meh.

    You might be enthralled with a 4 WR lineup. I’m not. I’d rather see us protect Jameis so that he has time to find the open receivers. And oh BTW, Cards QBs threw 28 INTs that year & fumbled it away 12 times. Maybe empty backfields aren’t such a good idea?

  10. Rod Munch Says:

    As of the end of last year Bobo would be the #3… the guy gets no respect.

  11. Race to 10 Says:

    Throw first teams seem to lose in the playoffs. You can do that with a legitimate run gam, regardless of the weapons they need to run especially until Winston reduces turnovers. I’m sure that percentage of 4 wr sets was much much higher in 2018

  12. 813bucboi Says:

    i would like to see 2 TE’s sets mixed with OJ and brate being flexed out as WR’s….

    we’re less predictable with OJ,brate, evans,godwin on the field at the same time….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  13. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    “42% of Bruce Arians’ 2017 #Cardinals pass plays came in 4-WR sets.”

    I hope Jameis wears his fast shoes. Maybe even gets a helmet upgrade. If Arians keeps 4 QBs on the roster, be afraid.

  14. DB55 Says:

    He would have to keep a TE in to help Dotson block just like Koetter had to do for the past 2 years.

  15. DB55 Says:

    Rod Munch Says:
    June 21st, 2019 at 2:02 pm
    As of the end of last year Bobo would be the #3… the guy gets no respect.
    Facts! And all he does is score TDs. Plus his ST stats are better than boy wonder but you’d never know that based on the love the TB fans throw at him unnecessarily imo but wtfdik

  16. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    Problem is we’re not getting Bruce. We’ve got good ole Byron leftsandwich to score those points for us, joe.

  17. SOEbuc Says:

    Rod Munch

    Hate to say it but BoBo is not gonna be on the Bucs this year. We can trade BoBo and get a late pick and free up a little bit of cash. Licht and BA brought in Scotty Miller for that exact reason. Excited to see what Miller can do on returns in PS.

  18. SOEbuc Says:


    I couldn’t tell if it was sarcasm but BoBo has one TD in 2017 in his Bucs career. He was doing somewhat well at kick return last year.

  19. OJH Says:

    what about gerald mccoy? oh wait…….

  20. DB55 Says:


    Off of how many catches? I rest my case.

    He did better than hump on ST too

  21. Bucs do or Die Says:

    The big problem is we need someone to throw the ball to the receivers, and not the other teams db’s.

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    If we are to take Bruce on his words his players are his scheme. With our TEs I would guess that 42% number goes down.

    Like mentioned if we do use Howard or Brate as a WR we could see a lot of 4WR. Think I’d rather see Howard on the line. Keep the defense guessing.

  23. Race to 10 Says:

    Wow so weird, if we’re gonna talk up bobo might as well talk up Ryan Smith and his one interception lol

  24. JimmyJack Says:

    Why even compare Bobo and Hump? Completely different receivers & skill sets. Bobo couldn’t do what Hump did and vise versa.

  25. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    OJH Says:
    “what about gerald mccoy? oh wait…….”

    I don’t see him getting too many catches this season, no matter where he’s playing.

  26. Cobraboy Says:

    I’d put Howard in a slot in a 4-WR set.

  27. Clw JB Says:

    Its all about the run game being a threat to get 4 yards on 1st down, even with 8 or 9 in the box – if we can establish that, this passing O can be deadly

  28. Allbuccedup Says:

    Get rid of that stupid looking hat.

  29. Tye Says:

    Qb stats at the end of this season – 16 TDs ; 21 ints ; 7 fumbles lost

  30. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Sorry Joe, can’t run an empty backfield with our Oline…