Biggest Question

June 29th, 2019


So what will folks be watching for in the NFC South when the ball is in the air to start the season? The gang at BSPN’s “NFL Live” chimed in.

For Victor Cruz, the main story to watch develop (or unravel?) would be how America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, is playing for Bucco Bruce Arians.

“My biggest question is Jameis Winston,” Cruz began. “Can he be that quarterback that Bruce Arians wants him to be, that Tampa Bay drafted him to be?”

Cruz goes into more detail as you can see in the video below.

Believe it or not, Joe is not that stressed out over Jameis. Rather, Joe is much more worried about the running game, who starts at right guard, who can kick and can he kick, and can the defense slow down a cool breeze?

All of those elements, directly or indirectly, will affect how well Jameis plays.

59 Responses to “Biggest Question”

  1. Pickgrin Says:

    “All of those elements, directly or indirectly, will affect how well Jameis plays”

    True That!

    Give Jameis a defense, running game and kicking game that all rank 20th or better in the league – and he will be eating a LOT of “W”s….


    Cant wait to find out all these answers and more

  3. ben Says:

    Keep defending Winston and keep the excuses coming no matter what the national football publications says…so throwing interceptions , fumbles and not accurate on the long ball is not a problem!! So this year will be different??

  4. EA Says:

    James Winston has been the biggest question for the last 5 years, if he doesn’t show up to play he will get the GMC and Aguayo treatment.

  5. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Everyone has questions about Jay Miss and has had questions about Jay Miss for the last 4 years. Everyone, that is, except for Ndog.

  6. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Jay Miss is lollypops and rainbows for Ndog.

  7. Race to 10 Says:

    Lol weird because has Aaron Rodgers sucked the last two years at 6-9-1 and 7-9? Apparently yes listening to some of fans talking about records or does it make sense that he needs a good defense also? I seem to remember the one superbowl he won they had some big time vets on defense. Winston is no Aaron Rodgers but I think he can win games with a competent coach and a good defense despite turnovers. Love to hear people keep pointing to off field issues because of something that happened after his rookie season that just happened to make news last season.

    Hope he proves he can get the second contract, no need to prolong things with franchise tag, if he’s not the guy go all out for Tua or some top rookie quarterback I dont care who is quarterback when we finally become a playoff team

  8. OneBuc55 Says:

    I’m a fan of Winston and want him here long-term; that said, I think he should get the heck out of Tampa Bay asap…this fanbase doesn’t appreciate him or deserve him…This is NFL purgatory Run Jameis Run…

  9. Tye Says:

    Biggest Question:

    Since JW has been such a disappointment {and embarrassment} for 4 years under different HC, how many games will he be allowed to ‘Pearl harbor’ before Arians fends for his own job and reputation by benching him permanently?

  10. Kobe Faker Says:


    Its very simple

    Do we or do we not have enough talent in this roster to be playoff bound

    we absolutely do not

    its that very simple”

    Kobe simpleton Faker

  11. JimmyJack Says:

    OneBuc55 That’s a ridiculous statement. We don’t deserve Winston? Don’t know what your angle is over that but why don’t you enlighten us with the list of QBs we do deserve.

    And we don’t appreciate him? Another senseless comment. I’ll have to guess you are assuming we don’t support him(since nothing else makes since) and that’s just foolish. If that’s what your talking about then I suggest you go to a game once and meet some of the actual fanbase and you’ll see how wrong you are………….Sure you’ll find some critics but not much worse. If you think fans are wrong to be critical then you don’t understand sports very well.

  12. JimmyJack Says:

    Kobe……which position groups have a huge void of talent? In particular.

  13. Tye Says:

    Biggest Question:

    How many games will JW be permitted to squander before Arians starts fending for his own job security and reputation by benching JW permanently?

  14. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    JimmyJack, I suggest you read some of the comments regarding Jameis. These days for every positive take, there are four negative ones. Tampa has a lot of rednecks and MAGA dudes that want a QB that looks like Peyton Manning rather than Warren Moon. They are blinded by their hatred and refuse to see how many positives Jameis already has and the numbers he has put up. They could go 14-2 next year, win the Super Bowl, and he could win MVP and they would still trash him. He is not the problem at all with this team but they will never admit it. If I was Jamies I would leave at my first opportunity and let the Bucs go back to the Chris Sims, Brian Griese, and Mike Glennon types of QBs that this fan base has had to suffer with for years.

  15. Magadude Says:

    Looking at this season, totally agree with Joe. Not worried about Winston nearly as the much as I am the run game and pass D. And kicking. Looking further ahead is where I look at the QB situation. I don’t see any way they address that before season’s end. And my conjecture is they draft a new QB.

  16. Magadude Says:

    Tampa Bay fans deserve a QB who will bring crowds and be a leader, not a liability on the team’s image, reputation, in the community. This fan base didn’t deserve all that Winston has brought…utter disagrace to all. Play well Jameis…

  17. Tye Says:

    How about if he fails, how many games will J be allowed to squander before enough is enough and we see what another qb can do and possibly win more games?

  18. OneBuc55 Says:

    O I understand sports very well Jimmy…

    This fanbase eats young QBs for breakfast…This kid basically holds every QB record in team history despite not having much of a team around him in 4 years yet he’s nitpicked to death and flat out despised by many…and it’s ashame…

  19. JimmyJack Says:

    Maga in order for a QB to draw crowds by himself his first and probably only requirement is to be a winning QB.

    This town is so distraught with losing I doubt the fanbase cares about star power. Don’t care how great one guy is nobody cares if he’s losing & nobody’s buying a ticket to go see him.

    I’m positive I can speak for the better part of the fans when I say we are only hungry for one thing only and that’s a winning team.

  20. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    I believe almost all the fanbase is cheering for Jay Miss. But cherrypicking statistics is ludicrous. Jay Miss was throwing to Mike, Desean, Adam, OJ and Cam. How much better could it get?
    The guy tries to do too much, is not terribly bright, has problems off the field, etc.
    Look, it’s year 5. I hope Jay Miss can’t miss this year, but I’m not terribly optimistic.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Winston would be just fine if we can run the ball and have just an average defense……
    It wouldn’t hurt to have a kicker……
    Sure, he turns the ball over a bit too much…..but, the rest of the team needs to step up.
    Is there anyone who thinks we have a good running game and an average defense……I seriously doubt it.

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    OneBuc55…….This town eats QBs? There’s a big hole I’m that statement cause you kinda need a QB to start with. We haven’t had one of those in decades.

    So your most upset that fans are critical of Winston. That’s why I’m not sure your understanding Sports that great. Tampa Bay is actually a very tame city in that regard………Not sure if you are a Ice Hockey fan but the T.B. Lightning have the perfect example with Steven Stamkos. No way no how that dude would be tolerated in many other cities to get swept like he did this year. Not after ghosting during the 2017 playoffs. Choking in 2016 and ghosting in the 2015 playoffs and Stanley Cups…………You put that guy in a big market like Chicago or Boston and he’s traded 2 years ago…………Just like Joe had written numerous times…….It’s rare for a QB to rain a starter of one team as many years as Winston has with no playoffs to show for. There’s a reason it doesn’t happen often. We are a very tame fanbase. Not harsh like you wanna say.

  23. Figures Says:


    Dude just STFU about how he’s the best QB in team history and how many Bucs records he has.

    That’s the most idiotic and weak argument ever. You act like that’s some big accomplishment in Tampa. I mean seriously have you seen the list of Tampa QB’s? That’s an extremely low bar and not worth mentioning in why he should get a second contract. Pathetic lazy and weak.

    NDOG IS NOT A BUCS FAN HE IS A WINSTON FAN. If Winston went to UF Ndog would use his useless stats to say he should be let go. Hypocrite.

  24. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Ground Hog Day……

  25. JimmyJack Says:

    Anybody sit behind the Bucs bench wanna chime in? How often does Winston get screamed at by the fans? Are we screaming insults at him during the game?

    I don’t know those answers but I do know he hasn’t gotten booed very badly. Put Winston on the sidelines in Philly or Oakland and the dude would get booed relentlessly. And he would have fans in his ear all freaking game. He wouldn’t never last performing like he has in Tampa. And that’s a fact Jack!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!! And go Winston!!!!

  26. JimmyJack Says:

    How many Bucs QBs have ever even started as many games as Winston?

    I’ll start the list.


    Big whoop

  27. JimmyJack Says:

    Probably Doug Williams too but he’s before my time.

  28. Magadude Says:

    Well, you speak for no one but yourself, as do I in speaking only for myself. I think we’ve had this dialog before. We are fans, win or lose, Winston or no Winston. I spend money going to home games, and away games; I’m not the Bucs worry, nor are you more than likely. The worry isn’t about those who are already fans. They will pay attention, growl, and complain as appropriate but always still support, although too few of them go to games now for a myriad of reasons. But fans at least have the conversations and keep an undercurrent. The bigger businees issue is about the former fans, and the casual fans, and the potential fans. In this small market, good proportions of each sector are needed to get this going again. Winning will not be enough in itself, particularly winning a season or two, or three. Too few people spend money on tickets, too few want the Bucs to sell their products, shortlived seasons. This market is too small, and there are many other variables to consider, many obstacles. Winston’s issues still factor big. I don’t care if you agree…but that’s why this is not about “just win.” I do agree, if they lose…again…the problem is much bigger than the year before.

  29. JimmyJack Says:

    Maga the worry should always be on the hardcore fans. Those are the fans that engage the casual fans and formers and potential fans………To your list I would add fringe and bandwagon fans along people that hate sports but love a good party.

    That’s called a bandwagon my friend and we diehards steer the ship. We shall tell the casuals when to come and go and right now it got nothing to do with QB. It has everything to do about winning. If you don’t believe just set back and watch Bruce win and then you will see Our bandwagon take off. It will be unstoppable!!!

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m a huge Bucs and Winston fan.

  31. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    I’m not sure how any sane Bucs fan could disagree

    His turnovers put the defense, and offense in a bad spot and affords the opposition great field position and free points. Unless he has a good d to bail him out or a running game he’s a below average QB

    Jameis is one of those qbs that needs another unit to bail him out. He’s not the type of b who can carry a team

  32. Magadude Says:

    Too many other models I’ve worked that result in the contrary to what you think. Yes, it is expected the hardcore fans will engage. That’s already factored into the mix. We will just disagree on the rest. Yes, sit back. Let’s see where we are one year, two years, five years.

    As for this ridiculous race-baiting statement: “Tampa has a lot of rednecks and MAGA dudes that want a QB that looks like Peyton Manning rather than Warren Moon. They are blinded by their hatred and refuse to see how many positives Jameis already has and the numbers he has put up. They could go 14-2 next year, win the Super Bowl, and he could win MVP and they would still trash him. He is not the problem at all with this team but they will never admit it.”

    Wow, crazy talk. I’d not be surprised if a very small percentage just don’t like black guys (I’d not say a “lot” and I’d not limited it to “rednecks” (which shows bigotry in that use), but is is veyr small if it exists at all. I remember the old days where some pretty terrible stuff got yelled down to John McKay, and it was very rare then. It was clear the owner at the time had a problem with Doug Williams, and that was a sad chapter long ago. The race card now on Winston is a cop out frankly…as there are very legit reasons to be disgusted with Winston…and frankly, it insults people of color to bring that up because it looks past what this man did–which IS a problem that is color blind. A lot more people than black guys engage in that stuff he pulled. I’d add fans that don’t like people with darker skin are probably watching the wrong game.

    Any QB, regardless of color, who puts his team through what Winston did as the face of the franchise and number one overall pick…already with baggage when he got here, can redeem himself but that does mean he is entitled to his previous stature. Especially the way he screwed the very guys who took a chance on him. Add that to Winston’s stats (also color blind) that show oh yeah, he’s got some good numbers, as well as bad numbers, and is middle to lower part of the pack compared to the rest of the league. Overall, in four years, has he accomplished what he was drafted to do? Win games and be a centerpiece of the team all can be proud of. Four years…

    In the face of all this, guys that throw out the race card at those who want to move on from Winston need to look at their own line of thought.

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    “All of those elements, directly or indirectly, will affect how well Jameis plays”.

    IMO that’s exactly BACKWARDS … it should’ve read “Jameis, directly or indirectly, will affect how well the other elements of this TEAM play.”

    A couple of examples. IF Jameis increases his TD percentage, IF we get leads early (especially BIG leads), IF he doesn’t turn the ball over, IF we increase our time-of-possession significantly, IF IF IF … do you think that MAYBE the other elements of the TEAM will be better off? I sure do. Do you think that MAYBE we’ll win more games? I sure do.

    The QB is THE position that everything revolves around. He handles the ball the most. His decisions, passing accuracy, etc determine our offensive PRODUCTIVITY. His leadership is supposed to INSPIRE & MOTIVATE his teammates. And that’s why his salary is higher than any other player on the team. NO MORE EXCUSES … Do your job Jameis and lead this TEAM to the playoffs.

  34. JimmyJack Says:

    Loyal ease up on the critism. If you are critical I might have to say that you don’t deserve Winston and if he wins football games I will take him away from you. He deserves to be in a town where they appreciate him if he can only beat the browns and Niners.

    Jamie’s deserves to be in a land where he doesn’t have to win a road game, ever again. His stats should be enough. Expecting more is downright mean.

  35. AlteredEgo Says:

    I don’t remember Doug Williams ever being booed !!!…never !!!

  36. Race to 10 Says:

    This is why glazers ignore fans because so many ignorant biased opinions. If we have a respectable defense and winston is still forcing things trying to make a play this year in a contract year that’s just who he is but does seem like a lot of rednecks here get off on bashing Winston as THE problem, you know the idiots at the stadium last year with the Fitzpatrick beards on thinking he was the answer, that’s exactly how fans make themselves look stupid.

    I remember games like the one we made geno smith look like Tom Brady and we lost yet another game on a last second drive. Happened in buffalo and many other places but go ahead sing to the Joe’s, they are about the only ones who about the Winston hate. No one knows you or cares about your remedial quarterback breakdown.

  37. Ndog Says:

    Been at Bucs fan since 1977 and have been going to games since 1985. I’ve been a Bucs fan before Jameis and I will be here after Jameis again Figures you are WRONG! But that Figures you are usually wrong. See what I did there. BTW season ticket holder since 1996 so you couldn’t be more wrong. And Defense Rules please name the QB in history that won with a bottom 5 running game a bottom 5 defense and a bottom 5 kicking game. I’ll wait…

  38. JimmyJack Says:

    DefenseRules great comment. Its fallen on deaf ears but a major gripe with this team is it was built to win with an offensive first style in prior years………. Before we drafted Winston and the left side of his line we drafted an elite receiver and more offensive pieces……….Then we added an entire ‘Weapons for Winston’ campaign and spent all our money and draft capitol on offensive help……….The offense was expected to lead the way and all they did was contribute to blowouts and small point totals.

    This is(in a backwards way) just like our old defense and how they were built to win that way. That defense was expected to deliver and consistently did just that. Nowadays the offense has been expected to deliver and has consistently failed. Even in most of our wins it’s been hard to say the offense led us there.

    The great news is that we are entering a new era. Their will be no more Weapon campaigns. Bruce knows it takes much much more. If it were that easy we wouldnt have sucked for the last 2 decades.

    Let the Bucs get good first and then we can be great!!!!!!

  39. Race to 10 Says:

    I just don’t how people think they are talking logically about what this team is based on what it did for dirk koetter who was a horrible coach by the way.

    It was a horrible offense with a pretty good defense for saint Louis rams under Jeff Fischer and like 5- 7-9 seasons in a row with a rookie quarterback everyone said was a bust. I bet there are a lot of slow fans who actually think they turned it around because of the players and not the coach. This was a 5-11 losing team we don’t know what they are now it’s why you play the game. “Let’s get good before we can be great” it’s a stupid comment based on last years results. Unless you work in the nfl and know something the rest of us dont

  40. Magadude Says:

    “…the idiots at the stadium last year with the Fitzpatrick beards on thinking he was the answer, that’s exactly how fans make themselves look stupid.”

    Yeah, nothing like getting behind the guy who just beat the Saints in their own stadium on opening day. And then beat the SB champ Eagles that day. I don’t any think anyone felt Fitz was the long term answer…but he was the hot hand and you can’t blame anyone for wanting to ride that, especially given the pall Winston brought to the energy with his selfish behavior.

    I’m too old to dress like that, but it was a great thing…my favorite was the duct tape over the name on the #3 jersey with sharpie written in saying “Fitzmagic.” Yup, didn’t last long, but those fans will grab on something positive in an evironment where Winston did nothing but cause a lot of misery and sadness.

    The Glazers are not ignoring the fans. Where does that idea come from? And just as important, they are not ignoring those people who until last year and year before, left. And they are not ignoring those who don’t come to games for various reasons, just one of many of them being Winston.

  41. Bird Says:

    Race to 10

    Good poster name. You are definitely a racist.

  42. Bird Says:

    What’s wrong with everyone bringing out race and politics and labeling people cause they wore beards to support Fitzpatrick. Who was a buc player if you remember.

    This is a Bucs football website.
    If you wanna get political Watch the dang news and post on their Left or Right sites.
    CAlling people Maga and red neck types. Gimme a break.

    And just FYI , it’s ok to criticize a player…
    Funny how some players are off limits yet these same posters trash other Bucs.

  43. Defense Rules Says:

    Ndog … “please name the QB in history that won with a bottom 5 running game a bottom 5 defense and a bottom 5 kicking game. I’ll wait.”

    You just don’t get it, do you Ndog. Football is a TEAM game … EVERY PIECE IS IMPORTANT. And no piece is more important than the QB. Stop with the excuses; Jameis doesn’t need them. The REASON the defense stunk it up is twofold IMO: (1) poor coaching; and (2) marginal talent on defense because the Bucs CHOSE to focus their resources on OFFENSE for several years rather than on defense. Put those 2 reasons together and it spells UNMITIGATED DISASTER. The REASON the running game stunk is pretty much the same. Koetter wasn’t all that good at using the running game AND the Bucs CHOSE to focus on WRs & TEs instead of RBs & OLine. Duh.

    No more excuses. Yesterday’s gone, forget it. Today is all that counts, with a new, HOPEFULLY excellent coaching staff, better defense & better kicking game. What the Bucs need NOW is for Jameis to do his job. And that job will be determined by Bruce Arians. Jameis doesn’t really get a vote in that IMO … BA is in charge. Neither do you, neither do I, and neither does the media. I’m pulling for Jameis as much as anyone, because … if he does well, the Bucs have their best chance of winning, and that’s what I ultimately want to see for my Bucs. Pretty selfish huh.

  44. Ndog Says:

    So you don’t have an answer, got it. So your expectation is to do what has never been done before or he should be gone. Ok well if that’s your standard good on you but just heads up you might be waiting awhile.

  45. Ndog Says:

    On a separate note man the more I think about it how bad was this coaching staff? I mean do you remember the crap Koetter actually said about his players? Quotes like “your players are your players” or “he’s no Gayle Sayers” or ” I believe in him he’s our kicker, what choice do we have”?

    I mean how can you not run through a wall or totally believe in that guy?

  46. Old Sombrero Kid Says:

    a drunk leading a drunk. Let’s see how this work out

  47. Loungemane Says:

    Jameis is notably more talented than Brad Johnson was, in my opinion. Brad was more consistent, however. If we can build this defense and offense around Jameis, much how we did with Brad, we will get by. Brad would only throw 1 or 2 touchdowns some games, and we still won by a field goal or interception. No reason we can’t do the same with such a talented improviser like Jameis.

  48. BucFan727 Says:

    Football is a team sport. Jamies could throw 60 TDs and 0 ints and still go 5 and 11. If the team isnt playing well as a whole. Bit thw qorst part has been the coaches. But Winston dose need to step his game up too. The last half of the season was encouraging. Im worried we wont have a running game to keep defence honest. The oline was so garbage. Hell I could tell you when a Guard was about to pull. We dont have power run oline. These guys ant getting no push. Nobody wins there one on one. We need 2 olinemen in the first and second rounds next year. And A RB IN THE 3rd ROUND!

  49. DB55 Says:


    Did you forget the Redskins game already? You like that?

    What was that a 24 point half time lead?

    Gimme a break dude.

    And as for the color of someone’s skins, I find it amazing that some would support a person that has been accused of inappropriate behavior if not worse over 23 times yet post the same boring stuff about how humiliated he is about a QB touching a women. I wonder what the difference might be? Gee uhm hmm! I just can’t figure it out.

    You people don’t deserve Jameis! You deserve Chris Simms.

  50. Defense Rules Says:

    Ndog … “So you don’t have an answer, got it. So your expectation is to do what has never been done before or he should be gone.”

    I think I’m starting to see at least one difference Ndog about how we look at this thing. You keep asking the wrong question.

    This is PROFESSIONAL SPORTS, not REAL combat. These guys are PAID … and PAID WELL … to DO THEIR JOB. Bucs don’t NEED Jameis to be Superman; they just NEED him to DO HIS JOB and DO IT WELL. And at the same time they NEED every other player on the field to DO THEIR JOB and DO IT WELL. Bruce Arians gets it. You don’t seem to.

  51. Bucsfanman Says:

    Complementary football does NOT exclude the QB. Just as defense, special teams, and a run game directly or indirectly effects Jameis, so too do turnovers and poor decision-making effect the others. And THAT is what some fail to understand.
    Let’s face it,this team has been awful for a long time. No ONE player is responsible. Never has. When you are consistently at the bottom,year in and year out, you did it as a TEAM. And yes, that includes the QB.
    Stop the excuses.

  52. Allbuccedup Says:

    Sad part whether you think JW is good or bad, the backups are horrible one guy has never took a snap in an NFL game and Gabbert 48 tds and 47 ints in his career. Looks like JL and BA are pushing in all their chips in on JW. I hope it doesn’t backfire or we could be looking at another top five pick.

  53. RobertG Says:

    @Ben. Winston only really has a problem with his deep ball 35-plus yards down the field. Per charting Winston was also the 9th most accurate quarterback when he had a clean pocket (69.7 percent of the time, 12th most) and the 15th most accurate when under pressure. He was also the 15th most accurate when throwing into an open window and 8th most accurate when throwing into a tight window (66.3 percent of the time, 15th most)

  54. RobertG Says:

    @Ben. His accuracy percentage and ranks:

    Total: 53.9% (10)

    16-19 Yds: 73.0% (4)

    20-24 Yds: 60.0% (10)

    25-29 Yds: 42.9% (14)

    30-34 Yds: 37.5% (15)

    35-39 Yds: 20.0% (25)

    40+ Yds: 20.0% (26)

  55. #1bucsfan Says:

    Maga still crying over spilt milk that happened over 3 years ago. Can you say grudge holder. Feel bad for all your friends an family. Don’t ever mess up guys Ever cuz he will hold that over your head for life.

  56. Chrissy G Says:

    Joe can u plz tell me why I can post sometimes and can’t post at others? FYI…. I usually try from my phone

  57. Oneilbucs Says:

    Ndog I’m with you bro. This fan base knows nothing about football. The national media never liked Jamies from day 1. And to touchdown I live in Houston. Been here all my life I was a Oilers fan and I remember how that fan base did him . I became a bucs fan when the Oilers left town and that was like 95 or 96 I believe. And the same way that fan base blame Moon is the same way this fan base blame Jamies. The team is bad . But look how the national media talks about every team in our division. If saints don’t win it will not be Brees fault but his team. If the Falcons don’t win it will be the team not Ryan. But if the bucs don’t win it’s all Jamies fault and nothing else. Cause we have a bottom ranked defense and running backs but that’s Jamies fault to .

  58. Buccernutter Says:

    There are a lot more people that side with n dog than maga. That’s for damn sure.

    Give jameis a defense and run game and we’re in the playoffs.

    People will back jw if he wins. Not a debate. It happened with Peyton and his nuts on his trainers forehead. Happened with favre and his dick pics. Happened with Ben and his rape. Happened with Vick and the dogs. It will happen. Not to mention our guy wasn’t proven to do s”*** and it’s been 3 years.

    You can tell maga is old and out of touch with what the general fan under 60 thinks.

  59. Reach87 Says:

    If you’re a fan, why not act like one? You deride the guy on your team as if this were golf. It’s a team game. That is not an excuse, that’s a fact. And deserve has nothing to do with that. IMO if you don’t root for the guys on your team you are not a fan. If you cannot bring yourself to say something positive about the team and throw salt on every occasion you are not a fan. If you have no concept of the importance of all phases of football and the importance of everyone on the team (coaches and players) you shouldn’t be so righteous in your condemnation…you should try to better understand rather than cry and incriminate. Otherwise You are a not a fan, rather you’re a patron who buys a ticket (shirt, hat, beer at the stadium). That’s true at all levels and in any competitive team effort on the planet. Go Bucs!