“There’s A Culture Of Winning That Comes With This Staff”

May 15th, 2019

Players talk about change under Bucco Bruce Arians

So what’s changed around One Buc Palace this? Tell fans the difference in the Bucco Bruce Arians staff.

On Monday night, that question was posed to several Buccaneers by JoeBucsFan.com intern Zach Seifter, as he buzzed around Donovan Smith’s Tampa event to raise money for an Autism support group.

Ryan Jensen served up very strong comments, as Joe typed up Tuesday.

“There’s quite a bit of different stuff,” Jensen said regarding the Koetter regime versus the Arians staff. “The one thing that really sticks out to me is the way B.A. is going to keep guys accountable. And that’s big. You know, he’s got that personality that he wants to win and it’s the guys’ team, the players’ team. That’s how he approaches it, where he’s just a head coach but the culture he’s trying to set is that it’s the players’ team. And that comes with players keeping players accountable, and I think that’s going to be a big change this year for us.”

Ali Marpet replied, “There’s a culture of winning that comes with this staff, and I think if there’s a staff that can turn the Bucs around it’s going to be Bruce’s staff.

O.J. Howard sees the change: “It’s that mindset. The coaching staff they come in here and with the mentality we want to go out and win now. We have the talent. It’s not a rebuild; it’s a reload.”

Chris Godwin referenced a new philosophy under Arians but, like Mike Evans, he said he needs more time around coaches to give a good answer.

Guard/tackle Mike Liedtke, who spent time with the Dolphins, Chiefs, Browns and Jets before a full season on the Bucs’ active roster last year, said the Arians way represents an immediate contrast.

“I loved Dirk and I had a lot of respect for him,” Liedtke said. “And it was unfortunate that things didn’t work out and I wish they would have. But you know, B.A. came in and he’s got a different mindset from a little bit of a no bullsh*t kind of attitude. It’s early … just the accountability that he holds guys to. It doesn’t matter who it is, either. You can be the superstar or the 90th man on the roster, he holds you accountable. And that’s something that’s going to go a long way in building a great team.”

Joe’s not sure if the Bucs can get out of Buccaneers Cove (the NFC South basement) this season, but Joe is certain things will be very different as Arians tries to stomp the losing culture out of the players.

43 Responses to ““There’s A Culture Of Winning That Comes With This Staff””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Will someone please explain to me the difference between rebuild and reload…..
    When you reload you are putting in new bu!!ets……..

    Now I’m OK with this…..also ok with the fact that BA says he doesn’t draft for need but did….

    I do think the winning culture of these coaches will rub off on this team and hopefully it’s fans…

    Here is one fan that doesn’t expect anything but improvement this year….and the benefits in the W/L column to show up next year.

  2. Pickgrin Says:

    Which is why all this talk of doom and gloom (and whining about the positions we didn’t fill in free agency and the draft) is a joke.

    How about letting these coaches do their job and lets see what this team looks like heading into September before going all Chicken Little with the start of the season still 4 months away…

  3. Snook Says:

    Yep. He’s stomping it out. And keeping the epitome of the losing culture (#93) away from One Buc Place is only the beginning.

  4. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    This is going to be a long off season with all the crap being spewed out. Most of the players were winners in college like OJ, Jameis, d white, evans, etc and have been around championship coaches before the bucs, they do not need some guy rah rahing you to win. Yu win because you have it in you and you will not accept less (unless you are GMC). Of course licht and his interview process pre draft leaves a ton to desire with the crew he has assembled

  5. DooshLaRue Says:

    We know what Buccaneer Cove is Joe.

    We also know:

    America’s QB
    Popcorn munching……blah blah
    AC/DC loving
    Cabbie punching

    …… and many, many more

  6. Wombat Says:

    There is one thing this team always provides… potential. We see it every year, and we always leave disappointed!!! Unfortunately the coaching staff doesn’t get to play. This franchise is for pre-retirees or for over paid contracts to come and chill… This isn’t a blue collar working class driven angry football city!! I have spent many a season sweating my balls off in that stadium. I having nothing more to invest in this team but a glance every now and then to see what is happening. I have a choice, and I choose to spend my time on the water enjoying the beautiful Florida outdoors! Maybe when this team strings a few wins I may watch a game in a bar somewhere or at home.
    Go BUCS!!! Make me come back!!!

  7. Bobby M. Says:

    When….in the history of offseasons with a new staff, have you ever heard a player say…”I don’t see anything positive, my expectations are at a minimum.”

    These guys are professional entertainers, selling product to the fans. Right now everything is shiny and new, hope is alive and well. The Glazers have mastered that aspect of owning a team. Winning however…..still waiting on that part.

  8. Steven007 Says:

    Doosh, nicely done. Not that any of that gets old or anything. Hahaha

  9. Steven007 Says:

    Hey Doosh, remember “winning coach Dirk Koetter?! Thank God that one’s retired for good.

  10. DooshLaRue Says:

    Oh you mean yam eating, Ozark watching Dirk?

    Ha ha!

  11. Joe Says:

    Will someone please explain to me the difference between rebuild and reload…..

    Rebuild is when you totally gut your roster to the bone, get rid of any veteran who has any value (real or perceived) and start from scratch.

    Reload is when you just add a couple of pieces.

  12. Todd Says:


    Amen, Brother.


  13. Succaneers Says:

    WITH THE 1ST PICK IN THE 2020 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select the QB from Bama Tulu

  14. Mike Johnson Says:

    Say Joe, The Bucs will only get out of the NFC Dungeon if they have fixed this slow A.. defense. We need more QB pressure and speed. I think our secondary got faster. I’m just not anywheres close to being confident about our D line yet.

  15. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Joe, so where are the bucs in the reload or rebuild phase, when you have had a GM for 5 years picking players that are borderline NFL players, releasing starting NFL Players (Baron, Penn, Swearinger) and not signing one FA that makes a difference and now that is the current vteam in Tampa. Mike Evans, Devin White, OJ, Vea are the only players the bucs have worth building upon.

  16. D-Rome Says:

    We know what Buccaneer Cove is Joe.

    We also know:

    America’s QB
    Popcorn munching……blah blah
    AC/DC loving
    Cabbie punching

    …… and many, many more

    My favorites have been “Fan Favorite Chris Conte” and “Blocking Icon Michael Clayton.”

  17. Casual Observer Says:

    It always seemed to me that the biggest problem last year was more the D coaches, than the D players. If true, there is a good chance for significant defensive improvement. There is hope!

  18. Magadude Says:

    Yessiree buddy. Sounds like Bucco Bruce and the gang are Tennessee Ready. Yeehaw, ride ’em Lovie! ERrrr…..Bucco!

  19. admin Says:

    Joe, so where are the bucs in the reload or rebuild phase

    The Bucs claim they are in reload phase and their actions seem to suggest this. If the Bucs did what many fans wanted them to do, they’d have a new offensive line, new QB, new RBs, virtually new DL.

    when you have had a GM for 5 years picking players that are borderline NFL players, releasing starting NFL Players (Baron, Penn, Swearinger) and not signing one FA that makes a difference and now that is the current vteam in Tampa.

    We’ve been over this before. Inept Lovie Smith had full and complete control of the roster when he was here. There wasn’t one player on the roster he didn’t want (yes, that includes Jameis). There were plenty he didn’t want including Darrelle Revis, Donald Penn, D.J. Swearinger, Mark Barron, Mason Foster… and more. Joe has maintained the Bucs are still trying to dig out from the hole Lovie dug.

  20. JA Says:

    Have fun in the water.
    As always, I’ll be watching every play.
    Cubs fans waited over 100 years for their championship, many dying in the process. Yet year in and year out Wrigley Field was packed.
    We won it all a little over 16 years ago—a blip in time to a Cubs fan.
    I spent many years sitting in the same heat as you. If you’re a true fan it’s what you do.
    Bitching and moaning won’t change anything. Can’t figure you people out. If I hated the Bucs so much the last thing I’d do is waste my time reading and posting on this website.
    Enjoy your swim!
    Saw some wombats at work in Australia. They’re an incredible determined creature—always digging and never giving up. Hint-hint …

  21. Magadude Says:

    Yeah Buddy, we want some of the Bruce Arians culture here! The Cardinals didn’t get to a 7-8-1 and 8-8 record in last two years at ARI by just being patsies. Oh baby, just think we could be just a tad under .500 now!

  22. Sport Says:

    I get why so many of you are leery and/or negative/ornery. Losing sucks, especially over a decade of it. If you’ve been a fan of this team since day one its been 4 decades of losing and only had a few years of greatness/solid football.

    Which means we are all gluttons for punishment. Hope springs eternal fellas.

    The opposite of love is not hate, its apathy. So as long as you are here reading and/or commenting in May, you too love this team.

    I’m with Ali on this one and….In BA I trust!

  23. D-Rome Says:

    Joe has maintained the Bucs are still trying to dig out from the hole Lovie dug.


    Who whiffed on the entire 2016 draft class? Who drafted Roberto Aguayo with a 2nd round pick? Who brought in malcontents DeSean Jackson and Chris Baker? Who drafted Jeremy McNichols? Who drafted on Ronald Jones? Who gave Mike Smith a contract extension? Who didn’t fire Mike Smith when it was obvious it wasn’t working? Who has spent 9 draft picks over the past four years to improve the secondary? Who resigned Drug Shamster?

    The Backstabbin’ Jason Licht reign of terror has done far more damage than Lovie Smith ever did. The guy you think is the QB of the future would never be here if the Bucs didn’t deliberately tank 2014, and that was a season without an offensive coordinator. Kwon Alexander and Ali Marpet wouldn’t be here if the Bucs didn’t trade away Mark Barron, which happens to be one of the *few* good moves the Backstabber has gotten right in his tenure.

  24. BA FAN Says:

    Those who demean BA for his record in Arizona trying to win after his first and second QBs went down are misleading the rest of the blog readers. BA’s record with such difficulties are better than any of our past prior Coaches would have achieved. With D. Smith still at LT this year if he still can’t stop speed rushers as he has done for the last four years we could be down to our third string QB this year and we would be happy with that kind of win record here!

  25. Steven007 Says:

    Doosh! That one hurt…

  26. The Buc Realist Says:

    I can’t wait until were into the season, and if Joe will be able to get those comments from the players then!!!!!!!!!!! Especially after ole coach stale biscuit has thrown them under the bus for poor performance!!!!!! We will hear all kinds of ways of how ” it is the players not the coaches!!!!!!!” How could it not be the players faults!!! The Bucs have One of the greatest coaches in NFL history, just ask him, he will tell you all about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. LakeLand Says:

    We hear this every 2-3 years after firing a Head Coach

    Then they stink the field

  28. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    ^^^^^^^^There aren’t enough exclamation points. Idiot.

  29. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Nothing has changed until the wins start rolling in…..NOTHING !

  30. Oregonbucsfan Says:

    Hey Sport, if you have been getting smoke blown up your butt every year about how this is the year the Bucs break out for as many years as I have, you might be as leery as many of us are. I’ll believe it when I see it. Not before.
    I’m still waiting for Ron Jones to do ANYTHING.




  31. Buc1987 Says:

    The Buc Realist = Defend Mike Smith like family, yet trash Arians daily.

    Like I said his posts used to make some sort of sense, maybe it all started with !!!!!!!!!!!! and he hasn’t looked back.

    Go Bucs!!!!!

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    LakeLand Says:
    May 15th, 2019 at 10:46 am

    “We hear this every 2-3 years after firing a Head Coach

    Then they stink the field”

    I think the difference is we have to take what’s being said and marry it with Arians track record. His track record suggests he’s not the usual bum. He wins for one thing. Past players love the guy to death.

    I’m at a wait and see approach myself, just like most Buc fans these days,but I tend believe and have more faith in this staff than the last. It’s not all doom and gloom in my house. I see 7-9 which is higher than most fans.

  33. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I liked Koetter’s personality but the issue with him was accountability primarily on defense.

    The guy literally didn’t do sh1t with that side of the ball and seemed confused as all h3ll about any solutions. You can’t have a HC that is THAT one dimensional. Also did not handle big personalities well

  34. 813bucboi Says:


    lovie has been gone for how long?…..lol….

    so if we go 10-6 with a playoff berth, i bet you’d say we’re finally out of the hole….BS…

    bucs were outta the “hole” when we went 9-7…..dirk and smitty created a bigger and deeper hole by forcing players to play in a scheme that didnt fit their skill set combined with lack of player development…..

    lovie drafted ME, JW, DS, AM,KA…..3 have made the pro bowl and 4 out of the 5 have been resigned to long term deals…..cant say the same about dirk….who has he drafted that has been resigned or made the pro bowl?….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  35. 813bucboi Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    June 21st, 2018 at 6:48 pm
    Huge pass to the coaching staff issued by the “real” Buc fans!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  36. 813bucboi Says:



    GO BUCS!!!!

  37. SenileSenior Says:

    We’ve all been riding the same roller coaster for the past 11 years. Our hopes raised followed by our hopes dashed. Our hopes raised, our hoped dashed again. Yeah, it get real old!

    That said here we go again. This time it just might be different. Our time has come again. I want to believe!
    Culture Change, Team=>Fans
    Go Bucs!!!!! Win Now!

    P.S. We’ve got this. Something quite similar occurred once before from 1976 to 2002 for a previous generation of Buc fans.

  38. Sport Says:

    Oregon – I’m with you being deflated, Hell, even the Dungy days were frustrating due to a truly horrific offense. This feels different because our head coach has a resume head and shoulders above the likes of

    Koetter (Maxed out OC, see Lord Corn post above)
    Lovie (was a meh hire from day one, ask any Chicago fan…)
    Schiano (college disciplinarian)
    Morris (Holy Crap over promoted! And put in a terrible position)

    There were times we were lucky to hire an OC or DC and them actually make it through preseason!

    BA is waaaaay better than of them, thats why I feel differently and am able to shed my anger. I used to be angry until Wednesdays after a Sun loss, then I realized I don’t get paid by the Bucs, it became alot more enjoyable after that.

    In BA I Trust!

  39. T REX Says:

    Myth…Bruce Arians wins a lot. ONE PLAYOFF WIN. That’s it. And he retired. Great. Dust him off. 6-10 incoming folks.

  40. Tbbucs3 Says:

    D Rome

    Who hired Jason Licht?……Lovie

    Lovies Smiths fingerprints are still all over the Bucs whether that’s directly or indirectly.

  41. Sherman Perigo Says:

    I see the offensive not as good we dont have fitzmagic to fall back on for a couple of wins. I see the defense not as good losing JPP and probably Mccoy. I don’t see any sense of urgency. Maybe if Jamies doesnt play well we could give Carson Palmer a call.

  42. D-Rome Says:

    D Rome

    Who hired Jason Licht?……Lovie

    Lovies Smiths fingerprints are still all over the Bucs whether that’s directly or indirectly.

    So if Jason Licht is a good or great GM then Lovie did a good thing bringing him in. If Jason Licht is a bad GM, and I think he is, then he should have been canned with the rest of previous inept regime.

  43. Sherman Perigo Says:

    I agree with T Rex one playoff win in five years is nothing to get excited about.