School’s In Session

May 12th, 2019

Devin White gets lessons from a legend at One Buc Palace

A photo can say an awful lot.

About two weeks ago, Bucco Bruce Arians was on SiriusXM NFL Radio and shared how he talked to savior rookie LB Devin White about learning from legendary Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks.

The moment stood out to Arians, he said, because simultaneously White was getting a text from Brooks, as if it were a sign from the football gods.

Well, it wasn’t just talk. As the photo from the Bucs cafeteria shows below, via writer Carmen Vitali, Brooks already has his hooks in White. This can only be a good thing.

Brooks will not lead White away from coaches; his messages will be right on point to help White keep things simple and highly focused. And for the clowns who say things like, ‘Well, Brooks has been mentoring Bucs players since he left the team and they’ve only had two winning seasons in 10 years,’ Joe advises you to stop the nonsense.

The next taping of TAMPA TWO should have some added juice.

52 Responses to “School’s In Session”

  1. Stonedbuc Says:

    He is telling about his low T!

  2. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Thread drift #45 reminded me of retired numbers …IMO after say 10 years if the guy that had his number retired would like to make it available either open back to the franchise or by requesting a certain player wear his retired number….OK so here’s my offering….a retired number can be worn again but the number will have a star in the field at the top of the 1st number in say #40…which is Devin White’s favorite number….I see it as a win win the retired guy gets to see his old number worn by a special player and the player that first had it retired gets attention out the wazoo…as opposed to just never seeing it ever again……

  3. Buc believer Says:

    @Stonebuc…. I thought the same thing! He is giving him directions to Dr. Lox office.

  4. Stonedbuc Says:

    I think it’s an honor to wear another players number, thus enhancing his game play. The Vikings just gave out number 84, and packers 52. Just makes the player feel like he has to step up more and be the man!

  5. tmaxcon Says:

    stay away devin those bums are only legend in low standard bucfans mind they are not winners 1 good year makes them peaches n herb one hit wonders not the monsters of the midway… legends that could only manage a pathetic 5 post season wins are to be laughed at not celebrated… all you can learn from those fools is excuses and how to choke in the post season

  6. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I have a lot of faith in Brooks as a person, a former player, and now as an inspirational coach. Only good can come from his little lessons.

  7. Joe Says:

    The Vikings just gave out number 84,

    That’s just wrong on so many levels. Remember some two-bit stiff playing for the Bears wearing No. 51. The nerve!

  8. '79 Defense Says:

    Devin looks a little sad. It’s like Brooks is saying “True. I know our uniform was fantastic when I played. But listen, I just tell the guys today not to look in the mirror before they hit the field. Got it?”

  9. ModHairKen Says:

    Further proof that Derrick Brooks is the greatest man this franchise has ever been fortunate enough to have as a member. And that is saying a lot when we consider LRS, Tony Dungy and Herman Edwards — three great leaders and mentors.

    It is time to build another toll road to honor Mr. Derrick Brooks.

  10. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    ModHairKen Says:
    May 12th, 2019 at 12:04 pm
    Further proof that Derrick Brooks is the greatest man this franchise has ever been fortunate enough to have as a member.
    No …that would be LeeRoy

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Being a Yankee fan……most of the numbers have been retired….

    I think they should stay retired unless a player offers his # up…..It would have been really a great gesture if Atrain offered White the opportunity to wear 40….
    I think it is classy that White didn’t ask.

  12. ModHairKen Says:

    And Tmax, Peaches N Herb had two hits. Reunited and Shake your Groove Thing.

    Do you like anybody?

  13. BringBucsBack Says:

    Man, usually “black don’t crack” but, DB looks older than his mid-40’s in this unflattering picture. Little doubt that football can accelerate aging for most (if not all) men.

    This is nice to see.

    D. White would know absolutely nothing about low-T, right now!

  14. OneBuc55 Says:

    Nice to see the old Lion and the young Lion…

    I totally expect White to be a DROY candidate…

  15. Cannon Says:

    Why is Morgan Freeman tutoring Devin White?

  16. Pickgrin Says:

    “This can only be a good thing.”


  17. Buc1987 Says:

    One of the best LB’s to ever play the game.

  18. NOSBOS Says:

    I love it. And 55,DROY book it.

  19. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Very cool fmr players like lee roy, cotney, alstott, dbroks and others stay in the community after they were done playing

  20. Dewey Selmon Says:

    First America’s QB now we have Defensive savior. lol

  21. JA Says:


    I almost never use the ubiquitous acronym, LOL. For one thing, I rarely “laugh out loud” when I read something so it makes no sense to misrepresent.
    In this case, however, I’ll give you an “LOL” for the ‘Low-T’ comment because that’s exactly what I did.
    Good job—funny!

  22. Cobraboy Says:

    Brooks mentoring didn’t do much for the Red Rooster.

    Please, stop the DROY talk! Let’s see him face live bullets first before crowing the guy.

  23. Mike Johnson Says:

    Tmaxcon..stop all that hatin my man. are not telling White to stay away from Brooks are you? have completely lost it! Brooks was one of the best..ever done it. We can only wish..we had that Defense he played with. Bucs would be nowhere close to the predicament they are in now if we had the D which won us a superbowl. You losin it help.

  24. Magadude Says:

    Any time a man the caliber of Derrick Brooks offers to mentor, it’s a good thing. It’s not on Brooks some people think it doesn’t work, certainly as Joe states abo two winning seasons.

    Now, Brooks was also believed to be helping Winston get and stay on the right path–admirable to do but not Derrick’s responsbility. And we see how Winston is turning out–not exactly what most had hoped. That is on Winston, and him only. So it comes down to White hopefullly not being like Winston…as Winston seems to think he knows everything (totally ignore the play sent in) and that he can lie his way out of trouble (e.g., Uber), do amazingly stupid stuff to demonstrate he still doesn’t get it (golf club swing) and everything will still be okay. The moral of the story: the subject being mentored has to be willing to truly listen, and take it. He has to be moldable to start with. Guys like Derrick can only do so much.

  25. SteelStudBuc Says:

    America’s Linebacker. That stupid nickname should propel them straight for last place in the NFL

  26. cmurda Says:

    First of all to all my peeps on here and the Joes and all the mommas out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

    I’ve always liked Devin White. He has all the leadership qualities and talent that you could ask for . I was on the Josh Allen train but I like Devin.

  27. JimmyJack Says:

    Brooks is a HOF you ever loving moron.

    @Altered. No, absolutely not. #40 is special to this team and it’s fans. White has enough class to not taint one of our few good memories.

    Great decision not to try and push for #40.

    #40 shall live on because of one player and one player only.

  28. Chris Simms 2020 GM Says:

    Remember, DB promised to take the young Jameis under his wing. He mentored him daily and signed him up for Uber just to keep him out of trouble.

    Just saying!

  29. Clean House Says:

    TMAX Peaches and Herb had me rolling

  30. Clean House Says:

    Funniest Intro ever

  31. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    45 makes sense because it’s the opposite of his running mate Lavonte’s 54, and 45 is obviously related to the legendary 55. Sometimes this stuff is intentional.

  32. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    And since someone brought up Jameis and the essentially “he’s not trurning out as we hoped” BS…he was punished last year for doing something drunk in the middle of the night THREE YEARS AGO, simply because the #metoo era prompted the driver to come forward. Human nature being what it is, people think this somehow reflects on modern Jameis. But if he made the next leap last year sans suspension like he was going to, we’re probably still stuck with Dirk. This’ll probably work out.

  33. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Christopher Schiefen – the #metoo era had nothing to do with the driver coming forward. She reported the incident immediately. It’s Mother’s Day. I’m sure you are not insinuating what Jay Miss did was proper or acceptable under any circumstances. Drunk does not give him a pass either. He’s exceptionally lucky he was not charged with simple battery or some sort of sex crime.

  34. #1bucsfan Says:

    Tmaxi one hit wonder or not bro we still got ours

  35. D1 Says:


    White’s explanation for the number was 40 has been his number but out of respect he would never ask for that number and understands the uniqueness of the player associated with it.
    So He started with 4 and He was the 5th pick. Hence we get 45. At least that’s what he said in his interview. The opposite of 54 is an excellent choice on its own.

  36. TheDood Says:

    [You’re gone. Can’t permit the stating of opinion as fact when it comes to the legal stuff. You’ve done it many times.. — Joe]

  37. Eric Says:

    55 can still kick all your asses.

  38. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    tmaxcon is a doosh.

  39. #1bucsfan Says:

    Bonzai. That’s the truth #endthedrought

  40. #1bucsfan Says:

    TMAXI. Once again you are wrong. Mr. 55 is in the hall of fame you don’t get there by being average or good. So for you to say that he is not a legend just proves that you are the one who is in need of some help

  41. mark2001 Says:

    How about that Illinois State, Spencer Schnell. … Liedke and Schnell…and Kenney, who attended ISU for a time. Can’t beat those Redbirds. At this rate, I see championships in the making for the Bucs.

  42. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    JimmyJack Says:
    May 12th, 2019 at 2:39 pm
    Brooks is a HOF you ever loving moron.

    @Altered. No, absolutely not. #40 is special to this team and it’s fans. White has enough class to not taint one of our few good memories.

    Great decision not to try and push for #40.

    .I was making a general statement and used Alstott as an example and never said or suggested giving White Alstott’s number….besides in my offering 10 years would not have passed

  43. TampaTown Says:

    @ D1:
    When Devin was introduced he was holding a jersey with the number 41 but that could have been the Bucs and not the number he picked. I think it’s really cool that he’s saying he thinks it’s disrespectful to ask Mike Alstott to wear his number. So nice to see that level of maturity in someone his age. Speaks very well of his parents also.

  44. Bucnjim Says:

    Love Brooks one of the best ever to wear a Buccaneers uniform. He can teach some of the in and outs of the NFL especially what to look out for as far as scams and gold diggers. Coaching let’s leave to the coaches and I am pretty sure he wil 100% agree with me as well. The only thing I want Brooks to be talking about to these young guys is CULTURE CHANGE! That is something he knows all about.

  45. Magadude Says:

    @Christopher Schiefen….you make the point, but miss key facts. Yes, why is a franchise QB with it all handed to him on a silver platter out drunk grabbing girls whom he hires to drive him back to his hotel? That NEVER acceptable. Any five year old knows that. This isn’t “me too;” it is exactly what the NFL found. He is LUCKY she didn’t press charges–one phone call could have ended his career then and there, and left Bucs fans hanging again. You forget he lied about it all to his family, friends, team just last year. That is NOT franchise QB material, especially not in his fourth year at the time. Don’t be so dense.

  46. Cody Jinks Says:

    Bye Kwon.

  47. ufour20 Says:

    No one should ever wear number 40 again. That number is sacred and will always be the A Train.

  48. BucsBall80 Says:

    Its not the number that makes the player. Its the player that makes it great.

  49. D1 Says:


    I’m with you. I couldn’t believe this kid knew the team history so well..and respects the players

  50. danr Says:

    yeah. brooks supposedly mentored jameis too.

  51. jmarkbuc Says:

    “yeah. brooks supposedly mentored jameis too.”

    You can’t fix stupid….

  52. Buccobrucejr Says:

    Love it! A Bucs Legend sharing with a Bucs legend in the making! Let’s Gooooooooo!