Potential Out With JPP

May 7th, 2019

League and legal issues to be considered

[UPDATE: 1:39 p.m.] Just to play it safe, Joe decided to check out Jason Pierre-Paul’s contract online. It seems his contract could make today’s awful news of a possible neck surgery a bit less harsh for the Bucs.

Per the reliable Spotrac.com that monitors player salaries, the Bucs have a potential out in JPP’s contract. JPP, per Spotrac.com, would only cost the Bucs $7,500,000 in dead money if he is cut before the 2019 season.

Now Joe doesn’t know if this meant before the start of the league year (which was in early March) or before the start of the season.

This potentially could free up a few million dollars to maybe help either keep stud defensive tackle Gerald McCoy or go get defensive Ziggy Ansah or defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, the latter two both are still free agents.

The Bucs, as many fans are all too well aware, are in salary cap hell.

Regardless, the news that JPP may need season-ending neck surgery is just awful for JPP.

[UPDATE: 1:33 p.m.] Per former agent Joel Corry, there may be an out for the Bucs.

Update: 1:39 p.m. – Also worth considering is liability in the accident. Joe has no doubt Team Glazer will investigate whether JPP might have been texting or doing something considered reckless on the road, hence causing the accident via negligence. If so, that could change the team’s approach to JPP’s financial situation — ethically and legally.

81 Responses to “Potential Out With JPP”

  1. bucsfaninchina Says:

    It’s a bucs life yall

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    And now, licht weight’s total fix of the d-line has been a complete miss!!!!!! all the trades and free-agents were a disaster!!!!!!! Can’t wait until coach stale biscuit “realizes” that so called “reload” roster is an actual “rebuild”!!!!!!!!!!!! and with that top three draft pick we will discuss bigger need qb or de in just four short months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    waste of a third round pick last year!!!!!!!!!!! licht weight got fleeced again!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ndog Says:

    It sucks for him the person, but he should have been here for camp as you can’t get in an accident in a place your not at. Life’s decisions have consequences and this is yet another one for JPP.

  4. tmaxcon Says:

    everyone of you PC warriors that got butt hurt on last weeks post about jpp wreck. please let me know how that $iiT sandwich tastes. you safe space PC warriors were way off your rockers but now it seems your hero might miss the season…. leopards rarely change their spots especially in legal firework states… great leaders set great examples…. great players think!

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I have no sympathy for JPP…..he was careless/reckless/negligent (that is exactly what a one-car accident is)…..if he isn’t declared 100% healthy…..cut him….save the money and bring in someone else

    The difference with Beckwith is that he wasn’t driving.

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    Ndog Says:
    May 7th, 2019 at 1:35 pm

    It sucks for him the person,

    what sucks is the choices he has made. i understand this is a foreign concept to most but People used to be held reasonable for their actions and choices not given sympathy and free passes for choices THEY made. now every bad choice is labeled a addiction, disease or some one else’s fault. Personal Responsibility People it does matter

  7. Bobby M. Says:

    Classic Bucs luck….it never fails.

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    ^^^^ responsible

  9. Ndog Says:

    If he can’t play cut him if we can save on the cap, then cut McCoy and go sign the best pass rusher we can find ASAP. Time to stop worrying about the guys who don’t show up, workout alone and don’t worry about the team first. This my friends is why we suck we have to many me players and not enough we players.

  10. Hodad Says:

    Cut them both, JPP, and McCoy. We went 5-11 with McCoy, and finished 5-11 with McCoy, and the great JPP. I don’t think either of them are worth keeping considering JPP health, and the cap hit he has. They both weren’t difference makers last year, now they’re both older, and one has a neck fracture. Both have not showed for team work outs, at this point it’s addition, by subtraction. Even if JPP being cut leads to 7 mill in dead money, we still save 7 mill to the cap, almost 20 million if both are cut. That could sign our draft class, and perhaps sign Ziggy who would be an upgrade over JPP, and his health. Tough business, but that’s what Licht gets paid for. This is when a good G.M. earns his money, make a good move for a change Licht.

  11. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Just watched NFL Live report on JPP and the very last thing Wendi Nix said was…..fingers crossed. lol

  12. JP_09 Says:

    Why not cut them both and sign both Suh and Ansah

  13. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Were he and Beckwith wearing seat belts ?…now that would be good journalism….

  14. LakeLand Says:

    My prediction for the 2019 Bucs went from 5-11 to 3-13

    The good news:
    There will be some really good players at the top of the 2020 draft

  15. Marine Buc Says:

    Here we go again. Another comment just magically disappears. I though you were better than this Joe. Wake up before you lose the few idiots left that still care about this crap team!

  16. Jackwagon Says:

    THIS…os again WHY people use OTC snd not Spotrac.

    The $7.5 million is ONLY for injury in 2019, and WAS formerly guaranteed on the 5th day of league year, March 17th.

    BEFORE…everyone starts yapping NOT knowing what they’re talkng about here…this will ONLY be an issue Florio (16 year Employment Law attorney) can clear up TOMORROW on PFT Live, likely. Maybe PFT later today.

    Here’s the issue, for those that DON’T actually know (all of youbreading now)….

    The $7.5 million injury guarantee “MIGHT” only apply, if the player’s injury occurs on company time and/or while performing the action in the contract he has the injury guarantee for. In dumb terms, dude was on his time, not on the field or facility OF ANY SORT…so this is another area where “injury settlements” come in, versus JPP’s agent taking Glazers ro court to force payment of said $7.5 million.

    @Joe…won’t “know” this. Lol.

    Only Florio, really. My guess, which isn’t really a “guess” ..is that the Bucs will come to a mutual price good for both parties…BELOW the $7.5 million, IF Florio says Bucs can avoid it.


  17. Joe Says:

    Just watched NFL Live report on JPP and the very last thing Wendi Nix said was…..fingers crossed. lol

    Exactly what Arians said about Beckwith. 🙁

  18. Tbbucs3 Says:

    ^^^^ Cut him. No point in waiting…the pass rush is gonna suck regardless might as well clean house by cutting JPP and GMC. Just proves that JPP is another between Buc that come down here for the vacation.

    I would have some sympathy if the accident happened in Tampa.

    Drew Brees might as well get a lawn chair and have some cold drinks when he comes to Tampa to sit in the pocket.

  19. Dewey Selmon Says:

    But Joe, Beckwith has all his fingers.

  20. Jackwagon Says:

    My brilliant post above^^^^ still applies, cause it’s about the END result to deal with JPP. Not some stupid interim list.

    Only Florio’s opinion will matter here. This IS WHAT HE DID for a living for 16 years, AND can blend t into player contracts in NFL.

  21. DBS Says:

    Cut the entire team if you want to look at things that way. We went 5-11 with all of them. But then again the excuse was bad coaching. That is why they were all fired.

  22. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Here come all the Captain Hindsight’s…

  23. pelbuc Says:

    Ndog and Hodad are spot on! Couldn’t have said it better. Time to rebuild the defense.

  24. Mike Johnson Says:

    Welcome back ..GMC!!!

  25. SpringHillBuc Says:

    As far as negligence is concerned, no matter how you spin it if JPP was driving and it’s a one car accident, he’s at fault. It doesn’t matter if it were road conditions or what. You can’t blame anyone else except the driver.

  26. Tbbucs3 Says:

    At this point we have two options


    1- Keep Jason Licht, sign Josh Mccown and Mike Jenkins and go 2-14.

    2- Fire Jason Licht and see the sun come out at the Den of Depression.

  27. chopshopp Says:

    WTH is Donkey Kong going to offer the Bucs? Distractions? Headaches? Can he rush the edge? What a waste. JPP just went from stud to dud. Some Raider fan has a dang Voodoo doll with a Bucs jersey full of needles! I believe this is true!

    Time to bring in Ansah.

  28. SenileSenior Says:

    Sports mimics life. Adversity always comes unexpectedly. Must overcome!

    Whether JPP is “accident prone” or he has done something stupid, I am sure the PR people will do there best to make sure that we fans will never really know.

  29. Todd Says:

    Wow. JPP deleted or archived ALL of his Instagram posts!

    Likely for legal reasons because it’s riddled with posts of him carelessly driving his new Bentley with music way up and him filming himself in essence, showing off.

    His attorney probably demanded him to get rid of those posts!

    My guess is JPP wanted to “show off” his superior work ethic by filming himself telling his fandom how hard he’s working…and SO EARLY!

    His ego screwed us.

  30. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Bring in Ansah now.

    If the Bucs don’t do something about this it shows that they were lying when they said win now.

  31. JimmyJack Says:

    I was in a one car(actually truck and trailer) wreck once cause a semi trailer pulled out in front of me on a wet slick Gunn Hwy. He blocked the entire road and my two choices were slam into a semi or swerve into a ditch.

    The semi took off so I was only car involved.

    Point is ya can’t say JPP was at fault unless you know the details. How you know he wasn’t avoiding a pedestrian or something? Oh right, you don’t.

  32. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Todd Says:
    May 7th, 2019 at 1:56 pm
    Wow. JPP deleted or archived ALL of his Instagram posts!

    Likely for legal reasons because it’s riddled with posts of him carelessly driving his new Bentley with music way up and him filming himself in essence, showing off.

    His attorney probably demanded him to get rid of those posts!

    My guess is JPP wanted to “show off” his superior work ethic by filming himself telling his fandom how hard he’s working…and SO EARLY!

    His ego screwed us.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Buc recorded social media of it’s players..other teams too….
    I think both he and Beckwith rattled around the inside of their vehicles by not wearing seatbelts…

  33. Buccernutter Says:

    Something to consider is if a neck injury is very serious, he wouldn’t have been released literally hours after the accident.

    I can’t fuc**** believe this though. Tornados, suspensions, injuries, Mike smith…

    We don’t deserve this curse anymore.

  34. Buccernutter Says:

    Hurricanes not tornados. Oops.

  35. SpringHillBuc Says:

    Because I do it for a living smart guy. In the insurance world you can’t avoid an accident and cause another in the process. Like it or not that’s how the cookie crumbles.

  36. thefinalf33r Says:

    So apparently a neck fracture is just something the hospital lets you walk out with

  37. NOSBOS Says:

    Put y’all up on game man. This is a publicity stunt and both sides are involved. Vinny Curry said “I smell a 3/4 coming” and mentioned how him being 4/3 DE would not want to play in that. I’m sure JPP felt the same. The role of a 4/3 DE and 3/4 DE are different. And although Joe keeps telling you all we’ll be in sub packages 70% of the time,Coach Rapone said they’ll be 6 or 7 DBs on 3rd down. Need I tell you how many Dlinemen will be on the field??? Put it together man.

  38. SCBucsFan Says:

    thefinalf33r depending on the type and location of the fracture yes, the hospital lets you walk out with a neck fracture. Every major trauma center every day.

  39. NOSBOS Says:

    Anthony Nelson 6’7 271= JPP replacement,Terry Beckner jr. 6’4 300=93’s replacement. This checkers man not chess. Those two vets haven’t been around for a reason. They were never gonna suit up as Bucs this upcoming season.

  40. Cobraboy Says:

    @Jackwagon: You are incorrect about the classification of the injury.

    The only real difference between an injury while a Buc and a NFI is the NFI has the possibility of not being paid by the team. And even this, according to precedent, is iffy, because teams lose more than they win in arbitration when not wanting to pay the player in an NFI debate.

    Both count against the cap unless the player loses in arbitration.

    I know, it’s clear as mud.

    I think the bottom line is the only way the Bucs can get some cap relief is to cut the guy.

  41. NOSBOS Says:

    But,feel free to believe whatever the H3ll you wanna believe😊.

  42. NOSBOS Says:

    The cut will be coming soon Cobra. This has been in planning for awhile now I’m sure.

  43. Sarasota Garey Says:

    Greg Aumn said a non football injury could void JPP’s contract

  44. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “licht weight’s total fix of the d-line has been a complete miss!!!”

    It’s so hard not to be so annoyed by this guy and his exclamation points.

    We’ve all hated on Licht but no one has claimed the d-line was fixed. I wanted a rebuild started a while ago there.

    That said Licht literally drafted the one guy you wanted last year in Vita Vea. He got double digit sacks out of a 3rd round pick and note-able production from another FA pickup in Nassib. “Complete miss” is just rediculous.

    The screw up was not adding more depth via the draft the last fe wyears and not moving on from McCoy. But per your insane rabbles I’m not even sure Licht was able to make those decisions

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    Lord he is a phony. He is rooting for us to lose. Not even a fan.

  46. The Buc Realist Says:

    Do not be mad at the thermometer when it tells you the temperature when it is hot outside!!!!! It just is!!!!!! Its the truth!!!!!!!!!!!! I root for fixing the “real” problem, which has not been addressed!!!!!! I root for short term loss for long term gains!!!!!!!!!!! As usual, I do not expect for some to understand, but eventually, they will “get it”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 813bucboi Says:

    im starting to feel like we should cut GMC & JPP and go with the youth movement….

    dont even bother with suh, wilkerson or ziggy….

    let the young kids play and gain experience….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  48. SOEbuc Says:


    “Cut the entire team if you want to look at things that way. We went 5-11 with all of them. But then again the excuse was bad coaching. That is why they were all fired.”

    Agreed. Faaar too many bandwagon idiots that post on JBF. And now they are wanting to blame Licht for JPP getting into a car accident after the draft???

    Licht is such a awful GM because he picked White who is being compared by many NFL experts as the next Luke Kuechly.

  49. Eric Says:

    That is unusual to release a patient with a neck fracture.

    Man that is tough luck.

    Gonna have to hope we can platoon and find a hidden gem.

  50. Defense Rules Says:

    Assuming that Joel Corry’s Tweet is correct, he gave us the answer to this situation with JPP … “If Jason Pierre-Paul is going to miss time because of his car accident, Bucs can put him on the non-football injury list where there isn’t an obligation to pay while on it.”

    For all those bemoaning YOUR misfortune at JPP getting in an accident, how would you like to be Todd Bowles right now? He prioritized the Back-7 and brought in/drafted a BUNCH of new faces (LBs, CBs, Safeties) to FIX the back end of our woeful defense. Undoubtedly was assured that the DLine would be SATISFACTORY, but now GMC’s situation is up in the air as is JPP’s. Two DLinemen who accounted for HALF of our sacks (18.5 sacks between them), 41 QB Hits & 22 TFLs. That’s a LOT of pressure to try to compensate for, not to mention the experience represented in the two of them.

  51. Doug Says:

    Simeon Rice!!

  52. Jackwagon Says:


    Man, you are one illiterate son of a biscuit. You didn’r even read correctly what I wrote, or was actually talking about!?! Idiot boy.

    @Joe was talking about the NFI fiasco. Not me. Idiot boy.

    I was very clearly talking about the team legally being able to get out from under his “injury” guarantee for possible language, exact language in his contract, verbatim, based on his behavior while AWAY from the team on his own free time.

    And douxhbag…you don’t d!ck about “precedent”. That’s hilarious. Nor in THIS SPECIFIC contract of JPP’s has ANY arbitration clauses, nor what the outcome will BE.

    You…my good idiot sir, are not a tenured employment attorney, that is FO SHO.

    Soo..be real quiet. Capable folk like Mike Florio will go get the exact full contract for JPP, combine the details of what JPP did during the accident cross-referenced against that contract language, and he will parse it out for all of us.

    Don’t try and question me fool.

    Hopefully Bucs get out from under it all. The release is coming either way.

  53. ATrain Says:

    I Love Some Fans Here

    Scream cut JPP but want to keep GMC

    I’m being to think this teams problem is FANS


  54. bucodave Says:

    I agree with most ,JPP while I love hime, Is up in football years and has a fractured neck. Cut him and McCoy and begin the retool for next year. Makes no sense to keep that much money on your salary cap.

  55. Bucamania Says:

    Terrible news for an already thin DL. Maybe the next GM will understand the game is won in the trenches.

  56. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    At this point, cut him and GMC.

    5-11 with both playing.

    They didn’t make a difference.

  57. Cobraboy Says:

    @KackWagon: all NFL player contracts are under the CBA, which is the source of my comments.

    And there are numerous precedents of where teams failed in arbitration for wanting to not play players for NFI’s.


    And you call ME ignorant?


  58. Pittsshore Says:

    It’s hard to text and drive when holding your phone with a hand full of 5 digits and the other one has only two danglers. Just saying.

  59. Pittsshore Says:

    Another note: you will be able to count the team win on one of his hands….take a fuse at which one.

  60. Pittsshore Says:


  61. SOEbuc Says:

    Joe you need to put anyone that’s blaming Licht for this on awaiting moderation list and erased. Accident happened after the draft and we still got what many experts are saying what looks like a possible superstar in White.

    Hoping JPP the best of his health to get back in the dirt with us and I just officially opened a close eye on Anthony Nelson.

  62. Kobe Faker Says:

    “With all our corners…

    Cant we just have VH3 on top of MJ Stewarts shoulder and pass rush at the edge?”

    Kobe Faker

  63. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Hodad Says: This is when a good G.M. earns his money, make a good move for a change Licht.

    YES! agree. except that Licht would use all that extra money from cutting JPP and GMC to sign former Cardinals players.


  64. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Lord Cornelius Says: The screw up was not adding more depth via the draft the last few years and not moving on from McCoy.

    Absolutely. That has been driving me crazy for years.


  65. Shane247 Says:

    As I understand it, they can request a NFI from the league. That’s a Non-Football injury. In which case they would owe JPP nothing. Maybe they come to an agreement that allows him to stay a Buc, but at least it frees up money to go after Suh or Ansah. I still think they cut McCoy.

  66. Hodad Says:

    JPP, keep your fingers crossed, at least on one good hand! The Bucs are a joke that writes their own punch lines.

  67. Mike Evans Goat Says:

    Cut McCoy and JPP. Trade for Clowney

  68. Jackwagon Says:

    Look u idiot focker…@CobraKaibuffoon…

    Everyone knows the CBA governs the NFL, as a structural framework between the league and the NFLPA.

    What the CBA DOES NOT govern, f*cktard…is the specific language in JPP’s contract WITH THE BUCS. No doubt AFTER the Bucs trade a 3rd round pick for him, and the imbecile played with fireworks blowing off digits, they AMENDED their player behavior interests in the language of THIS EXACT CONTRACT.

    Let me say again…with 4 attorneys in my family BEOTCH…that the individual contract between JPP and the Bucs SUPERCEDES…anything.

    THUS…this isn’t about, AT ALL….the NFI list or any of that.

    BECAUSE he will be CUT, BEFORE needing to utilize the NFI list come the SEASON.

    WHY WILL THEY have total grounds to cut him and NOT PAY HIM a dime??? Because of his behavior causing the accident, combined with the language in his SPECIFIC CONTRACT around such malfeasance. LONG BEFORE…needing to utilize the NFI list. BEFORE.

    DUDE…shut the ever-lovin f**k up.

  69. Cobraboy Says:

    @Shane: IF they claim NFI, JPP can object and it goes into arbitration per the CBA.

    The success that teams have had in NFI no-pay arbitration is less than 50%.

    Even then he was guaranteed $7.5 million on the first League day, and that counts as dead cap space.

  70. Maze Says:

    Dude deleted his Instagram posts. Probably being a weirdo and was recording on his phone again

  71. Shane247 Says:

    Cobra boy

    Not certain what he can object to. He injured his neck at 5am in a car in South Florida. He hasn’t been to one voluntary practice. There are 2 things to consider; 1) can he recover and does the team still want him. 2) The actual start date of the year. I think it was March 17th, but I don’t know if that is the date that counts in this scenario.

  72. Shane247 Says:


    I went back and looked, as of March 13th 7.5mil of JPP’s salary was guaranteed.

  73. Shane247 Says:

    Still 7.4 mil, plus cutting McCoy should help.

  74. ModHairKen Says:

    An environmental whacko once told me, “Hummers and driving do not mix.”

    Now, I understand.

  75. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Cops said JPP was doing nothing wrong.

  76. tmaxcon Says:


    Contracts are like toilet paper there is always a smarter attorney out there to beat any contract written it just takes time and money….

  77. Jackwagon Says:


    I hear ya. But are you gonna side with the lack of stacks on JPP’s agent’s side, or the fattttt stacks that Team Glazer’s attorneys have at their disposal, in order to get out of paying the remaining $7.5 million. I’m intelligently gonna side with the stacks that get ISHHH handled.

    Or you could roll with that @Cobraboy….thing.

  78. Jackwagon Says:


    Get me off moderation…stooges. Unwarranted. Your cached archives of when and where in moderation, for whom, and when, can certainly be…ya know…explored from …the outside.

    Fix it…girls.

  79. Joe Says:


    If you can write new software code for WordPress, Joe is open to suggestions.

    That is, unless you really did warrant being put on moderation at some point in the past.

  80. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    thefinalf33r Says:
    “So apparently a neck fracture is just something the hospital lets you walk out with”

    Many hairline fractures are not detrimental to your general health, but you wouldn’t want to play football until it heals properly.

  81. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    ModHairKen Says:
    “An environmental whacko once told me, “Hummers and driving do not mix.” Now, I understand.”
    Reminds me of a Robin Williams movie, “The World According to Garp.”