“Noah Spence, You Better Deliver Dude”

May 10th, 2019

Pat Kirwan.

It makes Joe’s stomach turn thinking about it.

The Bucs, not exactly known to have a Steel Curtain of a defensive line, nearly ignored the same position in a draft lousy with defensive linemen, looking the other way for the first two days of the draft.

Then, the lone bright spot on the line, Jason Pierre-Paul, fractured his neck in a freak car accident.

Is it OK if Joe starts shotgunning beers this early?

This subject came up for discussion yesterday on perhaps the best football show in the land, “Movin’ the Chains,” co-hosted by former NFL quarterback Jim Miller and former Jets pro player personnel director and former Bucs scout Pat Kirwan.

A Bucs fan from Maine called in and he couldn’t handle how Redskins fans are kvetching about their defensive line.

Jeff from Maine: I really wish the Buccaneers would have a defensive front like the Washington Redskins. That’s what I am calling about. I feel like I’m about to jump off a ledge here with the JPP news and Gerald McCoy. Where is that pass rush going to come from? I was hoping and praying they would take Ed Oliver in the first round. That draft was so rich in defensive linemen. They need that and now look at what happens to JPP.

Jim Miller: We did like Anthony Nelson drafted out of Iowa. As it stands right now for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I am not encouraged by William Gholston. He had only one sack last year. He would be the first replacement [for JPP]. Anthony Nelson is going to work himself in and be a big contributor on third downs. He is sneaky good.

Pat Kirwan: They’ve been set back. Jason Pierre-Paul had 12.5 sacks. We should not even count him. Head, neck or back? Get nervous. Gerald McCoy? Looks like he’s not going to be there. He had six. So there’s 18.5 of your sacks. Vinny Curry, you let him go. He had 2.5. Now you are up to 20 and the potential of not having that. So it’s not a good-looking picture. … I don’t know where [the pass rush] is going to come from. Gholston? He hasn’t done it before. Anthony Nelson? I like Anthony. Anthony is a six-seven sack kind of guy. He would be great in a New England world. Noah Spence, you better deliver dude! You better come and do something here. It’s down to that kind of stuff. … I think we have been waiting a long time for some of these things to happen. It’s not a pretty sight.

Notice Kirwan wasn’t holding his breath about Howie Long Carl Nassib. Dude is coming off a career year after the winless Browns couldn’t even find room for him as a backup. And now he is supposed to be the Bucs’ bellcow pass rusher?

That’s what it is down to.

Joe thought Kirwan had an interesting point. When has a team had 21 sacks [Joe fixed Kirwan’s math] wiped out from its roster — 21! — in one offseason? Joe would like to know the won-loss records of team with 21 fewer sacks to start a season because of injuries and personnel losses.

59 Responses to ““Noah Spence, You Better Deliver Dude””

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Noah Spence = another GM Gump 2nd round bust

  2. tmaxcon Says:

    Once again this minor league franchise goes into a season with more gambles, question marks and god i hope they get it type players than they have actual proven football players…. but never fear there is always other teams garbage cuts to give low standard bucfan hope

  3. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    Noah Spence going to blow up with a real coaching staff

  4. Guzzie Says:

    Right side of the OL, DL and RB, those were the weakest parts of our team for the last 3 years, and we don’t seriously address any of them, sorry Buc fans, the sky is falling on Licht and he’s too stupid to know it, can any Bucs fan really feel confident this will be a successful season, “CHILD PLEASE!!”

  5. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    I think Nassib will continue to contribute in a high motor type, the problem is if he is the main threat up front then he will be doubled. I think that LVD and D White will get 7-8 sacks this year due to the pressure bowels is going to be using, but this is going to be a long year, when expecting rookies on the back end to know the scheme and communicate and then cover the michale thomas’s julio jones calvin ridleys of the world….this bucs defense personnel-wise is way worst than the jets one bowles had and that defense was terrible last year

  6. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    I watched him in the last PS game in 2018……..NOTHING……NOTHING…I was really thinking he was going to light up those no name tackles…..NOTHING….enigma

  7. Buc4evr Says:

    Without JPP we are screwed. Gholston, Spence, no way. We are right back to the year before JPP arrived and Mr. Gump is going to let the free agents that could help be signed elsewhere. I’m sure he will find someone off a practice squad… I’m amazed that Gump gets into this position every year… the guy gets an “F” for contingency planning.

  8. TOM Says:

    What a clown show. Looks like another long year Bucs fans. Get your paper bags ready to wear or throw up in. Better yet stay home & quit padding the Glazer’s pockets.

  9. SCBucsFan Says:

    Haters will hate on Spence, optimists will hope this is the year he kills it. No middle ground.

  10. Steven007 Says:

    Joe, I don’t get the strikethrough with nassib. Was there something I missed where somebody compared him to Howie Long?

  11. Joeypoppems Says:

    Dont forget about the blitz. White and LVD will be pass rushers during games as well. So will some of the secondary. Plus a healthy Vea. Sacks dont only come from DEs.

    There is a way to make up for the loss of JPP. Whoever steps up in his spot doesnt need 12 sacks because we will get pass rush from positions that we didnt get it from last year.

  12. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    The vision of Dunce Cap is astounding.

    The ability to plan for the future.

    Deftly balancing draft and FA for both the OL & DL.

    Expert scouting and evaluation of players.

    Keenly stocking player depth.

    All the above things a competent GM does that we haven’t had since the Glazer Boys took over.

    We are always wishing, hoping, crossing fingers, praying that ANY of Dunce Caps picks and FAs work out.

    Our wins and losses speak the answer.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    Joeypoppems … Nice to see that SOMEONE … ANYONE … has a dollop of HOPE that all is not yet lost. After all, there are still FOUR months to go until the 1st game of the season. Joe’s got everyone ASSUMING that neither GMC nor JPP will be on our roster at all this season. There’s no way to know that AT THIS POINT. But by all means let’s get EVERYONE assuming the worst … that’s the Bucs way.

  14. doolnutts Says:

    I still think the change in staff is the biggest x-factor. I personally didn’t think DL was as big of a need when you are only starting 3 in your base sets you’re naturally going to need less… If we were still in a 4-3 without JPP we would be dead but this new “attacking 3-4” is going to generate a lot of scheme pressures. I would think Bowles is smart enough to understand that he isn’t going to get pressure from the DL and in some capacity his scheme isn’t going to rely on that as much as our previous ones. Bowles and BA both have said White and LVD will have large roles in the pass rush with the schemed blitzes. Looks like Vita Vea was also missed from this assessment.

    OLB – Nassib/(JPP – unlikely coming back)
    DE – McCoy
    Nose – Baue
    DE – Vea/Gholston
    OLB – Barret/Spence

  15. D-Rome Says:

    Once again this minor league franchise goes into a season with more gambles, question marks and god i hope they get it type players than they have actual proven football players…. but never fear there is always other teams garbage cuts to give low standard bucfan hope

    The only hope any Bucs fan should have for this season is that despite all of this that somehow Bruce Arians turns things around in a similar way that the great Tony Dungy did in Tampa in the 90s.

  16. OldManBA Says:


  17. Bruce Blahak Says:

    David and White are the best top pass rushers LOL

  18. Chris Simms 2020 GM Says:

    When I saw the headline, I thought the Gumpster Fire had traded Spence…to Pizza Hut!

    Fire Licht tonight!

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    “Joe would like to know the won-loss records of team with 21 fewer sacks to start a season because of injuries and personnel losses.”

    Jameis will be the scapegoat Joe.

    So none of this matters.

  20. Jmarkbuc Says:

    “that somehow Bruce Arians turns things around in a similar way that the great Tony Dungy did in Tampa in the 90s”

    Dungy > BA

    and had a better GM as well…..

  21. NOSBOS Says:

    Ol patsy hit it right on the head “Anthony Nelson would be good in the Patriots world” 6 or 7 DBs on 3rd down is the Patriots world patsy. Thanks for indirectly confirming it to your audience.

  22. 813bucboi Says:

    1 injury to the dline or DW/LVD and we’re back to square 1…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  23. 813bucboi Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    June 21st, 2018 at 6:48 pm
    Huge pass to the coaching staff issued by the “real” Buc fans!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  24. NOSBOS Says:

    I’m talking you brains come on here right after coach Rapone said “in Todd Bowles system there will be 6 or 7 DBs on the field”. Like when I was saying it months ago I got it NOSBOS you’re nobody. But a member of the staff says it at this point y’all making yourselves look well… Stupid.

  25. NOSBOS Says:

    Why is it no one ever suggest Bill Belichess go after these so called edge rushers. I’ll tell you the media knows Bill doesn’t concern him self with that out dated form of football. I watched a video of Bill repeatedly drop 6 or 7 in Ryan tannehil and he ain’t even good. Y’all slow,especially you Douche.

  26. NOSBOS Says:

    What happened to Phillip rivers in the playoffs,Bill drop 6 or 7. What to the mahonez/Tyreek hill connection in the playoffs,Bill drop 6 or 7. What about the rams in the Super Bowl,you got it Bill drop 6 or 7.

  27. Carrollwood Bucs fan Says:

    As a Bucs fan, this year will be like preparing for hurricane season…hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I have a feeling it is going to be ugly.

  28. NOSBOS Says:

    This staff don’t need Noah Spence to do anything more his job discription details. Just apply some pressure.

  29. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Dungy wasn’t totally responsible for the turn around it was Sam Wyche that got the bucs trending towards a competent franchise

  30. TexBuc Says:

    There is a big difference between a 4-3 zone defense that relies on DE’s and 3-tech for QB pressure and is a read and react, while a 3-4 man pressure defense that will rely heavily on pressure coming from all angles will be attacking. Bowles has already stated nickel CB is almost considered a pass rusher as he will be asked to blitz a lot. In the this defense middle LB’s will also be asked to blitz much more than before.

    So to judge our personnel and envision them playing in the same defense as last year maybe could be considered an issue, but our defense will be as different as apples and oranges are.

  31. Jim Says:

    Kinda like trying to do a jig saw puzzle in a mortar barrage…

  32. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    This belief that coaching can fix this team and all of the holes and weakspots is amazing to me. Joe points out that 21 sacks from last year will be lost from players that won’t be suiting up as Bucs in 2019 and fanboys are like, no worries, coaching will take care of it. Belicheck was a failure with the Browns and the GOAT at New England. No amount of coaching can overcome the lack of talent the Bucs have. All coaches need good players to succeed. The Bucs went 5-11 last year with JPP, GMC, Humphries, DJax, and Grimes. There is no replacement for JPP and GMC. Hump is being replaced either by a bust up to this point or a 6th 100lb rookie reciever. As for Grimes, the coaches are expecting VHIII to suddenly become good playing outside. Noah Spence was a healthy scratch most of last season and did little to nothing when he did enter the game. So to recap, the team went 5-11 and has gotten significantly worse in the offseason. I would say talent wise this is a 2-3 win team. If Arians does an amazing job I think 5-11 is the ceiling. I am a Buc fan but also realistic.

  33. NOSBOS Says:

    Texbuc it’s useless sir.. They’ll get a better understanding once the season begins.

  34. BucsFanFromSaintsLand Says:

    I actually think Spence has a higher ceiling as an OLB in the 3-4 than JPP. I would love to have JPP but one of the reasons the Giants were willing to trade him was because they didn’t think he would be a good fit in the 3-4. Noah has a LOT to prove but I’m eager to see him on the field in this defense.

  35. Bucamania Says:

    Well at least this defense won’t be so damn predictable this year!

  36. tmaxcon Says:

    Jmarkbuc Says:
    May 10th, 2019 at 10:33 am

    “that somehow Bruce Arians turns things around in a similar way that the great Tony Dungy did in Tampa in the 90s”

    Dungy > BA

    and had a better GM as well…..

    Dungy and Mckay failed fool….. McKay and Dungy’s offensive units were as bad as Mike Smith defensive units. You can’t rewrite history pal… Bucs were a bad team with a highly ranked defense that choked in the post season. They were pretenders never contenders. Again, you can’t change the on field results or rewrite history because you have man crush on dungy the clown and his career losing post season record. Mckay was a garbage gm. whyche built dungy the clowns defense and together the combination of dungy the clown and mckay could never build and offense or special teams…. dungy the clown wasted the greatest player in franchise history warren sapp. simple as that. bucfan confuses the object of the game which is winning with defensive rankings which is meaningless… this has beens you low standard fools call legends won 5 pathetic post season games 5 that’s laughable not legendary 3 in one damn year… no one rewrites history like low standard bucfan afraid to let go of a failed past.

    the legend of dungy the clown surpassed his actual accomplishments long long ago. unqualified for hof, ignorant one dimensional bum nothing more.

  37. Billy_43 Says:

    Unbelievable morons on this board.
    What do you expect with Doom and Gloom leading the charge.

    Please pound beers and jump off ledges.

    Save the smart fans from reading pure nonsense.

    Nosbos Defense and a few others are the only ones who ACTUALLY get it.

    Once you guys figure out what a defense with 6 to 7 DBs looks like come back for the test.

    Schools out!!!!

  38. JA Says:

    “Dollop of hope …”
    Good writing “Mr. Bryson.”
    That said, I’m a wait-n-see kind of guy with an inveterate fixation on the positive—no matter the dilemma.
    Currently, the Bucs are 0-0 with a great collection of coaches. I refuse to give them losses until they occur.
    Guess that makes my hope level much higher than your pile of goo.
    Go Bucs!

  39. tmaxcon Says:


    the on-field results year in and year out prove the optimists are closer to being baker acted than right

  40. Jeagan1999 Says:

    We have very little elite talent on this team….and none at all on defense. Evans and OJ are the only ones you could point to as “Top 10” in the league at their positions. We just haven’t drafted well lately and it shows.

  41. Buccs99 Says:

    Youre going to get more pass rushing production from LVD. Devin White will be a contributor. You have fast guys like Shaq and Bucannon that will put some numbers up, Shaq more so as i think he’s going to have a good season being in a bigger role. Lets not forget about Vea.

    That said, we will absolutely need Noah Spence, Nelson to step up big and NAssib to have a better season than last year to really resemble any pass rushing capabilities.

  42. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Billy look up all of the rookies that help make up a successful defense and then couple that with no run game and a shaky overpaid OL and an average QB. Then tell me how 6 wins is not the ceiling.

  43. LakeLand Says:

    Only a fool believe this minor league squad are capable of winning in the GREAT NFL!!

  44. JimmyJack Says:

    Guzzie………If you don’t think our defense was the weakest part of our team you are wrong. Don’t even think you could get any wronger.

    Get outta here about OL & RB.

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    Dungy is a HOF moron.

  46. Bob in Brandon Says:

    Vita Vea = 6, had 3 last year so a +3, White = 4, , Nelson = 6, Spence = 2, Hargraves = 2, various safeties = 3. There’s 20 replacement sacks.

    Zone blitzes, different aggressive looks and who knows how many additional sacks our guys get. I disagree with Joe that these Qb’s will be able to eat lunch back there, but then again I’m not a sky is falling type of guy like Joe is.

  47. tmaxcon Says:

    JimmyJack Says:
    May 10th, 2019 at 12:54 pm

    Dungy is a HOF moron.

    Dungy is a clown simple as that

  48. tmaxcon Says:


    Dungy McKay offensive units are the only offensive units in nfl history that a mike smith defense could hold scoreless

  49. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Dungy’s offenses averaged almost EXACTLY the same number of points per game as Gruden’s.

  50. tmaxcon Says:

    Jmarkbuc Says:
    May 10th, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Dungy’s offenses averaged almost EXACTLY the same number of points per game as Gruden’s.

    Dungy failed period 2 play off wins with that defensive unit is laughable any way you cut it….

    Gruden won the big one while dungy the clown choked in postseason…. hell even the ravens won with dilfer using same philosophy dungy the clown failed at. Dungy is in hall for all the wrong reasons it sure isn’t his actual accomplishments

  51. JimmyJack Says:

    Nope you are totally wrong. HOF is much more accurate then clown. Ask anybody.

  52. JimmyJack Says:

    Bob you didn’t include LVD or Barret either.

    I would bet the under on Hargreaves getting two but would bet the over on 2 coming off the CB blitz.

  53. Todd york Says:

    Dungy has a Super Bowl ring and a good jacket. What’s in your closet clown?

  54. Todd york Says:

    Gold jacket

  55. Tony LA Says:

    Good coaches develop players.

    Someone will step up in training camp.
    They will find someone on the wire.

    The point: this story is not complete yet. It looks bad right NOW.

    But NOW is May. Not September.

  56. stpetebucsfan Says:


    ‘Sacks dont only come from DEs.’


  57. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Those 21 sacks can come from Barrett, David, White and secondary

  58. BucsBall80 Says:

    Hello… Attack style defence. And we will probably blitz more than any other team. Its up to the secoundary. They need to be able to cover on a island. There going to have to stick to them like glue. I miss the days when Kiffin would make some half time adjustments and totally flip the script and dominated in the secound half. Whens the last time you seen in game adjustments from this teams coaching. Talent and coaching goes hand and hand. New year. New coaches. Go Bucs!!!

  59. Sherman Perigo Says:

    Release Paul cut Mccoy claim NFI on Paul get all 14.9 million and 13 million from Mccoy plus 800,000 thousand equals approximately 28 million. Sign the rest of your draft picks about 7 million leaves 21 million sign a free agent defensive tackle, 3-4 defensive end and edge rusher. That should leave about 9 or 10 million as a start for next year.