NFL Network Analyst Scolds GMC

May 31st, 2019

Calls out GMC.

It has happened.

Just yesterday, Joe got a question from a reader who is part of the vocal sect that refused to listen to the many NFL folks (including coaches, offensive coordinators and players) who say former Bucs stud defensive tackle Gerald McCoy is a handful to deal with.

These fans long ago made up their mind GMC was an overpaid kneeling Akeem Spence who poisoned the locker room with his sportsmanship and would rather play with Batman dolls than hoist trophies.

The reader asked Joe why Joe doesn’t go after GMC. Joe replied it was simple: When a respected NFL analyst or a coach or a former player tore into GMC explaining why he is bad player, then Joe will write about it.

(Joe has written many stories from avowed GMC critic, former Bucs guard and current popular local radio personality Ian Beckles and his many anti-GMC diatribes in his decade-long quest to run GMC out of town.)

Well, yesterday was a day Joe finally heard a respected NFL analyst slap around GMC.

In a recent broadcast of “Total Access,” seen weeknights on NFL Network, former Saints defensive tackle Marlon Favorite and former Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson discussed the Ndamukong Suh-GMC debate.

Favorite spoke about GMC as having “something left in the tank” and then NFL Network producers showed plays Favorite highlighted demonstrating that GMC is one of the better defensive tackles in the game.

This just set off Robinson who seemed to speak for the loud Bucs sect who have clamored for GMC to be chased off the Bucs roster years ago. It got to the point Joe thought Beckles had written Robinson’s script.

Robinson began by saying GMC is not finished in the NFL yet. But then the critique began.

“Far too often, I didn’t see those plays that you just showed,” Robinson said to Favorite of the GMC highlights from last season. “I didn’t see that happen enough with McCoy. I need to see that happen over and over and over again.”

Robinson then raved how the last time he saw Suh was when he ran wild against the Belicheats in the Super Bowl.

“He was dominant in the playoffs,” Robinson said of Suh. “When you have the talent of Gerald McCoy, I don’t need to see you doing great things when everything is going right. I need that player to step up when things are going bad.

“Far too often, it seemed like he played well when the team was going well and he played bad when the team was playing bad. My impact players need to be the difference as to why we are winning.”

Robinson predicted Suh will have more of an impact with the Bucs than GMC, even though Robinson believes wherever GMC lands he will have better stats.

Why is that? Robinson said last year Suh was playing next to future Hall of Fame tackle Aaron Donald. The Bucs defense is a fully different beast than the Rams. So Suh will no longer have the luxury of Donald drawing traffic from him, Robinson said.

You can watch the exchange below.

(Hat tip: @Chrisbell323.)

63 Responses to “NFL Network Analyst Scolds GMC”

  1. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I think it was vise versa, Suh playing NT drew the traffic off of Donald. That’s why Donald had 11 more sacks than his normal season average.

  2. TDTB Says:

    At best the Bucs got the better player. At worst it’s a push, but the Bucs saved $3M plus. Either way The Bucs won this transaction.

  3. Bucsfanman Says:

    I get what Mike Rob is saying but to be fair, you could say that about the entire defense.

    Jean- I would’ve thought that Suh’s numbers would be much higher playing alongside Donald. Interestingly, JPP had only 2 seasons of double-digit sacks prior to last year. Does GMC get credit for JPP’s success as well? Just saying!

  4. Scurvy Dogs Says:

    With Vea at the nose, Suh is going to eat. I suspect he will better stats this season.

  5. Scurvy Dogs Says:

    Bucsfan – JPP played next to Vea. I wouldn’t give McCoy credit for his production.

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    Scurvy- Vea didn’t play much in the beginning because of injury and JPP lined up on both sides.
    I’m just throwing it out there for discussion. The conversation is a tad skewed IMO. If it’s Suh, he’s credited. If it’s GMC, it had to be someone else!

  7. Bucsfanman Says:

    Frankly, I think we’re talking about the wrong DTs in the first place. When Vea got healthy last year he started dominating. Even as a NT, I think it’ll be Vea that stands out this year.

  8. Buc believer Says:

    Well well well ANOTHER member of the media is starting to speak the truth about Batman! What say you now defenders of the biggest fraud of a player in recent memory?

  9. BucEmUp Says:

    Vea will be a monster

  10. Kgh4life Says:

    It was very clear from last season that GMC didn’t have the same impact he had in seasons past, even with: Kwon Alexander, JPP and Lavontae David this defense was horrendous the last couple seasons, it was just time to move on.

  11. Scurvy Dogs Says:

    The bulk of JPP’s came while not playing next to McCoy.

    I would agree with you, Vea is going to play well.

  12. Wombat Says:

    Ding ding ding….. we have a winner! Never once did I see GMC dominate a game. We played some bad teams in the last 9 years, and never did we see him go on a rampage. He never got much over idle speed once he got “his fast get off”. If he was so fast to get off, minus the offsides, he should have been a monster!!

  13. Bobby M. Says:

    Not ONE highlight moment that fans immediately recall as a game changing play, signature play, etc…..Name any other Buc great, you instantly think of a play that stood out but with McCoy there’s literally not one. That’s the complaint from many fans. McCoy was a very productive player but to be invisible for an entire career, kind of hard to describe him as “great”. Suh….you instantly think of his dirty play, his attitude, etc….McCoy is best known for being super nice to QBs, that’s a joke as a DT.

  14. Bad Influence Says:

    “…rather play with Batman dolls than hoist trophies.” Haha! Joe, no matter how painful the situation, you’re able to add some much appreciated humor.

  15. BucInCleveland Says:

    For years I was a believer in GMC. I believed the Bucs had nothing to gain by letting a talented player go, especially on the d-line that’s been horrid for over a decade. GMC is an extremely talented player but he was thrust into a leadership role from day one. That isn’t who he is. I own a startup and I’ve learned that leadership isn’t something given. It’s taken. Leaders have to take the leadership, not be told to lead. For 9 seasons the team leaned on Gerald to be the leader but that’s not him. He’ll never be able to set a tone. Suh can.

  16. Lazy animations Says:

    Jean saying Donald got 11 more sacks last season cause of Suh shows the football iq of the average football fan lol

  17. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Can someone point out a “signature” game winning play from GMC in 9 years of Bucs football? No, didn’t think so. He floated his way along, got his sacks in meaningless games or points in the games that weren’t crucial. Sick of this useless discussion. Hope he signs soon and this dialogue ends. He was severely overrated, end of story….

  18. Todd Says:

    I can hear it now, “I’m sorry Jameis! My bad!”

  19. BigHog Says:

    All I hear is hate! He gone let him be gone! Now you don’t have to worry about someone else’s money!!

  20. Jean Lafitte Says:


    No because JPP has had as many as 12 before without GMC. Donald had 22 sacks last season from his normal average of 9.5. He doubled his normal season output. It will interesting to see how many Donald gets this year without Suh.

  21. Clw JB Says:

    We now have two huge and physical interior dt that both require a double team against most teams

    There will be no a/b gap gashing anymore as someone just runs upfield away from the play…and then jogs towards the ball

    THe part about GMC playing to the level of the team instead of dragging the team with him THAT is the reason he had to go IMO

  22. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    How is his “Ice Cream” tour coming along ?

  23. Jean Lafitte Says:


    take your insults and blow the up your a “

  24. BOOGIE Says:

    Not sure what Lazy is talking about i definitely agree with Jean.. Suh is still a beast and helped Donald get those numbers. I don’t think Donald will get those same numbers this year unless someone breaks out on that line with him. Now teams will be able to focus more on him. Very excited to see Vea and Suh on the same D Line

  25. Bucsfanman Says:

    Jean- 2011 and 2014 are the only years JPP had double-digit sacks outside of last year. JPP’s avg sack per year total for the 8 years is more like 7-7.5.

    Like I said, I’m just throwing it out there for discussion.

  26. Bucsfanman Says:

    For the record, I do feel as though Suh is an upgrade in terms of run defense. While his numbers aren’t spectacular, he has been consistent over the years.

    This “I told you so” stuff with GMC is irrelevant, just like our overall defense for the last decade. Irrelevant!

  27. El_Buc941 Says:

    Yea Donald will not be there next to Suh but a younger hungry man beast know as Vita Vea! I believe Vea and Suh will compliment each other nicely. Suh will need Vea to pressure the pocket as much as Vea will need Suh to collapse it. Im going to make an early prediction Joe…the Bucs WILL BE the #1 run defense and vea and suh will combine for a total of 15+ sacs. If we make it to the playoffs i believe we will be a force to be reckoned with and a well balanced team on both sides of the ball.

  28. #1bucsfan Says:

    Starting to like vea an suh eating up the middle an allowing white an LVD running free. I hoping Spence surprises us in a good way an nassib starts where he left off from last year. It’s a big MIGHT but this defense might just ball out #endthedrought

  29. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete (formerly known as 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans') ***Rhealist, louden annoying, & tminimum are the worst posters ever!!! Says:

    Vita Vea will command as much or more attention than Aaron Donald.

    Suh will thrive here and Vea will be an All-Pro.

  30. OneBuc55 Says:

    Robinson said what I’ve been saying for years now…

    I cant recall a time where McCoy imposed his will and took over a game…he’s always made plays here and there, but McCoy imo is the perfect example of why “stats are for losers”…He has the numbers persay but he disappears far to often in games, usually the games against tough opponents…

  31. JA Says:

    I have little to add.
    McCoy and Suh have been fighting the same press/fan induced “who’s better” battle since they were drafted 2-3.
    And the bitching will continue on these pages as soon as Suh takes his first play off. Right now, he’s some kind of savior to some of you.
    As ‘Defense’ alluded to in an earlier article, it’s May!
    At least for another day …

    Hey Todd—you’re back! Am I to assume you’re on double secret probation?

  32. TheCollegeBuc Says:

    he isn’t an HOF player just an all pro. We bucs fans are selective for our players we don’t want any chump all pros playing for us.

  33. Tc Says:

    The bucs defense has sucked for years and needed a change. They can’t get much worse. The definition of insanity-doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Just because Kwon and McCoy were nice guys and played hard doesn’t cut it anymore.

  34. mdsbuc Says:

    We have McCoy’s counterpart on the offensive line, the overpaid left tackle. I’m hoping BA lights a fire there.

  35. tmaxcon Says:

    First joe there is NO SUCH THING as a respected analyst…. 9 out of 10 analysts are washed up has beens trying to hang on. the rest are glorified fan boys with a platform…. next time you make a joke like that go all the way and post that the media is respected and has integrity too… now that would ensure you a 3 day stay at the padded room of your Choice

  36. Jeffbuc Says:

    Bucsfanman you are forgetting that jpp had lower sack totals those seasons because of injuries. First he had a back injury that plagued him for a year and a half. Then came the firework incident and he had to learn to play with one hand in a club. And not be able to grab or pull anyone. In almost every year he was healthy he produced double digit sacks. If he was healthy this year he would have gotten double digit sacks without McCoy. I watched just McCoy on a lot of plays over the years and I never saw all these double teams people talk about. Most of the time he was stood up and blocked by a single lineman. They were doubling and chipping jpp last year more than they were McCoy. And on running plays they didn’t need to block McCoy they would let him run by the play on his own with his great first step past the play.

  37. DB55 Says:

    Joe tell them about the tipped pass against KC that was intercepted by the future buc’s ROH inductee Chris Conte. #GameChanger

    Do you guys remember Vita’s game against the Ravens when he got 9 tackles? Vita needs to learn his job bc a former poster used to insist that a DT’s job is NOT to make tackles so Vita is obviously doing something wrong.

  38. Youngbucs Says:

    Batgirl’s fans tears taste so good. Sip sip ahhhhhhh!

  39. DB55 Says:

    Also remind you that Robinson isn’t the first to call out McIceCream. I’ve read articles on this here corner of the inter web from Sapp, Barber, Rice and Brooks saying GMC is soft for lack of a better word. This is nothing new.

    Finally, remember what McIceCream said about Aaron Donald when we had a chance to draft him “I ain’t moving over for no rookie”. Real team player right there folks.

  40. Youngbucs Says:

    DB55 You’re right I do remember that I also remember he was being a baby about Jameis Winston coming to the team being the leader and all. He is a diva SMH.

  41. Eric y Says:

    Joe he said what we are all saying about McCoy … DUH!!! He makes plays when he wants … he takes plays off … he never plays 100 … he plays when he wants to … he will get a sack and say ok that’s it I’m done … I did my thing … McCoy is garbage man …. he plays when he feels like it

  42. Todd Says:


    “Hey Todd—you’re back! Am I to assume you’re on double secret probation?”

    Thank you. Good to be back. And I can neither confirm nor deny…

  43. DB55 Says:

    McIceCream is like Alladin’s genie. Enormous cosmic talent, itty bitty little heart.

    That’s why we can him McIceCream cuz he always melts when the game is on the line. All the smiling and hugs is just the cherry on top of the McIceCream sundaes

  44. Marine Buc Says:

    McCoy averaged one tackle per game. ONE… ONE TACKLE PER GAME… And was paid $13 million. Did NFL Network show every tackle he made last year on the highlight reel? It would only take about 5 seconds…

  45. Jean Lafitte Says:


    I do remember GMC saying that. Just like his response that he only plays the 3tech. This was after Schiano said in a presser that he prefers his lineman to be versatile and cross train across the defensive line.

  46. Bucsfanman Says:

    Jeffbuc- Yea, I took that into account. And I don’t want to come off as an “apologist” either. Last season soured me on GMC. That, and all the off-season whining and pouting. What should be noted is that we shouldn’t discredit what he’s done over the years because he’s perceived to be overpaid or because of the awful defenses he’s been on.
    I have openly admitted to have been wrong about GMC. It was time to move on. We did, and I’m glad.
    My point is a juxtaposition. If GMC is lined up next to Donald as Suh was, would we credit GMC? I’d say unfairly, no. And I realize that Suh and GMC are very different players.

  47. Bucsdelight Says:

    I’ll take the DT’s word over a FB. Anyways, everything he critiqued GMC on he should have critiqued Suh on. GMC only did well when the Bucs were doing well? Same for Suh. It was said last year that Suh didn’t do anything until the Rams made the playoffs.

  48. Snook Says:

    “Far too often, it seemed like he played well when the team was going well and he played bad when the team was playing bad. My impact players need to be the difference as to why we are winning.”

    DING DING DING!!! We have a winner. This is why Gerald is and never was a leader on this team and why he … as Joe put it… “would rather play with Batman dolls than hoist trophies.”

    90% of the media regurgitates what they hear others saying. That’s why Gerald is so often made out to be this great player on the field. He’s a good guy off the field and the media often avoids talking bad about “community guys”. Robinson doesn’t care. He’s ACTUALLY WATCHED THE TAPE!!!

    Anyone who watches the tape on Gerald will see it. “Its as simple as that.”

  49. D-Rome Says:

    No one really shines on offense or defense when things are going bad. If a DT or DE has two sacks in a game but the team is losing by 20, fans will say a “real” impact player would have had 3 or 4 sacks.

  50. tmaxcon Says:


    slowly coming around I see… he was a POS from day 1 until the day they showed his career losing arse the door. you guys buy into all the FLUFF but never accepted his pathetic results on the filed. always excuses. you guys would cling to the one decent play every year like it was a game winner… my god Hawaiian and bonzi held onto that Chihuahua like ankle grab on Matt Ryan for 2 years.

  51. SenileSenior Says:

    Think of it this way. We have a mature and experienced Suh lined up next to an upcoming star.

    Suh no longer has the childish temper tantrums that led to some of his dirtiest plays. He now has a focused approach, you might say controlled fury.

    Vea is young, highly talented and on the rise. Suh can help show him the way forward. They are a formidable pair who will form the spear point of our new aggressive defense.
    I hope we retain Suh next year and draft another defensive lineman early in the draft.
    Go Bucs!!!

    P.S. GMC is old news now.

  52. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Far too often, it seemed like he played well when the team was going well and he played bad when the team was playing bad.”

    Suh played bad when his team was playing good last year. Then played better when he felt he might get a ring.

    How is that better?

  53. DB55 Says:

    Last time I talked to Gerald was at the Super Bowl he was there to cheer me on. – Suh

    Bruh that is the best shade I’ve ever heard. So smooth the simpletons didn’t even pick up on it. Too busy asking about penalties and how mean he is. Sad sad culture in TB.

  54. Mike Johnson Says:

    There is a reason other teams did not fight for Suh’s services. A one yr 3 mil savings is not necessarily a big win. Suh is a rental. Just look at his record. he’s out to make the most money in his career and retire. Next season, he goes to the highest bidder. He might have an impact on our line. But he will have lots of penalties. Given the sorry performance of our D last yr? Anything is an improvement. You can throw shade at me until infinity. If I’m makin 8 to 12 mil a yr? Keep throwin.

  55. Bucsace Says:

    GMC’S career illustrates the lack of credibility in the so called “Pro Bowl” game

  56. Reach87 Says:

    In the end, he is gone. But just as accurate, he was the best DT we’ve had since the SB timeframe, he was All Pro how many times? He was a pro bowler how many times? He was a gentleman and family man, he did contribute selflessly to this community, he did work hard every day, he did play hard every day. No revisionist announcer who can’t tell you who started at LB for the Bucs, doesn’t follow the team, does pick up research, played QB in college and fullback in the pros, was never a defensive coach is gonna change the facts. One last fact (to burn you up), he made a lot of money, with a smile that made thousands of people (not you) happy. There will be as many people bad talking Bucs players as you can give them a microphone or a fake name behind a keyboard. Keep it coming. Isn’t rooting for the team you claim to be a fan of better than constantly (with every thread) crying (crying) about a guy you said was never any good and is now gone(gone)? Sad. Go Bucs.

  57. Reach87 Says:

    PS. What did he do to you to call him a POS (from behind a keyboard…punk move)? Sad. Go Bucs!

  58. Snook Says:

    “he was All Pro how many times?”

    Just once for First Team All-Pro.

    Thank God he’s gone. McCoy epitomized the acceptance of losing here for the last decade.

  59. DB55 Says:


    Pop in any game in the past 3 years and you’ll have your answer. The End.

  60. Reach87 Says:

    Got the tapes, thanks. I hope it’s the end, but you lot can’t help yourselves. It’s not the end, is it? Lol.

  61. Reach87 Says:

    Snook, 6 x pro bowl, 3 x first team all pro. But again, he’s gone now… let’s let him go and root for Suh and everyone on our tam. Go Bucs!

  62. Reach87 Says:

    Snook, my bad. You were right…1x 1st team. Sorry about that! Go Bucs!

  63. westernbuc Says:

    Suh showed up in the playoffs once, then the Rams happily moved on from him. GMC’s seasons ended by November. What happens if/when we go 3-13? What’s Suh gonna look like then?