JPP Wreck Details Beg Questions

May 8th, 2019

New info raises questions.

This is starting to look bad for Bucs defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

It seems the Florida Highway Patrol has updated information concerning JPP’s wreck last week in South Florida, in which he suffered what is believed to be a fractured neck that could jeopardize his 2019 season if not his career.

Per Jenna Laine of ESPN, JPP’s accident happened not at 5 a.m., but in the dark of the night when most people are home sound asleep.

Joe must point out that JPP was not cited by FHP for any violation in the one-car mishap that has been linked to hydroplaning.

The fact JPP was out in the wee hours of the morning sadly sheds a different light on the case. Also, who was this mysterious passenger? Joe hopes it wasn’t the notorious Ronald Darby.

75 Responses to “JPP Wreck Details Beg Questions”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    Hydroplanning at 2am in the morning???????

    Whateva dude!


  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    Gotta love when the truth starts to trickle out, and then the truth just starts to dawn on the sheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its time for the famous flash poll from Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Which option would “history” more favorably look back on licht weight’s tenure!!!!!

    1.) should he just resign this week and disappear for failing the Buc’s organization in every facet???????

    2.) Or should he declare the offseason a total disaster and hold a fire sale on the roster, then declare a full rebuild for the upcoming 2020 season!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Casual Observer Says:

    At breakneck speed?

  4. gotbbucs Says:

    I dont feel sorry for these guys at all when they get themselves in these situations.
    He already blew half his hand off playing with fire works, time to grow up.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Nothing…absolutely nothing good happens after midnight…..

    Probably more to come…….passenger will likely file suit for negligence…..JPP will be on the hook for what his insurance doesn’t cover…..

  6. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Out till 5am vs. 2am? What’s the difference. 2am is the wee hours. 5am would be the wee-er hours!! And LOL Joe on the Ronald Darby line!!

  7. Snook Says:

    Worst part of this is that they’ll end up keeping McCoy because of this. The losing culture continues with #93 in the building. 3-13 in 2019.

  8. Joe Says:

    JPP often works out at 5 am. Lotsa people work early. Jameis is in the building a 5 am.

  9. The Buc Realist Says:

    The “real” have no problems with this news just as long as he yelled “No Risk It, No Biscuit” as the car spun out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    I’m at work every day at 5am

    2 am what was he doing? Dumbest roster on and off the field now

  11. Eric Says:

    hydroplaning can be completely uncontrollable.

    A couple of weeks ago it had just started raining and two cars in front of me at I-75 and I-10 ramp abruptly started doing donuts and went off the road into a ditch where one turned over.

    Nasty stuff.

  12. Zwak Says:

    He didn’t have two hands on the wheel I can promise you that!

  13. Justafan Says:

    Have the Joe’s never been out at 2 AM in the morning?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Dammit, why us ?!?!?

  15. Ra'Shad Says:

    Some fans were just praising JPP last year and now they are throwing stones at him in front of towns people. SMH!!! We have the worst fans in the league.

  16. Larry Says:

    Not sure what he does with his free time. First his hand and now his neck. It seems that NFL player’s careers are short, at best. Why would you jeopardize it with some things that may not be in your best interest? Auto accidents can happen to anyone but JPP, as good as he is, jeopardizes the entire team with some of his choices. Not cool!

  17. wideleftandright Says:

    UBER after midnight !! lol

  18. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Joe can buy the FHP accident report

  19. mp8499 Says:

    You can justify 5 AM easy: “I was on my way to my first workout, the passenger was my trainer” But 2 AM… aint working out at 2 AM.

  20. Todd Says:

    Do brand new Bentley’s not have seat belts?

  21. mhbucs1 Says:

    So now you get G’Mac’s message on social media? It was a direct shot.

  22. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Joe Says:
    May 8th, 2019 at 11:10 am
    JPP often works out at 5 am. Lotsa people work early. Jameis is in the building a 5 am.

    But Joe… either time case, he wasn’t working out.

  23. Sapp, STFU Says:

    No reason to judge him by the time he was driving or if he hydroplaned. We have no idea (yet) what he was doing or if anything bad was involved. Not being cited is the first sign that this might not have been nefarious. All the keyboard cowboys need to stop judging and wait for details.

  24. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    The bucs are already completely useless when it comes to injury information..
    Don’t expect a whole lot on this

  25. Cobraboy Says:

    On another note, can you imagine the Jumper Line at the Skyway if the Bucs had cut McCoy and then THIS happened?

  26. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    Best thing to start talking about is what are the solutions? Other than firing licht? I bet Bruce wishes he took that job in buccaneers north.

  27. Cobraboy Says:

    Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    The bucs are already completely useless when it comes to injury information..
    Don’t expect a whole lot on this

    The Bucs management, or any management from any corporation, cannot say anything because of HIPAA.

  28. Joe Says:


    The implication was JPP was up to no good at 5 am. Joe just pointed out that JPP often works out or is on his way to work out at 5 am, and other players often are too.

    You can connect whatever dots you wish. Joe has no idea where JPP was going or coming from.

  29. Bucsfanman Says:

    Bubble-wrap him STAT!

  30. Brandon Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    May 8th, 2019 at 10:55 am

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Real fans know that there’s no “H” in “Ronde”.

  31. Jean Lafitte Says:

    ^^^^ So what

  32. Cobraboy Says:

    It doesn’t matter what, if any, shenanigans or great acts JPP was doing at 2am or 5am.

    All that matters is the guy got badly hurt and his career may be over.

  33. westernbuc Says:

    Maybe the passenger was a healthy defensive end Licht has kept secret from everyone

  34. T REX Says:

    More to come…no doubt. They’ll place him on the NFI list and JPP just lost 15 million. Bad luck…stupidity…does it matter?

  35. DB55 Says:

    Nothing good happens BEFORE 12am.

    If I’m JPP I’m like give me my 7 mil and good-bye.

  36. Billy_43 Says:

    Guys got a fractured neck and everyone is mad AT HIM.
    Sorry your season might be worse, but the guy has a broken neck.

    God God people are brutal A Holes.

  37. Buc believer Says:

    Between fireworks and car wrecks JPP has lost MILLIONS!!! Guess he skipped math class at USF.

  38. Clean House Says:

    HIPPA my as***
    How about publicly leaking Josh Freeman’s records when they thought it suited them?
    NFL and Bucs lucky I’m not his attorney.
    They did him wrong. Love how that one got swept under the rug never to be heard of again.

    Hope JPP keeps his health, sounds very serious regardless of surrounding circumstances

    Hope Licht gets fired regardless of circumstances

  39. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Hard to keep your hands 9 & 3 when you’re getting great neckage.
    What? lol, I’m just saying.

  40. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Buc Realist-

    “The “real” have no problems with this news just as long as he yelled “No Risk It, No Biscuit” as the car spun out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“


  41. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Luck would have it, the passenger with JPP was former LSU Linebacker Lamin Barrow.

  42. Hodad Says:

    One, and done in Tampa. Licht would’ve picked another DB anyway with that 3rd rounder we gave to the G men for a six finger moron. Add the fact he’s out at 2 a.m. hydro planing while his team is working out. I guess he’d rather do that. Another failed Licht pick up.

  43. Maze Says:

    Maybe drunk Jameis was out for another joy ride

  44. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    He was prolly getting his pipes cleaned out at 2am like tony soprano was with adrianna when he “hydroplaned” his suv as well….just hope there isnt also a fracture to lil jpp as well

  45. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Turn out the lights, the party’s over. Hello, 2-14, goodbye JayMiss and Licht. Hell, maybe the entire massive coaching staff.

    Can you spell r-e-b-u-i-l-d? The reload will be short lived.

  46. Negative Nancy Says:

    This guy is like a poster child for everything your dad told you to watch out doing.

  47. Bucsfanman Says:

    Negative Nancy- Now THAT is pretty funny! LOL!

  48. diddler Says:

    I’d feel so much better if we drafted Josh Allen right about now. But 3-4 “DEs” are really just gap and pocket controllers it’s the LB’s that can and will tee off in this defense. Sucks for JPP but it’s not as big a loss as you think, of course it’s still a loss no doubt but not at all the end of the world if they lose him for the year.

  49. diddler Says:

    And Joe, Spence in no way will be a factor in this defense. He’s too small and that busted wing won’t handle 16 games of trying to hold up 320 pounders at the line.

  50. Totally Exonerated Says:

    He wasn’t charged by FHP. ASJ almost got away Scott Free when he drunk asf. Perhaps JPP had a clean colon and wasn’t distracted by the pinched loaf he was carrying and didn’t talk himself into an arrest. 😂😂

  51. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Being out at 2am means nothing. This is trying to generate a story.

    Newsflash…even none partiers can be out very late for any number of reasons.

    JPP wasn’t cited for DUI or even for reckless driving, and as much as the current president would like to declare martial law, we don’t have a curfew.

    Here’s a thought…if he went to see a midnight movie showing, then had to drive his passenger home afterward, he would easily be out until 2:30 – 3:00 am!

  52. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Ndog was right. This is quickly becoming TMZ.

  53. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    If you have ever been in the military in a fluid situation….rumors fly just like this 🙂

  54. tim Says:

    lets not look too deep into this. dude was probably getting some road head and spun out. move along

  55. Bucnjim Says:

    Something doesn’t add up. He went from a short stay and release from a hospital to needing neck surgery? EMT’s and hospital’s don’t let patients stroll right out the door even with a neck sprain! There is 100 precautionary measures taken before clearing any patients and this takes a huge amount of time.

  56. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    There have been multiple Cases with the Bucs when it comes to mysterious injury reports/updates aka non updates. Irrespective of hippa

    Like i said, don’t expect much info

  57. Defense Rules Says:

    @Hodad … “Another failed Licht pick up.” Didn’t hear too many people saying that when JPP got double-digit sacks last year & was out there for 90% of the defensive snaps last year. JPP is a BEAST on the football field. Let’s not denigrate a player because of an auto accident for heaven’s sake.

    And let’s not leap to conclusions about him being at fault. I lived in South Florida for several years & some of the roads down there are terrible, especially in rainy, nighttime conditions. How about instead of questioning his judgment in driving at 2 AM (we’ve all more than likely driven in the wee hours of the morning) that we all just pray that he’ll be OK & can resume his career with us once his recovery is complete. Lord knows we need a player with his talent & leadership skills to help guide our very young team.

  58. pick6 Says:

    if JPP had ever played a down in his career in the way they were talking about using him (rush OLB and occasional 3 tech in the nickel), i would know how big of a loss this is. but he didn’t even show for mini camp, so even the coaches don’t know if they’ve lost something worth keeping.

    JPP had a great year last year but this was perhaps a blessing in disguise. the rookies can be signed without trouble and the bucs can take on a high profile 1 year deal or two that will unearth long term starters or help the team out with compensatory picks down the line

  59. pick6 Says:

    @Clean House, it’s been a while so i could be mixing up facts, but wasn’t it widely suspected that the leaker in Josh’s case was his own people, primarily to make the bucs look like jerks while their client was melting down and throwing his career away

  60. Cobraboy Says:

    @Clean House: there was NEVER any evidence the Bucs management leaked any of Freeman’s health records.

    However, the simple fact the NFLPA investigation went silent after initial bluster is plenty of evidence 9t was Freeman’s people trying to get in front of the story since their Organizational Charter is 100% player advocate.

    The whole ADHD claim was a gloss-over of Freeman blow use which was the fulcrum of the Bucs 2011 collapse: many players knew what was going on, and after the disastrous trip to London when there was a “confrontation” between Freeman and some administrative type on the plane, the situation came to a head.

    Schiano came in to clean house, tried to help Freeman, but Freeman’s demons came back to haunt him after Glennon got drafted.

    With all the lawyers and security people employed by the NFL, there is NO WAY the team leaked the info becauae it could cost the team potentially millions.

  61. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    It’s the off season, 2 am is trying to create a narrative. I love JPP I’m still buying His Jersey the man broke the decade long record of 10 sacks for our team I was at the game and I swore I’d buy his jersey. He has faced so many challenge tough trying times recently and I have no doubt he will overcome this one. God makes no mistakes.

  62. Nick Says:

    —–@ JOE —-

    weeee hours of the morning ????? really ??? what are you 70 years old?

    I am 55 and married don’t drink or club and my wife and I often go to dinner and the late movie and come home at 1;30 to 3 am.

    Can you guys just cut it out. These guys are young football players, not priests.

  63. D1 Says:


    Take half a step back. What records? There wasn’t any records leaked to the media. Had there been, the facts would have either confirmed or denied the story told by an “anonymous source who claimed “.

    Literally theres no need to go further because no one had the records. . What did the reporter have, an agents accusations and a statement from josh that provided details of the suspension that until then had only been speculation and wild guesses.

    Freeman side of the story went unchecked, verified. .nope… wasnt even feasible. And there was no records to prove otherwise and a lawsuit hanging above the head of anyone who published a copy of the records if they actually did exist. .. The people who bought his story…..
    and believed it was schiano are sorry to say..but they’re idiots. They bought a story that offered everything but unicorns and alien abductions.

    Oddly enough, fast forward a few years and claim unicornophobia by masga supporters ruined a player’s career and half of fans, all of the really smart ones anyway, will swallow it up…

  64. D1 Says:


    Living in Pinellas /Pasco County and I understand the comments from joes.
    Boca del Vista it’s dinner, dancing and home by 8pm..
    Depends on where you live and what’s open as to when people consider it late.

  65. Tony LA Says:

    Judging a person because of what time he was driving is akin to judging a person solely on the color of their skin. And clearly, none of you would do that. The world exists for 24 hours regardless of the fact that you eat your Denny’s dinner at 4:30pm. People do things at different times.

  66. 813bucboi Says:


    it doesnt matter what happens in 2019!!!!!!!!!!

    the “real” fans will give BA and the staff a pass!!!!!!!!

    OMG!!!!!!….its another realist repost!!!!!!!!

    The Buc Realist Says:
    June 21st, 2018 at 6:48 pm
    Huge pass to the coaching staff issued by the “real” Buc fans!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!

    so there you have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    huge pass to the coaching staff issued by the “REAL” fans!!!!!!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  67. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    We can Sugar Coat it however we like, but if JPP had been in Camp here in Tampa, this would not have happened.
    Instead, he was down in South Florida partying like a Mo Fo, out a 2 am while his teammates were sound asleep up in Tampa, getting their minds and Bodies ready for the upcoming Football Season.

  68. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Sorry to go there, but i immediately thought of him blowing up his hand. At this point, do we really think one person just has this much “bad luck”?

  69. Jim Says:

    Nothing good happens after Midnight

  70. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    This site is turning into the TMZ of Bucs coverage, not something to be proud of….
    Joe writes about what Joe finds interesting every say, all kinds of reporting, commentary, etc. Little has changed in 11 years, though TMZ has grown. –Joe

  71. Old Sombrero Says:

    Nothing good happens after midnight. Single vehicle accident with one passenger…hmm. So let’s say hypothetically speaking the driver of said vehicle was impaired. The cops arrive after this early morning accident and there’s no real proof who was driving and if let’s say I’m a high profile person who does not need a dui I’m not admitting to driving. Good luck proving that.

  72. Joe Says:

    Nothing good happens after midnight.

    Joe has had a fair amount of very things happen after midnight. 🙂

  73. hamilton Says:

    this man all most lost his life,an bucs fans are joking.

  74. James Says:

    This crap is unreadable! It’s hilarious that you people are questioning a grown assed man about what time of day he is out on the road. Some of you people would cry and bitch about money raining down from the sky. You just want to bitch about anything!

  75. The Buc Realist Says:


    Not only will we question him about the time!!!!!! We will even question what he was driving!!!!!!!! He would not have spun out if it was a Porsche!!!!!! instead he was driving that italian trash that he called a car!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!