Ira Talks Vegas Over-Under, Bowles Impressions, Gerald McCoy Insight, Safety & Nickel Revelations, Much More NFL Draft Reaction, Justin Evans’ Injury, Fan Draft Depression, Darrell Henderson & More

May 2nd, 2019

Sage Ira goes a lot deeper on the NFL Draft with Joe, in addition to diving into all the fresh action Tuesday at One Buc Palace. It’s a loaded podcast — more than usual.  The twice-weekly, intense sparring session with Joe is all presented by Ed Morse Cadillac Tampa and Ed Morse Cadillac Brandon. Check out their online offers while you listen.

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21 Responses to “Ira Talks Vegas Over-Under, Bowles Impressions, Gerald McCoy Insight, Safety & Nickel Revelations, Much More NFL Draft Reaction, Justin Evans’ Injury, Fan Draft Depression, Darrell Henderson & More”

  1. macabee Says:

    Joes, Please allow this one time link. This ties into the kind of guy the Bucs desire at nickel cornerback. Thanks!

    Former Virginia Tech DB Jamon “Mook” Reynolds will participate as a tryout player at Bucs Rookie Minicamp. Had 70 tackles in 2017, finished his college career last year at Div. II Texas A&M-Commerce.

    Reynolds was dismissed from Virginia Tech’s football program last summer after a felony marijuana arrest, but charge has recently been reduced to a misdemeanor, and can be dropped if he goes without any problems during a 12-month probation.

    Reynolds has draft round talent. This kid can play. If he can keep his head on straight off the field, he has the talent to make a 53 roster on an NFL team. He has the aggressive tackling ability to make a good slot cornerback. The Bucs have had one of those before. Go Bucs!

  2. macabee Says:

    Joes, notice that is Alvin Kamara and Jalen Hurd that Mook contains. Hope Bucs see that!

  3. NOSBOS Says:

    I listened to those pressers last night Ira,after doing so I now have a clear cut vision of how they utilize Deone Buccanon. I like it. And having already studied M.J’s reel from N.C. it’s easy to understand why they see him as a perfect fit for this schemes nickle. The blitzing and the physicality needed M.J definitely has it. Also @ Bonzai what we wagering Noah makes this team’s roster??? Let me know.

  4. AwShbucs Says:

    The fact that Bucs fans as a whole dislike this draft should be viewed by any reasonably competent football fan as a positive omen.

    The Tampa Bay fan base has some of the dumbest fans in the NFL. I knew 8 games into the 2017 season that Dork Koetter and Ol Smitty needed to meet the turk. It took most bucs fan until 2018 was basically already over and some still didn’t want him gone.

    The fact that Tampa fans dont like this draft gives me hope. And I truly believe it will have an opposite George kind of effect on this season.

  5. AwShbucs Says:


    I know you’re not trying to make anymore bets on here now son. Not when you still owe someone $100 of a $250 bet you made all the way back in 2017 regarding the draft status’ of Dalvin Cook and Joe Mixon.

    Settle your debts before you make any more wagers there youngblood.

  6. Chris Simms 2020 GM Says:

    Over-Under 6-1/2 ?? At this point, I’ll take the under.

    With Gump running this team, the talent is 20% less than last year’s 5 win team.

    Passing on Darrell Henderson will haunt this team for a decade.

  7. BucAllNight Says:

    How the heck can we get “worse” with a draft. Give it up Joe-L just because we didn’t draft a D-Line man. We will be fine with better coaching.

    Oh yeah they did address it with the Carl Nassib clone. Why don’t we let it play out and stop with the negativity just for a few weeks.

    Don’t become the #evilBucsMedia you guys are better than that and we expect more.

    Go Bucs!

  8. Todd Says:

    I just finished listening to your PAINFUL podcast with Ira. I want to shoot myself. That’s how painful it was.
    You seem to forget why fans like me visit this site. We’re eager to get your inside scoop and learn more about our beloved Bucs…NOT be fed with all your NEGATIVE BS from beginning to end. Good Lord…you must think Bruce Arians and his team are just all pieces of sh!t. No experience. Right? You two know what’s best for the Bucs team…you’re smarter than all of them combined.
    Joe delivers all kinds of news, notes and nuggets — positive and negative — about the Bucs. Regular readers know this. Also, Joe’s opinion drives plenty on this site; it has since Day 1. Joe is not going to be a fake. The Bucs have lost 22 of their last 32, not Joe. Sorry, but cartwheels aren’t being done at JoeBucsFan world headquarters. Joe likes the Arians hire, as regular readers and listeners know. Joe is very optimistic about this staff, just not at the timeline most fans would like, especially after a whole lot of nothing in free agency and a questionable draft. –Joe

    Well I for one am absolutely sick of being depressed after you waste all of your air bitching about the Bucs’ decisions. I’m next door neighbors to Mike Biehl…and while he doesn’t share much with me, he does answer direct questions. “Why did you choose White over _____.” His answer, “Because we liked him better.”

    Enough said. BTW, if White wasn’t on the board at 5, Ed Oliver would be a Buc. Would that have shut your loud negative mouths up?!

    So please…perhaps you just want to run off optimistic fans like me. We haven’t had the first snap of OTA’s and you’ve already buried all hope for a winning season. Nonsense. Just calling what we see and feel on May 1. –Joe

    That sucks. It really does. Why don’t you TRY a post where you give Arians and team some credit…maybe search for some positive things that will ENCOURAGE Bucs fans, not run them off.
    Damn. Just sick of it. Every single day positive things are written here.–Joe

  9. Todd Says:

    “Joe,” I AM a regular reader and contributor. I visit your site probably ten times a day. Just go listen to your podcast again. The words you choose are all horribly tainted with negativity. If you had Arians and Bowles in the room with you, would you have the balls to go off on them like you did in the podcast? Would you look them in the eyes and scream like a two year old about their draft decisions?

    No, you’d pu$$y out.

    All I’m suggesting as a LOYAL BUCS FAN and a LOYAL READER/CONTRIBUTOR of this site is to take the foot off the negative gas pedal a bit. Take the feedback as constructive.

    Or don’t.

    I, for one, think the Bucs will go 10-6 this year AND make the playoffs.

    I have THAT much faith in Arians and his all-star team of coaches.

    I tend to think they know what they’re doing. Goals are for losers, SYSTEMS are for winners. Everything about Arians et al is SYSTEM-BASED.

    Give them some credit.

    Or just continue to be so g-damn negative that you turn off readers. Well, not all of them…seems like 80% of the contributors to this site are ALSO negative about everything Bucs related.

    on airfare and hotel booked and paid for.

  10. Todd Says:

    Sorry, accidentally hit send.

    Meant to end:

    Not me.

    I already have my London airfare and hotel booked and paid for.

  11. Joe Says:

    Or just continue to be so g-damn negative that you turn off readers. Well, not all of them…seems like 80% of the contributors to this site are ALSO negative about everything Bucs related.


    There is no way Joe can say with a straight face today this team will win 10 games and contend for a playoff berth. Hope it happens, but as of right now if Joe wrote/said that he’d be lying through his teeth.

    You call it “negativity,” Joe calls it “honesty.”

    Surely you do not come to this site that often (thank you very much) if you thought or even wanted Joe to con you and lie to you.

    Joe is not about to start treating readers like saps and children.

    This team has lost 22 games the past two years, been in last place in all but two years in the last decade and has the worst home record in the NFC the past decade. Also has the longest playoff drought in the NFC.

    The “negativity” you reference actually emanates from One Buc Palace, not from world headquarters.

    Joe does not mistackle, miss blocks, fumble, not cover receivers, etc.

  12. Todd Says:

    Hey, if not anything, we’re undefeated so far this season. I can handle honesty, which I appreciate. However, the podcast was entirely negative. You can call it whatever you wish…but I’m currently trading on hope and to get such visceral and toxic commentary through the fire hose of a podcast triggered my inner-winner.

    Shed a bit of your inner-loser, Joe. Just a bit. C’mon, man. The podcast is frank and reasoned discussion. It’s not out there to please anyone or everyone. Joe has been very positive on the Arians hire and the upgrade in coaching. The archives of what’s written here, as well as the podcasts, are all available. Unlike you, Joe would never consider telling a fan how to support his team. –Joe

    Do you TRULY think Arians, Bowles & team are all idiots? Really? I tend to think they know what they’re doing. Would love to read some commentary that honestly admits such.

    I’m naturally a very positive person. I was part of the founding team of We dealt in “cans” not “can’ts”. Kind of like BA does. He’s going to turn this franchise around. Why don’t you give him a little credit. Please.

  13. Joe Says:

    Do you TRULY think Arians, Bowles & team are all idiots? Really?

    When did Joe write they are “idiots” to use your word?

    Then again, name an active coach in the NFL not named “Belichick” who is above reproach.

    Once again, Joe is not about to start lying and conning listeners to make a couple of people feel good about the worst organization (until proven otherwise) in the NFL. That is not hyperbole, that is absolute fact.

    If you don’t like what Joe writes or says on the podcast, don’t read or listen. Joe will *always* write and say what he thinks, feels, knows, learns. If that is not good enough for some insecure folks, then they will have to hug their teddy bears a little tighter at night. It’s ok.

    Joe is the founder of JoeBucsFan. Joe’s a burning bush kind of guy. Don’t tell anyone you can. Just do. And if you don’t, step aside for someone who will.

  14. ElioT Says:

    If a draft isn’t really strong at one position, does that mean the position is devalued for does it mean the guys at the top are so far and above the pack?

  15. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Respectful question for Mr. Steve…The Seahawks took P Michael Dickson in the 5th Round of the 2018 Draft, 149th overall. Was it a wasted pick by Seattle because he’s a punter? He made the Pro Bowl and was 1st Team All Pro in his rookie year. Not saying our 5th Round kicker is great/good/will even make the team, but it’s also not a given that’s he’s horrible. I understand the Aguayo fiasco has soured most Bucs fans on kickers and none of us have a ton of confidence in Jason Licht’s drafting ability, but let’s judge our 5th Round pick in time, like all draft picks need to be judged. Thanks, love the website!

  16. Ndog Says:

    Todd I 100% agree the negativity on this site is ridiculous. Sadly this is still the best site to come to for constant updates. It is just sad for us fans that love this team that this is the kind of crap we have to view as the best we got. Isn’t it bad enough that our team has struggled for years and now our local media is just as bad. I guess they should be stuck in Buccaneer Cove after all they created it. Sad really sad for all of us fans who love this team.

  17. Jeff Says:

    Great podcast Gents. Really needed to invest in the O-Line. Could have used the 5th round pick to snag Cody Ford. Huge fail.

  18. tnew Says:

    Heres another point of evidence on the negativity.. Joes quoted the stat that “60% of the fans were upset at the draft because they voted C,D and F….” I voted C because I am middle of the road, but go back and look at the totals.

    Joe made the point that a C grade for a draft is not a good grade, because it’s an immediate draft grade, not school. Joe highly doubts any fan base across the NFL gave its team an F. Mel Kiper, for example, gave the Bucs a C+, but C+ was the worst grade any team received. Teams, however, would get F grades after a draft is judged after a few years, for example. Joe’s been paying close attention to Bucs fans for many years; a C grade for a draft a few days later is not a good grade. –Joe

    A.. 4.4%
    B. 28.6 %
    C. 38.4%
    D. 18.9%
    F. 4.3%
    and I can’t at 5.4%

    so.. lets actually do the math.. 71.4% give the Bucs an average or better grade…

    61.6% say average or worse. So what they said was technically true, but it spun the fact to suit their narrative. C is universally designated as average.. so pull that out.

    33% say above average
    23.2% say above average.
    That is a positive skew.

  19. tnew Says:

    23.2 say below. sorry long day

  20. Todd Says:

    @joes @ndog @tnews

    Yes, this is the BEST site for Bucs news. No question. That said, as a long-suffering Bucs fan (bought season tickets in 1977 and gave them up the year before Dungy was hired…regretted it ever since), I LONG for a franchise turn-around. The Arians was like an infusion of hope for me. I am so damned excited I can’t stand it.

    ALL I did was provide constructive feedback regarding my perceived vitriol spewed on the recent podcast. Joe can bury his head in the sand and NOT take the feedback as constructive…this site is his movie. I get it. However, the podcast was a giant turn-off and literally made me reconsider my love for this site. Would Joe rather I be silent and not speak (write) my mind and simply disappear? Maybe. Maybe probably. I don’t know.

    Look, Joe lives and breathes Bucs football and loves every minute of it. Sometimes that feels good, sometimes it doesn’t. Joe’s feelings about the draft trended sour. Ok. Now what? Joe continues to write about the team, root for the team, and Joe looks forward to getting to know the rookies and free agents through spring practices. Joe doesn’t mind feedback, but not when it’s making all kinds of leaps and assertions. Joe is no more or less than a fan than you are. Not every fan is skipping around town and smiling and feeling great about the team 24/7. Joe doesn’t tell anyone how to be a fan and Joe expects the same courtesy.–Joe

    Iron sharpens iron.

    I just don’t want to hear how HORRIBLE this Bucs world is like was spewed on the last podcast. Listen to it again, Joe. I did. Same impression. Maybe next week you guys can discuss some positive aspects of our pre-season. Stop sh**ting on our hope.

    Is that too much to ask?!

    To share that my heart comes from a good place, visit @zammypup on Instagram. Zammy is my dog and is the Shriners for Children Hospital therapy dog. We deliver NOTHING BUT hope and joy to the kids. All I ask is for there to be some balance in here that delivers the same for us long-suffering fans. Screw the show-me state…let hope be alive until otherwise proven it’s dead.


  21. Todd Says:

    Okay Joe. Understood. Yours is the best site of all…and no one is going anywhere.

    I just hope you find reason to keep hope alive.

    Reasonably think in “cans” not “can’ts”.

    That’s all.

    Thanks for responding to my posts. I do appreciate it. Will buy you a few beers one day.