Bucs Finalizing Deal With Ndamukong Suh

May 21st, 2019

Joe’s not sure the Bucs got better over the past 24 hours, effectively swapping Gerald McCoy for Ndamukong Suh.

But things certainly got a lot more exciting on a few fronts.

NFL Network is reporting this afternoon that the Bucs are close to finalizing a contract to bring Suh to Tampa on a one-year contract after McCoy was cut last night.

Suh is fresh off a strong postseason run with the Rams, following a three-year stretch with the Dolphins that was rather underrated. He’s missed just two games since he was drafted No. 2 overall by the Lions in 2010, one slot before McCoy.

The five-time Pro Bowler turned 32 in January and has experience in a variety of defenses.

Joe sees Suh as representing major culture change (he doesn’t carry the stench of endless losing) and he carries the sweet smell of a postseason performer.

No, he’s not the facestomper nasty player he used to be, but he’s definitely tough as nails. And Joe likes that Suh has experience playing in the extreme Florida heat, even making the Pro Bowl during his second season with Miami.

Did the Bucs get better swapping McCoy and Suh? Joe won’t go that far today. But it’s a good move for the sake of locker room change, as well as the Bucs likely saved a few million bucks and got a guy with a great durability history.

A couple of fun facts on Suh: The guy he most notoriously stomped on during his Lions days? That would be Bucs backup offensive lineman Evan Smith.

Also, Suh and McCoy were solid friends. Did McCoy tell Suh this was a great place to play?

118 Responses to “Bucs Finalizing Deal With Ndamukong Suh”

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    freaking choirboy loving bucsfan getting salt poured their wounds today…. love it. finally a real man at DT…. choirboy lovers the glazers just sent a message that winning is more important than meaningless nice guy frauds like cancer93

    all coming up tmaxcon today…. being always right is a burden that I enjoy.

  2. Bucamania Says:

    Me thinks the Bucs just got a whole lot tougher on D.

  3. Lord Cornelius Says:

    At worst is should be about an even swap, but per all metrics Suh has always been a lot better.

    But at worst IMo this is about an even swap and one that purges a face of losing that many fans have had issues with.

  4. DooshLaRue Says:

    That is a great pic!

    Welcome to the Bucs you freaking animal!

  5. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’m guessing it’ll be close to $10M. Basically swapped McCoy for Suh and an ability to sign the rookies lol if that’s the case

  6. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    5 years too late, jason lichts rep in the league must be that of a fool with free money

  7. tmaxcon Says:

    what a great day! bucs making a statement that want to compete like men now. it’s raining positives in bucland for the first time in nearly 2 decades

    hey bonzi you are like a puppy that just got his noise rubbed in crapp… i love it!!!!

  8. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Also – we can still go after Leonard Williams when he hits FA next year. Our books should look a lot better that offseason in general / be more flexible to make a move like that

  9. Eric Says:

    The sky is not falling.

    As BA said, plenty of time to add key pieces to the roster.

  10. StRicKn Says:

    Hell yeah! We got tougher in the middle and next to Vea, he’s gonna be a tank! I love McCoy but all to often he disappears. Devin White gotta love this as well, nobody touching him. Suh has had his criticisms but our defense needs some nasty to it! Let’s GO! Go BUCS!!!!

  11. T REX Says:

    I don’t expect much out of Suh. He’s on the wrong side of thirty and in decline.

  12. Mike Johnson Says:

    Statistically Suh is actually not that much better than GMC. Waitin to see
    what we paid for him. He is tough though. He need to cut down on the
    penalties somewhat.

  13. OBP Says:

    Joe we definitely improved here, even if his pass rush production is almost identical to GMac’s again he still had twice as many tackles last and will be cheaper than 13 million. If we could somehow get him for less than 10 we got a major bargain.

  14. FireJasonLicht Says:

    I like it. He comes cheaper, nastier , and stays on the field. 3 things this team desperately needed without a dropoff in talent. We must got all of that in Suh.

  15. BucWild Says:

    Suh > Mcoy as player, but Mcoy > better as a person. Suh has a mean streak in him as well. A good move for what’s out there.

  16. ClwJB Says:

    Vea and Suh up the gut…I’ll take it!!!

    That sounds and looks a whole lot better than Vea and Allen or Gholston….

  17. FireJasonLicht Says:


  18. Joe Says:

    what a great day! bucs making a statement that want to compete like men now. it’s raining positives in bucland for the first time in nearly 2 decades

    Someone’s going to run out of Kleenex in their bedroom today. 🙂

  19. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Baloney!, on not calling this a win. Bucs win this swap by a million miles! trade a whiny boy for a tough MAN! He’s also been durable as hell…all good

  20. BamaRich Says:

    Chris Jones (KC) is much younger and a better pass rusher. He might be available since KC gave Frank Clark a boat load of money.

  21. Adrnagy Says:

    Suh and Ryan Jensen. Got to love it. Penalties on both sides of the ball. Can’t wait to see them both go at it.

  22. tmaxcon Says:


    i live close to a bar offering 5 PBR and jemison shot combos until 8pm… the ladies here are known for their questionable morality so no need for kleenex. i just need the right bait….I appreciate your concern though. finally HOPE and CHANGE I CAN BELIEVE IN!

  23. Eric Says:

    We swapped a 15 million dollar salary for one substantially less, which allows us to keep building. At a minimum Suh is as good as Gerald.

    Must have already had this lined up before the jettisoning .

    These guys know what they are doing.

  24. Snook Says:

    More salt in the wound for the McCoy lovers.

    We need plays on the field. Not movie tickets for kids.

    Yes, the Bucs got better today. Tom Moore too.

  25. Deminion s Says:

    Feels like they are going to release JPP

  26. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    For TMax, these last two days have been an absolute dream come true.

  27. SOEbuc Says:

    Guy has played in the 3-4. Guy has good playoff experience. Missed two games since 2010?!!! (that means 32 years old don’t mean jack sh!t).

    Vea+Suh+White+David??? Not sure if that’s physically possible to run the ball up the middle.


  28. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Well, if anything, Nassib just got alot better. Who going to block him while everyone’s trying to stop Vea and Suh?

  29. BrianBucs Says:

    Not excited about this move at all. If the Bucs were a “win now” contender, then maybe. But an expensive 32 year old player on a one year deal just doesn’t fit. Suh is not known to be a team player and is considered to be the NFL’s version of a mercenary. He’ll play his one year and move on .

  30. Bird Says:

    Wow. Crazy move. They had to do something.

    Probably paying 10 although 8 sounds nicer

  31. 813bucboi Says:

    we got better and mentally tougher!!!!!

    putting you on notice LVD!!!!!!!….you and dotson are the last 2 left from the losing culture……time to step up…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  32. D-Rome Says:

    That’s a mistake. Of course, the slack-jawed mouth breathers are celebrating this move. There’s a reason why he’s been a free agent for *months* and that 31 other teams in the NFL passed on him.

    Of the two, McCoy was the better player throughout their careers. I can’t wait to see all the defensive penalties he racks up that causes gained yards for the opposition.

    December 30, 2019 can’t come fast enough.

  33. Doolnutts Says:

    I think this was the right move. Clearly, McCoy was unwilling to take a pay cut which we needed him to do in order to do the things we are trying to do this offseason. Suh was very productive NT for the Rams so I think he will be a better overall fit for our new 34 front. Keep in mind the DL in the 34 is not necessarily tasked with pass rush so much as taking up blocks to allow the blitzing LB’s to do their thing. I expect Suh to get a ton of tackles and few sacks like he did with the rams but definitely will help free up White/LVD when blitzing in the middle.

  34. T REX Says:

    Hello, Mcflys…Mccoy was never going to play at $13 mill. EVeryone knew it including Gerald. So this acting like we saved money blah blah blah is funny.

  35. SammyRebel Says:

    TMax is right Bucs got nastier I love it I love what’s going on in Tampa, it’s been years since we’ve been nasty, big things coming Joe, love you Joe

  36. Wesley Says:

    Ok but now you gotta sign a replacement for jpp.

  37. SOEbuc Says:

    Now let’s make a trade for an above average DE.

  38. ManzielMadness Says:

    Suh is a stud… teams won’t be able to run the ball his way…

  39. Buc4evr Says:

    The Bucs had no choice with their cap situation. Suh may not be better than GMC but he’s meaner. It will be fun to see him abuse the QB’s in our division.

  40. ATrain Says:

    Mr Rex. Why didn’t MCCoy restructure then??!!

  41. Todd York Says:

    McClown’s flying dirt nap – love it!

  42. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Depends on the money……anything less than $10mil is good.

    I suspect there goes any chance of a comp pick for Hump or Kwon…..

  43. BringBucsBack Says:

    How close is this to being a done deal? I hope he’s not done playing! No more retirement players, please.

    In addition to the attitudinal change, can’t Sue play in a 3-4 whereas, Gerald didn’t want to?

    Tmax, did you just complement the owners?

  44. ATrain Says:

    Suh and Vea up front

    Teams will get a punch in the mouth ( figuratively)
    Settle down Choir Boys

  45. Neal Says:

    I thinks it’s an upgrade as far as the run D is concerned. GMC may have had more sacks the last few years, but Suh has 100+ more solo tackles than GMC in 20 more games. GMC averaged just over 1 solo per game last year.

  46. Tbbucs3 Says:

    This is amazing

  47. 813bucboi Says:


    fix the trenches right!!!!!!!!!

    licht scared to pull the trigger right????????

    BA, TB, licht dumpster diving right????????


  48. K2 Says:

    I believe both players are solid. It the Bucs save $3-$5 million that’s a good trade. It seems like this deal was lined up before they let McCoy go.

  49. Cobraboy Says:

    This defense just got a facelift.

    As I have said before, Suh is mean, surly, nasty and with a bad attitude on the field. Those elements have been missing from this D for quite some time, and certainly not at DT.

    I’m in.

  50. ChipBuc Says:

    Joe if you want a culture change, and they sign Suh, it’s a dramatic culture change. If this happens, the addition of White and Suh brings a toughness and edge we have lacked on defense for a long time. I think there will be a veteran corner also added to the roster, for some veteran experience in the secondary. For all the talent McCoy had, I never saw him take over a game when it counted in the 4th quarter. We will see if Suh can, but at least he will cause havoc with his take no prisoner attitude. Joe it wasn’t working with McCoy, so a change to Suh won’t hurt.

  51. SOEbuc Says:


    LVD shows up every year and he’s still a premier LB. He’ll retire a Buc.

    Dotson is old as dust and they were so f#cking stupid to resign him at $4 million.

  52. ManzielMadness Says:

    Thought I heard on 620wdae it was for 10m.. could have misheard though..

  53. Larry Woods Says:

    I hope I’m wrong, but this feels like haynesworth all over again

  54. Billy_43 Says:

    31 other teams passed on $14 million.
    Time is right now for him to take less.

    Doesn’t mean he won’t produce.

    Way more QB hurries than McCoy too.

  55. Cobraboy Says:

    Seems Todd Bowles has a following of players who want to play for him.

  56. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Immediate upgrade….regardless of what any of those Pewter Report squares say.

  57. Bucsneedhelp Says:

    Not impressed unless its 9 mil or less.

  58. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Nasty Boyz…VV & Suh…Bucs have the best info on JPP…3 months was the quickest return which is plenty of time for bones to heal…healing properly in the question…fingers crossed for JPP end of September

  59. DanBucsfan Says:

    Haven’t read any comments yet, at work but had to say….I LIKE IT.. BRING ON THE NASTY DEFENSE. NOTHING WRONG WITH ADDING ANOTHER DAWG TO THE TEAM !! GO BUCS

  60. Billy_43 Says:

    Vita Vea is gonna learn how to Pee without pulling his pants down around his ankles now!!

  61. miken Says:

    At least Suh won’t have to save himself for the post season like he did last year. Maybe he will show up in Oct, and November this year.

  62. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Suh…and we import another poor character guy……this is beyond ridiculous now.

  63. Cobraboy Says:

    Billy_43 Says:

    Way more QB hurries than McCoy too.

    If you believe, as I do, that turnovers>down and distance, I prefer a QB hurry to a sack.

    Sacks are fine, but QB hurries produce turnovers.

  64. 813bucboi Says:


    GMC better?….lol….

    suh led the lousy lions and dolphins to the playoffs…..transformed both their defenses…..

    suh has played for 3 teams and made the playoffs with each team…..

    you cant sit here and say no one wanted him…..he wanted the freedom to pick his team…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  65. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    We still have room to make additional moves

    Covert Base Salary To The Minimum
    • Mike Evans || Save: $12,956,000
    • Lavonte David || Save: $4,410,000
    • Cameron Brate || Save: $4,956,000

    • DE – Jason Pierre-Paul || Save: $7,400,000
    • DE – William Gholston || Save: $3,750,000)
    • C- Evan Smith || Save: $2,000,000)

    **Total: $35,472,000**

  66. DooshLaRue Says:

    I think we’re making another big move soon.

    Why else would we be working out a TE that we currently don’t need?

  67. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Vita Vea + Suh is not something I would want to face at QB (on paper)

    + Bowels blitzing with LVD and Devin White.

    Top 20 defense coming to Tampa????

  68. tnew Says:

    Tho their stats are similar, the manner in which they have achieved the stats is DRASTICally different. McCoy has to disrupt both lines (including his own) with lateral movement and non engagement to get his stats. GMC will always make stats and flash if allowed to. Suh engages, sheds his blockers and still manages to make a few plays. He keeps the LB’s clean AND makes plays. GMC has never been this guy. Suh can have lesser stats and make a defense better. This is an upgrade. The only downside is for local media. Suh isn’t as good as an interview.

  69. DB55 Says:

    Man I just can’t believe it! What’s the opposites of the twilight zone? Cuz I’m there. BA just told a whole bunch of “real buc fans” to stfu and kicked the soft ass clown the hell out of town. I think I’m crying tears of joy. Man I can’t wait just wait and see what winning feels like!!!!!! Now I’m wondering if McIceCream even gets signed by anyone.

    Joe Says:
    May 21st, 2019 at 3:24 pm
    what a great day! bucs making a statement that want to compete like men now. it’s raining positives in bucland for the first time in nearly 2 decades

    Someone’s going to run out of Kleenex in their bedroom today


  70. D-Rome Says:

    you cant sit here and say no one wanted him…..he wanted the freedom to pick his team…..

    You’re out of your friggin mind if you’re suggesting Suh was waiting to play for the Bucs all along. 31 other teams didn’t want him. That should tell you something.

    As usual, Backstabbin’ Jason Licht was competing with himself in acquiring Donkey Kong Suh.

    Suh did not lead the Lions and Dolphins to the playoffs. Nice revisionist history. Again, if he was so great why would the Lions let go of their own #2 pick in the draft. Why would the Dolphins let him go? Why didn’t the Rams want him back?

    Oh yeah, it’s because he secretly wanted to play for the Bucs all along. Ridiculous!

  71. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Mo Wilkerson next?

    Potential Depth
    DT Ndamukong Suh | Mo Wilkerson
    NT Vita Vea | Beau Allen
    DE Carl Nassib | Anthony Nelson

    Rotation Rotation

  72. Buc1987 Says:

    No more sissy boys on defense.

    I’m happy.

  73. tmaxcon Says:

    Morgus the Magnificent Says:
    May 21st, 2019 at 3:50 pm

    Suh…and we import another poor character guy……this is beyond ridiculous now.

    all those fraudulent fake good character guys you support did was embarrass the sport of football and win basement titles. time to embrace men and winners. the choirboy police need to accept professional athletes for what they are sports entertainers not role models or substitute parents… good in the community dog and pony show pr stunts are just noise…. athletes are paid to win not perform community pr stunts for the camera to make you feel better.

  74. TexBuc Says:

    Todd Bowles and Wade Phillips (Rams DC) both run a one gap 3-4 defense (or 4-3 under). Vea was drafted last year to replace 93(McCoy) and if Suh is signed then he will replace 90 (JPP). Both players can play the 1 (shaded to left side of center depending on the alignment of the TE) and 3 (shaded between the Guard and tackle). BA has stated in earlier press conferences that JPP would mostly play with his hand in the ground over a Guard.

  75. TexBuc Says:

    LUVMYBUCS I believe Nassib and Nelson will be standup OLB in this defense. Most likely Gholston will be playing the 5 (RDE).

  76. Buc1987 Says:

    tmaxcon…I’m sure it’s so “beyond ridiculous” for Morgus that he’ll prolly stop being a Bucs fan or….most likely not.

  77. SenileSenior Says:

    @Joe said “Did the Bucs get better swapping McCoy and Suh? Joe won’t go that far today. But it’s a good move for the sake of locker room change, as well as the Bucs likely saved a few million bucks and got a guy with a great durability history.”

    Durability is the real gain here. If you take a close look at “per game” averages you might be surprised at who has been more productive in certain categories when comparing GMC and Suh. You can take last year only or you can do an entire career comparison. (Averaging those same things on a “per season” basis will give yet another picture.)

    In “availabilty” Suh is way ahead of McCoy.

    Leadership and culture change are definite factors. However, intangibles are not purely subject to number crunching analysis. That’s why great coaches weigh analytics against what their own experience tells them.
    Go Bucs!!!

  78. tnew Says:

    ready to see this go to finalized.

  79. ElioT Says:

    The last 24 hours should tell anyone with a brain, exactly what most Bucs fans have been thinking for years.

    These moves are about CHANGING THE CULTURE, especially on Defense!

    Suh is by no means a team leader, but he will not be forced into that role and fake it the way McCoy did.

    Suh brings toughness, durability, success and playoff experience to the defensive line.

    I can imagine he’s the kind of dude who won’t allow teammates to loaf, give-up or dance on the sidelines like they made the Super Bowl whilst getting their a**es beat like a drum.

    McCoy not only NEVER did anything to stop the descent of his defense into the History books of Futility, he was dancing right there next to Kwon (thank you 49ers).

    Like with anything in the NFL (and especially our loveable losing Bucs), this could end in disaster, however, I think it’s a great move that had to be made.

    Stats –
    Games Played:
    Suh: 142 > McCoy: 123

    Solo Tackles
    Suh: 325 > McCoy: 218

    Suh: 156 > McCoy: 78

    Suh: 107 > McCoy: 79

    QB Hits:
    Suh: 166 > McCoy: 140

    Suh: 56 > McCoy: 54.5

    Forced Fumbles:
    McCoy: 6 > Suh: 4

    Fumble Recoveries:
    Suh: 4 = McCoy: 4

    Suh: 1 > McCoy: 0

    Suh: 1 > McCoy: 0

    Suh: 1 > McCoy: 0

    Passes Defensed:
    Suh: 32 > McCoy: 22

    Playoff Games:
    Suh: 6 > McCoy: 0

    Regular Season Wins:
    Suh: 73 > McCoy: 52

  80. Succaneers Says:

    He played in the Super Bowl a few months ago and now he’s signing with the Bucs? Wow, talk about going from the penthouse to the outhouse.

  81. Nprbuc Says:

    Line on Suh 2018 36 tackles. 23 assist 4.5 sacks
    McCoy 2018. 28 tackles. 11 assists 6.0 sacks
    59 times Suh either made or was in on a tackle. 39 times for McCoy. A drop off of only 1.5 sacks but much more involvement in the tackling game. ( 20 plays) He must stay at home more often in the run game? No more “ run at the DT!” I’m liking it…….

  82. ElioT Says:

    Next Moves for the Bucs:

    Cut JPP – Has to be done.

    Restructure (with no loss of guaranteed money)
    – Brate
    – Evans
    – Jensen
    – Marpet

    Stock up on more talent including:
    – D-Line/Edge
    – Veteran CB
    – Veteran Safety
    – Offensive Guard

    Go Bucs!

  83. D-Rome Says:

    ElioT, your post pretty much confirmed what I have been saying for years. When you look at the stats objectively it shows GMC was a slightly more productive player than Suh in most categories. His numbers are similar despite playing in 19 less games.

  84. Buc1987 Says:



  85. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    So much for 3-4. The Bucs now have 2 stud tackles…and 3-4 only needs one, right? So bye-bye 3-4. Hello 4-3 and Dime.

  86. Ptwalk Says:

    Suh is a better fit for this defense, stopping the inside the tackle runs and allowing the lbs to play side line to side line. Good move because of the fit.

  87. Old Time Buc Says:

    I have absolutely no hate for GMC as some here do. I think the Bucs gave him very little help in his career. Having said that I do feel good about this trade off of players. We needed to get meaner on the line and this is a big step in that direction. This also shows everyone that your time to move on can come sooner than later if you don’t step it up! GO BUCS!

  88. Buc believer Says:

    @Trex… you mean like Batman errr McCoy?

  89. Maze Says:

    Upgraded #93

  90. Tbbucs3 Says:


    Nothing has changed with Bowells scheme plans. Suh is simply Geralds replacement. Shaq Barrett is a strong sign that the Bucs are planning to go heavy 3-4.

  91. Old Time Buc Says:

    ElioT thanks for the numbers. Shows a fairly done comparison of stats with Suh winning that area. The other thing it does not show is that Suh made the players around him better and that was a question mark with GMC. I think GMC will be picked up by somebody real quickly, maybe NE since the guy they got from Denv just retired!

  92. Nprbuc Says:

    When comparing stats shouldn’t you just concentrate on the last couple of years? A 22 year old has a different motor at 30 than at 22. Also a big difference in their experience over those 8 years. I think comparing their stats over the past year is a lot more accurate measure of where the man is today. Yesterday means squat. It’s gone. Tomorrow is what matters not the fact that you used to have pretty, thick hair and now you are bald! Suh had a much better year than McCoy last year. I think you can take it to the bank that Suh will be run on a lot less than McCoy. That’s th battle in the trenches. The whole world doesn’t revolve around sacks. How many times did Gerald give up the big run, even if only a 3 yarder for a first? I saw enough of him being out of position, especially after the first half. Almost all the gainers were at McCoy. Don’t think you will see that with Suh. Time will tell!

  93. D-Rome Says:

    So much for 3-4. The Bucs now have 2 stud tackles…and 3-4 only needs one, right? So bye-bye 3-4. Hello 4-3 and Dime.

    I get what you’re saying but the Rams have a base 3-4 defense and that was with Suh and Aaron Donald.

  94. Cobraboy Says:

    So many here are missing the Bigger Picture: This is a culture change.

    The days of a marshmallow-soft, let-them-come-to-us defense is officially history in Tampa Bay.

    Screw stats. I want D-Linemen who can ragdoll the OL…with anger.

    And the best news? I will never have to see a football player in a kimono or fondling super hero dolls ever again. I’m hoping for some shots of Suh eating a raw side of beef, and spitting out the bones.

    Thank you Bruce Arians and Todd Bowles. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

  95. Tc Says:

    I like nasty!

  96. Tbbucs3 Says:

    If anything the absence of JPP likely means the Bucs are planning more 3-4 multiple schemes.

  97. Cobraboy Says:

    Comparing career stats is childs play, an exercise for casual fans.

    All that matters is TODAY. Next game.

    Even Arians said that McCoy is not the same as he used to be. I’m betting Suh has not degraded nearly as much.

    Who is the bigger bad a$$ the last two years?

    That said, I preferred Suh over McCoy when the Bucs made their pick in the draft.

  98. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Suh gets a lot of penalties too.

  99. Isaac haggins Says:

    T Max was right !!!!

    Again !!!

  100. CalBucsFan Says:

    Nice post ElioT, you’ve shown Suh has been better than McCoy all of these years to those of us who say between the lines is all that matters. But you left out a couple of stats that I would be curious to see comparisons of, such as # of penalties (by type), # of penalty yards, # of times the penalty gave the opposing team a first down, etc.

    Suh’s has been a thug and probably always will be. Bucs need an attitude change though, so if he can keep a lease on his attitude, than it’s a good signing!

  101. Cobraboy Says:

    I just watched some film of Suh vs. the Bucs from 2017, when Suh was with the ‘Fins, totally rag-dolling Marpet. Man vs. Boy.

  102. Clean House Says:

    Thanks Elliot!

    Stats –
    Games Played:
    Suh: 142 > McCoy: 123

    Solo Tackles
    Suh: 325 > McCoy: 218

    Suh: 156 > McCoy: 78

    Suh: 107 > McCoy: 79

    QB Hits:
    Suh: 166 > McCoy: 140

    Suh: 56 > McCoy: 54.5

    Forced Fumbles:
    McCoy: 6 > Suh: 4

    Fumble Recoveries:
    Suh: 4 = McCoy: 4

    Suh: 1 > McCoy: 0

    Suh: 1 > McCoy: 0

    Suh: 1 > McCoy: 0

    Passes Defensed:
    Suh: 32 > McCoy: 22

    Playoff Games:
    Suh: 6 > McCoy: 0

    Regular Season Wins:
    Suh: 73 > McCoy: 52

  103. Clean House Says:

    Wanted Suh in that initial draft, was so pissed we missed on him- wanted badly to trade up- should be entertaining for a year

  104. 813bucboi Says:


    so 31 teams emailed you and said they dont want suh……multiple teams probably wanted suh and he wanted to pick the best landing spot….

    who knows, bengals, cardinals and green bay probably wanted him but he might have not wanted to play for a first time HC…..maybe state income tax was a factor…..maybe scheme was a factor…..

    you can sit here and say you know for a fact that 31 other teams didnt want him…..

    DET came down to money, thats why they didnt resign suh…it was resign suh or resign stafford……

    and when was the last time the lions and dolphins made the playoffs…..the last time suh was wearing their uniform…..

    rams choose not to resign him because of money as well…..

    it was a great move….culture wise and production wise…..

    you claiming no one wanted suh is ludicrous…..you really think he was going to sit out this year….lol….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  105. Eric y Says:

    And he should be allowed to wear 93

  106. Race to 10 Says:

    Lol yea the bucs got better despite what you think because suh will actually play the run

  107. Eric y Says:

    This is a great day… no McCoy and we add suh

  108. Bradley Clement Says:

    9 years late

  109. Bucnjim Says:

    I see a lot of fans using my favorite two words culture change! I’ve been voicing this need for years now and it’s finally starting to come around. I’m almost as ecstatic as TMax not quite but close. For some younger fans that might not know this the Bucs up until maybe the last 10 years have ALAWYS had tough talented players on defense going all the way back to the early days. We were always lacking on the offensive side of the ball until recently. The organization got away from these tough physical players for whatever reason. They concentrated on weapons for Winston which is fine but they went too far.

  110. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Great pic BTW Joe that perfectly paints a picture of Josh Mccowns tenure with the Bucs.

  111. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    The McCrybay fluffers are really distraught now. Someone better take SCBucfan’s shoelaces!

  112. Doug Says:

    Love it! Tammpppaaaa bbbbaayyyy!!!

  113. Mike Johnson Says:

    This is Suh’s 3rd NFl team in the last 3 seasons. There is a reason for that..don’t you think? And why weren’t other teams rushing to sign him? blind people caught up in the excitement don’t see..what I see. Thats because we think..Suh is the answer. He is not people.

  114. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    He’s a scumbag who has less sacks than McCoy! But scumbags love scumbags….

  115. Walkergodeep Says:

    That’s kinda messed up if they let him get #93. Suh will bring a different attitude to our team but I can’t say we got better I think it’s an even swap.

  116. Buczilla Says:

    This is the first off-season acquisition (other than the coaching staff) that I am excited for. The only dancing this cat does is on opposing player’s heads. Happy day today. 😀

  117. Brandon Says:

    Sorry, I’m not down on Suh but the fact is that he has never lived up to his hype. He’s never been a true game wrecker and even next to Aaron Donald last year he was merely good enough. We did not upgrade over McCoy in any real way here. No, he won’t help guys up, show up in a kimino, play with super hero action figures, but he also won’t be a significant improvement in any way. Hopefully, he has enough left in the tank that he will at least be good.

  118. Buccfan305 Says:

    To put the icing on the cake…he should ware #93 !! The number and team he should have had 10 years ago