“That Value Bullsh!t”

April 26th, 2019

Details plans for Devin White.

When Bucco Bruce Arians was sitting at the table on the stage of the media studio during Devin White’s introductory press conference, he was all professional and polite.

Off to the side, the let’s-have-a-drink-and-talk-football Arians came out. And he had pointed words for those who frowned on the Bucs burning a top-five pick on an inside linebacker, which has only happened twice in the past 26 years.

“That value bullsh!t about linebackers,” Arians began, “They don’t know our defense.”

Arians began detailing how he and Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles plan to use White and fellow inside linebacker Lavonte David. Not only will Bowles blitz the two early and often, Arians described White not as an inside linebacker but as a guy they plan to play all over the field.

“We blitz up the middle a ton,” Arians said. “And to watch [White] come off the edge is really special. And we are going to use Lavonte more than [the Bucs] ever have in the past.

“I think our fans and everybody else think we are going to run a 4-3 defense. So [White is] not just a guy sitting in the middle running sideline to sideline. He’s a very disruptive player. And we build everything on disruption.”

Joe sure as hell hopes Arians is dead-on right. First, it warms Joe’s heart to hear Bowles wants to fire at quarterbacks using David. When former Bucs commander Greg Schiano used David that way, he was equal to or maybe better than Luke Kuechly.

Joe is so fed up with watching quarterbacks have so much time to slice up the Bucs defense that they have to wipe the pigeon sh!t off their shoulders after they throw. There is a reason Drew Brees and Matty Ice and pouty Cam Newton go wild against the Bucs. It’s also why Joe was praying, begging Bucs AC/DC-loving Jason Licht to get a pass rusher last night.

Joe is happy to hear Arians is focused on getting after quarterbacks. But after watching quarterbacks have their way with the Bucs defense this past lost decade, Joe is in a Missouri mode.

“Show me.”

29 Responses to ““That Value Bullsh!t””

  1. Lord Cornelius Says:

    D white = coverage ability / run stuffing ability / QB pressure ability / and the alpha leader dog of the D.

    Jump on the bandwagon Joe!

  2. DI Says:

    If this isn’t just coach speak then I am pretty damn excited. I was a bit disappointed (not upset) that we chose White over an edge rusher. But this makes me feel a lot better if they intend to have him and David attack aggressively from the LB position. Still want a Day 2 edge rusher though…

  3. FlBoy84 Says:

    Have to grudgingly admit I’m starting to warm to the pick. Hoping he’s all BA & Co. believe he will be and more…

  4. Buccernutter Says:

    I respect the h*** out of you Joe for posting this after getting ripped all day.

    But, why did it take the words from Bruce’s mouth when it’s echoed in here for the last month?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Still SMH that they passed on Josh Allen ? If that was the play they could have added another pick and traded down!! I don’t see a lot of differences between both Devins either, but another 4 or 5 win season as long as Licht is running the show. Is it 2020 yet ?? Yuc Life

  6. ADown88 Says:

    This is great to hear. I was in the Allen mob, but liked this pick a lot too.

    Would be great to come away with two corners in rounds 2/3… Greedy Williams and David Long would be amazing.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe is in a Missouri mode.

    Joe…you misspelled “misery”

  8. Magadude Says:

    I’m not sold on Arians as the savior here and all coaches talk big (well, most all), and they have to. But I do believe him here, and I like the pick. I’ll like it better if they get a DB and DL and RB tonight…and pick something up in FA2 for the O line.

  9. DI Says:


    Even though it was echoed here that doesn’t mean the coaches were going to use him in that way. We’ve seen a lot of “talk” from previous coaches. Now we need to see them “walk”.

  10. JabooBuc Says:

    This quote is greatness. Kudos to you Joe for posting. You need dogs on D and this kid is one. He brings it and is smart to boot. Same thing with Derwin last year.

  11. Ndog Says:

    If anyone doubts what Arians is saying just go watch when we played the Cards those two times he was coaching them. That should put any doubts to rest.

  12. catcard202 Says:

    If they swing Risner in the 2nd…All is forgiven for yesterday.

    (After how many “Succaneer” seasons in a row ??? This FO should expect some criticism & couch GM disagreements!!! They get paid to take the heat for the choices they make!!!)

  13. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Watch tape of Bowles defenses and you’ll get a measure of what positions he likes to blitz with by percentage, and how often. David and White will be used to blitz once in a while but a DE blitzes on every play. in a 3-4 alignment it will be tougher now that there’s only one interior lineman to occupy blocks on most plays. Hopefully everything said about Vita’s strength will be noticeable and he’s the starter, and up to the task. Spence and Barrett are OLB and are too light to be fulltime DE’s. Will Gholston is truly the only backup at DE. Hopefully we draft a pass rusher in the second round. Fingers crossed

  14. rrsrq Says:

    Before the draft, listen to Arians, on more than one occasion, we are going to blitz with LVD, then more recently he talked about how our ILBs are going to blitz, listen to the interviews during mini-camp, he basically told everyone that White was the pick before Thursday. Since he has been here, he kept saying aggressive style attacking defense. He said our LBs will stop the run on the way to the QB. So it doesn’t matter where the pressure is coming from, know that it is coming.

  15. rrsrq Says:


    I deleted that off my DVR before the games were over

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Career Approximate Value Leader

    Derrick Brooks 1995 2008 224 RLB 191

    A non-pass rushing LB.

    There’s your “value” headline.

  17. WhatTheBuc Says:

    White had the best pressure production in the NCAA. He pressures the QB on over 30% of his pass rushes. That’s not an opinion but a documented fact.

  18. Timbo Slice Says:

    This is exactly what I said a couple weeks ago and some people, including Joe, started questioning where I heard White could play OLB as well as ILB.

    It just takes common sense to know a top 5 guy can probably play inside and outside. But what do I know.

  19. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Hey Joe,
    This this enough for you to turn down the vitriolic rhetoric about drafting White and start accepting him as a Buccaneer?
    I hope so because the moping really is getting boring
    Go Bucs!

  20. Mord Says:

    Anonymous, I would have been pretty bummed if they traded down and drafted the Devin in the silly “suit”. This kid seems right

  21. Cobraboy Says:

    Regarding a pass rush, if White establishes real concern for a middle blitz, that just helps the edge rush, preventing the QB from stepping up into the pocket.

  22. NOSBOS Says:

    Been trying to explain this for weeks. People clearly don’t understand a 3/4 scheme. Maybe now after hearing my HC explain y’all will be able to comprehend some.

  23. NOSBOS Says:

    2x coach of year’s don’t have to talk Big. Their resume can speak for them.

  24. BucEmUp Says:

    I didnt want white at 5, but my buddy really made an excellent point yesterday at the stadium..26 years a lb hasnt gone in the top 5, but maybe only the last 6 to 8 years have we seen more running/scrambling qbs, more scat back rbs catching balls all.over the field and more tes catching passes. The value of a stud lb may catch up to dlineman over the next 5 years and this selection could end up being a home run. Makes a lot of sense

  25. Defense Rules Says:

    @Lord C … “Jump on the bandwagon Joe!” LMAO LC because in Joe’s world, that wagon is apparently bogged down in Missouri. But once this defense shows Joe that it really is possible to pressure a QB from more directions than just outside, Joe & the band will hop back on the wagon.

    And speaking of tonight’s draft, and tomorrow’s, sure hope we walk away with a DLineman, OLineman & RB as a minimum as impact players (preferably starter-capable). Tonight’s 2 picks will help set the stage for the future.

  26. Not there yet Says:

    Lol honestly who cares if your not sold on BA or not. Who cares if you like the first pick dude is here deal with it. What any of us thinks has zero impact and they will build it the way they want. Complaining doesn’t give you say so. Hope for the best or root for another team that is all you can do without stressing about the team

  27. SKBucsFan Says:

    What else can the coach say? His GM made the pick. Now he has to work with it. The league has changed and may have passed BA and Bowles by. But Like Joe said “show me”

  28. Jimmy T Says:

    What ARIANS means is the BUCS were poorly coached under KOETTER and HORRIBLE DC MIKE SMITH. 2 F ING YEARS WASTED BECAUSE WE HAD NO D. Local media HACKS like TKRAS didn’t like the pick. When IS ANYONE GOING TO LEARN THAT BRUCE ARIANS AND TODD BOWLES MEAN BUSINESS. Players we thought were busts WILL THRIVE. The best acquisition the BUCS made was Bruce FREAKING Arians! Jason LICHT biggest mistake was allowing Mike Smith to coach in 2018! Everyone blames Jameis but when your defense gives up 30 a game NO QB will look good! The BUCS will be VASTLY IMPROVES ESPECIALLY ON DEFENSE. We will be in every game

  29. LongSeason Says:

    Quarterback sacks are directly affected by quality of coverage from the secondary and how long they prevent a receiver from being open.

    Coverage is directly affected by how quick the pass rush can get to a Quarterback to either get a sack or at least disrupt their timing.

    You have to be good at both since one helps the other. Will Bunting and Dean be able to keep coverage of receivers longer thus enabling the DL to disrupt the QB’s timing to create more QB sacks or errant passes that can be intercepted?