Report: Bucs Will Address Pass Rush

April 25th, 2019

Bucs GM Jason Licht.

The fun part about the draft is speculation, drama, and hope all rolled into one. Combine all three in a handful of hours, and you have a full day (so long as it also includes Joe’s good friend Alcohol).

Few reporters have their ear to the ground in the NFL more than heavy metal, head-banging Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports. He comes with word that throughout the NFL, teams fully expect the Bucs to hunt for a defensive lineman at some point in the draft.

Addressing defensive line with Gerald McCoy having about nine-and-a-half toes out of the building right now seems to be the consensus around the league for Tampa one way or the other.

Now “one way or the other” could include all sorts of things. A trade for a player? That seems odd when the Bucs could have had Dee Ford for a throwaway second-round pick (yes, given the Bucs’ recent history of second-round picks, that’s a throwaway).

Does this mean the Bucs will trade up into the first round late tonight to grab Jeffery Simmons or Clelin Ferrell? Does this mean the Bucs hunt for Josh Allen?

And don’t give Joe this nonsense about an inside linebacker blitzing — stop!

We will all find out soon how this all shakes out.

46 Responses to “Report: Bucs Will Address Pass Rush”

  1. 941 Alaska Says:

    Really? We will address the pass rush? In a related note, I may start day drinking.

  2. Tbbucs3 Says:

    How many times have we heard this? BTW Jason Licht is embarrassing himself with the GMC situation. Just cut ties already, if you wanted a trade partner your about 3 too years late.

  3. 813bucboi Says:

    sounds like ed oliver to me…..he can rush the passer….and stop the run….him and VV would be nasty for years to come….


  4. Kobe Faker Says:


    Shaman Kobe Faker will perform a spiritual ritual tonight

    Shaman Faker had terrible visions of chicken legs running around RJS

    Shaman Faker will paint CDCA (ACDC backwards) with chicken blood all over his body

    Say No to Chicken legs Sweat and Rashan Gary”

    Kobe Faker

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    GUMP ^ will definitely screw up again

  6. SCBucsFan Says:

    Keep banging that drum Joe… but White is coming just like the White Walkers

  7. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    you don’t have to be draft analyst to know the bucs will address the pass rush………………………that’s a no brainer

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    hat seems odd when the Bucs could have had Dee Ford for a throwaway second-round pick

    Are you still forgetting about the $17 mil salary…..I thought we were getting rid of GMC because of his $13 mil…..

    And……”at some time during the draft” could mean Devin White at 5 and a DE in round 7……

  9. TheBucsAnthem Says:



  10. Buc4evr Says:

    Knowing Jason’s proclivity for strange draft picks, he may pick Taylor in the first and find a way to keep GMC. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the Azz. Lol. Tonight should be interesting to say the least and I would not be surprised at anything that Mr. Gump does at this point.

  11. Aaron Says:

    I’m in Nashville on drink #3 going to be a long day…Go Bucs! I think we trade down

    Side note – more marathon runners than bucs fans going to the draft

  12. Aaron Says:

    On my southwest flight

  13. Pryda...Sec 147 Says:

    Already ahead of you Alaska today is Christmas for us time to celebrate see everyone at the draft party

  14. 76bucborn Says:

    im hoping Licht and BAs big board looks something like this:


  15. Not there yet Says:

    Duh the Bucs will address the d line and pass rush. Great insight there you really nailed that one lacanfora

    And please stop mentioning Dee Ford because John lynch doesn’t actually look like a genius the dude is what 28 years old joe and we already heard you say if we had traded for him the pass rush would be set for like the next 10 years coupled with a pass rusher at 5 which actually sounds dumb. Dude had two good seasons so he’s not say JPP or anything unless your gonna continue to look at this one good season he had last year.

  16. Happy Camper Says:

    We have been told by almost everyone this is deepest draft for DE’s in years. We have also been told there is ONE super fast and physical inside linebacker with outstanding leadership and Pro Bowl potential. The kind of beast who can transform a defense.

    Of course, the “Joe” who was beating the drum hard for Johnny Football a few years ago and still thinks “America’s QB” is the answer is dead set against it. If we don’t about JW by now the we DO know.

    White in the 1st, DE in the 2nd, please.

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    That’s a stretch. I figured the first pick would go on a kicker.

  18. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’m getting some Hooters wings tonight so I’ll probably do a similar Jobu chicken ritual Kobe for the same wishes.

    1. Quennen Williams
    2. Nick Bosa
    3. Josh Allen
    4. Ed Oliver
    5. Devin White

    That should be the Bucs big board IMO for pick #5

    And every Buc should be praying for 2 QBs going in the top 4.

    I think it happens tonight. Redskins move up to #3 for Dwayne Haskins after Murray goes #1. Jets have made it clear they would be willing to move back and they want OL help for their young QB, which is better value in the middle of the 1st plus they are down on picks from last year.

  19. SCBucsFan Says:

    Oh Bonzai that’s a funny and original one. Thanks for adding that.

  20. Greg Says:

    Devin White is our pic. Joe might as well embrace it. Only way that will piss me off is if Allen or Williams is available at that time. Hopefully we can trade back one spot with the Giants and get extra pic.

  21. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Pass rush does come from the inside also. Devin White and #54 inside LB’s up the gut.

  22. gotbbucs Says:

    I just want everybody to remember that there is more than just one round in the NFL draft.

    This draft is at least 2 1/2 rounds deep in defensive linemen, if not more. DPR players for 3-4 schemes can be found pretty deep. Look for LB’s deeper in the draft that can rush and play special teams.

  23. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Compensation for a Potential Trade w/Washington
    • Round: 1 / Pick: 15
    • Round: 2 / Pick: 46
    • Round: 3 / Pick: 76
    • Round: 3 / Pick: 96

    Coud yield us the following premier selections
    • Round: 1 / Pick: 15
    • Round: 2 / Pick: 39
    • Round: 2 / Pick: 46
    • Round: 3 / Pick: 70
    • Round: 3 / Pick: 76
    • Round: 3 / Pick: 96
    • Round: 4 / Pick: 107

  24. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Potential Mock Draft
    • Round: 1 / Pick: 15 – Christian Wilkins (DE/NT)
    • Round: 2 / Pick: 39 – Elgton Jenkins (C/G)
    • Round: 2 / Pick: 46 – Chase Winivich (DE/OLB)
    • Round: 3 / Pick: 70 – Tytus Howard (RT)
    • Round: 3 / Pick: 76 – Amani Oruwariye (CB)
    • Round: 3 / Pick: 96 – Isaiah Buggs (DE/DT)
    • Round: 4 / Pick: 107 – Amani Hooker (SS/BNB)

  25. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Chase Winovich (DE/OLB)

  26. Joe Says:

    Of course, the “Joe” who was beating the drum hard for Johnny Football a few years ago and still thinks “America’s QB” is the answer is dead set against it. If we don’t about JW by now the we DO know.

    Do you remember what Joe wrote about Josh Freeman? Or Lavonte David? If not, might want to do some research in Joe free archives.

  27. BucsBandit Says:

    Drafting a linebacker at #5 would be DUMB.

    Linebacker is one position where having the top tier talent (and the risk of drafting it) doesn’t make as much difference. i.e. outside of a freak like Mack, most NFL starting LBers were drafted outside the 1st round.

    You can’t say the same for corner or DT/DE. if you’re going to get a top corner or top pass rusher, you’ll need to draft them in the 1st round.

    Bucs have to go DT/DE at #5.

  28. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    How sad is it ( I do it too ) that we are resigned to the fact that 2nd round picks are “throwaways” under Licht Weight and DirtStar Dominik before him. Are we shocked they’ve won just over 1/3 of their games under those two with zero playoff appearances?!

  29. Buccernutter Says:


    I’m just curious. What if we do draft white and when he gets here he finds out one of the most prominent bucs sites has been advocating to not draft him for weeks?


  30. Joe Says:

    How sad is it ( I do it too ) that we are resigned to the fact that 2nd round picks are “throwaways” under Licht

    Not just Licht. Been a proud Bucs tradition for a long time.


  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    The last time we had this much DLine talent in the 1st round was 2011


    12 Defensive Line Prospects Drafted in the 1st Round
    1/2 Denver Broncos – Von Miller (OLB)←
    1/3 Buffalo Bills – Marcell Dareus (DT)←
    1/7 San Francisco 49ers -Aldon Smith (OLB) ←
    1/11 Houston Texans – J. J. Watt (DE) ←
    1/14 St. Louis Rams -Robert Quinn (DE)←
    1/16 Washington – Ryan Kerrigan (DE) ←
    1/18 San Diego Chargers – Corey Liuget (DT)
    1/20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Adrian Clayborn (DE) ←
    1/21 Cleveland Browns -Phil Taylor Sr. (DT)
    1/24 New Orleans Saints – Cameron Jordan (DE)←
    1/30 New York Jets – Muhammad Wilkerson (DE) ←
    1/31 Pittsburgh Steelers – Cameron Heyward (DE)←

  32. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Wasn’t a bad year for the Big-Ten
    1/7 San Francisco 49ers -Aldon Smith (OLB) ←
    1/11 Houston Texans – J. J. Watt (DE) ←
    1/16 Washington – Ryan Kerrigan (DE) ←
    1/20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Adrian Clayborn (DE) ←
    1/31 Pittsburgh Steelers – Cameron Heyward (DE)←

  33. Dylan Krempel Says:

    Devin white. Trade up from 37 for either Simmons or sweat- whoever falls farther and lets get it!

  34. Not there yet Says:

    Who cares that Washington is desperate there’s no need to do them any favors in our conference. Sorry they don’t have enough draft capital to justify moving back to 15 IMHO.

  35. c-span Says:

    I honestly think Mack Wilson is better then Devin White. Wilson is a better tackler and he has done it on 2 championship teams. when i see tape on devin white he never seems to drive through a tackle, he seems to arm tackle alot. I think people are getting caught up with the 40 time and not looking at the film. just my 2 cents

  36. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    Joe Says:
    April 25th, 2019 at 12:02 pm
    How sad is it ( I do it too ) that we are resigned to the fact that 2nd round picks are “throwaways” under Licht

    Not just Licht. Been a proud Bucs tradition for a long time.

    You edited out Dominik…you are in media after all 😉 I’m painfully aware of the 2nd round botches…thinking Sabby The Goat ( one of many great JBF nicknames ) was the next John Lynch…wasting the pick fleeced for a broken down Booger…ignoring ASJ’s borderline personality disorder…and on and on. Second round picks are what can make or break a team’s success given talent level ( obviously ) not to mention cap management ( psst…Jason?! )

  37. Lord Cornelius Says:

    You want to see some horrific 2nd rounders go look at the Broncos over the last 10 years. They are batting like 20-30%

  38. R.O. Says:

    Cause rookie pass rushers are so productive year 1?

  39. 813bucboi Says:


    good sh!t!!!!!

    my favorite JBF poster….


  40. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Thank U.
    Ur one mine as well.
    My Bethune Cookman bredren.

  41. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *of mine

  42. c-span Says:


    what do you think of TY Summers in the 5-6 round?

  43. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Not sure he’ll be drafted – but initially he could be a solid special team contributor.

    Speaking of Texas Linebackers – what do think about Clay Johnston next year.

  44. c-span Says:


    Clay Johnston seems to be a solid tackler. he gets down hill very well, the clips I looked at I didnt see much coverage but his reaction to a pass completion seemed to be very good. Probably will be a mid round pick next year

  45. pick6 Says:

    report: 32 players to be selected tonight

    insightful stuff from la canfora

  46. westernbuc Says:

    Great scoop by La Canfora. Who would’ve thought that a team was going to address the pass rush, at some point, in the draft.