No Repeat Of #TennesseeReady

April 17th, 2019

Harrowing flashback via the 2019 Bucs schedule

It was an afternoon that told Joe inept Lovie Smith was not the answer.

Even though Joe was mildly surprised when he received a phone call late one January weekday night tipping him off Lovie was fired, it wasn’t a shock. The firing was rooted in the season-opener of 2015, now remembered as the #TennsseeReady game.

The Bucs were anything but ready.

The game debuted two rookies, America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, for the Bucs and a spread-option quarterback in college named Marcus Mariota.

Some didn’t like Mariota because Mariota ran what was then labeled a gimmick offense at Oregon. Some sneered that Mariota was nothing more than a weak-armed, run-around quarterback, a label he hasn’t exactly grown out of.

But against the Bucs and Lovie’s defense, Mariota looked like the reincarnation of Roger Staubach, completing 13 of 15 passes for 209 yards and four touchdowns, two coming in the first quarter. In his first NFL game!

The Bucs looked completely and totally lost.

Lovie liked to say nothing mattered so long as the Bucs were prepared for the next opponent. He liked to say the Bucs needed to be (insert team name)-ready. Throughout training camp that summer, Lovie quashed any negative item saying it would be OK so long as the Bucs were “Tennessee-ready.”

They were anything but.

The thing that irked Joe so much about this was even at the time of Oregon’s pro day, the Bucs had yet to rule out drafting Mariota. Lovie was even at Oregon’s pro day to monitor Mariota. Surely Lovie had watched tape of Mariota in college; it would be difficult to believe he had not.

Yet the way the Bucs defense got dry cleaned by that awful day, it felt like the first time Lovie had ever seen the guy play. It was a complete and total embarrassment.

Why is Joe rehashing all of this today? Well, the NFL schedule will be released tonight on NFL Network. There will be leaks and it is likely before the afternoon is finished, we will know the Bucs’ schedule for 2019. Tampa Bay is scheduled to host the Cardinals. The Cardinals have the first pick in the draft and many believe they will select quarterback Kyler Murray.

Joe sure as hell hopes if the Cardinals draft Murray, and by chance the Cardinals open the season in Tampa against the Bucs, that defensive coordinator Todd Bowles watches two or three of Murray’s games at Oklahoma to prepare the Bucs defense.

Is that too much to ask?

36 Responses to “No Repeat Of #TennesseeReady”

  1. Magadude Says:

    That was probably the worst season start I remember in history.

  2. Clw JB Says:

    Lovie Smith = Leeman Bennet, Ray Perkins, Richard Williamson – pathetically poor at picking coaches – let’s hope we found the next Gruden, at least we get a few 9-7 years in before we return to the league whipping post

  3. Bucsfanman Says:

    Did someone say “coaching”?!!! It’s hard to remember a season where we didn’t embarrass ourselves at least once!

  4. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Joe, you forgot(?) to mention Winston’s first ever NFL pass? Yep, a pick six. Now THAT should have been telling.

  5. Tom Edrington Says:

    Lovie still trying to get rid of his over-priced house here in Tampa Palms…..cut your losses and run, Lovie…

  6. Pa Fan Says:

    Was it Jameis fault that Humphries ran the wrong route? Brett Favre and Peyton Manning threw a pic their first pass. Was that telling for them too??

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Wait a minute Joe, I thought just yesterday JBF had an article that we’d open the season against New Orleans at home. Now it’s Arizona? Or is this just one of those ‘What If’ questions to prove that our defense has sucked since … whenever?

  8. Bucnjim Says:

    This is what this franchise has come to. Hoping we face a backup QB to start the season so we have a chance to win. Players worried more about how they look on camera instead of worrying about winning games. Overpaying players just out of desperation making our cap situation what it is. I will scream culture change until the ownership agrees with me. It’s almost like for the last 10 years the Bucs organization is reliving the hippy movement from the 60’s. Peace & love not war and let’s smoke a fatty before the game so we can help up the opposing QB. Wow I can’t see the ball this is crazy man!

  9. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Believe it or not, that Bucs team had 5 pro bowlers.
    Had a chance for playoffs, But they lost their last 4 games (Koetter was OC – his specialty is losing in December)
    Koetter also was thoroughly outcoached that Tennessee game … yes , more venom for Koetter…

  10. Phil Says:

    As soon as they announced Lovie was the new coach I knew that was going to be a disaster. They couldn’t have made a worst choice. I’m just glad it’s over.

  11. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    That and Lovie’s first opener against the Lions the year before….I remember walking into both games so excited and walking out completely demoralized knowing the long season ahead

  12. Pickgrin Says:

    I was so disgusted watching that game that I left at halftime. That “Tennessee Ready” game is the only time I can remember not watching a Bucs game to the bitter end going back 40whatever years….

  13. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Bowles might not have a lot of talent but his d will be better than loser Lovie

  14. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    The way BA and licht have been talking this has the makings of a similar disiaster, but it will give the jameis excuse crowd more ammunition, the bucs just are not a good overall team and the way BA left the cardinals in horrible shape, not sure how this is going to be some great turn around that has been seen in the NFL the past few years from the eagles, rams, browns, etc

  15. BucsminsterFuller Says:

    Tennessee Ready is the most accurate way to describe that game. Tennessee was more than ready.
    Let’s not forget their first defense series: Winston’s first pass as a Buccaneer, picked off and taken to the house.
    Lovie was the worst coach this franchise has seen so far.

  16. mark2001 Says:

    Would hate to see…but nothing close to the lightning epic collapse.. one for the record books.

  17. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    mark2001…that lightning loss just nails down what the rest of america thinks of this area, couple that with the 5,000 that attend the best team in baseball’s games and then having jameis (for better or worse) as the first thing ppl think of the bucs….from outside the 813 or 727, people this area doesnt care about sports and deserve jameis and the losing culture here

  18. NOSBOS Says:

    “When does perceived positional value during the draft come into play???” Jason Licht- it doesn’t.

  19. NOSBOS Says:

    Thank you Jason Licht,It pleases me to learn that this chart notion bs is mainly a fan thing.

  20. mark2001 Says:

    Honestly… I have faith in Arians.. It may take a few games to really get things rolling, but I haven’t felt this way since Gruden was hired. And don’t think I’m always that way…knew Lovie would stink up the place and thought Schiano and Koetter were over their heads. And don’t think for a minute the pick will be Lichts…. it will be Arians pick.

  21. NOSBOS Says:

    Also mentioned in excerpts from that presser was Vea will return to his strength which was 3/4 nose tackle. But people complain about his production as a rookie. Yet another player drafted an expected to do things he didn’t do while in college. It is said that the traditional 6’5 300 lbs 35in length arms are becoming increasingly harder to find. The undersized outside rusher i.e Noah Spence types are more prevalent. Thusly 3/4 schemes may become more of the norm people.

  22. BigHog Says:

    Good for the catfish !

  23. Not there yet Says:

    Misery loves company, knew I shouldn’t have wasted time on this article

  24. Bucsdelight Says:

    And the debate of which QB will be better still rages on.

  25. 813bucboi Says:



    and here’s @realist in 3,2,1……


  26. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Bonjour B!tches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for the late reply 813broccoli!!!!! About to train around France after seeing Paris for the last week!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I will be brief and on brand!!!!!!! Loser lovie is incompetent and classless loser!!!!!!! He is. The bar of failed futility and buffoonery that all coaches will be measured against!!!!!! You have to admire 813broccoli, despite his ignorance he has yet to let facts stand in his way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I have to go drink great wine and eat the finest cheese!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answer to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Joe Says:

    Sorry for the late reply 813broccoli!!!!! About to train around France after seeing Paris for the last week!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you get to see Notre Dame before it burned? Last night watched a YouTube video of a tour of the place. Never realized how special that is/was.

  28. Buccfan37 Says:

    So admit the truth Realist, you went over there to join the yellow vests protest.

  29. El Buco Realisto Says:


    Oh yea I did!!!!!!! Was staying just two or three blocks away! I walked by at 4:00 Paris time and it was fine!!!! I went in to Notre same by 1000 am that morning and my last picture was just after 12:30!!!!

    Smoke was every where in the sky. Was eating some nice duck confit when every one just started to head for the river and bridges!!! Took the bridge just before the Louvre ( where it bends into the island) it was a pretty depressing mood from everyone that night!!!!! Tre desolate!!!!!!!!! But they were pretty upbeat morning after! Saved much more than they thought!!!!

    Left yesterday to head towards Rouen! And then onto mont saint Michel and some coastal towns!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 813bucboi Says:


    lol…stop the BS!!!!!!….

    we all know smitty has you in the back of his pick up truck dishing out his diarys like it was the sunday paper!!!!!!!…..

    facts are, smitty did about the same job as lovie even tho he had more talent!!!!!!

    ice up chump!!!!!!!…..smitty has you in for a long ride!!!!!!


  31. El Buco Realisto Says:


    First it is no where as bad as the Tv media portray it!!!!!! But in no way am I a fan on interrupting other businesses!!!! If you want to protest! You can!!!!! But do it on your own time and never interrupted someone hard earned business!!!!!

    While the fuel tax is excessive over here, they will have to tax somehow for the great services that they do receive while easying the strain on the more rural areas here. Much is farm land and small towns!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  32. El Buco Realisto Says:


    Ask Joe for my IP address!!!!!!!

    Now I am off for some tasty bouef aux poive!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its dinner time here !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l

  33. Maze Says:

    Lovie the clown

  34. Pryda...Sec 147 Says:

    He better watch some games of Kyler Murray no excuse not to with the biggest f ing coaching staff in the league he should be able to delegate and watch it.

  35. kyle Says:

    this franchise has had 3 respectable coaches since inception. Hope BA is #4

  36. Bucsace Says:

    And Lovie continues to run his scam at U of illinois to this day….his 63 to 0 blowout at the hands of Iowa made history……did the school’s AD bother to watch tape of the Tennessee Ready game….if not, he should have!