Gerald McCoy Continues To Grind

April 6th, 2019

No matter where you stand on Gerald McCoy, it’s safe to say the Buccaneers have botched the public handling of the six-time Pro Bowler, and the private handling, too.

Joe is willing to point a finger of blame at Bucco Bruce Arians, Jason Licht and the team media relations people who are supposed to help the two honchos figure out what to say — and what not to say.

Consider that Licht and Arians were happy to throw around all kinds of BS when it came to their desire to keep malcontent DeSean Jackson, and to a lesser extent Adam Humphries. Hell, Arians even said there was no doubt Ryan Fitzpatrick would be an asset to the Bucs.

But McCoy? Licht and Arians were quick to dial back their interest in his return.

Why the disparity? Did the Bucs really think throwing a little public shade at McCoy would lead him to restructure his contract? C’mon. Plus, that certainly hurt his trade value and reports, including from NFL Network, say they’re trying to deal him.

Joe has been told by two sources that McCoy was not happy with the public stances of Arians and Licht. And Joe was told that McCoy’s representatives were all over Licht in recent weeks to make a decision or move McCoy.

Meanwhile, McCoy didn’t report on opening day for players on Monday, a day he usually embraced. But he has been in town training with former Bucs strength and conditioning coach Joe Vaughn.

Vaughn has been posting video of McCoy, including a little work this morning.

On Wednesday, 42.1 percent of fans voting here in a 24-hour poll said McCoy belongs in the Buccaneers Ring of Honor.

Think about that high number. (Joe wouldn’t put McCoy there, but that’s not the point.)

Meanwhile, the Bucs made the conscious decision to bungle the handling of McCoy, a guy revered by legions of Bucs faithful. The Buccaneers’ customer service staff gets incredibly high marks for taking care of season ticket holders, and this is the thanks they get; the guys on top fostering discord with a Buccaneer highly-regarded by many.

Maybe there’s a happy ending here. But that’s about as likely as DeSean Jackson’s third Buccaneers season.



66 Responses to “Gerald McCoy Continues To Grind”

  1. Jimmy T Says:

    Why is everyone feeling so sorry for Gerald? He has made $85 million, his current contract was 50 Mil guaranteed and everyone is worried how his NON GUARANTEED YEAR is handled! Gerald McCoy will be just fine but there is no way u r going to pay 13 mil this year for a D Tackle that has seen better days. JPP will be a stand up Linebacker in this D & he will thrive. ENOUGH about Gerald

  2. WillieG Says:

    I’d like to know what was said behind closed doors before I blame anyone for anything. It’s BS season. Who knows what’s actually going on?

  3. Alanbucsfan Says:

    So Bucs replaced DJax with Ravens bust Perriman and fans are supposed to get excited?
    McCoy is not getting traded with that salary , unless Lynch in SF has more money to waste

  4. NOSBOS Says:

    In Bowles’ 3-4, the job of the defensive linemen is to stay in their gap, between the guard and center or the center and tackle, and penetrate. The outside linebackers have more responsibility for generating the pass rush. Instead of one inside linebacker, there are two, which allows for more creativity in blitz schemes and coverage.

  5. NOSBOS Says:

    Those are not my words,cut and pasted that from an article written by the Tampa Times breaking down Todd Bowles 3/4 defensive scheme.

  6. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’m not going to throw shade at GMC. He has given his all to the Bucs team. Many forget he played his tail off when we were always losings. Having said that, its simply wrong for a new incoming coach to make bad comments about a player before training camp. Bucs probably are trying to trade him. And McCoy now is preparing himself to leave. He now probably wants to do so. Macdaddy will land safely and probably come back to haunt the Bucs like many others have done. Good luck to him. He’s a class guy.

  7. Lamarcus Says:

    Oh boo hoo. What does the Bucs owe him? Nothing. Arians was telling the truth. Arians was like I will sell you my car but watch out the transmission is broken. Is Arians wrong for that? No he wasn’t.

  8. DooshLaRue Says:

    More time to play with those action figures Softie!
    ……. and ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!

    ……try not to drip any of the rocky road on your bitchin’ Komono bro.

    Bye bye.

  9. Bucfan1988 Says:

    Joe, let me get this straight….
    You said 42% of fans thinking that McCoy should be in the Ring of Honor was a HIGH number??? Absolutely! Nearly half the fans think McCoy is a legend who should be immortalized.–Joe

    Dude, that’s not even remotely high….Where did you get that idea???

    And HELL NO he doesn’t deserve that accolade.

    He was an above average player for a few years on one of the WORST defenses in the NFL.

    I hope we get something for him in a pre-draft trade or during the draft to allow us to move up a bit in the 2nd round perhaps…I do NOT want this guy back this year with a restructure.

    TIME TO MOVE ON. Actually should have traded him last year!!!

  10. westernbuc Says:

    They’ve completely botched this. How it is that Koetter lost his job while Licht kept his is beyond me.

    If they were done with GMC, move on before free agency. That way he’ll get the most money and we’d have cap room to work free agency.

    Somehow they managed to screw this up.

  11. Smashsquatch Says:

    Wow, that video was impressive, $13 million worth of awkward high stepping. Seriously, are we going to beat this dead horse story same as DJack? GMC is a goner, stop acting like there’s a chance or suggesting the Bucs botched anything. Might as well come to grips with the reality that we’re not going to get anything for him either. He will be cut soon enough. Bucs need a new voice in the locker room. Addition by subtraction.

  12. BigHog Says:

    It was always a three/headed monster….Poor Coaching, Lack of Talent, Piss Poor Management!!!

  13. Steve Says:

    Sorry Ben….Sorry!!!!

  14. macabee Says:

    I don/t see it that way. This is the apparent end of a 10 year relationship that has matured. Everything comes to an end sooner or later, but the Bucs/McCoy relationship has been a mutually benefitting one. Nobody has been taken advantage of or diminished in any way.

    McCoy is 6 x Pro Bowl and 3 x first team All-Pro. He has been the face of the Bucs and has served the community well. He has been handsomely rewarded during his tenure with the Bucs. In 2010 McCoy signed a 5 year contract with the Bucs for 55mil and 11mil avg. salary before the new CBA was signed limiting rookie salaries. In 2014, that contract was extended for 6 years at 95mil at 15.8mil a year. He has earned over 100mil with the Bucs.

    Ndamukong Suh who signed 1 spot before McCoy has moved twice already and is now a 14mil free agent again. Nobody has wrecked McCoy’s career – he’s just in the twilight of it. I don’t know how this will end, but it should be done respectfully because it has been a mutually benefitting relationship. I wish McCoy as much success as he can achieve at this point in his career and I’m a Buc fan for life! Go Bucs!

  15. Magadude Says:

    Joe doesn’t get it. I’d not expect him to get it given his background and lack of credentials. It’s not Joe’s fault. Cute. –Joe

    Here it is. How to treat GMC has nothing to do with DJax and Hump. In fact, those two guys are two different entities as well. This isn’t cookie cutter city, Joe…you should understand that. Who said it was cookie-cutter city?–Joe

    Bottom line is McCoy will be shopped by his agent at a different price (probably much less than he’s happy with), or he will continue to be shopped by the Bucs at his contract price. But of course GMC (really his agents) is not happy, because there is no market anywhere to keep him at his $13M. With Hump, it is sad the price that others were willing to pay was not what the Bucs could afford. That just torches me every time I think about it. On GMC, everyone will show disinterest and hope he is eventually cut outright…a distinct possibility. And they will scoop him up for two years at $15M or so. As I said, Joe doesn’t get it. Joe should focus more on what is NOT being said about GMC and the fact he has no clue what the Jason and company are saying. Joe’s “sources” are crap. You mean the same sources that had Joe calling to the day the Bucs head coach announcement before the Glazers interviewed Arians? When other outlets were on social media yelling fake news at Joe? The crap sources you say Joe has are actually fantastic. Joe only wishes more of that info could be used directly and ethically on the website here.–Joe

  16. RTG Bucs Says:

    I’m sure they tried to trade him but there were zero takers. So now they do the next best thing for the team and let it be known that they are not enamored with him so maybe he will restructure, because they would be foolish to pay him 13 mil this season. Maybe he agrees to a trade where he restructures? Who knows. Should have traded him last season at the deadline but that ship has sailed, he will either agree to restructure/trade or get cut.

  17. Magadude Says:

    Let me add: GMC is perfectly fine with playing nowhere this year and staying in Tampa. He’s already cashed in. He is not going to move. Let me repeat. He is not going to move…at least not his family.

  18. Doug Says:

    Gerald McCoy doesn’t belong in the ring of honor. He’s the most overrated player I have seen in a long time, he has loads of talent but has no clue how to use it. He was a labeled a star because we have been looking for one for years and he was all we had.

  19. Just Sayin’ Says:

    LOL. That was weak training, sadder than my kids karate class.

  20. Magadude Says:

    Finally, any poll on JBF is not scientific. Unless Joe does up front market research to know who his respondees are, which is impossible. So it is dumb to pretend a poll is valid. Period. This fact can’t be argued. That’s funny. You don’t get to define valid. Joe’s polls are only up for 24 hours or less, which is far less than other outlets that love multiple voters. Joe uses settings to prevent multiple votes, and Joe has done 100 or so polls here and monitors for irregularities. For example, who does hour 1 of the poll compare to the final results. The fact is that it’s nearly always identical. This isn’t Zogby, but these polls are great indicators of the pulse of fans. –Joe

    Now, that said, the Bucs (Glazers) have not stated the criteria for the RoH. What is it? Well, it is whoever they damn well please. I personally don’t like having a whore chasing, woman beating guy like Sapp up there in my stadium, but that was before his issues were known, and it is messed up that the Glazers have total control of that on OUR stadium. Sapp–helluva football player, terrible person. Disgrace compared to guys like LeeRoy Selmon and Jimmy Giles who were awesome people. GMC is an awesome guy, but he didn’t finish the job…imo. Yet, the Glazers are running out of people, and I think if he retires as a Buc (and he will likely retire this year or maybe after one year with another team and leave his family here), he will be in the RoH. The Glazers and fans who matter love him. The dipsters who don’t buy tickets don’t mean a thing. You don’t get a vote.

  21. Magadude Says:

    And so it’s clear, Joe accuses others (competitors) of racism, talks about “sources” yet makes dumb comments, and like a ten year old, uses feces to describe other competitors (calls them that) who are decidedly more successful than he, so it’s not hard to dismiss his conjecture as just crazy. But it is fun to read… Speaking of “fun to read” you are killing it today with this comedy. Glad you get to define “success,” too. LOL –Joe No wonder Ira insists on using his own name. Arms length. Still, thanks Joe for a great column. Offers something in addition to professional outlets. It’s great to see what all think, even the low.

  22. martinii Says:

    I am and have been a huge GMC Fan. After 9 seasons his skills have gradually diminished and BA/Bowls may be looking for different talent. McCoy has made a lot of Money as a Buc and has been awarded Pro Bowls, All-Pro, and a NFL Man of the year nomination. Further I hope he gets in the Ring-of-Honor. However what team is going to trade anything significant for him and his $13mil price tag. Cutting him is our only option considering our Cap problem and repeating what I posted several times unless a miracle happens and he is our RDT in 2019, he will be a free agent. All this BS and speculation is smoke. Either play or be Cut.

  23. Magadude Says:

    RTG…I seriously think he will not restructure. He would have already done it I think. I don’t think he really wants to play. I do KNOW he wants to live in Tampa. I am pretty well believing he will just make the Bucs cut him…and maybe he will play a seaon or two elsewhere as needed–but I really doubt that too. He doesn’t need to play anywhere. He’s a family guy, loyal to the Bucs, loves living here. My take: He’s done. His no-show last week speaks big.

  24. tmaxcon Says:

    Cancer93 is simply the most overrated and most selfish buc of all of time…. only bowl or ring she belongs in is a toilet bowl

  25. Magadude Says:

    Doug, I disagree…GMC has done all the Bucs wanted. Many people think he is supposed to get sacks…that is not true, though he has done some of that. As a DT, he stuffs the run and enables the DEs to get to the QB. Truth is he’s had crap on the outside for most of his career. That is not his fault. Now, he is not the most charismatic leader, but I still take him over Suh any day. GMC has been a super Buc. Ultra super Buc in terms of a community guy and role model. No one better since LeeRoy. But just very good on the field. Again, he’s done what the Bucs have asked. But he is not worth the bucks now. I am still betting they put hm in RoH but I am personally not sure he warrants it.

  26. BFFL Says:

    McBaby has sucked for a while now. Get over it.

  27. Magadude Says:

    Oh yeah, call out omnipotent Joe and your comment goes to moderation. Another reason Joe will never make it big. Confused by the “make it big” you keep referencing, as if Joe has failed to reach some sort of goal? Joe is happy with the website. For Joe, that’s making it big. –Joe What this town needs is a blog where people say what is real, and the moderator/owner is not so insecure. If this town needs that, then someone will create the Wild West forum you’re seeking and it will thrive. And for the record, Joe is called out every day on these pages. The archives are here for all to see.–Joe

  28. RTG Bucs Says:

    Magadude, I tend to agree he most likely will not restructure. Just think those are the only options the Bucs Brass have left. Restructure or cut. The only way anyone will take him in a trade is with a new lower contract. It wouldn’t surprise me if he is just completely done either.

  29. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Joe does not where all the treatment of GMC is coming from???????? Its almost like licht weight is feeling burned from building around GMC in the scheme that GMC wanted so he could finally “have help” instead of running a scheme that the last DC wanted!!!!!!! And it felt licht weight felling scorned and burned!!!!!!!!!!

    Sheep still have not learned that Ice cream melts!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 season will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ATrain Says:

    Shows his true colors

    CRY BABY 😭

    If this Guy was ELITE teams would have jumped on him

    Joe you call this guy a leader

    A Leader would be at One Buc with a new coaching staff

  31. Yusef Says:

    look, Mccoy is a really good player…is a GREAT player? No..He has never been a player I’ve looked to getting the job done, heck has he ever had a injury free season? yeah so he played through some of those injuries, but i dont think that’s a good thing. I can’t remember a time he has changed the outcome of a game or changed momentum, idk, good dude and a great guy in the tampa community, but i’m not gonna sit here and say he’s been of one of the greatest Buc players to ever play..I’m still VERY pissed off at Mccoy dancing on the sideline this past season when we were getting our asses kicked…and JPP on the sidelines shaking his head at him like “WTF” who does this? apparently MCCOY does! I did wish, JPP chewed his ASS!

  32. Tackleblockwin Says:

    So sad. He is a good dude, but on the field not worth the money. Cut him and use the 13 million to bribe officials.

  33. ATrain Says:

    Dang How Long before the ATrain gets patrolled for the Joe Jail

  34. tnew Says:

    I see this differently. I believe the Bucs very much want GMC back, just not at $13 mil, especially since there is no trade value for him at that number. GMC has been overpaid and underperforming for several seasons. He has value, but it isn’t $13million.

  35. Jean Lafitte Says:

    There are a sh|tload of JAGs out there they can play as well as him for a whole lot less. The charade is over

    The guy can’t even make it through a game anymore without hardly walking. How do we expect him to give us 100% every game if he’s in that bad a shape after a game. Yeah, he can’t make it through a single game at, at least 90%, but rest assured he will be completely 100% healed in a week? I call BS

    Even with his bloated salary to give him solace and incentive, he goes into battle only to have the enemy kick his @ss. His poultry below average stats don’t make him worth a $13 mil dollar DT.

  36. Not there yet Says:

    I’m sure they e been kicking the tires on a trade deal all off-season. The idea that his contract was too rich didn’t just magically appear when Arians got here, you could see the average play game in game out last year. Why would you want to restructure and give guarantees to a guy past his prime? No way they are trading that contract and licht knows it, they are smart to wait until after the draft. Also Geraldine stance on what’s going on makes sense also but he’s not in the d jack position to force anyone to do anything, you have to play better for that

  37. Not there yet Says:

    Magadude says

    As a DT, he stuffs the run and enables the DEs to get to the QB.

    Dude has never been a run stuffer so not sure what bucs teams you watched. Vea is the run stuffer, you know the guy who missed all of training camp and 6 games then got back and tried to figure it all out on the fly. Yea he and Geraldine ended up with the exact same number of tackles. 38 lol at this point he ain’t what he was and can easily be replaced in this draft at 5. Q Williams or Ed Oliver

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Here is the unknown. He has never played DE in a 3-4. He still has a fast get off and is fast for his size. He may get more sacks as a DE. Keep him and see. He would need to be developed to play the run on running plays though.

  39. tmaxcon Says:

    Cancer93 is one of the worst against the run… she uses her great first step to nowhere as an excuse to avoid contact in run game…. cancer93 is and always has been bottom of league against run. Liking a guy is one thing but you can’t make crap up to defend the undisputed face of the basement years

  40. Couch Fan Says:

    Joe is making McCoy look softer than us “haters” are. Reading his article I pictures a 10 year old fan boy throwing a fit because some people didnt like his hero. Lol.

    Aww McCoys feelings may be hurt because he couldnt handle a little bit of truth from the coach. Some guys would be motivated by a little bit of criticism…. Apparently not this guy.

    Oh and please stop saying it hurt his trade value. CLEARLY McCoy has NO trade value and hasent for a while. Only the fan boys think he does. SMH.

  41. Joe Says:

    Joe you call this guy a leader

    Leader for his work ethic, perhaps.

  42. ideseth Says:

    I think it was handled in a very specific, mildly appropriate way. I think that BA wants to work McCoy up, give him a chip on his shoulder. I think that’s the only way that BA saw to get REAL production out of McCoy.

  43. Architek79 Says:

    Glad when this circus ends, tired of him.

  44. pick6 Says:

    to say he was “revered by legions of buc faithful” feels like an overstatement.

    was he valued by the team? absolutely

    was he promoted heavily as the best thing the team had going? constantly, and sometimes accurately, which is his strongest case for ROH

    was he the best player on the team? at times

    did all of that lead to fans embracing him? i would argue not at all. right or wrong, fans wanted the next Sapp and they got someone entirely different. the result was that few revered him. MANY criticized him, lots of people defending him because the rationale wasn’t strong (including me), and perhaps a few revered him. but not many, and certainly not most.

    it just never worked out as well as everyone – including gerald – wanted. it’s really unfortunate but it’s not something that will be remedied in his age 32 year with a $13 million salary in a system he has never been tried in before

  45. stvcl Says:

    McCoy in the ring of honor? Who you foolin’? Can’t wait for Geraldweenie93 to walk the plank.

  46. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    42% is Lea than half of fans polled

    Not a huge number in his favor when less than half feel you deserve ring of honor

    No player from the lost decade plus of losing deserves to be up there

    McCoy has failed to lead this defense to any high rankings or great play, good player but bad captain. He’s set a tone for soft defense and cashing checks culture

  47. Defense Rules Says:

    @tnew … “I see this differently. I believe the Bucs very much want GMC back, just not at $13 mil, especially since there is no trade value for him at that number. GMC has been overpaid and underperforming for several seasons. He has value, but it isn’t $13million.”

    Thank you tnew. FINALLY someone sees that this supposedly ‘dead horse’ still has value … just NOT $13 mil worth of value. GMC has no trade value at this point, so the Bucs only REAL options are (1) pay him $13 mil, or (2) release him. IF they release him then they COULD re-sign him for less, IF GMC agrees. But he COULD just as easily agree to play for someone else … or NOT play at all. Aahh yes, the drama of it all: Who’ll blink first. Yet another fun day in Bucsville beating dead horses.

  48. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    My purely uneducated guesses are that:

    – Teams are using the fact that the draft is DL deep to try to drive down the trade price

    – Licht is being patient, because the closer we get to the draft, the less backbone teams will have, and after the draft, a DT needy team will have zero power…Licht would get more.

    – Licht is hoping to get a replacement in the draft, and if he does, he’ll be able to release McCoy, trade him, or force a more favorable restructure.

    – Those thinking $7-8 million per year are dreaming. McCoy won’t restructure for less than $10 million per year, and maybe not even that, because if he hits free agency, he’ll get more than he is making now.

    – McCoy just wants to know where he stands, because the more time passes, the fewer options and opportunities he’ll have.

  49. Bucnjim Says:

    Arians is probably showing respect to a veteran player who has been with this team a long time. What he’s really thinking is get this Komoda wearing, sideline dancing, camera acting, non run stopping, QB helping, clean uniform wearing, career losing, action figure collecting, muscle tearing, injury faking, tantrum throwing, Over hyped, over paid, prima donna the HELL off this team before he turns my young players soft.

  50. WP Says:

    McCoy didn’t help his case by shutting it down last year, and not talking to the media.??? McCoy talked to media.–Joe Dude is technically a gifted DT with a nasty get off on the ball. He was never an elite DT with freakish abilities though. Never seemed like a great leader, and was always about the money. Some players love the game, and some love what the game does for them. He’s past his prime, and it’s time to move on. Buccaneers ring of honor?? Meh

  51. Isaac haggins Says:

    @ Doug , Yep !!!

  52. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:


    Very well done, Sir. That post may be the “leader in the clubhouse” for GMC related banter for 2019. After $110 million the Glazer “gold”…probably time to move along for both parties.

  53. adam from ny Says:

    if someone would just utter the words: “to the bat-mobile”…he’d be out right quick and in a hurry

  54. Magadude Says:

    @Not there yet…McCoy is disruptive and is one reason the Bucs have indeed some good run Ds…agreed not all the time. Can’t really say be he is not always the guy making tackles that he is not making it hard for the other team.

  55. Bucsfan3 Says:

    Exactly! They embrace a team can earn DeSean Jackson but act shady toward Team cohesive Gerald. You know everything Gerald has done for the team with work and team chemistry, Kona Ice? Restructure and bring GMC back!

  56. Mike Johnson Says:

    LMAO here at a lot of you losers. Everybody is soft when your team is a loser.
    You guys pick on one guy because his contraxt which he signed and the team signed says he is suppose to make big money. In a way, I hope McCoy leaves and comes back to bite all of you straight in the A…….like many who have played for the Bucs and went on to win a superbowl.

  57. Buccernutter Says:

    I really don’t understand all the drama from this. Bruce spoke the truth. Gerald has lost a step. He is not worth $13 million a year. For some reason McCoy is taking this way more personal than it is business. I like McCoy. He’s worked extremely hard here and is certainly an above average player.

    But it is 2019. He is getting older and his play has gone down. This is just a fact and he shouldn’t be getting so emotional when his coach finally calls a spade a spade. Tampa has been good to him. He’s done a lot for us too. Nobody’s dogging u Gerald. It’s just a different era and earnings are finally being rewarded in correlation to play. Period.

  58. Rod Munch Says:

    But he reads comic books, and that makes me angry! GRRRRR!!!! I hate comic books!!!! GRRRR!!!!

  59. ElioT Says:

    McCoy has been THE POSTER CHILD of a losing organization at the spear of some of the worst defenses ever seen.

    At least one of the Joes act like this guy has been another Brooks, Sapp, Lynch, Barber, etc.

    A change of scenery would do everyone good, just hoping the Bucs can get some compensation for it.

    For all you McCoy apologists our there:

    Why was it up to Kwon in week 15 to put Swaggy Baker in his place?

    Where was McCoy all year?


    Dreaming of getting “punched in the face by a super hero” instead of being a real hero and punching Baker in his fat face.

  60. ElioT Says:

    McCoy has been THE POSTER CHILD of a losing organization at the spear of some of the worst defenses ever seen.

    People want to act like this guy has been another Brooks, Sapp, Lynch, Barber, etc.

    A change of scenery would do everyone good, just hoping the Bucs can get some compensation for it.

    For all you McCoy apologists our there:

    Why was it up to Kwon in week 15 to put Swaggy Baker in his place?

    Where the f**k was McCoy all year?


    Dreaming of getting “punched in the face by a super hero” instead of being a real hero and punching Baker in his fat f**king face.

  61. Reach87 Says:

    50-50 on the moron vs reasonable posts here. Mike Johnson speaks truth. Hating on a man who got paid what someone was willing to pay him and making up straight trash that he doesn’t work hard, went only for the money, or was a bad teammate. Hilarious. Go Bucs!

  62. ruggyup Says:

    Please tell me if I’m wrong. I do not remember ever hearing anyone describe the Bucs as a classy organization. McCoy chatter prompted this.

  63. BucsFIRE Says:

    Magadude Says:
    “What this town needs is a blog where people say what is real, and the moderator/owner is not so insecure.”


    STFU already. Jesus, go START your own fricking blog then and stop yapping about it, loud mouth. Extremely tired of your posts already. You think any of us will be following you to your blog? Good luck. Now move on and start it.

  64. BucsFIRE Says:

    Magadude says:
    “Can’t really say be he is not always the guy making tackles that he is not making it hard”


    What the hell is this??? — It sure as hell is not English.
    Hopefully when you start your own blog, you will do better. LMAO

  65. BucsFIRE Says:

    ElioT Says:
    “McCoy has been THE POSTER CHILD of a losing organization”


    By that rationale, ElioT, Walter Payton was the poster child of a losing organization (Chicago Bears) for about 8 years before Mike Ditka came along. It happens.

  66. Bucs96 Doggie Says:

    I mean, it’s not like they handled the Brooks release great either. You would think they would’ve learned from that. Glazers don’t wanna get in the middle of things BUT they should’ve so they can treat their all time great player w/ a lil more respect.