Ex-Buc Predicts A 2-13-1 Season

April 20th, 2019

Joe has noticed a theme pulsating through a chunk of Bucs fans and a big share of media.

There’s a lot of disrespect and doubt of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, the man poised to earn $30 million next year if he has a good 2019 campaign.

Take prominent ex-Buccaneer like guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996). He was spouting on WDAE-AM 620 this week that he thinks the Bucs will finish 2-13-1 following his review of the Tampa Bay schedule. It wasn’t a one-off take, Beckles repeated the call and kept the option to change his prediction before the season.

But why 2-13-1?

Joe has heard other media talk about the Bucs as a six-win team and a share of fans (certainly not all) see the Bucs in that ballpark, too.

Whether its a two-win prediction or six, it tells Joe there’s little confidence around town in the starting quarterback.

An accomplished head coach is in the driver’s seat with a proven offense, and the Bucs have plenty of weapons. The defensive coaching has to be better, alongside an inevitable defensive talent upgrade in the draft. So shouldn’t that have Bucs fans and analysts thinking strong quarterback play will deliver at least a .500 record?

A strong QB will just about single-handedly win his team one or two games a year.

Anyone thinking now that the Bucs are a six-win-or-less team, Joe believes, is someone who thinks Jameis sucks or will be injured during the season. Nothing else adds up.

100 Responses to “Ex-Buc Predicts A 2-13-1 Season”

  1. D-Rome Says:

    Jay-Miss will never lead this team anywhere. He is not a franchise QB. Neither is Mariota for that matter.

  2. Jaykpatel Says:

    Who predicts a tie?

  3. Jaykpatel Says:

    My prediction:


  4. FortMyersDave Says:

    Perhaps Beckles is just doing a T Jones to generate interest in his product. Nothing wrong with that as talk radio is a dying breed much like newspapers; a sign of the times. @ DRome: in retrospect I suspect both the Titans and the Bucs wish they took up Chip Kelly’s alleged offer of multiple high draft picks before the 2015 draft as both qbs have many question marks heading into their 5th seasons….

  5. Pryda...Sec 147 Says:

    Beckles take here is utter trash

  6. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Until proven otherwise, they are a 4-12 team in my eyes. I’m not drinking the koolaid this time

  7. miken Says:

    Sam wych would of hated to gave to say we are 2 dash 13 and another dash 1. That tie probably keeps us from the 1st pick in true Bucs fashion

  8. GreG Says:

    Anyone who thinks this team is better than 7 wins is delusional

  9. Tbbucs3 Says:

    I disagree…there will definitely be 2 ties.

  10. Phillip Says:

    Or he’s playing it safe since we do travel 20,000 miles in 7 true away games in a row.

    Being in a division with the Saints, Falcons, and Panthers don’t help

  11. Broodlaw Says:

    Saw the headline alone and knew it was Ian talking again, guy blows more hot air than my broken AC in my car. I don’t start thinking what we can win here and there until we get a good look at this team in training camp, that actually will be telling, otherwise its just speculatory BS.

  12. adam from ny Says:

    i like ian bojangles…however we will not be 2-13 and 1…we will be 2-12 and 2…lol…

    can’t we just all get along a eat at frog pond

  13. BucHead5588 Says:

    Never seen so many haters before why y’all keep hating on Jameis

  14. Not there yet Says:

    Irrelevant waste of time beckles who makes record predictions right before the draft, we don’t have the roster we’ll go into training camp assembled yet. Considering you used to play football you should know better dude

  15. NOSBOS Says:

    BucHead you can start somewhere around young,black and rich😊.

  16. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Now we’re being shamed for not having faith ..smh

    shame on me … I’ve earned the right to be skeptical

    thank you sir, may I have another

  17. Kalind Says:

    Beckles back to beckling…a term used to describe useless drivel written or spoken to generate a vocal response.

    Nothing more. Sometimes, when it’s quiet, I think to myself “poor Ian beckles, his little life is so sad.”

    And then I go back to doing something worthwhile

  18. Todd Says:

    Oh, the same Ian Beckles who called all his listeners believing the Jussie Smollett was a staged hoax FOOLS? The one who believes ALL liberal media headlines to be gospel?!

    Ian is a mouth. That’s it.

    He’s so far removed from football he doesn’t know $hittttt!

    Just because he said that, I’m now predicting the Bucs man up together like a real TEAM and overcome the adversity of their atrocious schedule and end up 10-6 and make the playoffs.

    Ian, Jussie Smollett staged a hate HOAX setting back true hate crimes by a decade! And no, there is no global warming. That’s a hoax too.

    10-6 baby! 10-6!

  19. passthebuc Says:

    If management felt there was any validity to this an entirely different approach would be taken. Evans would command a 1st and 2nd rd. pick and you would dump him and his cap. Our back up tight end would be gone. our left outside LB would be gone. Our QB would be gone and you would load up on picks for 2019/2020 and 2021. You would build a strong D first, followed by the O line a RB and last, our QB of the future. In 5 years you would be a strong contender and remain there for some time.

  20. Maddog Says:

    Until the Tiger changes his stripes there will always be doubt. The QB hasn’t led this team anywhere yet so he’s going to have to ignore the haters, keep his nose clean and prove he can be a consistent winner. There is talent around him, once the defense is healthy and we add a few pieces there will be no more excuses. Time will tell who shows up in 19

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    Ian’s prediction (?) is nothing more than a sad attempt on his part to generate clicks. Like the rest of us, he has ZERO idea who the Bucs will draft, how those players will develop & contribute this year, or how the rest of the team will develop for that matter.

    Tend to think that you’re closer to reality with a 6-win projection, but I’d personally temper that with a plus-or-minus 2 wins at this point.

    Have trouble though concurring with your statement that “A strong QB will just about single-handedly win his team one or two games a year”. IMO there is no such thing as ‘single-handedly’ in the NFL. On a solid team, a ‘strong QB’ versus a ‘weak QB’ can well be the difference between making the playoffs & going 5-11 like the Jags did last year (10-6 and playoffs the year before when Bortles did reasonably well?). There are very very few QBs IMO who are worth $30 mil a year. And unless they have a record of CONSISTENCY, I’d be wary of committing that much to someone long-term.

  22. DooshLaRue Says:


    That’s such a tired and ridiculous take.

    Instead, replace “young, rich and black” with:

    Inaccurate, turnover prone and immature.

    It doesn’t fit your race baiting narrative, but is much closer to the truth.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We had several close games last year and several that we very well should have won….when you rack up over 500 yards and get 3 points…..something ain’t right.

    One thing is right….if we go 2-13-1….Jameis is gone and we will likely get the QB of choice wherever we pick next year…..all QB needy teams will have been satisfied already.

    That will certainly help our cap situation….

    But I actually think the opposite will happen……Jameis will do very well and if the defense improves, we are at least 8-8.

  24. Magadude Says:

    Wow Joe, so many thoughts provoked by this article. First, let’s just say Ian Beckles knows what a losing team he is, since he always did his part to make that so with the Bucs. Ian is a loser in life as well. Who gets drunk and gets themself arrested despite repeated warnings by the cops not to F with the dang horse? As an older guy too. Not to mention he is a dirty old creepy guy oggling after young women on the air. An old guy like me doing that is just gross–and wierd. Just don’t do it. So no respect for Ian Beckles. That said, I also think similarly of Jameis Winston because he cannot even conform to manners of a five year old–and he’s lucky Kate didn’t call the cops. I’ll leave it there. But there is hope for Jameis, that he will grow up and be a man one day, and I hope he does and I am pulling for him in that regard. No, I don’t think he will be the QB of the future because I think he peaked about a year ago. He’s a good backup QB, but will never be the face of the franchise…too much baggage, and after four years, what groundswell change will he make this year to get a $100M+ contract? Ain’t gonna happen. Now…I am a Bucs fan. Just like when Beckles played I’d hoped they’d win every game–and I was of course usually disappointed. So as Beckles (a fifth round pick, Canadian, and always a wallflower and never a leader) struggles to try to say things that get him attention in his later years, I don’t think 2-14 is likely, nor do I think right now a winning record is likely. I’ve said it before: Jameis is not the future, and Bruce Arians is a bridge to something else…TBD. I think six wins is probably about right, and I hope I’m wrong. I’m not sold on Arians, or this current roster, and my take is Licht bamboozled the Glazers with Arians who should long ago have hired a team President to handle situations exactly like the Bucs had at the offseason. There is a still a trainwreck out there, but it’s not bad enough to be 2 wins.

  25. Magadude Says:

    @TBBF…if we are 8-8, unless Winston really lights it up and is the traceable reason we 8 games and he played well enough to win 6 or 7 more, I think he will gone. He cannot have a mediocre season.

    I think it will be miracle if Arians is around at the end of year due to the heat and his health. I hope I’m wrong. Of course.

  26. Magadude Says:

    0-0-16. Bank it.

  27. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    Looking at that schedule and what we have done this off season what makes anyone believe we are better than 5 or six wins? Find me seven please.

  28. BigMacAttack Says:

    I haven’t been close on a single Buc prediction in the last 10 years. But what goes up must come down, and vice versa. I’d like to see if BA can reign in Licht and and keep him sober for a good draft. I think Todd Bowles is worth 4 wins alone. BA is worth 4 wins. A good draft should add 2 more wins. So I’ll say they go 10-6, unless Licht trades down in the first round and then it’s 8-8.

  29. Dan Says:

    Let’s face it. We have a way below average G.M. A qb in his final year as a starter in the NFL and a roster with holes at every position. Let’s just be real and admit its 4-12 and anyone who says other wise is ignoring reality in favor of fantasy.

  30. Dan Says:

    What’s the definition of insanity in the dictionary. It’s a picture of the Bucs fans who believe in year 5 Winston is gonna just decide to start holding on to the ball and throw it to the right team simply because someone else is telling him to now. Just silly

  31. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    So should we go ahead and start the TANK FOR TREVOR?

  32. Jeagan1999 Says:

    A new coaching staff and system, a tough division, a brutal schedule, a roster lacking any elite talent (except at WR and TE), and a QB with decision making issues and a 1.5:1 TD/INT ratio……to me, all these things add up to another 5-6 win season!

    Arians and Bowles might be the right guys in place now, but I have no confidence in Jason Licht anymore as a talent evaluator and drafter. The only way out of this mess is we need a true franchise QB and a GM who can find true talent to put around him…. or we go back to the days when our defense was capable of winning low scoring, 6-3 games. Right now, we have neither.

  33. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Kalind Says:
    “Sometimes, when it’s quiet, I think to myself “poor Ian beckles, his little life is so sad.”


    What a bizarre take. I can guarantee you that Ian Beckles is quite happy. He also tends to make others around him happy. He is good that way.

    While I disagree with his take on our W-L record this year, I certainly have no problem with him expressing it.

  34. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    BucHead5588 Says:
    “Never seen so many haters before why y’all keep hating on Jameis”


    No worries, BucHead, there are still plenty of Jameis fans out here that fully believe he will be worthy of “franchise QB”.

    He is about to round into the very Best Jameis, and I think Bucs fans will truly love what they see.

  35. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Dan Says:
    “What’s the definition of insanity….. a picture of the Bucs fans who believe in year 5 Winston is gonna just decide to start holding on to the ball and throw it to the right team”


    He has 4 picks in his last 250+ pass attempts, Dan.

  36. Alanbucsfan Says:

    If they don’t draft a quality offensive lineman in the 1st 3 rounds and they continue to have running game issues and interception issues, then the losses will continue.

    If they continue to do the same things- drafting secondary, running backs, qb’s , receivers , and don’t address the trenches again – then the failures will continue

  37. Clw JB Says:

    SF,NYG,AZ,Jax, are all winnable games DET, TN also

    Comes down to the division record and surviving the two month road trip

    A 2 win season is just ridiculous

  38. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    I just have feeling this year will be rock bottom for the bucs and they will get a legit gm in here like a john dorsey or something next year…nothing against jameis, i wish he was THE GUY, but he isnt, and arians is barry melrose

  39. Magadude Says:

    @Alan…my take is they need to trade down and picks for OL (RG), DT, RB, and S in first two rounds….to have a chance at a winning record NEXT YEAR. No one will say it, and even the Bucs bristled when I told them…this is a REBUILDING year — minus. They just won’t admit it. Next year it starts full bore. New QB, another OL upgrade, another DL upgrade, CB, S and LB.

  40. tmaxcon Says:

    This team has been embarrassing itself for a better part of 40 years but it’s all the fault of a 24 year old quarterback lol…. this franchise was a complete joke well before jameis and will be long after jameis is gone…. Vince Lombardi coupled with joe Montana could not win in tampa with current owners. Small market laughingstock with a clueless delusional fanbase that is what buc ball is…

  41. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Duthsty Rhothdes Says:
    “nothing against jameis, i wish he was THE GUY, but he isn’t”


    The good news, Duthsty, is that ONE WAY OR ANOTHER…. our next 10 years will be defined by this season…

    Either Jameis IS THE GUY, and we will see it in full form, securing him as our QB going forward for many years….

    He is NOT THE GUY, and it becomes painfully evident.

    Which would mean, let the TUA ERA begin.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Predictions are stupid. Months away from the season. No one knows what the season will bring

  43. tmaxcon Says:

    Clw JB

    Clearly you have not been paying attention no gsme is winnable for bucs until it is actually WON… when you own the worst winning percentage in sports predicting any game as winnable is just setting yourself up for a nutpunch especially given the Mickey mouse organization the glazers run.

  44. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Imagine that, I guy with the name Magadude doesn’t like a black sportscaster and doesn’t like a black QB. Who woulda thunk it!

  45. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Demon i agree with you its tough to be a bucs fan

  46. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Any old timers ever read the old Clearwater Sun? There was a reporter named Bill White who would pick a tie every week in the weekly pick-em contest. i don’t think he was ever right.

  47. Oneilbucs Says:

    We need to stand behind Jamies cause and stick together as real fans of the bucs. Our schedule is bad . They are trying to set us up to lose this year. Why do yall hope Jamies to play bad ? This Fan Base just can’t come together. And let’s just be honest his skin color is playing a role in the hate as well on this site. We have the hold NFL against us and this fan base still can’t come together. I think they set this schedule up for Jamies to play bad . Our defense and running game has been the down fall to our team the national media still blame him for ever lost but when they talk about Elie Mannon then they bring u9p his defense and his line. I’ve seen on NFL live they said they threw Jamies under the bus but made up excuses for the Bengals quarterback right after they talk bad about Jamies.

  48. RustyRhinos Says:

    “Jameis Winston, the man poised to earn $30 million next year if he has a good 2019 campaign.”
    So this season we are in cap trouble and have to cut players to create cap space. “IF” we have to pay Winston as you say $30 million were will that money com from? More players needing to be released to pay him? How well will that project for the life of that contract? More cuts or less talent? Is Jameis worth $30,000,000 a season? How much of a percentage of our overall cap will he alone be? All this revolves around if he has a “good 19 campaign”. What if he does have a good season and then his play goes backwards. We hear all the time here how this guy got paid and now is just dialing it in, will we have this happen with our sixth season “Franchise QB” who had to show his best at what he can do as QB of the Bucs. That sure does not make me feel warm and fuzzy all over. It is not my money true, but the Buccaneers are my team. I do hope Winston has a great season and he becomes the best “NFL ready QB” he can be. I am not a gambler I would take a flyer on a QB this season just in case things do not go as we are told they will. Because Talk Don’t Cook Rice. Show me do not just tell me.
    Let’s GO Jameis!
    GO BUCS!!!

  49. chargedcbh Says:

    Like I’ve been saying for years and recently on Joe Bucs Fan, the MEDIA sucks in Tampa! It’s amazing why ex players that were horrible always are the most critical. Dilfer, Clayton, and Beckles, all you guys need to SHUT UP and watch your game tapes! Clayton was a BETTER BLOCKER THAN IAN!!!!!

  50. Rob Says:

    If Rah Rah stays healthy and throws more touchdowns than picks/fumbles, the Bucs could go 8-8 or maybe better and everyone is happy. Rah Rah then gets paid big time. If Rah Rah gets hurt or melts down or doesn’t succeed for some other reason, this whole team gets blown up from the GM down and we draft another qb next year. Go Bucs!

  51. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Beckles with something negative to say. Who would have thought?

  52. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    The most impressive part about this is that he predicted a tie.

  53. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    5-11 and a top 10 pick until they prove otherwise

  54. stpetebucsfan Says:

    This all just makes me laugh out loud. As D.R. correctly points out we haven’t even drafted yet…and as a poster yesterday pointed out we do not know if one or two of several young players might find their way this season. Spence…several OL could actually blossom.

    That is just US!!! Now go through the schedule and predict which team will lose one or more star players before we play them. Which teams have turmoil…can you say Jacksonville…no they’re not on our schedule but they are just an example of what can happen to fragile chemistry of a team.

    It seems the only constant in this league has been the Patriots and they will have their days of failure sooner or later. Video of the very visible owner with young chicks in a massage parlor is certainly helpful!

    Can we at least wait until the sky actually falls before we start our wailing.

    @Dan Tampa Demon gave the statistically correct answer. I would simply ask did you watch the final six games last year?

    Did you see JW for the first time in his career recognizing the wisdom in Shakespeare’s famous line about “discretion being the better part of valor”? When the play wasn’t there he tossed it into the cheap seats to live another day instead of forcing it.

  55. rrsrq Says:

    16 – 0
    The resurgence of Jameis Winston
    Vita Vea putting the hurt on Jimmy G the first game
    Devin White doing the same on Cam the next week
    VH3/LVD getting picks
    etc…, etc…, etc…

  56. tmaxcon Says:


    damn dude puff puff pass…. vh3 and lvd are going to do crap. one is an overrated mental midget that has not played a complete season since 2013… the other is a short, slow mental midget…

    i do enjoy jokes with my morning jameson.

  57. wideleftandright Says:

    I dont see this team,with all the weapons on offense being less than .500
    With just a small improvement defensively.
    If Todd Bowles can get the D up and running ,possibly a winning season at hand.Regardless of schedule.

  58. Aaron Says:

    We’ve been 5 – 11 the last 2 years with one of the worst defenses to ever step on the field and no run game. That’s usually the receipt for a young QB to make made decisions and force things.

    Atl, Philly, and Pitt – All have good QBs and ranked 27th or worse running the football last year and under achieved..

    Goff / McVay / 2018 rushing rank 3rd
    Brady/ Belichick / 2018 rushing rank 5th
    Brees / Payton / 2018 rushing rank 6th
    Mahomes / Reid / 2018 rushing rank 16th (hunt suspension hurt this #)
    JW / Koetter / 2018 rushing rank 29th

    Hmmm – JW hasn’t exactly had Vince Lombardi as a HC.

    I have no idea if BA can turn this around, but if you were going to bet a large sum of money. Would you really bet over 6 wins? We have 9 road games this year…other than the Bucs usually find a way to win 1 division road game a year..I don’t know that I could see more than that…so 1-8 on the road.

    San Fran (W – concern, Bucs have Thur night game Week2)
    Giants (W – 10 days to prepare, but this really isn’t a home game)
    Cardinals (W – we “should” be better and are at home)
    Saints (L )
    Houston (L)
    Colts (L)
    ATL (W/L – last game of the year – no idea)

    The above is betting thinking – the Bucs fan in me says just improve your running game to around 20th, standard NFL kicking game, a defense that can make a play with the lead in the 4th Q, and smart game / clock management in the 4th Q. We win 8 or 9 games. I’m done with hope – the Bucs have to prove it on the field.

    Go Bucs – anyone going to Nashville next week?

  59. Phillip Says:

    Trevor Lawrence is in 2021 draft class.. That’s a lot of tanking which I sadly still wouldn’t be surprised if we are in contention for him that year. Imagine Jameis having another up and down year and franchise tagging him next year for his 3rd last chance to become the franchise QB 🤦‍♂️

  60. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    stpetebucsfan Says:
    “Can we at least wait until the sky actually falls before we start our wailing?”


    Line of the day.
    You can always be counted on for one of those, SPBF.
    Have a great weekend.

  61. tmaxcon Says:

    dude the sky fell 16 years ago after the last meaningful win… it has not risen since there is nothing left to fall nor is there any reason for optimism. being optimistic year in and year out only to get nutpunched by this minor league franchise is the pure definition of insanity so if you truly believe they have a shot you are certifiable and should contact AOC for you government check.

  62. Eric y Says:

    Just because you have a proven head coach does not mean you will be successful

  63. Eric y Says:

    I see only 3 wins … if that… one of the wins against San Fran but I highly doubt they will win that game … so Ian Beckles is on point

  64. BucsBandit Says:


    Joe’s own argument PROVES that Winston sucks.

    If you apply that argument to Winston’s previous seasons, it’s obvious that he’s just not a good QB.

  65. Elita Vita Says:

    Tank for Tagovailoa ???

  66. Tc Says:

    I see 6-8 wins depending on winning a few close games. Does it matter. To me 2 or 8 wins it’s all the same to me – they won’t be in playoffs. I just want all close games and to be entertained. It’s only a game folks!

  67. Jordan L Says:

    11-5. I don’t understand the Jameis hate. Has he been inconsistent? Yes. But he is the best QB we’ve ever had. True fans will throw support to OUR players. Good grief Charlie Brown.

  68. cmurda Says:

    The Bucs need an offensive lineman like Ian Beckles. That’s a big problem for this team. Just ask Ian Beckles.

  69. unbelievable Says:

    LOL @ anything Beckles has to say.

    A has-been who was never that good to begin with, and constantly sh*ts on every current player.

  70. rrsrq Says:

    I s will be on the cover of Sports Illustrated once again with the cover saying “Break up the Bucs II”, wait does SI still have a cover

  71. BucsBandit Says:

    Jordan L – true fans don’t blindly throw their support behind ALL Bucs players. That’s just DUMB logic. That’s like saying we all should have loved how Desean Jackson was disrupting the locker room last season because he was unhappy yet we should all fully support him because he’s on the team.

    Winston is arguably NOT the best QB we’ve ever had. The QB position isn’t about stats like passing yards and TD passes, it’s about WINS. The QB is the manager of the Offense. Winston’s high yardage stats are greatly diminished by his awful turnovers that happen all the time and have lost so many games.

    Winston is a mediocre NFL QB at best. He just doesn’t have “it” and is not a winner in the NFL. Inconsistency is the kiss of death in the NFL, and Winston has plenty of that and always will — he had it at FSU as well with the turnovers and many were worried at that continuing (which it has) in the NFL. FSU dominated because they had a great team on both sides of the ball and often made up for Winston’s terrible decisions. NFL teams aren’t able to do that since they have equal talent to the other teams.


    Mark my words, Winston will NEVER play in a playoff game.

  72. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Jameis will suck or G-d forbid, will be injured, if they don’t address the frickin’ offensive line!

  73. TOM Says:

    I say Winston has to improve greatly to get anywhere near 30 mil next year. He’s had more than enough time.

  74. AlphaWest Says:

    Too many here throw around words like “hate” and allegations of racism whenever anyone voices doubt about Jameis. It’s not hate to lack faith in an up/down QB. Bucs have made their choice, so I’m 100% hoping Jameis plays lights out. You need super value at QB or anti-QB (DE, DT, LB… whoever defeats QB weapon in your D). $30M Jameis is not value. So we have to hit the lotto on the anti-QB side… could Q slip? Oliver/Gary/White will be there but are they worth it? Better to trade down and hope more picks gives Licht more chances in a deep D class? Who knows? But Bucs have locked in their QB

  75. mark2001 Says:

    If we go 2-13, Jameis and Licht are out of here…especially Jameis. With that record, you draft a QB in the top couple picks in the draft, and write off the entire Licht/ Jameis era.

  76. Buccfan37 Says:

    I drink the Bucs preseason unsweetened koolaid every year. The law of averages would kick in eventually one would think. At least sweeten the damn koolaid.

  77. Buc1987 Says:

    BucsBandit ….a dud with a piss poor o-line, no running game and the worst defense in the NFL……..none of that matters to one as knowledgeable about football as yourself course.

    Like I…and now Tmax has been saying…this team sucked looong before Winston got here and it will suck loooong after it.

    Remember that Nostradamus. Remember what you said about Dud. Remember he’ll never play in a playoff game and blah blah…..cause you’re dead wrong.

  78. Buc1987 Says:

    Alanbucsfan Says:
    April 20th, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    “Jameis will suck or G-d forbid, will be injured, if they don’t address the frickin’ offensive line!”

    You get it Alan…

    Shhhhh Alan none of that matters though……”he’s had long enough” blah blah blah dumbest fans in the NFL….

  79. BigMacAttack Says:

    Whoever came up with the idea that QBs are worth 2,3,10 times more than every other player on the team was an idiot. It completely screws up the cap. I’d draft a QB next year just to save the $30mil. Jameis isn’t worth half of that. Yes n a team sport when one player puts his value so high that a team can’t even field a competitive team, he needs to go. If the Bucs even drafted a WB at 5 and cut Jameis, I’d be happy with that, because they sign 4-5 really good players for what Jameis costs. The Bucs would probably get more wins without Jameis. It’s all a big joke.

  80. Oneilbucs Says:

    It’s not going to matter how good Jamies plays this year every lost this year will be Jamies fault to the national media and this piss poor fan base. I’m ready for Jamies to leave this trash fan base and franchise. He will go win a super bowl some where else. This fan base doesn’t seem to know anything about football. Our defense sucks and our running backs sucks but it’s Jamies fault. Yall just want a white quarterback .

  81. Jordan L Says:

    Bandit, I didn’t say blindly. I am saying whoever is on the team we should support. Because we don’t determine who is or isn’t on the team. Clearly you are biased.

  82. The Fighting Schiano's Says:


    Unless Jameis is a top 5 QB next year, I agree. We think we’re in salary cap hell now? Just imagine paying a mediocre QB around 30 million the next 5 years.

  83. Snook Says:

    “Anyone thinking now that the Bucs are a six-win-or-less team, Joe believes, is someone who thinks Jameis sucks or will be injured during the season. Nothing else adds up.”

    Uh… Jameis DOES suck.

  84. HeavyE Says:

    I hope the team does well, and Jameis has a Great year, then leaves this Sorry Ass Franchise and it’s Racist Fan Base!!! Then I want to see what all of the sheet wearers, say then……….

  85. Cgmaster27 Says:

    Bucs bandit crawling out is his troll cave to join us on Joe bucs fan? When Winston DOES play a playoff game what will happen? You’ll be invidisible like the troll you are.

  86. tye Says:

    I can easily see another 5-11 season far, FAR easier than 6 or more wins…
    Looked over the schedule several times and predict 4-12 with maybe a possible win no one expected…
    My experience is that most people think very little of Winston as qb.. Many feel it’s time for the Bucs to move on or stay with him in mediocrity… NOBODY but this site thinks he is ‘America’s’… In reality he is not even ‘FLORIDA’s qb’

  87. tmaxcon Says:

    BigMacAttack Says:
    April 20th, 2019 at 2:26 pm

    Whoever came up with the idea that QBs are worth 2,3,10 times more than every other player on the team was an idiot.

    You must be a bitter kicker!

  88. ATrain Says:

    This season will be awesome

    Jamies will find his way and the BUCS will have a great year


    Jamies does not have a good year and Bye Bye

  89. Rod Munch Says:

    Beckles is a sports shock jock… he’s shocking… so controversial… such hot takes… shocking… ouch, I’ve been shocked.

  90. Bucko40 Says:

    What has Winston done in the past 2 seasons that makes you hopeful of 6 or more wins. He’s won 3 games each in the past 2 years. He doesn’t play well on the road. He doesn’t read defenses well. And his worst games have come against top defenses. This schedule is against some of the best and toughest defenses in the NFL. I gave the Bucs 4 wins.

  91. Jordan L Says:

    I believe he’s done quite well. The defense has been trash. True, Jameis hasn’t always done well, but he’s put the team in position to win multiple times only to have the defense go all Mike Smith.

  92. Jordan L Says:

    I will also say he’s cost us a few games with his poor decision’s and TO’s. But the defense has been the biggest problem.

  93. Buc4evr Says:

    If we can get our defense fixed and consistency from our kicker, 8-8 should be achievable. If we had a running game, I think we could win one more game.

  94. JameisAlmighty! Says:

    Beckles is a comedian. He achieved his goal with clicks and views. He’s a hack and should no longer be mentioned of JBF. I heard that Beckles scratches his butt and then picks his nose.

  95. chopshopp Says:

    The other reason is because the D is going to look quite different this year. New scheme and almost an entirely new secondary. Can existing players pick up a new scheme on the job? We certainly didn’t add much this off-season to bring any confidence. And that schedule is just horrendous.

  96. Destinjohnny Says:


  97. J Says:

    Tank for Tua

  98. J Says:


  99. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    Joe, you’re right. Jameis sucks.

  100. Bucsdelight Says:

    Considering we typically split our division games, I’d say 3 wins is at least in the cards. The rest, we should be around 7-9 at a minimum, but if we aren’t, I don’t see Jameis here next year.