Devin White Fired Up

April 25th, 2019

Man, some believe new Bucs ILB Devin White’s best trait is his leadership and it is easy to understand.

In a conference call tonight with the local pen and mic club, White’s enthusiasm just jumped off the speaker.

A few highlights:

* White was talking a mile a minute. He could not contain his excitement. It reminded Joe of when the Bucs drafted America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston. If this rubs off on his teammates, that would be fantastic but Joe sure hopes production comes with it.

* White said that in his meeting with team shot-callers, there was only one person who wooed him more than Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht. And that was Chucky. Interestingly, Chucky passed on White for defensive end Clelin Ferrell.

* White was asked why so many LSU linebackers are in the NFL. He said that LSU coaches make sure their players are coached up right.

* White said he spoke to former Bucs linebacker Kwon Alexander, basically the guy he is replacing, several times during the draft process. White said LSU players, especially linebackers, remain tight, sort of like a fraternity.

* White sounded as if he wanted to hit the turf of the Den of Depression tonight and start drilling people, the hell with waiting until September.

53 Responses to “Devin White Fired Up”

  1. fail Says:


  2. NPRSageBoy Says:

    To all the Devin White naysayers: In the words of Don Henley, get over it

  3. SteveK Says:

    I hope he’s a freaking animal out there.

    I just have a hunch that Ed Oliver is going to be a menace. It all stats up front.

  4. Sloppy Joe Says:

    Seems like you are starting to come around Joe! It’s the draft man! Can’t do anything but get better than we were yesterday! Lol

  5. SteveK Says:


    Not hating on White, just thinking about Ed Oliver.

  6. Capt. Blighe Says:

    I just hope he is Ray Lewis, because Josh Allen fell in our lap and he will be Von Miller. I would have taken Allen

  7. fail Says:

    again………..boooooooooooooo!!!! we could’ve had josh allen

  8. jerseybuc Says:

    Love it.

  9. SteveK Says:

    Our Team hasn’t been to the playoffs in a long ass time. I firmly believe you win football games at the point of attack/ line of scrimmage. I don’t know why you pass on Ed Oliver? The man is a freaky athlete.

    Devin White is a fine player. Is he as impactful as Ed Oliver will be? I just think a game wrecker at DT is more valuable that not MLB play.

  10. rrsrq Says:

    Capt. you must drinking captain, Josh Allen has not shown that he is Von Miller. Maybe he will be, as long as Devin White becomes Patrick Willis…

  11. BucEmUp Says:

    Im not going to be upset because my guy wasn’t picked. Lets just hope this lb is a hall of famer being picked where he was. He is for sure a good player and this just solidifies the fact that our lbs will be blitzing like crazy backed by man coverage. Round 2 will be the best corner available..It has to be….

  12. ElioT Says:

    Since Sapp there has been one game wrecker at DT and that is Aaron Donald.

    D. White was the BEST player on the board, at a position of need!

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Devin White is faster than LVD, VH3, Carlton Davis, Jordan Whitehead, MJ Stewart and Justin Evans….

    DEVIN WHITE IS THE FASTEST BUC DEFENDER…..He can cover & he can tackle.

    But do you think Joe would tell us that?……No….has to be a whining cry baby because he isn’t getting his way.

  14. Not there yet Says:

    If you wanted a trade down from 5 or some other player lol it’s irrelevant now so get over it

  15. Max Says:

    HE IS A STUD!!

    I’d rather take a proven commodity (This is our Luke Kuechly) than gamble for the nth time on a pass rusher.

  16. Max Says:

    The fact that Pittsburgh TRADED UP for the 2ND BEST linebacker should tell you everything, we got a good pick.

  17. Jeffbuc Says:

    Yeah sounds like a great second round pick. But Licht drafts kickers and corners who are maybe safeties in that round. And then throw in the offensive lineman who are decent but not pro bowl caliber but make them the top 3 paid at thee position. Let’s jusy keep overseafting and overpaying and what do you end up with a last place team with a last place salary cap in the league. Tonight has made me realize that of all people tmax was right. Until they hire a real gm this is a bucs life. Let’s seige the day. Let’s overlay overdrafted players because they are average so are gm deserves a pat on his back because he drafted an average player. Instead of a doesn’t even make an impact 2nd or 1st round player. I have never been as disappointed during a draft as a I am tonight. Some how we got out drafted by are division opponents and one of then didn’t have a first round pick. We chose a mlb with the 5th overall pick in one of the historically great on paper defensive line drafts in history. And we have a need at defensive end like every other team in the league. But like all are downfall it takes 2-3 years before we know who won a draft. So the Bucs fan will love white for the next 4-5 years until we let him go because his play doesn’t
    Deserve 18 million a year. I have been a bucs fan since 95 and I have to say this is the least excited I have ever been in a draft. I am so glad I don’t hold season tickets anymore. Or I’m sure I would be getting the Devin white is the greatest ever emails tonight. Seriously linebacker in a historic defensive lineman draft. Only the Bucs can mess this up. We had are choice of Allen or Oliver and we chose a middle linebacker. I am beyond pissed right now. You could have drafted a better version last year in roqouan Smith. But heah let’s be excited and buy tickets we drafted a middle linebacker higher than anyone int the last 20 years.

  18. Nick Says:

    You can’t not like this pick. This guy will be all over the field. Involved in every play. The great defense of the 90’s was built inside out. This is a dog in the inside

  19. Sport Says:

    Pittsburgh traded up to get the #2 LB in the draft. Belichick also values LB more than Edge Rushers. Lichts presser revealed why hardly any ILB are taken high in the draft….because they rarely possess coverage, run, blitz, speed and leadership. There’s your answer Joe.

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Devin White is faster than our CBs & Safeties…… ’bout dat?

  21. Jeffbuc Says:

    Devin white has to be one of the best middle linebackers to ever play the game now to justify his draft position. I know to Arians this is his semi serious job. Hence the 29 coaches. You really draft a mlb 5th overall. This isn’t a game to me. I am buc life I live on joe bucs fan. But I am over it you draft like idiots for the last 10 years. I could 100 % draft better than you. Bruce you said never draft for need draft best player available. You can’t tell me that white is better than Oliver and Allen. I know you don’t care if you get fired because your old and rich.

  22. chopshopp Says:

    The knock on this guy is his instincts and ability to react to play action. Let’s hope he’s Ray Lewis at #5. a LBer at #5 is rich. Better be a HOFer.

  23. chopshopp Says:

    LB is definitely a position of need. I just hate that LBer became a position of need. If Beckwith didn’t get hurt, #5 would have been an edge rusher.

    Maybe we can grab Montez Sweat.

  24. Snook Says:

    Best player available. We haven’t drafted best player available since McKay was GM.

  25. Chris K Says:

    @Sport… BINGO! Pittsburgh gave up a good amount of draft capital to grab the 2nd best LB in the draft.. Says a lot right there. Also here we are at the end of the 1st round and the 2nd round is still loaded with DE’s… How many top flight LB’s are left? This might end up being a perfect scenario for our first two rounds when all is said and done.

  26. celly Says:

    I reserve the right to be upset wit this pick until he’s officially announced as a Buccaneer (which i’m guessing will be tomorrow)… at that point, I have no choice but to get over it….

    …and secretly hope that Josh Allen turns out to be a bust.

  27. Mud slide Middleton Says:

    For those of you that hate this pick, ask yourself this, who is the Panthers best and most feared player?? And, btw, most people are still bemoaning the fact that we passed on Kuechly, including Joe.

  28. Jeff Says:

    Josh Allen was there. Idiot Gruden passed on Allen and we take a linebacker. Only the Yuks would do this. Complete fail. Overthinking AGAIN! Bucs could have had a pass rush and that would have made a 2nd tier LB look like Devin White. Even the threat of a pass rush makes QB’s do stupid stuff. C’mon! Light has to go!!!!!!!

  29. chopshopp Says:

    @Chris K,

    Except that Licht usually F’s up the 2nd Rd pick.

  30. Eric Says:

    Montez Sweat…….. still can get him

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    He was the player that I hoped they would take. The analysts got this one right. Have the Bucs ever had a 4.4 linebacker? This guy can fly. Perfect for so many things, run, pass coverage, blitz. Interception city right there.

  32. View from 132 Says:

    A new coaching staff with decades of experience reviewed hundreds of hours of tape of all these prospects AND all available information on our current roster and clearly thought inside linebacker was our biggest need. So I’m okay with it.

    Best of luck to the new kid. I could care less about Oliver and Allen… just because they may, according to BSPN, have great careers doesn’t mean White won’t have one too.

    I think if the rules weren’t so anti-hitting now and we could all imagine this guy going Buckus or LT on someone and ripping a helmet off an opponent, it’d be a much more exciting pick. Nutjob killing machine linebacker is a lost art but I hope this kid is good at whatever hybrid “big middle safety” role LB means now.

  33. BucAllNight Says:


    1. Licht is NOT making the Pick its BA and Todd

    2. If Allen is that good why did 5 other teams pass and 8 others on Oliver

    3. White was the BEST Player Available AND filled a need with (Cichy & Beckwith being questionable)

    4. Lets let our 29 coaches coach these guys before getting your panties in a bunch

    5. Montez Sweat is still on board (what if we get him at top of 2nd)

    THEN will y’all ALL STFU

    Enjoy the draft ladies and gents

    Go Bucs!!

  34. Pryda...Sec 147 Says:

    I’m pisssed but whatever it’s on number 3

  35. Cobraboy Says:

    Best Player Available at a position of need, and with Alpha Male leadership to boot.

    I don’t get the hate.

    Casual Fans :smh:

  36. MadMax Says:

    Im hearing Allen had some off field concerns….explains a little why he dropped out of the top 4 D guys…

  37. MadMax Says:

    LOL get em BucAllNight!

  38. MadMax Says:

    Sweat to Redskins

  39. David Says:

    I like the pick.
    There were a lot of D Linemen available but he is a stud LB.
    rd 2 is looking like a CB to me. There are a lot on the board

  40. NOSBOS Says:

    Nall Sageboy they can go screw themselves.

  41. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Round 2 needs to be DL or DB.

  42. NOSBOS Says:

    It blows my mind people think one pony Allen and one trick pony Oliver are about to tear it up in this league. Please.

  43. NOSBOS Says:

    He of 3 measly sacks last season oliver😆.

  44. Sloppy Joe Says:

    Williams and Devin White were the once in a Decade players in this draft. You take that player any day over a DE or OLB that can be had any year. Every year there are 5 players like Allen and Oliver. You don’t find a Devin White every year. Just think of the blitzing opportunities with Lavonte and Devin in the middle of the defense.

  45. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete (formerly known as 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans) Says:

    People are upset that we just drafted the best player on our defense; at the Kat important position… SMDH.

    I would’ve taken White no matter who was on the board!

  46. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - City of St Pete (formerly known as 'The Kwon Alexander of Bucs Fans) Says:

    *Most important position

  47. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Just prove me wrong biatch!

  48. firethecannons Says:

    Awesome! Love it–happy now this is over! so glad and cant wait to watch Devin White play, he is a real humble dude too, always aware he can improve his game. Best linebacker in the draft.

    Compare that to Falcons picking a day 2 guard and a tackle and flaming out. They are done till day 3.

    There are edge rushers left–what about Jaylon Ferguson

  49. Walter Says:

    Get ready to be hated kid. A linebacker isn’t going to turn this clown show around.

  50. Defense Rules Says:

    I get that not all wanted Devin White with our 1st pick, but dang, some of you pout like little children. WE JUST DRAFTED THE #1 LB IN THE DRAFT for heaven’s sake. Most of the national types had him easily rated in the Top-10 and many had him in the Top-5. He fills a position of great NEED on our defense, and brings with him some excellent potential for FIELD LEADERSHIP that our defense sorely lacks right now. Duh, just shout ‘Praise the Lord’ and let’s move on to Round 2 & fill yet another position of great NEED.

  51. Bucsfanman Says:

    Yep, we are so dumb. We passed up on two powerhouse players from two historically powerhouse teams to draft a LB. What were we thinking? The learning curve is so much steeper and takes more time to develop those other guys. Just dumb! We must not like playing the percentages because, White was the safer bet. The crazy part is that there were so many dumb teams who passed on these guys.
    On a serious note, not one of these players have played a single down in the NFL. All I read lately was how Allen wasn’t going to be there because he was so ridiculously good and how Oliver, from the NCAA titan program, HOUSTON, was the next Aaron Donald. And how that connection was made is beyond me. His stats didn’t show that. He just has the same body style.
    But, oh, the Bucs are so dumb for drafting a productive college player from a HISTORICALLY good college football team for a position that they need.

  52. rrsrq Says:

    A lot of good players still on the board, on the O -line (Ford, Taylor & Jenkins), pass rusher (Ferguson, Winovich), DBs (Greedy, Nassir, Byron and several others with first round grades. Our figure the Cards have to take a receiver, which we do not need, so plenty of juice left. As long as we get faster and meaner.

  53. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    It is VERY easy to logically explain this.

    He is a QB for the Defense… a difference maker… a LEADER that will make everyone around him better.

    Exactly the Alpha dog that this defense has NOT had since the Sapp, Brooks, Lynch & Barber days….

    Welcome to TB, Devin White!