Ex-Buc/Carolina Official Talks Devin White And Kicker Fixes

April 30th, 2019

The hated Panthers walked out of the 2019 NFL Draft with what they think is an elite edge rusher, Brian Burns, and a guy who could be their franchise left tackle, Greg Little.

The trenches were a priority.

Former Bucs stud receiver Mark Carrier, who also had a 1,000-yard season for the Panthers, is now the senior adviser to the Panthers general manager.

Carrier told WDAE-AM 620 that trading up 10 spots in Round 2 for Little out of Ole Miss was the big turning point for the Panthers draft, the one that made it very special.

Regarding the Bucs, Carrier admitted he’s a big LSU fan at home and the No. 5 overall pick of Devin White is worthy of applause. He’ll “change the tone of your entire defense right off the bat,” Carrier said of White.

Asked about the Bucs drafting a kicker again, Carrier’s instant response was a hearty laugh. “Well, sometimes you gotta keep doing it until you get it right.” he said. Carrier went on to say how especially important the position has become the extra point was moved back.

Pro Bowl Panthers kicker Graham Gano, for those wondering, was undrafted and had a rocky start with the Ravens and Redskins. He settled in once Carolina picked him up off the street in November 2012.

46 Responses to “Ex-Buc/Carolina Official Talks Devin White And Kicker Fixes”

  1. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Sucks so hard Burns had to go to Carolina.

  2. wausa Says:

    Burns will be a beast rushing the passer. The Bucs are so strong on the offense and defensive line they ignore prospects that are on the line of scrimmage.

  3. Eric Says:

    Mark Carrier was a very good player.

    All our NFC south rivals are laughing heartedly over the kicker selection. And also pleased with no help in the dl pass rush.

    Brees, Newton and Ryan must be deliriously happy. I imagine Dirk busted a gut too.

    Just not feeling good about our draft vs our rivals. Jameiis better have a monster year and then some.

  4. LakeLand Says:

    Carolina had an excellent draft. I love their UDFA pickup Elijah Holyfield.

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    I’ll reserve comment on Burns until I see him up against some big nasty NFL tackles. He’s long and lean and they will chop you and take your legs out. I wanted the Bucs to take an OT in round 2 but I’m ok with their draft. This mess can’t be fixed in one draft. Hopefully the new staff will get more out of the players they have. Not holding my breath though. If Hargreaves can stay healthy I think it will be a great year for him.

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    Don’t underestimate Todd Bowles. He’s a great defensive coach. I’d have taken him as a head coach and hopefully he’ll be ours soon. Offenses will fear him. Hide and watch.

  7. TOM Says:

    Everybody had a good draft except for the Bucs. Failed again. I’m sure Licht will tell the Glazer’s it was all coaches fault.

  8. Etzel Says:

    Greg Little was a reach, imo. Burns was a great pick though. Carolina seems to have trouble evaluating OL in recent history. We shall see.

  9. JabooBuc Says:

    Eric, the fact is your rivals will laugh at all picks until they prove to be good. If this Kicker steps in and routinely makes big kicks to win games, then they will not be laughing. Nobody laughs at Bellicheat for selecting Stephen Gostkowski in the 4th round.

  10. Carrollwood Bucs fan Says:

    Who knows, maybe Mark Carrier will be our next GM?

  11. rrsrq Says:

    I think the real issue with the Bucs draft is not that it wasn’t a good draft, but that in comparison to teams in the division, teams that were in the playoffs were still able to come up with what was perceived as a better draft than the Bucs. Some of the names we heard or saw in mock drafts went to other teams where the players we never heard of were drafted by the Bucs. Would love to see the players the Joe’s featured as potential Bucs draft target and see how many were still on the board after the first round that we didn’t even sniff.

  12. 813bucboi Says:

    CAR had a good draft…..got burns and little….drafted jordan scarlett….signed e.holyfield…..

    wish we drafted OL & RB….

    Go Bucs!!!!

  13. What? Says:

    I can’t tell if some of these comments feature heavy sarcasm or are serious. The panthers are one of the best teams in the league when it comes to developing OL. The Bucs are not very good in the trenches, at all. You might want to consider why the Bucs did not go after any ol in this draft and waited until the last round for a wr in James make or break year. You’re not going to give him a big deal just because he looks “okay” given his circumstances. He has to overcome a really bad right side on ol, make perriman into something he’s never been, make a 7th rounder/udfa lookvas good as humphries. Seems like a lot if you’re really all in on a qb… just saying.

  14. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    813 no clue why the bucs did not draft scarlett later on when they drafted the kicker, he seems like he would be the perfect fit in a mode like david johnson that arians had. He can 100% catch better than any RB on the roster right now and ran the ball between the tackles like a 6-2 guy…then the panthers grab holyfield….not sure what the bucs are doing…scarlett is like macaffery, but got in that lil trouble at uf and has a bad rap…and the panthers, falcons and saints addressed their OL…not jasonlicht

  15. MadMax Says:

    And I laugh at their trade up and selection of Little….overrated, so good for our D line to feed on.

  16. Buc_U Says:

    I would be interested to see who is laughing if said kicker makes the winning field goal. Look people, the draft is over, quit whining already. I think a lot of you want us to fail so you can be right about the draft. Some of you are still crying about Derwin James from last year. We will see in the next 5 years whether James or Vea was a better pick. You whiners are judging draft picks before the even hit the field. Guys who are not GM’s and coaches are telling you this person is better than that person and you believe them just like that. If they know so much why aren’t they GM’s or coaches. Carrier said good things but all Joe is focused on is the laugh. Get over it already Geez.

  17. Buc_U Says:

    It’s interesting because you whiners all complained about coaching and you thought this team would be better under a better coach, yet you get one and you all say he doesn’t know what he is doing. The coach says the O-line is good, that means he saw something in the tape that backed this up. Many of the OL problems were self-inflicted. Stupid penalties, lack of toughness, lack of accountability, not playing to the whistle. These things are fixable. Now Benenoch was a problem, he won’t be out there in that position, problem solved. Let the plan play out first before you say it’s not working. C’mon guys give it up already this is childish.

  18. Eric Says:

    I hear you buc_u

    I wanna believe but twelve years with no playoffs interferes with any deference.

    Just don’t think this team could afford a cutesy kicker pic, unlike the pats. The vast number of kickers in this league were not drafted. Any gm worth his salt should be able to sign one without burning a draft pic.

  19. Darin Says:

    Exactly. Bowles is gona get pressure somehow. He will send 7 every play of he has to. Thats why he got corners who could man up. I really wanted Allen because i think he’d fit the d perfect but i guess they think White will more. Bowles will have the D ready. I guess some havnt seen teams who prioritize pressure and blitz often. Must only have been watching the Bucs play.

  20. Tom S. Says:

    To the last remaining Licht apologists…Carolina had the 16th pick overall in each round. Essentially they were given the league’s average draft in assets. The used it to select Brian Burns, Greg Little, Will Grier, Christian Miller, Jordan Scarlett.

    Jason Licht was gifted a top 5 pick in Rd 1 and top 7 pick in virtually every round, meaning he was given the assets to have a top 20% NFL draft based on draft value alone. He selected D. White, Bunting, Dean, Edwards, Nelson and Gay through Rd 5. Now personally I like the Panthers draft a little more. But even if you think it’s even or if TB had your preferred selection is it noticeably greater than the panthers? Like a quartile better?

  21. SenileSenior Says:

    I second what Buc_U says!!
    Go Bucs!!!!!!

  22. 813bucboi Says:


    i agree….we couldve used him….

    seems like the others team in the division knw bowles likes to blitz and got line play to counter that…we’ll see how it does…

    Go Bucs

  23. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Saw quite a few grades where we were better than everyone else so not sure what you guys are reading.

    Falcons reached per most sites on both their OL picks. Lindstrom is a very solid OG but he isn’t anywhere near the level of Nelson or even Jonah Williams IMO. Williams was the only OG worth it in R1, and maybe Bradberry at C if you use a zone scheme.

    The OT they got also was rated poorly by a few sites. Both could be mediocre to bad starters that they put a ton of investment in.

    Panthers may have had the best draft if Little is legit. That’s the key tho.

    They spent a 3rd rounder on a backup QB because they are worred about Cam’s health/future. They spent a 5h on a RB i don’t know much about or had rated highly. I like their 4th round pick.

    Saints didn’t have a R1 pick, and took a C in R2 that some guy on the radio in Denver was saying he didn’t even like as a top 2-3 round guy. We’ll see on him.

  24. SCBucsFan Says:

    Some believe no matter what decisions are made they are wrong because of the recent history of the franchise. That’s their right but it must make football horrible for them year round. I’d rather be foolish and optimistic then miserable and pessimistic.

  25. JabooBuc Says:

    Tom S.: So why do you think that the Panters draft is better? Every team has different needs and different personnel. Kind of hard to compare.

  26. BUCHAWAII Says:

    At first glance seems to me the Bucs had the worst draft in the NFC South. I will be pleasantly surprised if we are not in last place again. I improvements on OL or RB position so expect the same production and mistakes from JW. Unfortunate for him and fans that want to see him succeed. Secondary has to be better now, I like Jamel dean of healthy can be force! Maybe UDFA Bruce Anderson can shine over the rest and become the RB that is complemented by barber!

  27. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Isn’t the grass always greener?……..New Orleans didn’t even have a first round pick…..My next door neighbor is a rabid Falcons fan and he says most Falcon fans hate their draft…..he believed they reached for both of their Olinemen and they had to draft them because of huge Oline mistakes.

    Would you rather have Brian Burns or Devin White……you can’t have both.
    Carolina had a good draft…..and Holyfield went undrafted for a reason.

    The grass is always greener!!!

  28. Tom S. Says:

    JabooBuc, in the end the team that drafts the most starters/Pro Bowlers/HOFers are the winners because good players lead to team success.

    By your statement you couldn’t compare the Bucs 1995 All-Time Warren Sapp/Derrick Brooks draft to other teams that year because “teams have different needs” so because the Jets had Matt Brock and Tony Casillas at DT that year that the justification for drafting Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp made any more sense than it does today. It doesn’t.

  29. Tom S. Says:

    Regarding the Panthers Draft, I like Brian Burns who may not be as safe a bet as Devin White but because of his position as a pass rusher he has a higher ceiling as a game-changer than a MLB does (even if Bowles blitzes White more). Greg Little used to be considered a potential top 5-10 pick. The talent is there at LT, the question is whether he will ever use it consistently. Will Grier was a favorite of the later round QB’s given his success at UF/WVU, like Little he has the ability if he can put it together.

    The Panthers have more of a boom/bust draft in that they could see a few of these players turn into big time game changers or they could fail to develop. Of course if they all fail and Devin White racks up Pro Bowls each year then you have the Bucs with the better draft. But looking at it today, I wouldn’t give the edge to the team that was starting with a pick 10-11 slots higher in every round and that’s a shame.

  30. LakeLand Says:

    Yeah Todd Bowles was blitzing so much with the Jets

    Their defense gave up 27.6 PPG

  31. LakeLand Says:

    Carolina has a history of developing O-Linemen and D-Linemen!!


  32. BuccoBoras Says:

    We needed OL! We needed DE! We needed RB! That’s all I’ve read here for weeks on this site. Sure, getting good players at those positions would be great, but there’s no way to get that many picks. If we did that people would be whining that we didn’t really NEED those players cause we were fairly good there. What was an absolute NEED was the secondary! And now that’s been addressed. I wish we could’ve traded down at 2 and still get our new corners. CB’s. The kicker at 5 made me mad, but if it pans out, then we’ll all be happy.

  33. BuccoBoras Says:


    Bowles the DC is very different than Bowles the HC. Much better when he’s calling the plays. Arizona numbers prove that.

  34. philip smith Says:

    watch devin whites hi lights on you tube………..

  35. JabooBuc Says:

    Tom S.: appreciate the response but I would disagree with the assessment of Carolina’s draft. First, as an FSU alum, I love Brian Burns and would have loved to see him here. However, I believe White is the better pick. Burns could be seen as a liability in the run game and White is a 3 down LB that should help in both areas.

    They traded up to get Little who has been an underachiever at best at Ole Miss. They gave up a 3rd to pick him and his film reminds me of Donovan Smith which is meh.

    Finally, Will Grier? Probably won’t see the field behind Cam. So, they spent a 3rd for a guy that won’t impact the game.

    In the end, we can all spin this any way we like. Have yet to hear anyone dispute that White is a damn good player whereas there are mixed feelings about Burns (I am with you that he is a player).

  36. Chris Simms 2020 GM Says:

    Panther’s GM was playing 4D chess, Gump was playing 52 pick up.

  37. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “I’d rather be foolish and optimistic then miserable and pessimistic.”

    Yeah my philosophy as well mixed with being honest about what disappoints me in real time. This draft was disappointing to me for not addressing RG or OL basically but I am hopeful and optimistic still that I will be proven wrong lol.

    The flip side is being prideful over spewing negative projections about a team you are supposedly a fan of.
    The flip side is the SAFE position – assuming the worst with this team. Weird a4ss thing to pat your back over when that is the safe position.

    If I start feeling that way I’m simply not going to follow the team much any more or come on here. Makes no sense to come here ever day upset and pessimistic. You’re not accomplishing much other than lowering the quality of your life

  38. Tom S. Says:

    Devin White is probably the safest player in the draft JabooBuc, that’s what you get picking 5th overall. Last year the Broncos picked 5th and got Bradley Chubb who had 12 sacks. It wasn’t because John Elway is a genius but rather because he had a premium selection and the choice between Chubb and Quinton Nelson there, how do you go wrong?

    The 16th selection last year was Tremaine Edmunds. Solid player, made some plays but you’ll take Bradley Chubb over him every day and twice on Sundays. There is definitely a big advantage to drafting 5th overall vs 16th.

    If Gettleman takes Daniel Jones 16th overall do you hear the same outcry as him being selected 6th overall? Nope. Especially if Dwayne Haskins already goes at 15 to the Redskins.

  39. LakeLand Says:

    I agree Tom S

    The Bucs should have the most talented roster in the NFL. Considering where they draft year after year!!

  40. Tom S. Says:

    Lord Cornelius, so you’re saying if the GM kept Aguayo and he kept missing kicks every year, chronically kicking in the bottom few spots on the NFL you would rather foolishly believe Aguayo would turn it around in year 6 than to call for his replacement (which has happened 5 times over since then)?

    The GM and the ownership are to blame. They are the constant. You can’t fire the ownership but you can fire the GM. Negative fan sentiment, unsold tickets hurt the bottom line. And as clueless as the Glazer Babies are if they see Licht is hurting their brand they’ll eventually fire the guy. That’s the point of speaking up. But you be the foolishly optimistic fan you choose to be. That’s your prerogative. Even though the Bucs are very unlikely to make the playoffs this year maybe you can have a few daydreams that they will and good for you. Some of us choose to look at what is and advocate for changes.

  41. Buc_U Says:

    To the people that understand that Devin White was a good pick, this is not for you. To the others I would ask why a player who is considered a top 5 draft player and the best LB in the in the draft is not good enough for Bucs fans? Was LB not a need? We got the best one. Devin is a game changer but you guys are so worried about what you didn’t get you can’t even appreciate what you have. If I was Devin and I read half these comments I would be extremely disappointed.

  42. Ndog Says:

    Huge FSU fan and I really like Brian Burns but if you want a difference maker on defense he is not your guy. Anyone who watched FSU over the past few years knows the only one that came close to that was Derwin James and even when he was there the defense was horrible. Brain Burns is a very good player but not a game wrecker.

  43. Ndog Says:

    Our Dline is Gholdston, Vea, Allen, Nelson and Beckner and we will only play 3. Our LBs are LVD, White, Buccannon, Spence, JPP, Nassib, Minter, Barret and we will only play 4. For a front 7 that’s pretty good with some outstanding flexibility. Our corners are VH3, Davis, Bunting, Dean, Smith, Elliot and we will usually only play 3. Our safeties are Evans, Whitehead, Edwards, Stewart and Brice and we will only play 2. While we don’t have a shutdown corner among those groups we should have some outstanding depth. So those saying this draft is horrible please look at the big picture and please point out the last we had depth anywhere on this team, especially the entire defense.

  44. chopshopp Says:

    Mark Carrier is right. The K, and all of ST, has become very important with the new rule changes. How many games have we lost because of one player? The kicker of all people! This will be the new trend going forward with teams who don’t have an established Kicker. Why would you go through blood, sweat, and tears for 59 minutes only to lose because you don’t have a stud kicker? So, you’d rather take a 5%-10% chance on a player making the team from the 4th-7th rounds, but not secure the best kicker in the draft because that’s how it was done before when the Extra Point was a gimme?

    The 49ers drafted a Punter in the 4th Round!! The Bucs should never have drafted Aguayo in the 2nd Round, it put too much pressure on him and frankly he never could hit beyond the 50. But, I’ll take a 5th round kicker any day if I have problems hitting Extra Points with an average kicker currently on the team.

    If Aguayo had or this kid Gay does become an automatic kicker, will any one care where he was drafted?

  45. Snook Says:

    Burns is a one trick pony. He won’t succeed at the NFL level. Also disappeared for stretches during games at FSU. Sorry folks. He’s a bust. Long time FSU fan here too.

  46. Buc68 Says:

    Burns weighed 225 lbs at FSU. Didn’t he weigh in around 245 at the combine? It didn’t effect his 40 time either. He will be a different player than the one FSU had at that weight.