Bruce Arians’ First Round Picks In Arizona

April 10th, 2019

Hold your noses, Bucs fans.

No, Bucco Bruce Arians wasn’t the general manager in Arizona, but you can safely bet he was a very powerful force in personnel after his first season there, a 10-6 campaign for the 2013 team that was coming off a 5-11 finish.

So how did Arians and friends perform with first-round picks? It’s not pretty. Here’s a summary:

2013 Jonathan Cooper, No. 7 overall, Guard – BUST
2014 Deone Bucannon, No. 27 overall, Safety/Linebacker – Didn’t perform to draft level, now with Bucs.
2015 D.J. Humphries, No. 24 overall, Left Tackle – Has played in just 27 games through four seasons.
2016 Robert Nkemdiche, No. 29, Defensive Tackle – After two rough seasons, he finally was having a breakout season last year but blew his knee out in November.
2017 Haason Reddick, No. 13 overall, Linebacker – Lost starting job to begin the 2018 season, came on strong in second half of the year. A work in progress.

Make no mistake, Arians is calling the shots on the Buccaneers’ first-round pick this month. There’s no way the Bucs are drafting anyone that doesn’t get the Arians seal of approval.

Joe hopes Arians has gotten smarter/luckier.

Vinny Lecavalier is talking Lightning playoffs. How fun is that! It’s another great production from Joe’s friends at The Identity Tampa Bay.

49 Responses to “Bruce Arians’ First Round Picks In Arizona”

  1. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Soooooooo, it sounds like those players got better the further away they got from coach stale biscuit and friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. westernbuc Says:

    More and more it looks like the Glazers hired Lovie Smith 2.0

    Chasing the past is the Tampa way

  3. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I’d have to say Licht has had more 1st round pick success than Arians. Just lock Licht out of the room when the 2nd round starts.

  4. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    Not really a ringing endorsement of the section of Bucs fans who believe Arians and his former staff filled with his friends and former players will fix Jameis Winston, Fix the offensive line, fix the defense, fix the run game, fix the kicking game and fix the awful GM who cant build a competitive winning roster.


  5. Destinjohnny Says:

    Picking players is an art.
    Just because u can coach it Doesent make it automatic that u can pick players

  6. miken Says:

    Thats ugly. Lots of bad picks there. Not I traded up for a kicker in the 2nd round terrible but still pretty damn bad. His 2nd round track record isn’t much better.

  7. No expert Says:

    Having to wait until the 24th, 27th or 29th pick in the draft would be a welcomed change.

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    It also speaks to the absolute crap-shoot that is predicting success at the NFL level in the draft.
    That’s why when people start screaming to trade player ‘X’ for draft picks, I cringe.
    Not a pretty trend there though!

  9. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Yeah that’s not too good. Bit of bad luck with Nkdemiche/Humphries & Buccanon was good under the staff that drafted him.

    Licht’s done better by comparison R1. It’s the mid rounds and particularly R2 he’s failed us.

    Cardinals R2-R4 picks 2013-2017:

    2013-Kevin Minter/Tyran Matthieu/Alex Okafor (solid)
    2014-Troy Niklas/Kareem Martin/John Brown/Logan Thomas (meh)
    2015-Markus Golden/David Johnson/Rodney Gunter (solid for Johnson)
    2016-Brandon Williams/Evan Boehm (Boehm top 10 center for Colts last year – Williams meh so this was 50/50)
    2017-Budda Baker/Chad Williams/Dorian Johnson (meh-not good)

    Not very good in general.

    Minter/Okafor/Brown/Boehm/Baker = solid starters / contributors
    Johnson/Mattieu = above average starters

    Licht R1 in 5 drafts = Mike Evans / Winston / VHIII / OJ Howard / Vea

    He still has a chance to go 5/5 in terms of core starters from R1 with those guys and 2 have made pro bowls with 3-4 having a chance this year IMO between Evans/Winston/Howard/Vea

    R2-R4 in 5 drafts =

    J. Evans/C. Davis/D.Smith = solid starters/contributors
    Kwon/Marpet/Godwin = above average or more starters

    ‘Gump’ doesn’t look that bad compared to Klein/BA in this period. That’s even assuming Stewart/Rojo/Cappa/Ryan Smith/Jordan Whitehead/Justin Watson/Noah Spence/etc are all worthless or non-starters this year..

    still – a JBF poll draft would probably yeild top 10 results year after year

  10. El Buco Realisto Says:


    True!!!! But its more “crappier” of a shoot, with a bad GM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. EvolvingBucsFan Says:

    @No Expert I noticed the same thing, going from the 7th pick to the 27th having a bust or not he drastically improved the team in term of wins between 2013-2014 and picking 24th and 29th in 2015-2016 says he stayed consistent.

    He might not have had picks that helped the team but his team as a whole was consistent and competitive a very welcome change indeed. Now imagine him having a stud pick that actually produces too.

  12. Defense Rules Says:

    Hmmm, that list of Arizona 1st round picks 2013-2017 who didn’t do too well leads to one BIG QUESTION Joe …

    ‘Was it poor player selection OR crummy player development?’ (If everyone’s going to chastise the Bucs’ coaches for not developing certain top Round picks (like VHIII, Spence, RoJo & several others) then folks need to ask the SAME QUESTIONS about Arizona’s failed top Round picks).

  13. doolnutts Says:

    Honestly, how do you miss basically 5 years straight of first round picks… Dominick was awful GM and even he hit a couple of first rounders. That is beyond an awful track record. Let’s hope Licht runs the first round and hands off to BA in the 2nd.

  14. NOSBOS Says:

    Never ceases to amaze me,team was 5 and 11 the year before he took over and 10 and 6 his first season in charge but he seems like Lovie 2.0??? That confirms it dumbest fanbase in all of pro sports.

  15. NOSBOS Says:

    Not to mention him stating he has waaayyy more here in Tampa than he had in zona. But we’re talking bout miss draft picks not working out. Rrriiiggghhtt. How about how many players he anually sent to the pro bowl each year.

  16. El Buco Realisto Says:

    I can’t wait until next year’s offseason, when we will hear about how coach stale biscuit and friends, read the roster wrong!!!!!!!!!!! and now that they know the roster, the problems and issues they will know how to fix them!!!!!

    meanwhile some of the sheep will start to ask why the biscuit’s taste like dog biscuits!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Couple things, isnt licht off the arians personnel tree? Sure seems like it with that list of crap….look at the AZ Cardinals since BA has “retired” they along with the bucs are arguably the worst team in the NFL with a very long way to go to put a winner on the field. So it could be true that BA could very well be responsible for the 2 worst teams in the NFL in 2019.

  18. AlteredEgo Says:

    LOL…you guys are so easily played….

  19. NOSBOS Says:

    Joe I guess you want the trend to continue. Pick good to see you did some film study on Allen,you heard from me First future bust. But what the other so-called sure things. Bosa didn’t play a snap last season,oliver’s(not highlights people)is just as bad as allen’s and like a poster stated weeks ago Bama Dlinemen haven’t been all that spectacular once in the league. Q has one year under as a starter. If Q was so elite (which Willie McGinnest publically stated he doesn’t think so)why did it take so long to get on the field??? And did he play in the national championship game??? Don’t recall seeing him any.

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    So Rhealist is down on BA and staff. Down on Winston. Down on the GM.

    Perhaps a “real” fan such as yourself can reveal some answers ahead of 2019 – so the sheep can see your actual ignorance and continue laughing at your football ignorance.

    Being cryptic does not increase the perception of your intelligence Rhealist….

    Nothing will. But you feel free to keep doing Rhealist Re-posts in that pathetic, desperate way you do – attempting to look like you have a clue and such….

  21. Not there yet Says:

    It’s not ugly the takeaway is they had an ugly draft history but he still won. This is the most negative website out there and it’s really getting pathetic. Dirk Koetter sorry arse didn’t get this much shade

  22. firethecannons Says:

    Jason Licht is worse than Arians so far–tally in his second round misses–awful!

  23. wausa Says:

    Licht has done much better than Arians in the first round.

    Have Licht pick in the first round and pay a monkey two bananas to pick the second round choice and go back to Arians for rounds 3-7.

  24. firethecannons Says:

    NOSBOS who is your pick?–sorry but I don’t always read the comments enough to know

  25. firethecannons Says:

    I am actually a nosbos too but unfortunately the Noles suck–someday gives us your take on Taggart

  26. Hodad Says:

    Picking players is an art, much different then coaching. We needed a G.M. with vision on how to build a team, and an eye for talent. Unfortunately we have Licht, who hasn’t shown that ability the last five years. Now we’re counting on B.A. to save us from Licht, but who’s going to save us from B.A.?

  27. 813bucboi Says:

    folks are missing the point…….even when BA and his staff drafted a “bust” in the 1st round, they still made the playoffs…..that speaks volumes regarding the coaching and depth they were able to develop…..

    obviously the 1st round selection wasnt good enough (yet) to make an impact but the depth that the coaches develop saved the day…..

    if we draft devin white and he ends up not making an impact in his rookie year or loses his starting job, but we still go 10-6 and make the playoffs, no one would worry too much because the coaches wouldve proven they can outcoach the opponent and white’s replacement, a 2nd stringer, wouldve been ready to roll…..

    some of yall over reacting…..

    BA whiffs on a 1st round pick and still is able to make the playoffs…..thats great coaching!!!!!


  28. 813bucboi Says:


    you lame as hell hoping we have another losing season just because you’re butt hurt over dirk and smitty having to walk the plank…..

    i never liked the dirk hire but i kept my mouth such until he gave me a reason to bash him…..even tho i was against the dirk hire, i rooted for dirk to prove me wrong not right…..unfortunately, i was right about dirk….he was in over his head and not HC material…..simple as that

    BA will prove you wrong…..he’ll develop this team and we’ll have a winning season in 2019……

    and we’ll sweep dirk and his outdated 4vert offense!!!!!!!!


  29. El Buco Realisto Says:


    if you are counting double digit score losses blowouts, you need to count again!!!!LOL!!!! But I don’t blame you!!!!! Its the public school systems that have failed!!!!!!!!!!! Coach Smitty never was able to “fix” incompetent lovie’s system, and was not allowed to move on from it!!!!! For that he was rightfluuy fired!!!!!!!!!

    And if Coach Smitty had more talent, then that was loser lovie’s fault has he had the juice over the roster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The “real” truth is that Coach Smitty had a much harder schedule, just look at the strength of schedule and Avg offenses faced!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 813bucboi Says:


    im counting what the score was at half time during the blowout…..

    2016 and 2017 we were down vs arz 24-0 back to back years…..the game was over at halftime…..40-7 2016 and 38-33 in 2017… 2017 that was still a blowout….

    thats what im talking about!!!!!!!!…

    dont cherry pick final scores….smitty sh!t the bed before halftime arrived!!!!!!


  31. unbelievable Says:

    So let Licht draft the 1st rounder, and BA pick the 2nd rounders.

    Problem solved!

    You’re welcome

  32. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    As I’ve said, Arians has done nothing but make this team worse since he came.

    He’s never hit on a first round pick, and he has full control.

    At least Arians hits on his first rounders most of the time.

    So far, all I’ve seen from Arians is talk…mostly about himself.

  33. Realist wears a Tmaxipad on his vijay Says:

    I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. I agree with NOSBOS. We have some of the most uneducated fans. Go do some research and educate yourselves. Jason Licht’s draft record is well above average in comparison to other GMs. Has he had bad picks? Sure but he hits on more than most GMs. He has a poor record in free agency but not the draft. 50% of 1st round picks don’t live up to potential across the NFL. Licht hits nearly 100% on the 1st round. 2nd round draft picks hit less than 50%. Licht is on par or slightly above average in the second. Pick any team and look at previous drafts and you will see that most of their picks never panned out. There are very few exceptions.

  34. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    I don’t care what Mike Smith did…I care about what the current people do. And it hasn’t been pretty so far.

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I can promise everyone this:

    In all likelihood, whoever is drafted will barely make an impact this year, if at all.

    Even the vaunted Warren Sapp did not make an impact until his second year.

  36. NOSBOS Says:

    Firethecannons I’m behind Devin White bro. This notion that we are in need of “93’s replacement” is trivial to me considering the scheme change. Now if we were still going to be a 4/3 base I would be in with people saying get Q. But a 3/4 whose D linemen are primarily “gap penetrators” which was indicated in write by the Tampa Times breaking down Todd Bowles 3/4 scheme that I cut and pasted and linked on here does not make sense to me bro.

  37. NOSBOS Says:

    Totally disagree Bonzai,Pop has posted Roquan Smith’s rookie numbers several times. My belief is Devin would be somewhere in that ball park.

  38. El Buco Realisto Says:


    incompetent loser lovie in 2015 was down by 35 to 7 vs Titans and 24 to 3 vs carolina 21 to 3 vs Rams,

    And of course 2014 was way worse!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Now its 4:40!!!! so I just told you what time it is again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2019 will reveal answers to the sheep, that the “real” fans already know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. NOSBOS Says:

    As far as how I feel about Taggart Fire, well I understood a man needs more than a single season to effectively implement his system. Our O line has sucked the last few years. I was pleased to learn he brought in 6 oline recruits so hopefully year two will show improvement.

  40. NOSBOS Says:

    But Bonzai the point you made is why the so-called Big 3 don’t make sense. Those guys have a bigger learning curve than Devin White. BA ain’t got time for that he’ll tell you.

  41. Stanglassman Says:

    You’d think the Bucs fans who’ve been running around saying BA is our GM, HC and POFO all in one would have looked this up. Let’s just let the scouts, scout the coaches, coach and the GM be GM.

  42. firethecannons Says:

    NOSBOS thx for the response, we are not going to go wrong with Devin White. Loaded with character and high motor. Draft is loaded!!!!!!!! Hope we can pick up Chase Winovich rd 2 or M. Sweat in round 2.
    Personally even though I am FSU alumni–I was sorry to see Jimbo leave. Honest truth! Oline was a huge need. Blackmon still skin n bone n heart but better

  43. firethecannons Says:

    thinking heart condition may cause Sweat to drop to rd 2

  44. Dave Pear Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    April 10th, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    As I’ve said, Arians has done nothing but make this team worse since he came.

    He’s never hit on a first round pick, and he has full control.

    At least Arians hits on his first rounders most of the time.

    So far, all I’ve seen from Arians is talk…mostly about himself.
    What are you trying to say?
    Drinking a little early Bonzai?

  45. Bucfan1988 Says:

    I haven’t given up on Lichts 2nd round pics on defense from being decent contributors yet.

    I want to see what they look like with DECENT coaching and a BETTER defensive scheme that fits the players strengths.

    Noah Spence as outside LB (where he should have been)!!
    Hargreaves & Davis as IN YOUR FACE press corners (what they are best suited for!!)

    Let’s see what we have after these changes are made.

  46. jerseybuc Says:

    BA’s strength is teaching, and coaching. Not every coach is adept at all facets of the game, that is why you rely on scouts, your front office team and other coaches. The way some of you take the bait Joe throws out there is astounding. Give the coach a chance, you may be surprised.

  47. NOSBOS Says:

    😂yea he is Firethecannons.

  48. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Dave Pear Says
    What are you trying to say?
    Drinking a little early Bonzai?”

    Go ahead and tell me how he’s improved the team so far.

    I’ll wait.

    Because since he’s come, we have lost at least two great players and replaced them with ‘tryouts’.

    Did he improve the kicking game at all? Nope. Same kicker. And having a punter do the kickoffs will not make our kicker hit field goals. That’s pure pitch.

    So please…tell me one player or position he has improved.

    Or wait, let’s talk about the coaches he brought in…coaches who were recently fired because they sucked.

    Look, I’m not saying he cannot turn things around, but I’m not going to spew false hype and say just him being here makes the difference. He’s gotta earn it. And so far, he has earned less than nothing.

    And let’s not blame it on the cap situation. The Bucs could have freed up close to $60 million through cuts alone…still can free up a decent amount.

    If he had actually improved one position I would feel differently, but he hasn’t. No even the kicker.

  49. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    NOSBOS Says
    “But Bonzai the point you made is why the so-called Big 3 don’t make sense.”

    Are you even talking to the right guy? Because I have no idea what you are talking about…