“We Just Keep Our Guys; We’re Good”

March 2nd, 2019

Film-loving staff

Bucco Bruce Arians did a lot of talking this week at the NFL Scouting Combine, and he was even on television sharing what a treasure chest of talent he sits on at One Buc Palace.

Man, Arians loves the Bucs roster so much one might almost expect the Bucs to ask Dirk Koetter to refund some money to Team Glazer.

As you’ll see in the video below, Arians, sporting the Lovie Smith/Mike Smith white beard, sat down with Mike Florio and ex-Bucs QB Phil Simms of PFT Live. There the head coach explains that he has never arrived at a team and seen such a loaded group of offensive talent. Arians said he recently asked his offensive position coaches what they needed and they replied, ‘We just keep our guys; we’re good.”

Joe has shared a couple of other gems from Arians in here already. One odd one is Arians saying Jameis Winston, America’s Quarterback, will be better after “knowing his offense inside out.” Well, Jameis had four freakin’ years in the last offense. Does Arians think Jameis didn’t know Koetter’s offense? It was a confusing take. Meanwhile, Arians went on to say his offense is “sophisticated” and “simple” at the same time but puts a lot of demands on the QB.

As for the Arians foul language that was edited from this video, Joe can attest that it wasn’t anything too interesting. He referenced “crowd-noise sh*t” that causes migraines after practice.

28 Responses to ““We Just Keep Our Guys; We’re Good””

  1. Bucnjim Says:

    So many drafts and free agents have been used to stockpile the offense you almost have to go straight D this year.

  2. donuts Says:

    Phil = Chris Simms

  3. RTG Bucs Says:

    “sporting the Lovie Smith/Mike Smith white beard“

    Why slam the man so hard before he even coaches one game?? That is a shameful comparison!

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I would tend to agree in so far as the Offense is concerned…….we do need an OG……unless Cappa is ready.

    We need to focus heavily on the Defense in the draft and what little we can afford in FA.

  5. JP_09 Says:

    In this interview, he’s only referring to the skilled positions. He never says he’s or his staff is okay with the O-Line

  6. doolnutts Says:

    Pretty much agree… Losing hump would stink but we need to focus almost entirely on defense. Yes the OL/RB positions need to be addressed (more so RG imo) but the defense was/is historically bad. I would be happy with any and all defensive additions really.

  7. stpetebucsfan Says:

    This is actually pretty obvious. We have our QB…plenty of targets…a decent RB…need depth…and our OL needs a player or two. Defense is what we REALLY need.

    It remains to be seen how much of an improvement Bowles is over Smitty. Perhaps that alone will create some significant improvement.

    BTW…when I say obvious about our QB position…it’s obvious what the coaching staff believes…some posters here like AE do not. We’ll all find out this season but clearly there is no need to worry about an FA or draft pick at QB unless we’re unhappy with Griffin as the primary backup. But it is clear from his statements and beliefs Arians is not looking for a former starter or anybody who threatens JW’s confidence which was shattered last year.

    Building JW’s confidence is also clearly one of Arian’s main desires this year.

  8. Guzzie Says:

    We need a starting caliber RG and RT, we have 1 reliable starting LB, 3 DES that are transitioning to OLB positions they’ve never played before (JPPNassibSpence), 3 JAGs at RB, a turnover prone, public embarrassing QB, a young secondary with multitude of questions, average at best kickers, horrible owners, no cap space, other than a handful of players, our roster sucks, this is a 5-11 roster period, no way this team is a good roster

  9. Guzzie Says:

    Hope Bruce isn’t going senile, wouldnt doubt it, cause that’s a Bucs life

  10. ben Says:

    bucs better bring in a top qb to make the most of the offense or …..do the bucs really believe Winston can climb up to be average after 4 years?/// Time will tell .

  11. Stanglassman Says:

    Check out Ben’s book “The real quarterback whisper” Where he explains why Ryan Leaf really was better than Peyton Manning.

  12. stpetebucsfan Says:


    This issue has been decided for 2019. Beyond might be different depending on JW’s season. But Arians has made a couple of things clear.

    He believes if you have more than one QB you have no QB. He also has been unequivocal in his endorsement of JW as that QB regardless of the opinion of some on this blog.

    I do not call those who can’t jump on the JW bandwagon haters for simply disagreeing with this…but I do believe they are simply mistaken.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    BA is saying EXACTLY what everyone should expect him to say. Did anyone really expect him to come in and say “This is the worst group of n’er-do-wells I’ve ever coached”? Love the quote from his position coaches … ‘We just keep our guys; we’re good.” Awesome! Come the start of training camp let’s just see if they’re all on the roster. My bet is: No way.

    Some JBFers need to stop thinking that the team roster we have RIGHT NOW is exactly what we had at the end of 2018. Not even close. Quite a few starters/key rotational players from 2018 are now UFAs or RFAs who could sign with anyone: I counted about a dozen in that category, including our LT, RB, slot WR, CB, MLB, Safety, K, LS (plus several others) for most of the season. They don’t belong to us anymore, and those ‘holes’ NEED to be filled, either by re-signing them or by signing or drafting someone else. Got news for all those who believe it’s all just coaching: You can’t coach up a hole. You have to pay someone to actually fill it BEFORE you can coach ’em up. We’re looking at a major turnover in personnel, admittedly more likely on the defensive side than on the offensive side, but a major turnover of personnel nonetheless. And wouldn’t be at all surprised to see THREE new Special Team guys out there also: a new K, P & LS (2 of the 3 are UFAs right now BTW, and a punter who makes over $3 mil a year better be REALLY good).

  14. TonyC Says:

    Are you even listening? He said skill positions not O line.

  15. Pickgrin Says:

    Unless the OL coaches are convinced that Alex Cappa is going to blow up this year – I’m not so sure about the idea of “we’re good” when it comes to RG.

    The Benenoch “experiment” at RG is already officially squashed. (Should have been after the first few games – Cappa wouldn’t have done worse – and would have gotten valuable experience in what turned out to be a lost year…)

    Evan Smith should probably be kept for a mere $2M just in case injuries start piling up – but you sure don’t want him starting.

    There’s Liedke – who I kinda like…. as a developing Tackle.

    If a guy like Iupati can be had for a reasonable price for 1 year – I would go that route – and then draft a good OG prospect no later than the 3rd or 4th rd this year to help shore up our interior OL depth with youth.

    Then there’s the tackle position. Seems all signs point to the Bucs re-signing Smith – or at least franchise tagging him for $15M in 2019. I think this is a mistake and have repeatedly explained why – but I do at least get why they are doing it. Its more a fear based reaction I believe – than any real confidence that Smith will actually EARN that $15M – but I digress… So LT is “covered” if they do bring Smith back.

    RT is also a pretty big question mark – primarily because Dotson turns 34 this year. I believe his play in 2019 will be just fine – as it has been pretty much his whole starting career – when healthy…

    Those last 2 words are the key regarding Dot from here on out. Its not a matter of – What are you going to do IF…. – its more like – What are you going to do WHEN Dotson gets hurt and is no longer available to cover RT….
    I believe we have some solid but not very experienced players behind Dot already in Wester, Liedke and Cappa (who may well also be a better Tackle prospect than Guard) and I guess Benenoch who is finishing up his rookie contract this year so will likely be here as well…

    Wester and Liedke have not been offered tenders yet though – so I guess we’ll find out if the current staff likes them or not when/if they get offers…

    Bucs need to bring back Wester and Liedtke – sign a free agent who can capably start at RG if need be – then draft an OT in the 1st or 2nd rd – and an OG in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th rd this year. THEN the OLine coaches can say “we’re good”.

    So did the RB coach also say “we’re good”?? LOL No disrespect to Barber and I believe he can get the job done pretty well with solid blocking – but we definitely need a more dynamic 3rd down back who is good at catching passes at the very least… If it was my call – I’d be saying go get Adrian Peterson if he’ll play another year for the $1M or so deal he signed in 2018….

    We know the WR and TE coaches are happy if they get all their guys back – regardless of what happens with DJax. Hunphries was for sure included in that wish about “keeping our guys”. We’ll have to see how that one plays out though. There’s no way the Bucs can pay him $8M or more to be the 3rd receiver… I keep saying – hell – if you are going that high – then bring in a Golden Tate who played for $7M last year.

    Leftwich and Christiansen are very happy with Winston as their starter as is BA… Still have to figure out what to do behind him though. They may wind up going with Ryan Griffin for cheap. Hope So – otherwise why the fluck have we spent a roster spot on the dude for THREE STRAIGHT YEARS without him ever seeing 1 live snap???

  16. Not there yet Says:

    Knowing the offense isn’t enough which is why every team in the nfl has a quarterback coach. There’s always something to improve but anyone can say with confidence no one on this team was coached any kind of fundamentals as if they expected learning the offense and defense should have made players better.

    Look at all the time Kwon spent with mike Smith over the years and tell me what he learned from coaches!

  17. cmurda Says:

    Pickgrin, dude. You got to break up that post into at least 3 posts. With my ADHD, (I’m self-diagnosed) it took me no less than 10 minutes to get through that. However, I did manage and you got some good takes in there. I do think the Bucs sign D Smith to at least 3 or 4 years. Licht should be able to structure it so that somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 mill or less is guaranteed. If D Smith, ends up stinking it up, it likely would cost the Bucs less to part ways even next year, rather than franchise tagging him. His reliability and potential in a less strenuous offense with Arians could have him flourish and LT is not easily replaceable.

  18. Pickgrin Says:

    “Look at all the time Kwon spent with mike Smith over the years and tell me what he learned from coaches!”

    Hard to argue with that statement….

  19. teacherman777 Says:

    Cappa is NOT a guard, neither is Benonoch!

    Guards need a lower center of gravity.

    Both Cappa and Benenoch are natural tackles.

    Backup tackles.

    We need a bruising RG this year. Bruising RT next year. Dotson is needed tgis year. And let Cappa compete for RT next year. Draft a RT in the second NEXT year. RG in the 2nd this year.

    I called for RG all last offseason. We had 3 2nd picks, like I wanted.

    And wasted 2 on men with physical limitations.

    MJ Stewart has short, slow legs. And Ronald Jones has no upper body strength, bad hands, and runs upright.

    Who the F watched their film and couldnt see that????

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    cmurda –

    Smith ain’t worth top 5 LT money. No way No how!

    He ranks in the 16>20 range for LTs – and the pay level for that range is $6>$9M per year.

    Even at a position as important as LT – Overpaying a guy by $5 or $6M per – especially for multiple years – really limits your options at getting needed help for other positions…..

  21. Mike Johnson Says:

    Thanks Joe. I missed this interview. IF..Arians can win with this present roster,
    It proves its been the coaching all along. He seems confident we have very good players. I got us drafting Defense and linemen. Might be a smoke screen though.
    Kinda pullin for Arians. He’s a likeable guy. Gotta win though.

  22. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    He’s basically saying his offense is better than Koetter’s.

  23. Wesley Says:

    He thinks our personnel is fine? This is concerning.

  24. Rod Munch Says:

    The Bucs have plenty of talent – except in the defensive backfield, and even there they have young guys who still can get better. The issue with the Bucs is lack of depth, like at defensive line and LB.

    The Bucs had a j/o as a head coach, a guy who clearly shouldn’t have been a head coach, and the whole team suffered. But when you stack up the Bucs against other teams, player the player, the Bucs have more than enough talent to be a playoff team, except for in the defensive backfield, which is so bad, so incredibly awful and bad, that it invalidates the play of the defensive line and LBs, and makes the offense have to score 30 to have a chance to win. Said it last year, that if Licht went into the season with so little talent that Ryan Smith and Chris Conte are needing to play again he should be fired – and I stand by that again. If Licht doesn’t use FA to make that defensive backfield better, if we go into yet another season with Ryan Smith on the team, then Licht, again, needs to be fired since this will be a 30th or worse pass defense.

  25. Defense Rules Says:

    @Rod Munch … “The Bucs have plenty of talent – except in the defensive backfield, and even there they have young guys who still can get better.” Rod I agree that the Bucs have talent … just not nearly enough of it. Using the roster AS IT EXISTS TODAY, less any of our own UFAs & RFAs who can all sign with any team, create a STARTING ROSTER for our offense, defense & S/Ts. Then check how many HOLES exist.

    You could start with LT … at present we don’t have one. Then move to RB (unless you want RoJo or Wilson to start of course). Then move to MLB … again, we don’t have one right now (and I’d suggest that we most likely don’t have a 3rd LB starter either). Starting outside CB? (May want to replace Grimes, perhaps?). Oh ya, did you notice that our kicker & LS are both FAs at the moment? Add 2 more HOLES.

    Of course re-signing Donovan & Barber still leaves you starting Cappa at LG & either Dotson or Benenoch at RT. (Good luck there). And oh ya, without a decent backup for Barber (or Winston for that matter). We won’t even talk about what the PRESENT starting defensive lineup would look like (but I agree with you that the Secondary needs to be beefed up). So does the LB corps for that matter. But ya, we’ve got plenty of talent … and plenty of holes to along with that talent.

  26. BucEmUp 7 Says:

    LOL he talked about them killing it in practice on Friday and not getting tds on Sunday..


  27. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense – I’m assuming we keep Smith, either via franchise or a new deal. Barber is more than good enough to be a starting RB, I’m not worried about him at all.

    So to me you need a guard, and the rest of the 0-line is good for now, although they obviously need to get a replacement for Dotson ready.

    At LB there’s an issue if Kwon isn’t coming back, and they switch to a 3-4. If Beckwith also isn’t coming back due to injury, then, wow, that’s gonna be a problem. Perhaps Spence can play LB, but that’s a huge risk. Still, I think LB is one of the easier positions to find since you can generally put young guys in and start them day one.

    At CB they have to get someone to start opposite of Davis, and from a cap standpoint they have to keep VH3 around, which isn’t a bad thing if he’s healthy – he can be the nickel. At safety I think you stick with Evans, he’s shown more than enough. At the other safety, that is tricky. Was Whitehead any good, or was he just better than what they had – there’s a huge gap between those two things.

    As for kicker/punter, I know you need them but I don’t consider them starting positions since you can literally grab someone off the street and play them. If they keep Ayers, then you have a punter. At kicker, who knows, but they’re a dime a dozen.

    So by count, assuming they keep Smith, you need a G, a OLB, MLB, MLB, CB and S. You should be able to get two starters out of the draft if they go for position, so that means they really might need just 3 starters from FA. That’s really not bad at all for a 5-11 team.

    Man, losing Kwon and Beckwith really does turn a position of strength into a huge position of need. Let’s hope at the very least that Beckwith can in fact return – and personally I’m hoping they figure out how to bring back Kwon.

    Oh, and one other note, the salary cap came out on Friday, and it’s up $11m, so that helps as well.

  28. TOM Says:

    Need two new tackles & a guard. Other than that OL is great.