“We Have To Watch That We Don’t Overcoach Jameis”

March 29th, 2019

America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, will see a new offense for the first time since he arrived in Tampa and hugged Lovie Smith and high-fived Dirk Koetter.

Bucco Bruce Arians says there will be a lot of temptation to short-circuit Jameis’ brain.

“We have to watch that we don’t overcoach Jameis,” Arians told Joe and a few local media members this week in a cozy hallway area of the Arizona Biltmore resort.

Yes, Jameis will have Arians, Bryon Leftwich and handpicked QB guru/coach Clyde Christensen in his ear. The old saying, “too many cooks spoil the stew” certainly applies.

The good news is Arians has a check-and-balance chief in place. Arians explained that he leans toward overloading his quarterback with information but Christensen is a master of reeling him in.

“Clyde is great at that; ‘Coach, that’s awesome stuff but I think we got enough. I don’t think he can handle any more,” Arians said, mimicking how Christensen handles him.

Later on Tuesday, Joe asked Arians if it’s possible for Jameis to overwork himself. After all, he is in at 5 a.m. and his work ethic is extraordinary. Arians said he doesn’t think that’s possible after working with Peyton Manning, who Arians said was simply unrelenting in his attention to detail and round-the-clock drive.

64 Responses to ““We Have To Watch That We Don’t Overcoach Jameis””

  1. RustyRhinos Says:

    That must be it he overworked himself into bad decisions on and off the football field.

  2. tbbucs3 Says:

    Agendas aside (unlikely for a Jameis Winston topic)

    This is a make or break year for Jameis….if it’s bad or even average….you have to consider moving in another direction. The Miami Dolphins had the same problem with Ryan Tannehil as he played just good enough to remain the starter for so many years. The Bucs can’t get into that situation of mediocrity going forward.

    That being said I expect 2019 to be Jameis’ best year yet. If he can do that the JW will remain the Bucs starter if not, some other team will be glad to have him cause he is a great talent.

  3. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Man I hope this is the year Jameis either silences the fans that take a pot shot at every opportunity at the QB of their favorite football team; or this will be the last year Jameis is here and has to endure a fan base that is divided in their support.
    I’m really tired of the comments and the fan division. Whether your a fan of his or not he is the QB of the Bucs this year so how about showing some support. I guess it’s just people’s nature to b!tch and moan when any opportunity presents itself but it’s frustrating.
    Every move or non move and it’s like “ oh here comes another basement title” or “Glazers need to sell this team “ bla bla freaking bla.
    Football is entertainment and entertainment is fun. If football causes excessive b!tching in you, maybe you’d be better suited for the Kardashian’s as entertainment. Then you could b!txh to the world about how Jordan made out with Tristan OMG!

  4. uckinator Says:

    AAS – Agree, only, this fan base had to endure 2 straight seasons in (last place) Buccaneer Cove. Can certainly see why they feel it’s time to move on with the QB.

  5. Magadude Says:

    @Snowman…you forgot an option: Fat Jameis continues his old practices of slinging the ball around for lots of yards, lots of picks, and lots of losses.

  6. RustyRhinos Says:

    I do hope this season Jameis does what he is here to do, win games.
    Before Jamis got here we had issues with Wins, and have had for a long time. Jameis has not brought this team, his team a ton of W’s during his playing time here. Yes, he has shown some AMAZING plays, some promising plays, along with plenty of forgettable plays. He is a young QB who has had little to no running game to help him. I do hope the results of our running game this season are much better. If not our team has to decide America’s QB’S future in Tampa. Will he be worth all the cap space to retain him and his play? How should we proceed forward if he has a great season this the other edge of the cap space sword. A willing proposition to pay if the QB is winning, and has been winning. Not so much if there have been more losses than wins. Yes a QB is one of fifty two I know.
    Bring on OTA’S
    Go Bucs!!!

  7. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey Uck, I hear ya, I have been a Bucs Fan since 76. I have seen way to many seasons of last place finishes. I want to win. I do not care who the QB is. Just WIN.
    Go Bucs!!!

  8. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Jameis will have no problem learning or knowing any offense, he also knows where to go with the ball, just this little problem of the ball actually going where he is aiming.

  9. Ndog Says:

    Let the hate flow Dewey just make sure you’re still here posting when Jameis has ANY support from the other phases of the game and we start winning.

  10. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Byron Leftwich and Clyde Christensen. Buc fans of a certain age with any memory left will probably be a little skeptical of the heaping pile of praise dished on these two. Bruce couldn’t have found a spot on the offense for Les Steckel?

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    @tbbucs3 … “The Bucs can’t get into that situation of mediocrity going forward.” Uhhh, after our last 2 years tbbucs, mediocrity would be a step up.

  12. Kobe Faker Says:

    “LOL, Kobe keeps on reading “make or break year” for JW from the Bucsheep

    Whats that mean? JW is going to play cornerback?

    JW is going to tear it up as a QB and have his best year statistically in every category but

    The defense with this highschool secondary is again going to be the worst in the league

    JW is going to play great but we will be lucky to win 6 games

    So we trade him? Lol

    We need a GM

    The day we fire Gump is the day the Bucs become better”

    Kobe Faker

  13. JimmyJack Says:

    Winston is the most important player. The Bucs season depends on Jamies

  14. JimmyJack Says:

    If Winston has a awesome year with garbage results let’s deal with it then.

    Otherwise our Buccaneers need better QB play or we can’t win.

  15. BrianBucs Says:

    So Arians doesn’t think that Winston takes coaching well, or isn’t smart enough to absorb a new playbook and offensive system.

  16. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Defense Rules

    Not true, Ryan Tanneheil is the face of the average NFL quarterback and Jameis is way better than #17.

  17. jerseybuc Says:

    No more excuses. Time to play like a $22 million dollar QB.

  18. BrianBucs Says:

    So Arians doesn’t think that Winston takes coaching well or isn’t smart enough to learn a new playbook and new offensive system.

  19. jerseybuc Says:

    $22 Million contract. Time to play like your contract 3.

  20. BringBucsBack Says:

    I would think that BA would yield to the great temptation to help #3 avoid the “short circuits”. #3 is quite adept at short-circuits.

  21. DaPostman Says:

    Aaron Rodgers is 10-12-1 the last two seasons but ‘Jameis must win’.


  22. D1 Says:


    There’s was also a lot of excuses/explanations ( not the least was instability of the organization starting at the very top and filitering down thru GM’s, Coaches, roster, ) to go along with the big play abilities He, at times, demonstrated. The glimpses of greatness kept The team always waiting for him to make that jump into the franchise player. Finally, the team decided they had waited long enough and moved on.

    On Tannyhill being the face of avg, if you look at the various cumulative rankings, Tannyhill is below avg on the vast majority if not all. Winston is ranked in the middle, 16. Yes, individual metrics will show winston is top 10 depending on how narrow the metric is, overall however, He’s middle of the pack. Middle is average but most accounts.


    Exactly! ! The prevalence of the “I told you so” crowd to the over reliance on repetition and scapegoating is in no way representative of the manly virtues that Football invokes. Kardashian is appropriate but I prefer bitc_ing little women . The type and persuasion who gain no greater satisfaction than finding failures everywhere and sees only impending disaster around every turn. Basically, vampires who feed on hope instead of blood. Eventually draining all the pleasure of the sport from your body and then they move on sacking the hope from anybody else they can find. On second thought, Kardashian is spot on….well done Sir.

  23. D1 Says:


    ^^referring to Tannyhill …

  24. Echase Says:

    He wasn’t accurate in college, he isn’t accurate in the NFL. Not to mention he fumbles more than any QB in the league. Not the first time the Bucs screwed up the QB pick. We won the Super Bowl with a free agent QB…

  25. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Should be interesting for a minute or two at least..unless it goes real south, real fast.

    Don’t know what it means to the “he likes to be coached hard” philosophy. Jimbo hollering at him for doing stupid ish, isn’t necessarily good coaching but somebody had to.

    Will be good to see if he can handle all the concepts, without all the free lancing. He lacks in reading defense and throwing with anticipation and touch. To many fastballs trying to gun a man down at home plate. And of course the wild pitches.

  26. Ndog Says:

    BrianBucs Says:
    March 29th, 2019 at 9:24 pm
    So Arians doesn’t think that Winston takes coaching well, or isn’t smart enough to absorb a new playbook and offensive system.

    Boy you enjoy making stuff up don’t you?

  27. BrianBucs Says:


    Sorry, don’t live in Winston Fanboy Fantasyland like you do

  28. tnew Says:

    Arians has been watching the same film I have. Last year, for the Bucs to win more, Winston needed to cover better and make all of his FGs. I mean as a number one pick, he should be able to play lock down corner too.

  29. D1QB Says:


    I never understood the “liked to be coached hard” comment either. He doesn’t seem to like answering a question about a bad play. That’s fairly obvious, but it’s indicative , or seemingly, of a much larger problem. If accurate it makes coaching him a challenge. A challenge that was too much for the previous coaches.

    This is where I believe B.A. can really be effective. Changing the way Winston thinks about certain plays and possibly how He thinks in a much larger context. Flipping the script so to speak on How He sees his role within the team and how it translates into a single game. If B.A. can do it, then the sky is the limit.

    Here’s something that is not mentioned in discussion. If Winston had been drafted by a team like the Steelers, there’s no doubt that the opinion on Him would be vastly different. I’m talking fans. A team like that could have easily hidden his flaws and in that period worked to improve the areas that needed it. This would have allowed Winston to grow into his game.

    The reality is He wasn’t drafted by that type of team. He went #1 to a bad team, a bad organization, and bad coaches. Every flaw in his game has been put on display and every mistake magnified by the unenviable position He finds himself in. The #1 pick comes with a host of expectations not the least of which is “saviour of the franchise”, and it’s in that role I think Winston sees himself. And that’s what I believe needs to change for Winston to move into the next level. B.A. seems absolutely the correct choice for this task.

    I wish more fans got behind Jameis and supported him 100%. He’s the QB point blank period and He’s our guy until the second He’s not. If He’s not, Then by all means, let the negitivity flow like the Colorado rapids if you’re that sort of guy. But for Jimmy Christmas why bash our guy now.

  30. D1QB Says:



    Pointing to the Packers record for the last 2 seasons and believing you’ve made a great point only adds to evidence that the fan base is what you claim it is.

    Thanks for your contribution,

  31. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    Snowman ur soooooo right it’s got to the point I have biatched about some fans n I usually try to just let ppl vent but god it gets old. I know this happens every year the this is the year but come on it’s a new staff n it can’t get much worse n if it is then chances r we get the #1 pock n then yall can celebrate the fact that we will draft the qb all the jw haters want in 2020. I’m not saying we’re going to the superbowl or even the playoffs but either we’ll be happy with the results or we will start over with another rookie QB. No matter what I’m a bucs fan for life so as always GO BUCS

  32. Defense Rules Says:

    tbbucs3 … Was referring to the Bucs TEAM when I responded to your “The Bucs can’t get into that situation of mediocrity going forward”. TWO back-to-back 5-11 seasons would be my definition of mediocrity.

    I try to keep an open mind when it comes to Jameis. He was TWENTY years old with only TWO years of college ball when the desperate Bucs (2-14?) chose to make him the ‘face of the franchise’ (creating such ridiculous expectations for any 20-year-old sets them up for failure IMO). He’s had ONE OC and ONE QB coach for his 4 years with us, and neither of those will go down in NFL annals as GOATs. He’s been blessed with some excellent receiving ‘weapons’ but the surrounding cast has been pretty much mediocre overall IMO.

    Yet despite all that, Jameis admittedly has sometimes made it really hard to give him the benefit of the doubt through his actions both on & off the field. It’s unrealistic to expect perfection out of anyone IMO, but danged it, QBs are in a unique position on EVERY football team … THEIR LEADERSHIP & THEIR PERFORMANCE are more critical to winning AND losing than any other player on the team. I could care less how much money they make, but I do care how they perform when they handle the ball (like just about every play?) and whether or not they make the rest of the TEAM better through their leadership.

    This year isn’t a ‘make or break year’ for Jameis IMO because he’s got talent, and talented players can find a home in the NFL on teams other than the Bucs. But it could very well be a ‘make or break year’ in terms of Jameis being the Bucs’ QB going forward. Hopefully a change in OC and a change in QB coach, combined with Coach Arians’ ‘QB Whisperer’ expertise and guiding hand, will show us all if Jameis is really ready for prime time. Still … only time will tell.

  33. Clw JB Says:

    I think it boils down to the difference in Arians and DK approach to playcalling/scheming

    DK believes in system over gut and would bash his head into a wall in the red zone over and over- hence our baffling inefficient scoring O compared to yardage gained

    BA has always had a great feel for the in game situations and made the right call at the right time – in multiple spots in the NFL

    I can’t wait to see a real HC run the O and JW is going to be a huge benefactor of his teaching

  34. Figures Says:

    If you use the letter “n” in place of the word “and” I won’t read your illiterate 3 grade level post.

    Can’t take someone seriously that uses a shortcut for a 3 letter word.

    Probably FSU fans with that IQ level.

  35. OneBuc55 Says:

    Love’em or Hate’em, he’s statistically and easily the best QB we’ve ever had in this God forsaken franchise…

    Is he perfect, of course not but he’s definitely alot better than many around this parts care to give him credit for…People love to harp on the so called “multiple off-field incidents he’s had since joining the Bucs” by my count he’s had only one off-field incident since we drafted him which is now over 3 years old…

    I love my team but we have to be one of the worst fan bases in Football…12 winning seasons in our 42 year history…the losing is bigger than Jameis Winston he’s just the current scape goat…I just wish all the the high and mighty fans the fell out of heaven this morning and have never done anything wrong in their lives can find it in their hearts to give this kid a break already…

    All he’s ever done is win his whole life until he walked into this dumpster fire of a franchise…Imho this franchise let Jameis Winston down not the other way around….The pass blocking has been sketchy since he got here, our defense has sucked since he got here, and we’ve only have a 1000 yard rusher once since he got here…but yet in many fans minds all the loses are on him smh…just my 2 cent y’all enjoy the rest of your day…

  36. rrsrq Says:

    Many Bucs fans have tunnel vision, they only watch the Bucs QB and they watch for mistakes all the time so they can post, “I told you so”. Being a Buc fan all my life, I remember every time, Vinnie, Trent, Josh, etc., dropped back you wondered was this going to be that really bad throw. With Jameis there is some of that too, but when I watch other games, I’ve seen Matt Ryan, Drew Brews, Aaron Rogers, Cam, Peyton, Eli, Tony Romo and even the GOAT, Tom Brady make bonehead plays that should’ve cost their team the game, but the rest of the team, made plays. That is what has been lacking since 2000.

  37. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    JW will win a Superbowl during his career , but I do not believe it will be in Tampa , much like Steve Young and Trent Dilfer. Licht brain should have been tossed with Koetter. Personnel decisions are too critical to consistently make mistakes not only in selection or retention , but also in who you reward with big extensions.

  38. OneBuc55 Says:

    Bingo! rrsrq, you hit the nail on the head…

    How many times did those great Packer teams bail Brett Farve out…I guess he was garbage too, he definitely wouldn’t have made it in this town; not with these fans…

  39. Jim Says:

    Defense said it for me. Winston was done a great injustice by the Bucs when he was immediately proclaimed the savior of the franchise, a young, impressionable kid. He should have been sat down and told to listen and learn, brought along slowly.

  40. Bird Says:

    Should we hope that we can compare Jameis to a lot of these names you all continuously mention ?


    I hope he can be even slightly compared to favre , Rodgers , young , Brady.

    But no one should be comparing anything/anyone to them now. Jameis hasnt earned that yet. With that said , I feel he has his best year as a buc. Arians was perfect hire. Let’s see how much he improves.

    Until then , Jameis should be compared to Carr , Mariota and tannehill . No more …no less

    It’s just amazing that people continue to claim tannehill and Carr and etc etc are garbage meanwhile Jameis is elite? A HOF …soon to be super bowl winner ..

  41. Ndog Says:

    BrianBucs Says:
    March 29th, 2019 at 11:38 pm

    Sorry, don’t live in Winston Fanboy Fantasyland like you do

    What does not being a fanboy have to do with the fact that your making up crap? Arians never said Jameis has a problem with the playbook or say anything about how he takes coaching. That’s why on this site every word you post is a joke cause clearly have no idea what you are talking about and now you are flat lying. Move on to something you might understand like golf or ping pong.

  42. Only1Buc Says:

    lmao Good one Ndog

  43. Bucsfanman Says:

    Jameis is being given all the tools to succeed at his position. We need him to succeed. This team has put an enormous investment in Jameis.
    This will most certainly be a tell-tale season for our Bucs.

  44. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Just because the Dolphins cut bait doesn’t mean they made the right decision. They may go another decade without finding a good QB.

    And that’s the reality.

    All these fans wanting to move on seem to have forgotten what it was like before Jameis. They’re asking to return to that.

  45. Jmarkbuc Says:


    “He’s had ONE OC and ONE QB coach for his 4 years with us, and neither of those will go down in NFL annals as GOATs..”

    In case you hadn’t heard, we had like the best offense ever, like in the history of the NFL – just ask Forrest….

  46. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Magadude Says
    “Fat Jameis continues his old practices of slinging the ball around for lots of yards, lots of picks, and lots of losses.”

    You seem to be forgetting that it was defense and kicking which cost us all but 2-3 games. And of those 2-3, Jameis only cost us one…Fitz cost us two.

    I believe Desean Jackson intentionally worked to sabotage the team in order to get out of town. And the lack of a connection between the two had nothing to do with chemistry, it had to do with Jackson’s lack of accountability. The coaching staff was afraid to set him off.

    A wide receiver’s job is not just to catch the ball. He has other jobs too…such as fighting to prevent picks. Jackson purposely got delayed in his routes to through off timing and to help the defense.

    Or do you really believe the fastest player in the nfl could not outrun a cb?

  47. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Not that I expect the haters to read this or accept it, but in ALL cases of fumbles, it was caused by bad oline breakdowns or his injury…which was caused by a bad oline breakdown.

    Jameis does take too many risks, but that’s because he trusts his guys.

    This year, Leader Jameis needs to show up. Stop taking the blame on plays that are not his fault. Hold his guys accountable.

    No more eggshells.

    But also, when a bad play is his fault, he needs to own it.

    And fans need to learn the difference.

  48. Pickgrin Says:

    “Coach, that’s awesome stuff but I think we got enough. I don’t think he can handle any more”.

    BA is making assumptions with this line of thinking based on his experience with other young QBs (some of whom are among the better QBs in the league).

    Once Arians and his offensive staff actually start working with Jameis, all will see that there’s very little (regarding concepts and details) that 25 year old Winston can’t “handle”….

    Haters gonna hate – and we’ve got plenty who just LOVE to post negative stuff about JW here on JBF.

    (Setting 3-16 Steve Young aside) Winston is the most talented QB this franchise has ever fielded. Put this (still young) QB behind a decent OLine, with a good running game and an average defense to go along with all his receiving weapons – and watch Jameis WIN 10 or 11 or 12 games out of 16 year in and year out.

  49. miken Says:

    @Bozai…. You will blame the defense and kicking game and the Haters will blame Jameis, but I think we can all agree JW has never been and has never shown any signs of being good enough to overcome any team deficiancy. He is going to need a great run game, Oline, D , coaching and kicking game to be successful. Even though JWs numbers are identical to Blake Bortles thru 4 years, I’d say he is more Flacco and can have that one great year if he has that elite roster with a great coaching staff. Of course, that great roster was built when Flacco was on his cheap contract.

  50. Jmarkbuc Says:


    We are all waiting to see…..

  51. Dapostman Says:


    What’s your take on Aaron Rodgers going 10-12-1 the last 2 seasons?

  52. Dapostman Says:

    Jameis Winston’s stats are right in line with Ben Roethlisberger’s stats after 4 seasons. Actually Winston has passed for about 3000 more yards. The only difference is Ben had a top line defense and a top line running game. The Winston Derangement Syndrome simpletons are obtuse to the facts.

  53. miken Says:

    @dapost… 41 tds and has turned it over 10 times in that span. has a below average line, no run game, no great recievers or TE. Pretty remarkable player and made less than Jameis will this year. Hard to believe they let coach/ gm stay as long as they did.

  54. miken Says:

    @dapost unfortunately his stats are identical to blake Bortles thru 4 years too.

  55. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m on the record as saying I believe JW will have his breakout season this year. I believe that.

    But having said that isn’t it time for the excuse to stop? The lying after his AZ adventure was unacceptable as was the 3 games suspension. Hopefully…and IMHO apparently he’s finally figured out the off season stuff.

    Based on the last six games of last season I think he’s matured on the field as well.

    But can we finally take off the kid gloves. D.R. made excellent points about JW being only twenty with two years of college experience when we drafted him. His inexperience and child like behavior and demeanor certainly showed. But he has now had plenty of time to grow into man (again which I believe he has done) No need to baby him. We can’t over coach him or have too much expectation. Worrying about having another talented QB on the team is absurd as well. JW’s ego shouldn’t be that fragile that the success of a journeyman backup threatened him. That was incredibly disappointing to me. It’s time for him to TRULY man up and take advantage of his talent.

  56. Dapostman Says:


    They are not identical. That’s a false narrative. Winston has a higher rating. Has a better completion % and is about a yard per attempt better than Bortles. Winston has also improved every season and Bortles has remained flat except for his 2015 exceptional season. Then regression.

    Miken says:
    @dapost… 41 tds and has turned it over 10 times in that span. has a below average line, no run game, no great recievers or TE. Pretty remarkable player and made less than Jameis will this year. Hard to believe they let coach/ gm stay as long as they did.

    >>>>First Winston also has had a below average run game. Rodgers has Davante Adams who is better than any Buc receiver. Rodgers did not make less than Jameis this year. Your posts are like CNN> Fake news.

    You guys are obtuse to the fact that Winston has had a subpar team around him for 4 seasons but easily point out Rodgers team is now bad.

  57. Mike n Says:

    Devante adams is better better than mike Evans … ok
    Rodgers made 19 million last year but that’s more than jw 20 plus… ok
    Bortles 90 tds 64 picks and 12 lost fumbles is not similar to jws 88 tds 58 picks and 22 lost fumbles …. ok
    Guessing an old jimmy graham is better than having brate and oj. Guessing the 4 rookie Undrafted free agents are better than anyone the Bucs have too

  58. Dapostman Says:


    Winston is set to make 20 million plus this year 2019. He did not make that in 2018 so Rodgers made more money in 2018 than Winston. Cherry picking your turnover stats does not mean Bortles and Winston are equals. Hell most intelligent people can actually see through the eye test that Winston is much more talented than Bortles and the facts I’ve given you prove it. You also left out the impact Aaron Jones has had as a runner for the Packers. Much more than Barber has had.

    You are entitled to your opinion but not your own facts. Fact is even a great QB like Rodgers CAN NOT overcome a bad roster. Why you guys think Winston should just shows your bias. Your thoughts are emotion based and not logical.

  59. Mike n Says:

    Postman… I said jw will make more this year than Rodgers. Yes the eye test shows jw is better than Bortles just like jw is not in the same league as Big Ben.

  60. D1 Says:

    Winston has improved every season…

    Only if Its cherry picking season.

    Let’s use 4000 yds for the first 2 years, then when He doesn’t throw for 4000, let’s point to yds per attempt …passer rating..,..then completion percentage. ….. etc etc.

    The stats that define the position is total passing yards , TD’s and INT’s.

  61. D1 Says:

    If Winston becomes a top 5 QB and the team still is losing you have a good point.
    The fact that Rodgers is top 5 and the team is losing points to the team .
    Winston is middle of pack and that makes it foolish to compare.

    Overall, I agree with what you’re saying, just not the arguement. I see fans putting wins and loses all on the QB except for teams that have top 5 QBs. That list is players who are headed to canton on roller skates when they close out their career. Theyre are proven commodities. Everyone else is subject to the over emphasis placed on QBs relative to wins and loses.

    Again, when winston hits that top 5 status, it’s not him if the team doesn’t win. Until then, it’ legit to consider his contribution to the overall record.

  62. Mike n Says:

    Yes d1… even if he becomes a top 15 qb

  63. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    This Winston news is just WAAAYYYY too easy to use to ridicule America’s Groper!! I’ll just let it waft in the air….Thanks Joe!!!

  64. DalvinCookRules Says:

    The more I hear about how important Jameis is to the success of this team, the less confident I am in Arians (if he is the one that said it).

    The success of this team rests MOSTLY with the defense. There must be epic improvement on that side of the ball, because as up-and-down as Winston has been the past few years, with a strong defense, this team would’ve made the Playoffs two of the last 3 years with Winston.