Calling BS On Schiano’s Public Reasons For Leaving Patriots

March 29th, 2019

In this edition of The Todd Wright TODDcast, Todd explains why using the “Faith and Family” argument is often a spin and how Greg Schiano may already have a pretty good idea where he’ll coach in 2020.
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PRESENTED BY*Joe thinks it’s very cool to have Todd Wright here diving back into the kind of thing he was known for nationally.

For the last three years, Todd Wright has been podcasting here almost exclusively on fantasy football and Lightning playoff hockey. While those podcasts are not going away permanently, they each clearly have offseasons.

So, for all of 2019, Todd has a new podcast. And it simply covers pretty much anything that Todd finds interesting. No limits. Sort of like he did for nearly two decades on national radio as host and creator of AllNight with Todd Wright on ESPN in addition to other roles with Fox Sports Florida, Sirius/XM, Sporting News Radio, etc. Our thanks to Brandon Legal Group for their continuing support of both Todd Wright Tour golf tournaments as well as the TODDcast into 2019. Enjoy.

3 Responses to “Calling BS On Schiano’s Public Reasons For Leaving Patriots”

  1. BucFanInPhoenix Says:

    Why is this even on the site Joe? Who cares about Greg Schiano? Still NOTHING here about how the Bucs missed out on Jordan Howard going to Philly for a mere 6TH ROUND PICK when the Bucs could have used his services. ??? Joe wrote about Howard this morning. Joe doesn’t believe the Bucs lost out on anything. –Joe

  2. BucFanInPhoenix Says:

    Ooops my mistake I see the Jordan Howard issue has been addressed here on the site in another post. Apologies.

  3. FortMyersDave Says:

    Schiano to Rutgers seems more plausible (would love to see a battle of the Big 10 basement between Greg and Lovie…) than Urban “Oscar” Meyer going back to coaching anywhere in 2020 and bringing “Toes on the Line” along, of course we all saw Meyer pull that “exhaustion” storyline to weasel out of Gainesville when the talent pool there got a bit shallow after Tebow left and then he suddenly was rejuvenated when the OSU job opened with a talent laden roster so perhaps he could con a team like USC or UCLA to hire him…… BTW: Urban Liar, LOL…… Then again, perhaps Schiano simply has some issues with his family that take precedence over football….. Interesting takes from Todd.