The New Norm

March 6th, 2019

Bucs GM Jason Licht.

It wasn’t that long ago when or if the Bucs needed a free agent starter, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht just flashed Team Glazer’s AmEx Platinum card in an agent’s face, and — voila! — the Bucs had a new starter.

But those days are gone, at least for the foreseeable future. Now, with the Bucs signing Donovan Smith to a three-year pact, the Bucs are going to be counting nickels for at least the next two seasons, writes Trevor Sikkema of The Draft Network.

The Bucs are going to have to use much cheaper options to try to find some impact players. Arians has spoken multiple times that he already thinks this Bucs team has enough offensive weapons to get it done, so I don’t expect high draft capital being used there. But due to the potential loss of Alexander this year, and taking into account that even if McCoy is back this year he might have to be gone next year to make room for quarterback Jameis Winston’s mega-deal, defensive line looks like a primary target for the Bucs at No. 5. Players like Quinnen Williams and Ed Oliver make sense on the inside, and if they’re looking for edge players, Josh Allen and Brian Burns could be candidates, too.

Now this doesn’t preclude Licht from signing free agents, but if he does that means a current Bucs starter has to go. This may not be a bad thing.

For example, there is no way the Bucs can bring back Adam Humphries without letting malcontent receiver DeSean Jackson go.

And as Joe wrote recently, inside linebacker C.J. Mosely will probably command what Kwon Alexander’s agent, oily Drew Rosenhaus, is asking for. You sign Mosely, who is a better and more reliable player than Alexander, and let Alexander go.

The chances after Smith’s signing yesterday that, say, Tyrann Mathieu or Landon Collins comes to Tampa Bay, are out the window.

20 Responses to “The New Norm”

  1. Buc1987 Says:


    Holding my breath Tampa.

    Go Bucs 2019!


  2. FlBoy84 Says:

    While Collins or Mathieu may no longer be options, the FA safety group is pretty strong again this year. Should be some solid options still available in the 2nd wave if the team sees a need there. Wouldn’t rule out a surprise move or two to free up some additional cash as well though, which could mean an offer might be made for them though.

  3. BucsBandit Says:


  4. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Please do not ignore the offensive side of the ball.

    We’re already good there, why not try to be great??

  5. Scott Says:

    May sound crazy but cut McCoy , sign Henry Anderson (look into him) he has a good Bowles connection and would give us more cap.

  6. AfrikaThaRapper Says:

    @Tbbucs3 Unless it’s the o-line or a running back, it should be all defense. We have backup receivers and if out of that group, nobody can fill Hump’s spot, why are they on this team. Defense, my friend, defense. Go Bucs.

  7. BucsDynastyTime Says:

    The Bucs must be proactive and release/trade/restructure some players soon. It will be irresponsible of them, and flat out exasperating, if they lose Humphries at the expense of keeping miserable Desean Jackson. We still need the right side of our Oline, Veteran Secondary presence, and at least one linebacker. Who’s our #1 corner?? Who’s taking Kwon’s place?? Runningback???? Beckwith unfortunately isn’t coming back it seems. We are scary thin at corner. Our GM needs to tighten up. We are strapped for cash primarily because too much money is going to wrong players: like Allen, Unrein, Gholston, E Smith, R Smith, Anger, even Benenoch. How are these 7 players even still on Roster as FA approaches. Broadcast keeping McCoy and Jackson, well now what. Licht needs to wake up quick. Our roster has too many players eating cap space, and time is ticking

  8. westernbuc Says:

    Ton of safeties out there. Could depreciate the values of quality starters.

  9. Defense Rules Says:

    Agree with Rapper … “Unless it’s the o-line or a running back, it should be all defense.” BUT … with Donovan’s re-signing, we STILL NEED a RG & RT to have a quality starting OLine. And we STILL NEED to tender Peyton Barber AND find a quality RB to pair with him to have a viable RB stable. And oh ya, we’d STILL NEED another WR (Humphries or someone else) PLUS THREE backup OLinemen if we release EDS & Dotson to save $$$ and to re-sign Wester or Liedtke. To do all that, we should be prepared to shell out probably around $20 mil (assuming that either the RG or RT or RB is a relatively high draft pick who can start).

    And oh ya, right now we have a $3 mil Punter under contract. That’s pretty much it. Santos (K) & Sanborn (LS) are both FAs. Replacements cost $$$ there too.

    The defense is probably where we need the most help but it’s also the easiest to fix IMO (largely because the starting ‘holes’ are known and also because this draft is supposed to be ‘defense deep’). We’ve already cut Curry … we NEED a replacement DE. We’ll surely cut Unrein & GMC is in his final years … we NEED a DT. We have only ONE quality starting LB on the roster right now: Lvd … we NEED at least TWO starting LBs (and probably 1 quality backup LB). We lost our starting outside CB (Grimes) … we NEED a starting veteran CB to replace him. Plus we’re thin at Safety (Conte’s a FA) … we NEED a veteran starting safety to replace him. We’ll probably have about $20 mil or so to spend on those fixes at best (with some creative contract restructuring & releasing several costly vets).

    If I had a vote (none of us do obviously) I’d put my limited remaining salary CAP $$$ into signing a FA veteran starting outside CB and also a veteran starting Safety then re-sign Taylor (he’s got good versatility at LB) AND draft Devin White with our #5 pick. Use our 2nd rnd pick on a DE or DT (BPA), our 3rd rnd pick on a G or T. After that … BPA because it’s a crapshoot anyways.

  10. D1 Says:

    Defense rules,

    I’m not disagreeing with you on any point but I don’t know if the GM would agree with anything you’ve said. For example, how many draft picks has licht invested in the secondary?
    3 safeties, 3 corners with premium picks. If I’m missing someone , just add them to the list.
    That’s an investment in the position.

    RT, RG one of those spots should be filled with cappa. Not debating whether He will or won’t but rather that those roster needs shouldn’t be there because they’ve been addressed.
    Same with RB. Valuable draft pick used to fill the position.

    The “need to replace hump” with a vet or draft pick is about as ridiculous a thought as possible. It’s the only group with an overload of talent and sorry but replacing Hump is a true non issue. Don’t read, production. Read talent.

    I’m suggesting that Licht will most likely make decisions that support his previous decisions and build on them. If He doesn’t, what is his case for his own continued employment.
    I’m adding the self interest element to your ideas because it’s a reality and it’s influence is something you’ve not acknowledged. I’m doubtful licht sees the same roster needs as you.

  11. isrBuc Says:

    We should have been much more careful about overpaying but in tampa we value our players differently. Too much PR input and attachment. We must learn to let over payed players go. GMC (and possibly LVD) should have been traded 1-2 years ago. ME13 is not worth 20 mil in production with his lack of speed and mental issues (at times). Trading over payed players and drafting well (and finding gems in FA) is vital for building a successful franchise especially when you’d like to retain QB, LT and a star caliber DE.

  12. James in Memphis Says:

    Tyrann Mathieu is not the answer here.. It’s a sexy name.. But a thumper like CJ Mosley would have a much greater impact..

  13. Bucsfanman Says:

    Defense Rules- Is that all?! LOL! Put in that context, we have a long way to go.
    If Devin White is the “generational” guy people are saying, how do you pass on that? Do we need LB help? UM, a resounding YES!

  14. EvolvingBucsfan Says:

    Would be great if our coaches could , you know……coach these guys up.

    Was definitely not a fan of Wharhop, or “High Liner fish sticks” guy Mike Smith…dead ringer imo.

    Looking for more accountability from these players and coaches this time around but we’ll see.

    Light that Fire Arians!!!! Please!!!!

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So……we get this and in the very next article Joe wants to spend a 2nd round draft pick and $15.5 for Dee Ford……and that would be for a 1-year deal… thanks…..

  16. Not there yet Says:

    Licht is scary and it’s hard to imagine being a successful gm when you are afraid to move from high dollar low impact players like we have. It’s really odd to feel you have to have those players with one winning season since you took this job and even that was a fluke, you thanked Keith Tandy by cutting him. Dude has. O vision which is why the roster hasn’t taken shape and has no identity

  17. 813bucboi Says:

    for the oline we need to sign ramon foster or jawuan james….then figure out whether wester and liedtke can play RG or RT…..

    i think kwons offer maybe reasonably cheap….resign him and sign cj mosley….

    draft ed oliver in the first and maybe jachi polite in the second since it seems his stock has fallen…..tytus howard in the third….BPA after that…..

    restructure GMC and gholston….cut urein, evan smith, anger, benenoch, dotson, djax…..


  18. ben Says:

    How can the bucs be short on cash?? Year after year the worst team in their own division should have plenty of $$ to upgrade roster … Light is a great gm,huh!!

  19. TOM Says:

    Counting nickels hell. They will be signing I.O.U.’s. Licht are you really this stupid signing that lazy ass? I know you just want to show the fans that uou are really good at drafting in the 2nd rd. And then have nerve to say you cut Adams to save 2 mil In cap money & turn around & sign Bond & Mr. lazy ass. You are such a liar & think the fans to believe the BS that comes from your mouth.

  20. Rod Munch Says:

    There’s nothing that says Mosley is better than Kwon, and in fact in every FA comparison I’ve seen Mosley is normally 3rd on the list, with Kwon at 1, and Barr at 2. Not to say Mosley wouldn’t be a good signing, but pretending he’s an upgrade is just that, pretending.