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March 17th, 2019

24-hour flash poll posted at 9:24 a.m.

28 Responses to “Have Your Say”

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    C’s are winning on a “D-” team

  2. D-Rome Says:

    I gave it a B. It’s about time the Bucs did the right thing in free agency by:

    A. Not overpay for Bucs free agents. Letting Kwon and Humphries go was the right move. Bucs didn’t win with them.

    B. Not overpay other free agents to make a splash and win the off-season.

    We’ll find out soon enough if what has ailed

  3. D-Rome Says:

    the Bucs was talent or coaching

  4. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Haha the losers that want to keep signing overpaid, lazy castoffs from other teams are upset we finally ditched that tired method. And we wonder why we dont win…

  5. BrianBucs Says:

    Due to Jason Licht’s mishandling of the Bucs salary cap situations, while other team’s were doing their free agency shopping at Macy’s, the Bucs were forced to do theirs at the Dollar Tree.

  6. isrBuc Says:

    F for me, not because of not resigning kwon or hump and not because they made no splash moves. its an F because they didn’t blow out everything yet again, something that should have happened 2-3 years ago. Now our assets have no value and our QB is in his second contract. A little too late but no other way to do it than gather picks for years and draft high. Look at the browns.
    BTW joes, I liked the last podcast. I share the pessimism. What’s missing is what you thinks they should have done. Is Ford for Mccoy the solution for all our issues? will that make us a playoff team? I don’t think so. Do you think we can go on like that, pay winston 25 a year, in cap hell with the talent we got, being a 5-6 wins team drafting in the 5-8th spot and turn things around?
    11 years and counting. keep believing.

  7. PaulW Says:

    The Bucs may be playing this FA smarter by avoiding overpaying, and trying to keep certain roleplayers at need positions… but I’m dismayed we’re not doing more with our needs at Cornerback for veteran talent. We may have a good rookie in Carlton stepping up his second year, but Hargreaves and Stewart are still pretty raw with doubts surrounding them.

  8. isrBuc Says:

    * When people say “overpay”- does that mean they think we can get the same value for less money? Or that next year players will be cheaper? salaries will go down?
    What is over-paying? Every year a mediocre player becomes the highest payed it its position and players get more and more expensive. If you don’t get a player this year, a similar player is likely to cost you more next year unless you gamble on an injured player. There are no “bargains”. There are gambles at most.
    When you sign a guy long term you freeze his salary to today’s level. signing one year deals is playing scared and playing scared is being a loser.

  9. Gman Says:

    Addition by subtraction

  10. Tampabucfan88 Says:

    Looks they are getting an A they are fishing but and hooked some big fish that turned out to be big trash fish now the Bucs are taking the nice tasting small fish and waiting on a big juicy delicious fish to swallow the hook In eglish they paid money to people who don’t need to be paid big Money like swaggy baker or me-Jax’s so u guys complaining about the Bucs not getting the big fish calm down and start trusting the staff

  11. isrBuc Says:

    @Tampabucfan88 Its like saying the reason you don’t have a Ferrari is because you’d scratch it. The reason you don’t have one is you can’t afford one and that’s also the case with the bucs. This staff is learning nothing from the past regarding FA. they are in cap hell and that’s the only reason they are signing 1 year deals with 3rd tier FAs. No body does that case they want to.

  12. Pryda30.... sec 147 Says:

    So far I rank it a B

    Trading meShawn , letting Kwon/hump go , value signings not breaking the bank, and of course finally securing some comp picks for next year.

    They need to make more cuts for me to give them an A

  13. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey isrBucs, To me all the signings of one year deals is also so the player is a bit scared as well.
    No Risk it, No Biscuit!
    One year contracts with a coach and staff who holds you accountable for your play on the field daily. A coach not concerned about the amount of cash cap space you still have on the books if we cut you. In one year deals we only lose that seasons cap space money if in week 3-7 we know we have a issue and the ax falls, it only hurts this season not several. Yes do sign good players to long term contracts, I also think one year deals do help. The one year contract players do get the opportunity to earn a longer contract, by playing and having success in “our” system.
    I feel these one year deals create a hunger to play at your best everyday day after day creating intense focus to succeed. I do not think having a scared of losing his job player who knows with bad results in your play, you will go away. Is in any way a loss.
    Go! Bucs!

  14. Shane247 Says:

    I honestly don’t know how any of us can truly evaluate the talent we currently have. As Joe, myself and many others have stated on this site, the coaching and the player development have been terrible. With regard to free agency, it looks like we are just adding pieces for depth. I have no problem with what they’ve done.

  15. Doolnutts Says:

    isrBuc Over paying is over paying. Hump is a slot receiver a very good one at that but he was paid like a #2 and he’s not a number 2. Kwon was overpaid fantastic player but injury prone and let’s be honest there are plenty of critics on his play.

    Patriots don’t over pay for example. Players like Brown their former LT walk and after their perceived time is up. Patriots lead the league in comp picks. More picks gives us a better shot at cheaper talent.

    People are bashing Licht and for some of his moves rightfully so. But he did draft Kwon and he signed hump through undrafted free agency. There is no reason why these things can’t happen again.

    Rarely do we see that a huge splash player in FA work. It isn’t just Licht and our Bucs that fail in FA most teams do. It’s just a fact.

  16. Pickgrin Says:

    Considering the salary cap situation, my biggest gripe so far this off-season was paying top 5 money to the NFL’s 20th best LT…..

    Smith would have for sure netted the Bucs a 3rd rd comp pick if they had let him go elsewhere to be overpaid. Now he will likely be released when the guaranteed $ runs out after year 2 ($27M later) and the Bucs will have grossly overpaid Donovan for two more years of bad run blocking and mediocre pass protection- only to get nothing in return. Nothing but regret that is….

  17. topcoach78 Says:

    It’s a Bucs life smh!

  18. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Kobe has been tricked

    Kobe clicked 2nd to the bottom for “D”…

    But realized later it was a “A”

    Kobe Faker

  19. Jarhead Says:

    B for now, if they can convince a good veteran CB to come here than that would move the needle to an A for me!!

  20. Shane247 Says:


    I think Warhop was a terrible Oline coach. Let’s see what this group can do with him. It would suck more to have let him leave only to watch him become one of the best left tackles in the NFL, under another coach.

  21. Tampabucfan88 Says:

    @rustyrhino thank you look they are good players look at the teams that made the playoffs last year all including the team that won the super bowl the only team that had a great offseason was the rams the saints had little cap room and won the nfc south the patriots kept nickel and dime players and won the super bowl heck I’ll go one step further remember last year when the Vikings got Kirk cousins all of us were saying that they were going to win the super Bowl but what happened they didn’t even make the playoffs in fact they are possibly regretting signing him hey it’s nice to have a Ferri but sometimes some people can fit into it or drive it we’re u get a nice older car that just as nice as the ferri but cheaper so relax

  22. ben Says:

    How can a bucs fan be ok with NO MONEY while the bucs are one of the worst teams in the nfl ??? Why aren’t buc fans screaming or being losers is expected?

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Considering the cap situation, I think they grade out to be a B…..I say they because “they” is Licht, Arians, Goodwin & Bowles…….
    Licht isn’t making these decisions….I can just about guarantee that.

    Like the Perriman & Barrett pickups…..and very much like that we didn’t overpay to keep Hump or Kwon…..

    There is still a long way to go before the final roster is complete.

  24. BucNole Says:

    I really don’t think any of use can truly grade this FA class until at least midway thru the season. On paper it looks like a solid B to me IF we hit on more than we miss. I think we will know pretty quickly if this coaching staff is everything we hope they are. Putting the band back together is fine but you better be playing some pretty good music quick. This is probably the most professional coaching staff we have ever had. . . we just have to wait and see

  25. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I gave it an F.

    Not because no big name players were signed…but because no good players were signed. Everyone they have brought in is on a 1 year deal because they suck.

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    And I don’t want to hear excuses for the salary cap…all they had to do is cut the right players and they would have had plenty of cap space.

  27. Loyaltotheend Says:

    No cap space and you only win 5 games? Shows your GM is inept

    Coax a QB whisperer out of retirement to save the bad GM’s job then he says he’s letting a neophyte ex qb call plays…

    Awful offseason in all phases

  28. Mike10 Says:


    You gave GMC Kwon’s money. 9 mil may have kept him here. 13 going to a perineal loser is why we continue to suck.. especially in a draft loaded with DT depth