Talib Takes On Film Junkies

February 2nd, 2019

Not fond of amateur film gurus.

One cool thing Joe experienced while in Atlanta covering Super Bowl Week activities was the scene of “Super Bowl Opening Night” at the State Farm Arena.

The event was formerly known as Media Night (nee, Media Day). It’s where all the free-food-groveling, always-kvetching sportswriters (Joe is among them) across the country mesh with TV types and non-football personalities as well as the international press.

It’s not always a healthy blend of people. Pretty much each group loathes the other and the various entities try to tolerate each other for two separate hour-long sessions where all but a half-dozen or so team members and coaches mingle among the thousands (yes, thousands) of media types.

It’s a free-for-all.

Anyway, Joe didn’t get to talk to everyone Joe targeted. Joe couldn’t find Rams running back C.J. Anderson because Joe wanted to ask him if the Bucs ever came calling; Joe wanted to ask Rams defensive end and expected free agent Donte Fowler, a native of St. Petersburg, if he has ever changed his mind on the Bucs. (At his combine press conference, he was asked by ESPN’s Jenna Laine if he was interested in the Bucs and his response was, at best, lukewarm). And, of course, Joe wanted to talk to ex-Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib, just because he’s such a loose cannon.

Talib was one of the select few Rams who had his own podium and the mob scene around him was insane, almost as bad as Aaron Donald’s. Joe had other fish to fry than to slug it out with dozens of reporters/celebrities, etc., to try to get Talib. So Joe listened a bit and went on with other tasks.

One reporter who did get a gem from Talib was Jeremy Bergman of NFL.com.

Now Joe is suspicious of guys who claim they are film analysts and get their info from watching tape. Do they know what they are watching?

If a guy has a background in football such as a coach or a scout or a player, Joe trusts the guy. Someone just pulling up All-22 on NFL.com? Not so much.

(That’s not to say a guy or girl cannot learn, but Joe is suspicious.)

So apparently, a self-professed film analyst asked Talib about the alleged fading skills of Belicheats tight end Rob Gronkowski. Let’s just say Talib did not respect what this film analyst was watching.

It’s been five days since Joe first read that tweet and Joe is still laughing.

Figures it would be someone like Talib to put the self-anointed film junkies in their place.

8 Responses to “Talib Takes On Film Junkies”

  1. Lubby Smith Says:

    Talib be a class act.

  2. Not there yet Says:

    These guys do have to eat it because the nfl is profiting off of the so called experts just as much as they do the games. Hard to tell if a guy lost a step than to just see bad play like that of Isaiah Johnson or some of our corners. Gronk knows how to play the ball so whether he has lost a step or not, he knows the perfect time to push off when the ball is in the air, the calls that always go against Evans and Howard

  3. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Talib is probably one of the best corners of this generation..despite his granny hassling ( trademark JBF ), helmet swingin’ , pistol whippin’ ways. I think he’s going to make a big play in the game ( Suh too ) and that could make the difference. Excited to watch this Super Bowl…

  4. Wesley Says:

    Guy is overrated, very good yes, great no.

  5. SB Says:

    Assumption is the mother of all evils and Stupid people will always be so.

  6. stpetebucsfan Says:

    What Wesley said!!!

  7. Miller5252 Says:

    He’s always been a really good corner. The Bucs had to let him go…. after him and his mom took a mother son shooting outing at his sisters BF there was nothing left to do with him. Good player, but with all the possible BS that could have happened he needed to go.

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    Lmao! A lot of truth in that tweet. Most news reporters, anchors and sports analysts like nothing more than hearing their own voice. And the vast majority are unethical and suck. It’s nice to see someone bring them down a notch. Will they learn from it or actually pay attention to what he said? No, never, it’s not in their DNA. Because they know everything. Don’t believe me, just ask them. Ask them anything and they will have an answer, guaranteed. Dbags.