Sapp Confirms He Will Join Bucs In OTAs & Training Camp

February 21st, 2019

No. 99 will return

During one of his many interviews during Super Bowl week, Bucs legend Warren Sapp made a very interesting implication.

While sitting down with longtime local radio man Randy Harris, Sapp seemed to say he called Bucco Bruce Arians upon his hire and asked if he needed a defensive line coach. Joe says “seemed” because the audio Joe heard was just a tiny bit garbled in a spot and Joe can’t confirm that take from Sapp with 100 percent certainty. However, Sapp made it clear that Arians said he had the job filled but would welcome Sapp to join in on a volunteer basis at One Buc Palace.

Sapp clarified while talking to Fanatics View on Radio Row in Atlanta while being interviewed by Bucs cornerback De’Vante Harris. Sapp said he’ll be at spring and summer practices and he told Harris he’d take him out for ramen in Tampa.

Current Bucs players aren’t big fans of Sapp, Joe has been told, — not Sapp the player, but Sapp the guy who pops in at One Buc Palace and has been known to run his mouth.

Joe finds it interesting that Sapp might have asked about coaching. If Arians bonds with Sapp in the spring, there’s always a chance Arians could make Sapp a unique coaching offer. Joe can’t imagine Team Glazer telling Arians no to anything this year.

In other interviews, Sapp has talked about sitting in Raiders meetings with Chucky last season. So Joe wonders if Sapp hit Chucky up for a job.

49 Responses to “Sapp Confirms He Will Join Bucs In OTAs & Training Camp”

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    Oh man this will get the choir boy patrol in an uproar

  2. Howard Cosell Says:

    Rotflmao thinking about Sapp deriding McCoy in the locker room after a loss!

  3. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Sapp was a great player but we don’t need him taking players out to the strip club and teaching them how to save a few bucks with the ladies of the night.
    Sorry Sapp, I hope you get a coaching job, anywhere else.

    The 2019 season will reveal to the “real” fans that Realist has no idea wth he is talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    There’s not ONE player on this defensive roster, that comes even close to how elite Sapp was.

    He should be able to run his mouth all he wants at One Buc imo.

  5. tmaxcon Says:

    Sapp is the bucs only living legend and is owed an apology from glazers for letting dungy the clown waste 6 years of his generational talents. Anyway, prostitution should be leagal after all the metoo nut jobs say woman should be able to do whatever they with their bodies kill or sell it’s their choice. His only mistake was not tipping appropriately

  6. Jean Lafitte Says:

    There’s 2 ways this can be played out,

    1) Sapp inspires JPP, McCoy, Vea and position group to play lights out ..or

    2) More unwanted drama that torpedoes the season before it even begins “again”.

  7. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Arians just wants to win, so Sapp is welcome.
    Koetter wanted his buddies, first and foremost

  8. BigPoppaBuc Says:

    I could see how Sapp would rub players the wrong way. I’m not saying he wouldn’t have something to offer from a coaching standpoint but he talks a LOT of smack and I can see it clashing with the “family” vibe.

  9. Mike Evans Goat Says:

    Fluck the “Family Vibe”!!!!!
    How bout we finally get some “Winning Vibe” around here for once.
    Win at all cost, don’t care if GMC gets his feelings hurt

  10. Not there yet Says:

    Family vibe is for losers and that’s what this team is. That mentality has won this group of players nothing. They say family but believe that ish goes out the window for a bigger payday elsewhere so it will be nice having sapp and anybody out there calling out guys to change this to a business culture not this fake family vibe they’ve tried to sell us

  11. Dirks Great Granpappy Says:

    Lol sapp is the only Bucs living legend. That’s a real knee slapper

  12. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Pretty sure coach Bruce has stated the importance of Family for the team, so I don’t the “family vibe” is going anywhere. Although I think we will be more “the Osborne’s” than “the Brady Bunch”.

  13. PriMech54 Says:

    Here’s to hoping his dawg mentality rubs off and spreads like a virus. These players need to get royally pissed off and go out to prove something to the world with a nasty snarl on their grills. They need to get fed up with being punked all the damn time. That’s how you turn around a sinking ship and build a contender… Sapp knows a thing or two about it.

  14. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I think Sapp is full of it. He will never be offered another paid gig in the NFL. He blew that chance himself.

    I’m sure that conversation with Arians involved some laughter.

    Don’t get me wrong. I loved Sapp as a player. But since his retirement, he’s done nothing but blow his opportunities.

    And, Buc1987, JPP is pretty close.

  15. Buc believer Says:

    Joe what do you mean current Bucs “players”??? There is only one “tuty fruity light in the loafers Batman loving aww gee shucks Ben did I hit you too hard” player that would object to having the show stolen from him/her by a REAL football player and legend. We all know who that is right GMC?

  16. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Not all good players can be good coaches. I just don’t see Sapp being one of those players.

  17. Bob in Valrico Says:

    As long as the family gives off the disfunctional vibe, there is room for change.
    Sapp might rub some players the wrong way. but I don’t think the players that
    are putting out the effort will be bothered by him. Brooks ,Lynch,and Barber never seemed to have a problem playing with him. That said, as much as I love
    Sapp as a player we don’t need to have another repeat of the Richie Incognito
    debacle either.

  18. OneBuc55 Says:

    I met Warren Sapp, and Imho he’s a bonafied dirt bag…

    It’s not a bad thing “per-say” on the field; off the field is another story…I’m not surprised that he struggles to find work…All of that being said I think he’s earned to right to show up to OneBuc whenever he wants… He’s arguably the best player we’ve ever had…

  19. Seff’sFavSon Says:

    99 has always been a loud mouth. He’s also a HOF’mer.

  20. Phil Says:

    Damn I was hoping Sapp would come back and put a jersey on.

  21. Bird Says:


    Just had to put that in there cause Tmax forgot to write in last post.
    Tmax – you are slipping. That is your favorite buzz word. Used 10 times a day whether or not the article is even about McCoy. It was talking about best DT in bucs history and you forgot to talk about your favorite DT McCoy in same sentence. Are you feeling ok today? All that meth get to you ?

  22. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    First comment out the chute attacks Bucs’ fans….wow.

  23. AlteredEgo Says:

    LOL..this will be a wake up call !…and fun the read about

  24. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Sapp’s statue is right in the building for all players to see once they get to work and could be nothing but positive for this losing culture that has encompassed One Buc since gruden left. Maybe sapp can tell licht to start drafting football players too not the crap he has acquired the past 5 years.

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m actually starting to feel a bit sorry for Sapp…….he seems lonely and out of sorts……he needs to be included and isn’t.
    It’s hard to feel sorry for such a spectacular talent who squandered his money and reputation…..but I do.
    It’s a shame……sort of like a Lawrence Taylor story.

  26. ben Says:

    Sapp was a winner on the field and one tough dude.. he could help the bucs man up !!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Big 99 miss your presence on the field … you set the standard back in the day

  28. TexBuc Says:

    Need only for Sapp to teach accountability between players

  29. BucsFIRE Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    “I think Sapp is full of it.”


    That’s your prerogative.
    I think YOU are.

  30. JustaBucsFan Says:

    Ever listen to Sapp’s podcast? Say what you want about him but he has deep football knowledge. Sure, he is cocky and has swagger but he does have the stats, the ring, and the bust in Canton to back it up.

  31. cmurda Says:

    Speaking of dirtbags, is it weird that every time I hear or see the word prerogative I think of Bobby Brown? Now that dude is a true dirtbag.

  32. EvolvingBucsfan Says:

    Don’t forget about the p!ssing match he got into with Kwon and David on social media.

    Just hope he doesn’t become more of a distraction than a benefit, Lord knows we need less distractions on this Bucs team.

  33. 813bucboi Says:

    could make the team mentally tougher….lol….gotta beat the bully or he’ll continue to be the bully…not physically but mentally….

    folks need to stop coddling this team…..let em face adversity and distractions….lets see where their heads are at….


  34. BucsFIRE Says:

    JustaBucsFan Says:
    “Ever listen to Sapp’s podcast? Say what you want about him but he has deep football knowledge. Sure, he is cocky and has swagger but he does have the stats, the ring, and the bust in Canton to back it up.”


    Very well said.

  35. Arian Nation Says:

    I love Sapp!

  36. BucsFIRE Says:

    cmurda Says:
    “Speaking of dirtbags, is it weird that every time I hear or see the word prerogative I think of Bobby Brown? Now that dude is a true dirtbag.”

    LOL, good stuff man. Yes he is. When I think “dirtbag” right now, I think Tom Cruise, after disrespecting all those people on the Navy ship.

  37. Mikey Says:


    Sapp was quite a player and leader!

  38. tmaxcon Says:

    Dirks Great Granpappy Says:
    February 21st, 2019 at 2:05 am

    Lol sapp is the only Bucs living legend. That’s a real knee slapper

    SCOREBOARD PAL!!!! None of those other bums won a single playoff game without Sapp carrying those backups you call legends. I am certain you don’t mean that LB that ran the storm into the ground and never accomplished anything without sapp playing in front of him. 47 best years were in denver. 55 is back up without sapp driving the train just another nice guy like cancer93 who cant win…. barber is a system specific cb that never won anything without sapp either. hanging on too long like 55 and barber does not make them legends it makes them washed up has beens… please point out one team that labels bums with 5 career playoff wins legends. obviously, the Glazers have lower standards and trained the fan base to accept losing with smiles and excuses. note to low standard bucfan 500 football is not glory year it’s failure.

  39. Mikey Says:

    Like him or not, Sapp was the lead dog that kept players and the team in check.

    Fiery, ferocious, holds everyone accountable, and the whomps that can’t hci it call him a bully.

  40. tmaxcon Says:

    bullies build character this country would not be so oversensitive and soft if we brought bullies back….the soft mentally weak need the strong to whip the weak into shape… when the weak run the world you get trophies and hugs for all..

  41. BucsFIRE Says:

    Further proof that it takes ALL TYPES to win a Championship…

    Warren Sapp & Keyshawn Johnson
    could be as arrogant & cantankerous as all get out…

    Derrick Brooks & Mike Alstott
    just might stop and have a friendly 5 minute conversation with you…

    It takes ALL TYPES to win a Championship..
    and in 2002, we were lucky enough to have them ALL.

  42. Half_Sac Says:

    I’ve been reading here for almost 8 years, though I rarely comment. I just gotta say after reading tmaxcon’s comment I’m baffled. You’ve always posted ridiculous comments just like bonzai since I’ve started reading all those years ago. Clearly you have know real knowledge of football nor are you a fan of this franchise. Calling Brooks, Lynch and Barber trash without Sapp. You’re just one of those fans that likes to think they know what they are looking at but can’t see the forest for the trees.

  43. diggler Says:

    Don’t waste your time Sapp, Iron sharpens Iron not Cupcakes.

  44. Bucsdelight Says:

    Hopefully he stays away. No need for more drama at One Buc.

  45. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    @TBBF, Taylor has a “minor” leg up on Sapp.

  46. tmaxcon Says:


    SCOREBOARD…. I understand it hurts your feelings when your legends can’t stack up to ACTUAL legends…. Bucs were a bad team with a great defense under Dungy and accomplished NOTHING under dungy so putting bums on pedestals nearly two decades after their last meaningful win is laughable and very sad…. tom Brady as-as many super bowl rings as this franchise has playoff wins in it’s entire history. that a legend…. roger Staubach a legend, joe Montana a legend…. 55 a nice guy that won a super bowl that expired week won of the 2003 season… not legendary that’s laughable. living in a failed past is what low standard buc fan does best

  47. Mike Johnson Says:

    Not sure Sapps prescence will have the positive effect intended. maybe he’s just
    yrying to see if he’s got what it take to be a coach at the NFL level. I luv Sapps legacy. But he’s probably not a very good instructor. He’s More like a Do-er and Sh..talker! And beleive me, He will be walkin around QTA’s talkin smack. Say warren, If you wanna break into caoching, start at the HS level 1st. But then again..Some of those kids moms are lookers huh?

  48. Rod Munch Says:

    The triggered millenials on the team currently don’t like that Sapp runs his mouth. LOL! Typical cupcake mentality.

    Anywho Bruce, who is a member of the Ray Perkins tree, will break them of their sensitivity issues.

  49. Echase Says:

    Sapp would be awesome, he knows how to win and the attitude on the field. Even thou he was a dick off the field.