Recruiting DeSean Jackson

January 12th, 2019

“Jason, I might stick around if that old cat will quit slurping Jaboo. Otherwise, I need a new deal, dawg, because I need to get paid for my pain. You feeling me, Cuz? And I need a new crib, too.”

Joe has found that DeSean Jackson has been unusually quiet on social media since the Bucs hired Bucco Bruce Arians to replace Dirk Koetter.

Usually when DJax, who likes to play the malcontent card, is upset, he fires off a bunch of cryptic social media messages. If he is happy (or sad or just doesn’t give a crap) about Arians coming to town, DJax is keeping it a secret.

Joe suspects DJax doesn’t like it as Arians is fully behind America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, as starting quarterback of the Bucs. That is not changing any time soon.

So this morning on NFL Network, Ian Rapoport claims Arians is trying to find a number to reach DJax in order to sweet talk DJax to stay in Tampa Bay (re-read that last sentence for full effect).

DJax, who begged Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht to trade him last year, became a locker room cancer butting heads with Jameis, blowing off meetings while playing cards, sleeping in meetings, not taking notes in meetings and getting into hassles with coaches.

Joe cannot believe Arians would want a guy like that but then again, Arians is a clean-slate kind of guy and maybe (though Joe doubts it very much) DJax would have an attitude adjustment with Arians. At least it’s cool that Arians wants to see what he can do to perhaps have a come-to-Jesus meeting with DJax.

The way Joe sees it, DJax better come straight if he plans to stick around. He won’t be able to walk all over Arians like he did Koetter, and DJax better come to grips that Jameis is his quarterback.

And if DJax starts his juvenile pouting again, Arians will have no hesitation about getting in his grill. Who knows, maybe Arians can coax DJax into returning punts?

To Joe, this smells like when inept Lovie Smith came in and talked about what a great player Darrelle Revis was and the second Lovie was able to throw Revis out the door, he did.

Remember, it is Jan. 12. July training camp is a long way away. A whole lot can happen between now and when veterans check in on April 1.

To see Rapoport’s report, the full video is below.

77 Responses to “Recruiting DeSean Jackson”

  1. Hawk Says:

    Maybe Coach Arians just wants to know what teams Jackson is willing to be traded to.

  2. tmaxcon = POSITIVE REALITY Says:

    with leadership in the building djax is a no brain’er. his skill set has declined at a much slower rate than the face of the basement years captain blowout cancer93 has plus unlike cancer93 djax has a burning desire to win. give me the winner over the quitter any day

  3. Tampabucfan88 Says:

    Hawk I was thinking the same thing cause djax can void the trade

  4. Seminole Bill Says:

    Maybe Coach Arians realizes he needs a deep ball threat.

  5. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    SUCK IT JOE!!!!!!!

    Desean Jackson = Super Bowl

  6. Pryda..sec147 Says:

    Bad idea

  7. JabooBuc Says:

    Joe, a coach can get in my grill all day for $10 to 11 mil guaranteed. This guy is nearing the end of career so anyone stupid enough to pay that amount of money to this dude deserves what they get.

  8. tmaxcon = POSITIVE REALITY Says:

    only reason players like djax become malcontents is the circus like environment and total leadership void at one buc. maybe arians can fix it maybe not that’s his biggest hurdle

  9. TexBuc Says:

    In Bruce I trust, but Bruce if my vote counts put mine as NO!

  10. jmarkbuc Says:

    BA has to take this position at the moment.. Gotta make the other teams think MeJax is valuable to we can trade his A$$.

  11. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Trade malcontent DJax to the steelers for Antonio Brown”

    Kobe Faker

  12. SB Says:

    I’m with you TexBuc. I trust in Bruce Almighty but I don’t like DJax one bit.
    Never really wanted him in the first place

  13. Jameis “Will” Win-A-Ton Says:

    Put down the paint, Bruce.

  14. CaliBuc Says:

    This should be interesting. Would be great if DeSean can change his attitude with a new coaching staff and have a 10 TD type year

  15. rrsrq Says:

    Coach AB knows he is a coach that can get what he needs out of his players. Game recognizes game and he knows D-Jax is game. You don’t think he has a plan already for DJax, not just sending him long every time, but crossing patterns, screens, etc., not just a decoy. Coaching, Coaching…, Have you ever seen a bunch of (men) coaches follow a coach like this. Trust, Respect, Loyalty… buy in or be gone

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I don’t believe this one single bit…….it may simply be a smoke screen…..I think Arians will be very interested in John Brown who played for him in Ariz for 3 years……he is a FA and runs a 4.3 40…… younger and would be cheaper than Djax… no bad attitude..

    My money is on Brown.

  17. Ateonetree Says:

    Bruce is doing his due diligence on whole roster. Desean is a dangerous weapon no harm in reaching out and seeing if he wants to come back. I would rather trade Jackson for some mid round draft capital and free up the cap space

  18. Waterboy Says:

    John Brown is just as fast, can run a larger variety of routes and won’t take up as much cap space. I don’t see them bringing Jackson back.

    A MeJax and 4th rd pick for Patrick Peterson trade would be ideal.

  19. mark2001 Says:

    Tried to say that Koetter was a great guy…but too soft to be a good HC.

    Arians will make everyone step up or hit the road, of course for as much return as possible. Very exciting time.

  20. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Just remember Bucs beat both #1 Saints and Super Bowl Champ Eagles with terrible coaching

  21. Waterboy Says:

    MeJax has been a cancer at every stop (Philly, Washington and Tampa), why do you all think it will suddenly change? Get him out of there. There are other speedy guys in the league that can get open on a 9 route for much cheaper.

  22. Darin Says:

    Everyone should have a clean slate. We are talking about a former coaching staff that had no klue. They werent even a team. Every player on the team probably wanted to be traded. Djax spoke up. No biggie. Now if he really slept in meetings etc then thats a problem. See what happens.

  23. Maze Says:

    What a joke

  24. Maze Says:

    Jackson is a cancerous clown

  25. Joe Says:

    John Brown is just as fast, can run a larger variety of routes and won’t take up as much cap space.

    Hhhmmm… 🤔

  26. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Aside from Week 17 against the Falcons, the offense was completely different without DJax. Without DJax and OJ, our offense completely lost the ability to stretch the field (a la 2015 and 16 with Russell Shepard as our #2 receiver and Luke Stocker as our #1 TE). The offense went stale. Even if Jameis misses DJax deep 2/10 times, it opens up underneath for the TEs and Slot Receivers. Godwin just isn’t as fast as DJax, and too be honest, not many people even come close.

    I’m telling you right now, without speed on the offense and with little run game, we’re going to be stuck in a stale offense. Hopefully BA can knock some sense in DJax and convince him this is going to be a winner.

  27. rrsrq Says:

    everybody loved DJax those first couple of games, so you know what he can do. I am sure AB will do his due diligence, Lovie got rid of talent, I don’t believe that is BA’s thing, plus he said the team is in a win now mode. Got to have talent for that to happen

  28. ben Says:

    Djax deserves an accurate qb who can connect with him. Fans blame DJax but Fitz looked good throwing with him . Djax should move on to save his career and help Winston’s stats.

  29. RyJo Says:

    Bucco Bruce is keeping his options open with D-Jax, which is a winning strategy in my books. You gotta love the supreme confidence evident in Arians in that he apparently believes whole-heartedly that he can fix Jameis, fix D-Jax, fix their chemistry, readjust their attitude [problem], and make both of them crucial cogs in a winning football machine. THATS the kind of confidence we need around here!

  30. Colonel Angus Says:

    Nobody is going to trade for him if they believe he will be released.

  31. Topcoach1978 Says:

    Yall big mad about this huh? True enough he allegedly acted out but why though? JW cant hit him in stride while running wide open, this guy comes to Florida, they go to Cali in the off season, yall wanna talk about DJax drops but ME gets a pass, how would you feel as a WR if you stay open and dude hang it up too high too far or out of bounds constantly JW isn’t real accurate deep middle as much as when he uses the sideline yall mad at him cause he mad JW cant do his job! #FACTS

  32. Ndog Says:

    Topcoach1978 no sir we are mad at him cause he doesn’t play hard, he doesn’t play for his team, cause he’s a shrimp and can’t take any contact and basically because he’s an ahole.

  33. Pete Mitchell Says:

    We aren’t trying to put together a freaking choir. We’re trying to win football games and DJax has a bad a$$ skill set!

    If I was coach Arians I would want a chance to coach that dude! As a head coach it’s your job to maintain buy-in from your players. Wide receivers have been divas long before Jackson, and will be long after he leaves.

  34. Architek Says:

    I pass, get that cancer away

  35. Ndog Says:

    Ben answer me this how many deep balls (20+ yard) did Jackson get from Fitz and game two when they knew our offense better? I’ll wait…

  36. lambchop Says:

    Djax is only a malcontent cuz he joined a circus. Some guys need to be held accountable and held in check for them to respect the coach. The guy just wants to produce, score, and do what he do. I’m hoping we can get him the damn ball if he decides this is a new offense with an entirely new coaching staff. It all depends on whether he thinks someone can coach #3 to throw an accurate ball in the bread basket and not short, high, wide, behind, or flat. DJax does not high-point or make adjustments to the ball cuz he would rather be in stride to roll in for the score. He’s not here to be a possession WR. So, there’s no point comparing him to any other receiver on the team cuz nobody gives us the skill set DJax is known for.

  37. tmaxcon Says:

    talent wins championship and franchises with solid leadership can handle personalities that don’t fit the choirboy loving PC fanatic that rather go 0-16 with a dungy clown clone and team filled with choir boys who lose quietly and attend the local cults on Sundays.

  38. J$MC Says:

    I really think everyone on this team stays for one more season. I havent posted on the new hires but im loving it. Reminds me of when we first got Gruden. Not gonna get too much into the assistants but im scratching my head over Leftwich and Christiansen though for obvious reasons. Djax will stay for Bucco though. I feel Bowles will keep that 4-3 base going which is great. I feel Mccoy may stay as well this kind of hire is a last run kind of hire for both of them. I just feel like we setting up for something special though next season. I see the playoffs and the title ultimately if we bring in a good rushing attack on offense. In the draft though we must get Dexter Lawrence to b3 another big body next to Vea in 4-3 and 3-4 because Vea can line up as a DE in that scheme next to Lawrence. Draft Dexter Lawrence is the championship piece to this multiple attack defense

  39. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    I think Chris Godwin is more than ready to be #2. I think Djax is damaged goods (team player). At this point, I am not sure if Arians can turn him around.

  40. Tampabucfan88 Says:

    Look I never diss the man talent but I do agree BA going to talk him into staying but djax need to change his entire attitude cause when we are winning and he doesn’t get his td or catches and he walks off the field getting mad mark my words he will be traded before that day djaxs needs to know this is not the punching bag DK cause BA will hit back and knock your ass out just saying

  41. OneBuc55 Says:

    I’d much rather trade Jackson and sign Brown if available…

  42. RustyRhinos Says:

    Do this man a favor and trade him, cut him or whatever needs to be done to let him go. He has already stated he wanted out. Send him packing. Why bring back a player who has no desire to play for the Buccaneers?

  43. AlteredEgo Says:

    DJax has been catching balls from Jameis for 2 years 100’s in practice….he KNOWS Jameis can’t hit him in stride… it’s best for both Bucs and DJax to part ways… hopefully the Bucs can get satisfactory trade value

  44. Hodad Says:

    This doesn’t sound true. BA doesn’t need to sweet talk Jax into staying, he’s under contract the choice is not his, the Bucs hold all the cards. He could walk away, and retire, but I doubt he’s walking away from 10 million.

  45. Waterboy Says:

    Regardless of whether Winston can hit him in stride or not, if the plan is to move forward with Winston he has to go. Bring another fast guy in to run 9 routes.

  46. Acewigsplitta Says:

    This isn’t baseball he can’t void the trade L2ms!

  47. SB Says:

    “We want Volunteers here not Hostages”

  48. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Like Kobe Has said repeatedly

    OJ Howard is the other player beside JW that BA came to Tampa Bay to wanting to coach

    BA will make OJ into a HOF player

    2019, OJ’s name will be right along side with Kelce and Gronk

    *We still need a starting duel threat running back…

    then all the offensive stats will shatter”

    Koby Fakr

  49. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Huge mistake. Jason Licht needs to keep it real and let him no that Desean has no business being here next season.

    Cut McCoy
    Cut Jackson
    Sign Bell

  50. THETRUTH Says:

    BA won’t deal with disrespect from Jackson but may give him a chance or it’s ploy to making hm looking like he is part of team to have more trade value. The league at this time knows he wants out so value dropped

  51. AlteredEgo Says:

    DJax…is so pissed today !….he knows he could be playing with a Play Off team this weekend and making a DIFFERENCE !…this is on Licht..another wiff…I mean the not trading part…watch the QB’s throw the ball today and tomorrow….forget about completion %…watch ball throwing on time …watch throw the WR open…watch the good QB play on every team !

  52. DB55 Says:


    Djax shows none of the above.

  53. DB55 Says:

    Is mike Evans not a deep threat? Cuz it sure looks to me like he a deep threat short threat medium threat. Get Larry Fitz and start Mike, Larry and Bobo. If John Brown wanna come that’s cool too.

    Mike Evans, Larry fitz (slot) bobo, OJ. Brate and Alex Cross.

    What is wrong with that? No Mesean and no hump. I think we’ll survive.

    I got a question for BA. Bruce our fans want to know what’s your plan to win the division? How do you plan on beating Drew, Cam and Matty Ice?

  54. Joe Says:


    Djax shows none of the above.

    Nail meets hammer.

  55. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Altered ego 100%….why the frick wouldnf licht trade djax, gmc and grimes at deadline…. licht was just rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic

  56. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    DB55 Says:
    January 12th, 2019 at 3:26 pm
    Is mike Evans not a deep threat? Cuz it sure looks to me like he a deep threat short threat medium threat. Get Larry Fitz and start Mike, Larry and Bobo. If John Brown wanna come that’s cool too.

    Mike Evans, Larry fitz (slot) bobo, OJ. Brate and Alex Cross.

    What is wrong with that? No Mesean and no hump. I think we’ll survive.

    I got a question for BA. Bruce our fans want to know what’s your plan to win the division? How do you plan on beating Drew, Cam and Matty Ice?

    Mike Evans is NOT a deep threat, he’s just tall

    When corner backs play you at the line of scrimmage, YOU ARE NOT A DEEP THREAT!!!!!

  57. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    No djax = BORING OFFENSE!!

  58. BucEmUp Says:

    Humph over djax. Fnd a speedster in the draft they are out there. Teams have electirc players branden cooks, tyreek hill, calvin ridley

  59. Anthony Dickson Says:

    Could be a trade bait plot, make other teams that want DJ think he won’t be cut by Bucs in order to get some value for him.

  60. Kansas95Buc Says:

    If he dont won’t to be around then get him out of here. This dont seem like rocket science to me. The fact that BA has to find Jacksons number says a lot right there

  61. Dapostman Says:

    MeSean Jackson:

    589 career catches in 153 games. 3.8 catches a game.

    53 career TD’s in 11 NFL seasons. 4.8 Td’s a year.

    Has played a full 16 game schedule in 2 out of 11 NFL seasons.

    1057 targets with 589 career catches. A 55.7% catch rate.

    Five 1,000 yard seasons out of 11.

    Relax idiot MeSean nut huggers. He’s replaceable.

  62. Mike Says:

    I’d like to see this coach whisper sweet little nothings into Fitzmagics ear and bring in AB to team with ME and DJAX

    Dude only had his Jersey sent to Canton same day he was benched. If Koetter had any balls, he would have named Fitz the starter after week two- that’s when it all fell apart. Arians is correct in that sense, if you have two QB’s you have none.

    The team had mojo and Koetter allowed the wind to get sucked out of the sails.
    Evans and the whole team was excited an on board being led by Fitz.
    Fotz lost faith in himself and started believing all the league wide detractors about who he was and his ceiling. People live up to their own and others expectations. I’m not by any stretch a Fitz or Winston guy. All of these players are great in moments. We’ve seen it!! The key to life and winning with any group is consistency and solidarity and full belief in each other. Let’s see if f Arians can catch some of this with Tampa. I’d love to see a very talented but splintered team, gel for the first time. We do need defensive help and much more toughness and confidence personnel wise. I think if people flash, they should be able to sustain it with coaching, mindset, consistent leadership etc.
    I like Lichts desire to move toward toughness.

    Look at all of the Steelers problems- it’s because of Tomlin- no one a
    Wants to say it. Both LB and and AB won’t return calls? Come on- what a joke- best at their respective positions goin awol- come on- he’s Kissing Big Bens rear, seems like a passive aggressive primadonna to me. Lost all respect
    With team

  63. 911bucs Says:

    John Brown, I’m in.

  64. DB55 Says:


    It’s almost like week 3 and 4 never happened. Is that what they call white privilege? Asking for a friend.

  65. Mike Says:


    I’m saying that had Koetter led with a firm hand- the team had chemistry going and would have continued on, beating Pittsburgh and perhaps at least competing angainst Chicago. Although he would have also made a defensive coaching change which was needed.

    I’m unsure why you’ve accused me being a racist. I imagine it’s your insecurity to stand on your own as a man and inability to stop hiding behind th he race card.

    Seeing through such nonsense is called intellectual privilege.

    I hope that in this life time you will snap out of your poor me group think attitude

  66. Brandon Says:

    He can do what he wants. Hold onto his rights until the last possible second then cut or trade him. I don’t care either way. BA has DJax right where he wants him. Play nice or we’ll screw you over.

  67. Brandon Says:

    He can do what he wants. Hold onto his rights until the last possible second then cut or trade him. I don’t care either way. BA has DJax right where he wants him. Play nice or we’ll screw you over.

    Chris Godwin is a complete WR. Evans is a giant possession WR, Hump a nice slot WR… Godwin needs to be featured. Watson and Wilson need a chance to develop as well. Hold onto DJax rights until he begs to be cut or we can get something/anything in return.

  68. Mike Says:


    As a friend, Going to the race card is short sighted on your part. I would suggest you examine your instinct to immediately jump to the blame game.

    1. I didn’t oppress you.
    2. My take has to do with interpersonal dynamics and race is absent from the discussion.

  69. Mike Says:

    Pathetic DB55

    Hey Joe- you allow users to make comments like that toward other users based on nothing? Do us a favor and ban this clown for his reverse racism.

  70. Mike Says:

    Joe- you ought to block this guy for his reverse racism nonsense

  71. Mike Says:

    DB55 what a sad joke. I pity you. My ability to see this is called intellectual privilege. Wish you the best.

  72. TDTB Says:

    To maximize his trade value, the rest of the league has to believe that we want to keep him. If everyone knows you want to get rid of him, the bidding will be lower. Make nice, then trade.

  73. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Djax sucks

  74. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Trade djax for a box of jock straps

  75. Jim Says:

    Obviously, BA sees that the Bucs offense is better with Jackson, while Jackson at this point sees he can do better with another QB and another team.

  76. John B Says:

    Agree with above, if you want to trade him you have to build his value

    Would love to get a 3rd for him and sign John Brown as the deep decoy at less than half the price

  77. stpetebucsfan Says:

    DJAX has a history that dates to his beginning in this league.

    Nobody doubted his talent…speed…but first it was his gang connections that upset Philly and then surprise surprise his attitude.

    Are we sure the Deadskins let him walk soley over money?

    There were many who questioned his attitude when he was signed by the Bucs. Their worst fears seem to have been realized

    Like others I just don’t see JW being all that happy if we keep DJAX. It’s not like JW doesn’t have enough targets. Re-sign Hump and let DJAX walk and forget about targets for JW unless you’re talking about a running back who catches out of the backfield. There is only ONE football. Two great TE’s…Two great WR’s…and Hump…we are loaded in that area.

    Why are we even discussing this? Get me a giant OL or two!
    Get me a GREAT cover long CB who can cover the WR’s in our division. Can you say Greedy?