“For God’s Sake”

January 6th, 2019

Former Bucs guard Ian Beckles is not much of a fan of a current Bucs starter on the front line.

In his recent “In the Trenches” podcast, Beckles broke down what  players should and should not be kept from the 2018 roster as the Bucs prepare to hire a new coach.

One Beckles has no use for, as Joe listened to Beckles’ words, is starting left tackle Donovan Smith, a free agent this offseason.

“I heard rumors of putting a franchise tag on him for God’s sakes,” Beckles said. “I don’t know (sigh). If they put a franchise tag on Donovan Smith, I will definitely throw up in my mouth. Good for him making that kind of money. I am all for people making money. But if you can’t find someone better for that kind of money, people in the front office aren’t good enough.”

The following are quick snippets of what Beckles thought of other players:

Jameis Winston: Beckles essentially said anyone beating the drum for the Bucs to get rid of Jameis doesn’t know football. “We shouldn’t even be talking about him right now.”

DeSean Jackson: “DeSean Jackson will be traded. Now that [the season is] over, I hear he wasn’t the best teammate. Sleeping in meetings, tardiness and a lot of bulls(pit). A lot of bulls(p)it that you don’t want around when you are trying to build a program full of young, influential football players. So, DeSean Jackson is going to be gone.

Demar Dotson: “Demar Dotson is at the end of his rope.”

Adam Humphries: “Adam Humphries is going to get some mo-NEE. He’s going to get some money. I thought he played great this year but he didn’t fit the system. Man, you give me Adam Humphries with the Patriots or Adam Humphries with Drew Brees or Adam Humphries with Philip Rivers, whew, that guy is catching 100 balls for sure. He stays healthy, stays out of trouble. I thought he had a great season.”

Kwon Alexander: “If he is healthy and you want to put a franchise tag on someone, put it on him. That is the guy you build your franchise around. That’s me. I don’t want to lose Kwon Alexander.”

Vita Vea: “To me, he showed me the last six games he has the ability to be a star. He is fire on the field. Way more athletic than I thought he could be.”

JPP: “Our spiritual leader.”

Defensive linemen other than JPP and Vea: “Throw the bomb on the rest of it and start over.”

Gerald McCoy: “Is he a bad football player? Nope. Absolutely not. Are the Bucs better off with him on the team? Yes. Is he worth $12-13 million dollars? Nope. Absolutely not. If we are going to be real with it, absolutely not.”

Joe would be OK if the Bucs kept GMC and reworked his contract. But Joe no way would franchise Alexander. Joe likes Alexander a lot but since Beckles is being real, so will Joe.

The defense got better after Alexander was lost for the season. Is that just a coincidence or a cause and effect? Joe honestly doesn’t know.

Joe would be a little surprised if Smith left. Pretty sure the franchise tag would be a last resort type of thing for Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht.

60 Responses to ““For God’s Sake””

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    Adam Humphries: “Adam Humphries is going to get some mo-NEE. He’s going to get some money. I thought he played great this year but he didn’t fit the system. Man, you give me Adam Humphries with the Patriots or Adam Humphries with Drew Brees or Adam Humphries with Philip Rivers, whew, that guy is catching 100 balls for sure. He stays healthy, stays out of trouble. I thought he had a great season.”
    So …Jamyth can’t his WR’s in stride…

  2. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    Bucs want smart?

  3. Wesley Says:

    Holy crap I actually agree with Ian for once.

  4. Zwak Says:

    I Agree with everything he said all of it!

  5. Thisisagarbageblog Says:

    Eight dollars an hour talking about agreeing with somebody.

  6. Grt1 Says:

    If you keep GMC you draft OT Johan Williams if you release GMC than you have to draft a interior D lineman.

  7. TexBuc Says:

    Love hearing the opinions of former player who have a good idea of what they are talking about.

  8. Kalind Says:

    Did Ian get tired of people roasting his chestnuts on this here site? I actually agree with him. Someone take a note.

  9. TB22 Says:

    I love listening to Ian Beckles.
    Don’t always agree with him but he is entertaining as heck.
    I love that he doesn’t pull punches and is honest with his assessments. He doesn’t suck up to the players if he thinks they stink.

    Heard him mention Friday that between Beau Allen, Vinny Curry, and Unrein–he couldn’t name 5 plays they made all year–between the 3 of them. Basically said they were hot garbage and the Bucs should dump them. He also had Cam Brate #1 on his list of disappointments in 2018.

    Donovan Smith is a dog and the Bucs would be idiots to head into 2019 with him at LT again.

  10. Buccernutter Says:

    So beckles says the Winston haters don’t know football and now Arians wants to come here to work with him.

    Man I’ve never seen a fan base “know” so much more than paid professionals. Hmmmm

  11. tnew Says:

    Thoughts that make you go hmmm.. Franchising Kwon would be a reckless use of Glazer funds. The way that LB’s are franchised… Have to compare to rush LB’s .. Anyone here think Kwon is worth over $15 mil a season??? No way.

    More I hear about Djax, then coupled with Grimes, I ask what were the Bucs staff doing? I was worried watching Hard Knocks when watching how Djax trained. Winston will never gel with a player like Djax and vice versa.

    Donovan Smith, this is a tough question. NO WAY can you give this guy top 3 tackle money. Warhop has been filling his head with this is you he is for a long time. Let the next O-line coach assess him. Decide if he is a LT, LG (my opinion) or RT. If he is viable at one of those, franchise him for a season. Draft two o-lineman in the first 3 rounds.

    I would love GMC restructured.

  12. LongSufferingBucFan Says:

    I agree with Beckles on occasion… I agree with most of what he said. I still don’t understand how Licht kept his job.

    Watching Marlon Mack last night made me sick! This GM has been unable to draft/acquire a stud running back after many opportunities to do so. We could have drafted

    1. Marlon Mack
    2. Dalvin Cook
    3. Sony Michel
    4. Nick Chubb

    Just in the last couple of years.

    Last year Licht went and got 50 free agents for the DL, then drafts a D linemen and hopes and prays two 2nd round picks, a bust in Hargraves and a 36 old Grimes would constitute a good secondary. His hand was forced (in his mind) to pick Rojo after not even interviewing or working out the kid, because all of the other decent RB’s had already been drafted.

    Our offensive line (which is supposed to be Licht’s specialty) sucks. Donovan Smith is average, Marpet underperformed, we had to make penalty ridden Jensen the highest paid center in the league, Benenoch should be selling insurance, and Dotson is old and injured. Not to mention Coach Warhop some how, has managed to keep his job all of these years.

    I know this post was mainly about players, but I just had to vent about Licht’s performance thus far. He needs to hit on EVERYTHING this year in order for him to redeem himself in my eyes. Hopefully for our sakes, he can.

  13. Bobby M. Says:

    Beckles shoots it straight….I always like his take and he’s correct, for the money the Bucs are talking for Smith, if you cant find someone better for that money or equal for less, the GM sucks….which is pretty obvious.

  14. Chris Says:

    Kwon isn’t a smart football player. To be honest why did we ever let Kwon call the defense over Lavonte? David is the true QB of the defense and he should keep wearing the green dot.

    I disagree with Beckles on getting rid of everyone outside of Vea and JPP. Nassib is a main stay who I think is only getting better.

  15. charles Says:

    Joe, you crack me up, the defense got better after he was lost for the season 🤣🤣. I think the fact that he only played one half of football after Mike Smith was gored, makes that comment special.

  16. StoutGospel Says:

    Ian. Beckles.

    Good lord.

  17. Buccernutter Says:

    Just saw the kwon comment.

    Joe, you’re out your mind.

  18. Pa Privateer Says:

    Keep Nassib. McCoy is definitely not worth the 13 million.

  19. Miller5252 Says:

    There’s a lot of room they could make and hopefully have enough cap to grab a few people this year.

    Vita, JPP, and Carl keep, the rest could go.
    Djac trade him for whatever you can get.
    Brate trade away for anything. OJ will be fine.
    Sign Hump
    Cut or trade McCoy
    Sign Kwon.
    Go get Earl Thomas

  20. Rod Munch Says:

    The defense was not better because was Kwon out. With that said I’m not sure Kwon is at the franchise level, he’s clearly a notch below David, but he’s still really really good and they should do what they can to keep him around.

    For McCoy the McCoy haters tell me he’s literally awful and the team is better without him – and their leading cheerleader all year was Beckles – for Beckles to say the team is better with him, that must come as quite a shock to these idiots. If the argument is he’s not worth the full contract at this point in his career, well yeah, that’s how things work, contracts go up and at some point production declines. However I don’t care if the Bucs are paying him $3-4m too much or not because they’re not going to spend that money somewhere else and I really don’t care if the Glazers have to pony up a few extra million to make the team better.

  21. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    McCoy brings a softness to our defense we don’t need

    Vita “former cupcake now young man beast” Vea needed to be told by Licht to play violent. That should have been common sense, but since Vita was mentored by big fat softie Gerald McCoy he played like a fat slug

    Change the culture, get rid of McCoy. No smiling and laughing until we are winners

  22. BucEmUp Says:

    I would think someine whonjnows football would want tonkeep carl nassib around as well. Why is everyine forgetting about this dude already?

  23. SOEbuc Says:

    Ian I’m by far not putting a bomb on Nassib. That guy is young gold getting paid horse manure at the moment and we don’t have a lot of cash to spend. And Joe we fired our insanely bad DC not long after Kwon went down and got a better interem so of course the defense got better. We were down to playing with about a third string LB corp. all year. If we got rid of Kwon, I would want to trade back in the first, get an OT in the first round, and a LB,OG,and DT in the second.

  24. Darin Says:

    Yep Smiths gota go. He was serviceable at his salary. Not anymore. Simple nfl capOnomics. Keep drafting O and D linemen until this team can run and get to the passer. Would love if Bowles comes aboard with Arians. These same players will suddenly be much more “talented”. All you ” this team lacks talent” whiners will finally see the light. Well you might not see it but it will be there to be seen.

  25. Couch Fan Says:

    I agree with everything except Kwon. Another rare time I agree with Joe. Kwon is over rated at MLB.

  26. TB22 Says:

    LSBF–Guess who makes Marlon Mack look good?

    The OL.

    When you have Q Nelson pancaking guys like Clowney left and right, I could run behind an OL like that.

    The biggest shame is the Bucs had a chance to draft Q Nelson last year and blew it by winning a meaningless last game vs the Saints.

  27. Easy Says:

    Agree with pretty much everything except for Kwon. He’s average at best and coming off a knee injury. I say let him go and draft soemyou her talent and spend the money elsewhere.

  28. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    “Daddy would you like some sausage? Daddy would you like some sausages?”
    – Tom Green

    “Well you could shove it up your bum-bum… Put the cheese in your bum”
    – Tom Green

    God I wish we were still in the 90’s.

  29. Tony LA Says:

    I’ll say what I’ve been saying for years…
    As long as D Smith is the LT, the Bucs will have a below average o-line

  30. Knack2Babbyyyy Says:

    Kwon Alexander isn’t an “overrated” linebacker, and the only reason why the defense improved, was due to the fact that Mike Smith was fired. Once Mark Duffner was promoted in week 7 (which was the game that Kwon tore his ACL), the defense looked significantly better, especially Kwon and Lavonte. Kwon is the heart and soul of this defense, and is still only 24 years old. Now I’m not saying that he’s one of the best LB’s in the league, because he clearly isn’t. He struggles at times with tackling and covering receiving TE’s. However, with better coaching, he could take the next step in his progression. He has definitely shown enough in his time here, for the Buccaneers to offer him a second contract. We haven’t seen them work together much due to injuries, but if Kwon, Lavonte, and Kendall could all stay healthy, the Bucs will have one of the most dangerous LB trio in the league.

  31. DB55 Says:

    Seriously Joe why is the TB media so slooooooow?

    It took a whole year to figure out Dotson is done? He was done 2 years ago.

    Build around Teflon Kwon, lmao! What a joke he’s not even a MLB. Move his as to safety or cut him. Franchise? You got to be kidding!

    Hump? Child please, sure he got hands but he’s slow. Easily replaced the only reason to keep him is his rapport with Jameis.

    Djax if you didn’t know he was a selfish diva cancer on day 1 or after he told Winston to throw HIM the ball on Hard Knock then you’re just to slow to understand what’s really going on. Or when his truck mysteriously crashed on bay shore with how much weed a half-pound? COME ON MAN!! Yea his “friend” was driving SUUUURE!!! Smh

    As for McIceCream he does in fact suck! Worst 3tech in the division. 17 solo tackles that 1 per 800k game check and I’ve never seen a DT with his back to the LOS as often as McIceCream has his back to the LOS. But most importantly his loser attitude most GO!

    TB media is sloooooooow with few exceptions Jenna Lane and 1 Joe.

  32. Bucs 14 Says:

    “Jameis Winston: Beckles essentially said anyone beating the drum for the Bucs to get rid of Jameis doesn’t know football. “We shouldn’t even be talking about him right now.””

    I think Beckles took too many shots to the head while he played. Magoo is a bum, an average quarter back at best. Four years in the league and his stats have not improved much. Go ahead blame the system. Blame Koetter. Blame anyone you want. Bottom line, Magoo is not franchise tag material.

  33. AlteredEgo Says:

    LOL…. I love this place!

  34. DB55 Says:

    Again with Allen and Curry. How did you not know these guys were back-ups In Philly and only played on run downs so that their pass-rushers could get a quick breather? All off-season the media was talking about how the dline was so upgraded over Swaggy and Ayers, WRONG!

    Allen and Curry outplayed Swaggy and Ayers? Child please!

    I just hope the TB media observes this year rather than filling all the local yolkels with stupidity and tomfoolery, I know this is too much to ask for. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤞🏽

  35. westernbuc Says:

    The defense *did not* get better when Kwon got hurt, it got better when Duffner took over, and even that took a few weeks.

    Hump and Kwon are the only guys deserving of an extension. Guys tear ACLs all the time and come back. He’ll come a bit cheaper.

  36. rrsrq Says:

    There are RBs we could’ve drafted, Marlon Mack – yes, Dalvin Cook (then we would not have OJ), But Nick Chubb and Sony Michel were drafted before the Bucs 2nd pick, without trading back up, their options were Guice, Kerryon or ROJO. Donovan Smith, it just depends on the draft – best player available

  37. Widerightandleft Says:

    Watching the playoffs and keeping an eye on everybodies left tackle and im sorry to say that the disparity in athleticism from other teams tackles to DS is really eye opening.I dont know if DS takes plays off,but he seems to get blown bye alot.He looks slow afoot and solely relying on hand and arm contact .He whiffs frequently.He may be the nicest guy in the world but no franchise player or tag.SMH

  38. LJS4th Says:

    Draft a LT with #5!!!!

  39. Defense Rules Says:

    @Ian Beckles … “if you can’t find someone better (than Donovan Smith) for that kind of money, people in the front office aren’t good enough.” I think I just developed a newfound respect for Ian Beckles Joe. Agree with him about Donovan, although I’d still like to re-sign him as a Guard IF our new coaches decide he’s capable of playing there.

    But then Ian blew it by saying that Adam Humphries ‘didn’t fit the system’. That’s just plain dumb IMO. Beckles doesn’t even know what the ‘system’ is for heaven’s sake … we’ve got a new coaching staff on its way in; who knows what ‘system’ they’ll be implementing.

    I agree with Ian on Jameis, DJax, Dotson, JPP, Vea and GMC but not on Kwon. I would love to see us re-sign him, but NOT as our starting MLB and NOT under a franchise tag for sure. Kwon’s coming off a major injury, just like Beckwith is, and he wasn’t a superb MLB to start with IMO. But he’d be great outside I’m convinced (his college position?).

    And as far as blowing up the DLine goes, Bucs don’t have that luxury right now with all our other NEEDS. Agree totally with DB55’s perspective on Allen & Curry (part-time players), but that falls on Lapdog Licht, the Architect of this Mess. Hopefully we do sign an adult like Bruce Arians who can FIX IT.

  40. OneBuc55 Says:

    I agree with Ian in this case; I just find it funny how 6 or 7 weeks ago he was calling for Jameis’ head, now he saying, “you don’t know football” if you want him gone…

    Moving Marpet once again back to RG and moving Donavon Smith to LG would be an interesting experiment…Ive seen enough of Smith at LT to know he’s a liability out there; no team in their right mind would tag/pay Smith Top LT money…

    That said, Smith, Jensen, and Marpet on the inside and upgrading both tackle positions could work…

  41. Buc407 Says:

    We will be going to a 3-4 defense no need for McCoy

  42. Buccfan37 Says:

    DB55.. the South is more laid back than fast talking out of towners.

  43. scbucsfan Says:

    Beckles doesn’t like something. Shocking.

  44. Reach87 Says:

    6 time pro bowler. Go Bucs!

  45. Jeffbuc Says:

    Altered ego can you read at all. He said humphries doesn’t fit are scheme. Not jameis can’t throw to him. He is an underneath a lot receiver. If you had notice we run verticals. So what he is saying is he doesn’t fit that. Get him on a team that runs a offensive that they do quick intermediate passing he will catch 100 balls. He didn’t say anything about jameis you hater. Look at his first person he talked about that would be what he had to say about jameis. That he is fine and his name doesn’t even need to come out your mouth in the offseason because we are fine at qb.

  46. Reach87 Says:

    Tens of millions over his career . Go Bucs!

  47. Reach87 Says:

    MOTY nominee. Go Bucs!

  48. Reach87 Says:

    Gentleman and family man. Loyal teammate, crazy hi percentage of snaps, few if any “vet” days at practice. Stop making $hit up son. Go Bucs!

  49. passthebuc Says:

    Whatever you do, leave the ego players alone. Most of the great players just played and let their play define them.

  50. SOEbuc Says:

    KWON IS NOT A MLB!!! He was coming out playing well with some energy before he went down. Even with Beckwith out all year, he shouldn’t of been playing that position. But I think it’s a good idea to keep him and Beckwith because with these major injuries to both of them, we have two above average LBs that could step into the other ones position if need be. Entire LB corp was banged up bad this year.

  51. AleteredEgo Says:

    JeffBuc…has it ever occurred to you don’t know “our scheme”….and that the reason those passes are not called, the ones that would get Hump 100 receptions with those QB’s , is that the OC/HC was scared sheetless to call them with Jameis….

  52. Maze Says:


  53. Prada..sec147 Says:

    GMC doesn’t have “IT” move on …

  54. DB55 Says:

    Wish list:

    Kareem Hunt
    Rueben Foster
    Grady Jarrett
    David Irving
    The Honey Badger
    Ron Darby
    Aaron Lynch
    Larry Fitzgerald (to replace hump 😉)

    Never had a chance: CJ Mosley, DeMarcus Lawrence/Trey Flowers

  55. Rafterman61 Says:

    Joe the defense got better after Mike Smith got fired ! How much would had it been had Alexander not got hurt !

  56. Bucsalltheway Says:

    Not fair joe! Alexander was just heatingnup before injury….he STARTED the wave of stronger efforts.

  57. Phil Says:

    Trade GMC. He’s a loser.

  58. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    TB22 Says:
    “I love listening to Ian Beckles.
    Don’t always agree with him but he is entertaining as heck.”


    Well said, TB22, and agreed.

  59. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    As far as Kwon Alexander, there is no doubt in my mind that Bruce Arians and Todd Bowles would want him right here in TB. Maybe they would adjust his position to make him more effective, but he is most definitely a keeper. A guy that can be the heartbeat of a defense.

  60. joestang Says:

    all this coming from a at best average lineman. he couldnt even be a starter for this current team. all talk