Brian Kelly On Bucs’ Radar

January 2nd, 2019

“Coach of interest.”

This is worthy of a separate post.

Normally, coaching rumors are little more than agents trying to get their clients’ names out in public, hoping to create a feeding frenzy that means more dollars for their clients and more dollars for the agents.

Take Mike McCarthy, for example.

But Joe is giving this rumor more attention and credibility because it comes from a rock-solid journalist.

David Haugh for years was a reporter and columnist for the Chicago Tribune but recently took a full-time gig at WSCR-AM 670, “The Score,” in Chicago. He still writes columns part-time for the Tribune since Haugh left the 19th-century news delivery outfit.

Haugh’s information is that the Bucs are sniffing around Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly. This has Team Glazer’s fingerprints all over it.

Team Glazer loves to make a splash with its coaching hires. Dirk Koetter was one of the rare hires by Team Glazer that was strictly related to football.

Per Haugh, the search firm that Team Glazer hired to find a coach is pushing Kelly.

(Joe explained that “splash” does not mean big-name NFL hire in the recent “Ira Kaufman Podcast.”)

Hiring the Notre Dame coach that just led his team to the college football semifinals is right up Team Glazer’s alley. In fact, earlier this football season, former NFL executive Michael Lombardi, on his podcast, openly predicted Team Glazer would hire Kelly.

“I could see the Glazers doing that,” Lombardi barked. “I could easily see Brian Kelly going down to Tampa.”

And this was long before the season ended.

Lombardi, who has many contacts in the NFL’s higher reaches including Bill Belicheat, doesn’t often throw out BS. Joe wonders where he heard that from?

Could Bucs fans be singing the Fighting Irish fight song soon? Kelly is a no-nonsense coach. Wonder how many players will tolerate his in-your-face style?

122 Responses to “Brian Kelly On Bucs’ Radar”

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    LOL….is going to try to tie Parcells ?

  2. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    If you can’t get Chip…may as well go with Brian. Please no…would be a Bright Licht type move, however.

  3. Bill Says:

    An executive search firm for used for NFL football coaches.

    Is that common around the league (honest question)? I always assumed it was only team president, owner, GM, etc.

  4. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    ……………..not buying it at all…….but it is intriguing

  5. Doctor Stroud Says:

    If Team Glazer’s fingerprints are all over it, then they need to be charged with a crime. “I could easily see Brian Kelly going down to Tampa…” to retire! #PaidFloridaVacation

  6. Troy Says:

    I’d be listening closely to what he has to say. He won’t get hired, but at least he has standards, which it’s clear, the Bucs did not this year. Discipline and laziness issues on the field and off.

  7. Joe Blahak Says:

    Please hire!!!

  8. Danny Says:

    That Clemson game showed me all I need to know about Brian Kelly’s coaching ability or lack thereof. No thanks

  9. Knoxville Bucs Fan Says:

    They need someone to get in their grill Joe. I endorse Kelley! But I will always sing to the tune of GOGATORS!

  10. Michael Says:

    I agree with Danny, if anything go after the coach that whipped him in this last game….

  11. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Honestly Brian is a better coach than chip, chip was just hot at the time. And as far as the ND Clemson game. No coach was going to overcome the talent level disparity in that game.

  12. Joe Says:

    They need someone to get in their grill Joe.

    Yeah, DJax would last about 10 seconds with Brian Kelly. First time Kelly cussed him out, DJax would stomp off the field and go straight home.

    Not endorsing Kelly but could never see Kelly stroking DJax the way Koetter did. Naming DJax captain after he got into hassles with coaches was shameless. It sure seemed as if DJax walked all over Koetter until finally Koetter put his foot down late in the season.

  13. catcard202 Says:

    No Thank You!

    Bucs need to do their due diligence…But the best fit is Bruce Arians (w/ Chuck Pagano joining staff as DC).

  14. GrafikDetail Says:


  15. Joe Says:

    An executive search firm for used for NFL football coaches.

    Joe has no idea how common of a practice that is but Joe has gone on record explained why he feels those outfits are rackets. Guys in a bar could come up with worthy candidates for $20 and the Bucs, much less the NFL, have ex-FBI agents and ex-police detectives on staff that can do background checks.

  16. Says:

    Kelly might take one look at Donovan Smith and recuse himself from the process…

  17. Snoop Says:

    In a Playoff game w/ pretty equal talent, he was the difference….ugh

  18. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    If your going to sniff in the college direction for a no nonsense great football coach, start with saban and give him the keys on Jan 8 at midnite. Kelly is an excellent coach and must have an excellent OL coach up at ND with him.

  19. 813bucboi Says:


    with all the qualified HC candidates(richard, flores, edwards) already in the NFL, the glazer would be dumb enough to pick a college HC who cant beat bama or clemson…..


  20. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    Everyone has their opinions on who to hire. I don’t care who they hire to be honest. I want this coach to bring winning back to our team. Brian Kelly has turned around programs at every stop. Also, he is pumping out NFL talent at every position.

  21. Joe Says:

    In a Playoff game w/ pretty equal talent, he was the difference….ugh

    Did Notre Dame have equal talent as Clemson? Not sure Ian Book is in the same stratosphere as Trevor Lawrence. Don’t think Notre Dame had a defensive line as good or nearly as deep as Clemson.

    Cornerbacks? Notre Dame may have had equal or better talent than Clemson. Running back? Maybe. Maybe.

  22. Deminion Says:

    wouldn’t mind being hearing his name mentioned for months about the coaching in tampa… Good coach ND has been decent. Someone said he cant coach he can coach college football is about recruiting and talent coaching matter but winning and losing is about the best players first coaching 2nd

  23. zzbuc Says:

    Joe…..Sooner or later you have to understand that the GM brought Desean to the Bucs, not Koetter!!!! What happened when it became really clear Desean was a trouble maker, he didn´t play anymore, Blame Koetter fos his mistakes not for some others mistakes, come on Joe!!!

  24. catcard202 Says:

    zz…Koetter may have been the driving force behind bringing DJax to TB. Might be why Licht stayed & Koetter went.

  25. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    Tom Coughlin, Bill Parcells, Bill Walsh, Jim Harbaugh, just to name a few College Head Coaches that never won a national championship. 3 of the 4 won multiple Super Bowls the other Took a sad franchise to a winner and a Super Bowl game in a couple years.

  26. lambchop Says:

    As long as it isn’t Chip Kelly.

  27. zzbuc Says:

    catcard202….respectfully I seriously doubt that………I am still wondering why Licht is still at his job…..Look at his record..look his FA additions, look at his drafts, look at his head coach hires……. I mean I think is really hard to explain why he is in……really hard……. At least I can not find a convincing answer, maybe somebody has that answer, I really don´t

  28. Jeff Says:

    FWIW, Kelly has shown that he’s willing to look in the mirror, see where his faults are and make changes. He turned his own fortunes around at ND doing just that in the last couple of years.

    I’m still nervous about college coaches making the jump to the NFL and having success. Doesn’t seem like it happens all that often (Jimmy Johnson comes to mind as an example, but that’s the exception not the rule, I think).

  29. Danny Says:

    The talent disparity between Clemson & ND is very small. ND has pumped a ton of players into the NFL lately. Kelly is a crappy coach who plays a joke of a schedule.

  30. ElioT Says:

    Please no.

    Please no.


  31. Hodad Says:

    Norte Dame is an over rated program, and Kelly is an over rated coach. Same with Michigan, and Jim Harbough. Nick Saban is a no nonsense, in your face type of coach, so is Shiano. How did that work out for Saban in the pros, and Shiano with the Bucs?

  32. Killfish86 Says:

    Why would you look at Kelly over Harbaugh? Harbaugh has already proven himself to be a superb NFL coach. Give that dude a ton of money to whip the Bucs into shape.

  33. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    He’s done a great Job rebuilding Notre Dame

    Brian Kelly (Age:57)
    • 3 Yrs Central Michigan (19-16-0) .543
    • 4 Yrs Cincinnati (6-0-0) .850
    • 9 Yrs Notre Dame (81-35-0) .698
    • 15 Yrs Overall (57-0-0) .702 ←Impressive
    Bowl Games: (6-5)

  34. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    His programs produced the following NFL prospects

    • WR Golden Tate – Notre Dame
    • WR Will Fuller – Notre Dame
    • WR Michael Floyd – Notre Dame
    • TE Kyle Rudolph – Notre Dame
    • TE Tyler Eifert – Notre Dame
    • TE Brent Celek – Cincinnati
    • T Joe Staley – Central Michigan
    • T Mike McGlinchey – Notre Dame
    • T Ronnie Stanley – Notre Dame
    • G Quenton Nelson – Notre Dame
    • G Zack Martin – Notre Dame
    • C Nick Martin – Notre Dame

    • DT Stephon Tuitt – Notre Dame
    • DT Sheldon Day – Notre Dame
    • NT Ian Williams – Notre Dame
    • DE Connor Barwin – Cincinnati
    • DE Romeo Okwara – Notre Dame
    • ILB Manti Te’o – Notre Dame
    • ILB Jaylon Smith- Notre Dame
    • FS Harrison Smith – Notre Dame

    P Kevin Huber – Cincinnati

    Note: Brian Kelly NFL talent pool – suggest he puts in strong emphasize on a balanced attack.

    The most noteworthy being the offensive line unit.

  35. Eric Says:

    Notre Dame can’t win it all because of the academic standards. No way their recruits match up to Bama or Clemson.

    Kelly does an outstanding job with the talent he has there.

    I think he would be a great hire.

  36. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *15 Yrs Overall (134-57-0) .702 ←Impressive

  37. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    If for some odd reason we can’t close the deal on Jim Harbaugh. Brian could be a solid back up plan.

  38. Ruggyup Says:

    This discussion should take a nap until three(3) finalists are identified and then tear them all apart and reassemble.

  39. Lord Cornelius Says:

    LUV who is your ideal hire?

  40. Eric Says:

    This guy got the Cincinnati Bearcats into the Sugar and Orange Bowl.

  41. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    1A Jim Harbaugh
    1B Vic Fangio

  42. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree completely although I’m a little prejudiced towards Kelly because he turned around the program at my old school…Cincinnati. The Bearcats had a football reputation not much better than the Bucs. They have improved again somehow.

    But like you I fear college coaches…great ones like Saban and Spurrier have been less than effective in the NFL. As you pointed out though Jeff there are some standouts.

  43. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    How about U?

  44. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    Seems like he’s a good coach, but from what we saw last time the Bucs tried bringing in a no nonsense college coach who had success turning around a program and who pumped out a remarkable number NFL players (for such a small program) it was met in two years with some crazed “fans” putting up billboards to chase said HC out of town. We have an odd segment of the fan base that seems to enjoy the constant biennial coaching carousel/rebuilding in the new image schtick along with arguing the case of tanking so we can get a slightly higher draft pick for the next HC hire. Certainly not the mentality that winning franchises and fan bases have IMO.

  45. Dooshlarue Says:

    Solid stats on his players Luv.
    My first thought was hell no, but that is definitely food for thought.

  46. Pete Mitchell Says:

    HE HAS to go somewhere to make room for Urban Meyer.

  47. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Jim only cares about one thing…and that’s winning.
    Fuk your feelings.

  48. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Thx Doosh

  49. Waterboy Says:

    Oh god, no.

  50. Lord Cornelius Says:


    I don’t know a ton of about Vic as a head coach personality vs coordinator but he’s intriguing. If we go with a younger coordinator I like him, Kris Richards, & the Chiefs OC or Rams QB coach.

    If we go with experience I like any Harbaugh or Arians but my worry with Arians is he was running a similar offensive style as Dirk. However Arians had tough teams / good defenses / and had more balance on offense.

    I think Harbaugh would be ideal in terms of the most proven winner out there

  51. BrianBucs Says:


  52. tbbucs3 Says:

    Wouldn’t mind Kelly Considering the Bucs need a no non sense displinarian

    #1 Bruce Arians
    #2 Jim Harbuagh
    #3 Brian Kelly

    #27 Mike McCarthy


    Notre Dame is a far superior job to HC of Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

  54. firethecannons Says:

    Please no
    everytime I ever watch Notre Dame, they are losing and this guy looks super aggravated, he looks like he takes it out on the family dog.
    The pic you have of him is hilarious

  55. firethecannons Says:

    Luv my Bucs–good post–that is impressive coaching to turn those kids into the superstars they are today

  56. Chino Dolla Says:

    “Team Glazier loves to make a splash” They have jumped into an empty pool with there last 4 coaching hires. So maybe they should try to do the opposite this time around and hire a proven NFL coach instead of trying to make a splash. Arian’s is the play here, if they are to blind to see that then we have a serious problem starting at the top. With the track record of QBs he has worked with, his instant success at his head coaching jobs, and his familiarity with Winston, he has to be the guy we go after. Hoping the Glazier Bro’s and Co. can get this right and end this decade + of losing

  57. Not there yet Says:

    I’m on board with anyone new that has a strong presence and will force Licht and the glazers to look at this roster with realistic viewpoint. Lichts roster is good but as good as he thinks it is, Koetter is a horrible coach but it’s not all on him. It’s time to let Geraldine walk and let JPP lead the teams defensive mentality. Tom Coughlin has an effect on him that the other players need to feel. Accountability is sorely lacking if this is an in your face coach and a player can’t handle it then you know who the weak minded players are

  58. AlteredEgo Says:

    Does this mean he’ll bring Mariota with him…

  59. Jerry Jones Says:


  60. StoutGospel Says:

    Looks like a pretty solid source…here.

    I’ll pass on Kelly’s blustery nature that most pro’s won’t tolerate, or for long anyway. If that were the intent, then Jim Harbaugh would at least make much more sense, having succeeded before with the 49ers. But you know what will solve it…??…


    Please Team Glazer.

  61. mark2002 Says:

    Prefer Arians…

  62. Owlykat Says:

    Our first Buc’s Coach had done Great Things at USC and he caused Buc’s fans grief for many years. Shiano had done great things as a college coach but was a bust here too. Spurrier was a great college coach and a bust with the Washington Redskins. Please no College Coaches Licht! Seems to me Urban Meyer must want to grab the Notre Dame Job bad.

  63. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Dabo Sweeny is rumored to want to come to the Nfl. He plays pretty much everybody and development has to be better.. If we are gonna pick college coaches we should interview him.also.

  64. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Well, this would be a splash hire. Brian Kelly has no NFL Coaching experience, but he is 231–91–2 in the college ranks, and only has 2 losing seasons in the last 9, which he spent coaching Notre Dame. This year he went 12-1…losing only at the Cotton Bowl.

    Before that he was at Cincinnati for 4 years, and only the first season was a losing one.

    At Grand Valley State, he went 118–35–2.

    I could live with a hire like that, but he would need a good mixture of college and NFL experienced coaches around him. A hire like that…Kelly would be demanding, wanting his own way. That could be successful, but if it backfires, it will bring down the whole staff. For example, Jason Licht would have to become a yes man.

  65. Mr Lucky Says:

    Didn’t the Bucs persue Kelly in the past and he turned the Bucs down?

    College coaches don’t usually have poor track record in the NFL?

  66. 813bucboi Says:

    hire kris richard so he can improve our defense, develop and motivate our players…..


  67. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    I have a really bad feeling that Brian Belly will be the Bucs new head coach. After the drubbing his Irish took on Saturday…he probably feels it’s now or never. Here’s hoping Bienemy wows them today or Arians works out.

  68. BucfaninMi Says:

    LUVMYBUCS-you didn’t get his stats at Grand Valley State University, he even has a couple guys drafted in the NFL. David Kirkus was one a QB was the other, can’t remember the name.

  69. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Joe Says
    ‘An executive search firm for used for NFL football coaches.’

    Joe has no idea how common of a practice that is but Joe has gone on record explained why he feels those outfits are rackets. Guys in a bar could come up with worthy candidates for $20 and the Bucs, much less the NFL, have ex-FBI agents and ex-police detectives on staff that can do background checks.

    I would tend to agree on the surface…but it does make sense to have a panel that pays close attention to coaches, scouts college coaches and such. I think the Steelers used one to find Mike Tomlin when they originally hired him, but I’m not certain of that.

    I would imagine it could be hard to scout all the college head coaches and assistants as a GM. Let someone else do the digging and narrow the list. Might be worth the investment. Maybe.

    “Brian Kelly NFL talent pool – suggest he puts in strong emphasize on a balanced attack.

    The most noteworthy being the offensive line unit.”

    This is very interesting. We need a more balanced attack, and that is what would benefit Winston I think.

    And doesn’t Jason Licht have history in the NFL on an offensive line? That could give them a good working relationship.

    Great info.

  70. StoutGospel Says:


    That was CHIP Kelly. Oregon. Not Brian at Notre Dame.

  71. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Mr Lucky Says
    “Didn’t the Bucs persue Kelly in the past and he turned the Bucs down?”

    I think that was Chip Kelly. Glad we dodged that bullet.

    Still, Brian could be what Chip was not…successful.

  72. Defense Rules Says:

    @Conte Piscatelli … “And as far as the ND Clemson game, No coach was going to overcome the talent level disparity in that game.” Uhhh, have you looked at our Bucs recently Conte? Talent level disparity is our bread-and-butter. Unless of course you’re of the opinion that Isaiah Johnson is equal in talent to say John Lynch in his day or that Javien Elliott is just as talented as say Ronde Barber was. Won’t compare Johnson or Elliott to any of today’s superstars on other teams for obvious reasons. Using your criteria though, Bucs had better pass on Kelly.

  73. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Then again, the Buccaneers once hired a college coach who was 127–40–8 as a head coach, and he ended up going 44-88 in Tampa.

    That was Coach John McKay.

  74. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    Puff Puff Pass!

  75. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^ LOL, very true Buccaneer Bonzai.
    McKay was a legendary USC coach, of course.
    He had to suffer through some tough, tough years here.

  76. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    StoutGospel Says

    That is simply not an issue. He’s not leaving his team, and the rumor that they would trade him is just that…a rumor.

    Jim Harbaugh, his brother, would be too costly. The Glazers would have to commit to 5-10 years, with the first one being over 17 million.

  77. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Guys in a bar could come up with worthy candidates for $20.” I’m surprised that none of the JBF regulars have taken you up on that yet Joe. Heck, for free drinks you wouldn’t even have to pay any of them the $20. They’d probably pay you. Could you let Brian & Joel know that offers on the table? They could save a lot of money just by listening to all of us instead of some hack firm.

  78. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Haugh says the Glazers would pay Kelly $10 per year if they hire him. Sure…

  79. 813bucboi Says:

    folks keep saying bruce arians but we just saw how this offense preformed in a deep ball passing attack type offense…..

    get a HC in here that can fix the defense and develop players….


  80. MTM Says:

    Hard pass. Even touchdown Jesus can’t help thos organization.

  81. BurgDweller Says:

    Would be a solid hire. But coming to Tampa and not succeeding would be a major stain on his resume. And the chances on not succeeding in Tampa are almost guaranteed.

  82. VFL98 Says:

    I like Kelly, but at this point I will not get excited by any hire until they produce. Not sure what kind of splash hire your talking about that the Glazers like to hire.

    Gruden- splash
    Raheem- glass
    Schiano- ripple
    Lovie- a little splash
    Dirk- a very small ripple

    But say whatever you want Joe, it’s your site.

  83. Rod Munch Says:

    Antonio Brown wants out of Pittsburgh, so does Bell…

    So why don’t we make the Steelers a big deal for Brown, Bell and Tomlin. Give up the 1st, a 3rd, D-Jax, Ron Jones, Brate and whatever else they want thrown into the pot. Could include McCoy as well for cap reasons, not that I want the guy to go, but in this offer, there’s really nothing off the table.

    And yes, the Bucs can afford it from a cap standpoint if they wanted to pull it off.

  84. Buc4evr Says:

    He would certainly take names and kick ass. I would prefer him to Arians or McCarthy. Just hope t h e Glazers can find a way not to screw this up again.

  85. Rod Munch Says:

    VFL98 – The Bucs hired Chip Kelly, which was a major splash at the time, only to have him pull out of the deal. In ’96 they thought Bill Parcells had signed on, only to have him back out. Then in ’96 they thought they had Steve Spurrier, only to have him back out. In 2002 they thought they had Bill Parcells, only to have him back out.

    The Glazers have a history of having guys back out of deals.

  86. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    BurgDweller Says
    “Would be a solid hire. But coming to Tampa and not succeeding would be a major stain on his resume. And the chances on not succeeding in Tampa are almost guaranteed.”

    Going by that, no coach will ever succeed in Tampa. So what? Should the team cease to exist? Will that satisfy the so-called fans?

    Here’s what we know: We need the Glazers to hit the ball out of the park with this hire.

    I don’t mean going after a big name for the sake of doing so, but this has to be a hugely successful hire. And you know what? If we keep the Offense together, finish addressing the defense and find a kicker who can actually do his job, then this is an instant superbowl contender.

    FYI…just the kicker alone this past season, who the head coach has nothing to do with, cost us 4 games. We won 5 games in spit of him. Give us those other 4 wins and we’d have been 9-7. And that is not even considering the games the defense cost us this year.

    This team is a lot closer than Tampa fans seem to believe. The right hires will put us over the top.

  87. Eric Says:

    perhaps they just like the attempted splash.

  88. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Consider this:

    February 7, 2016 – Panthers played in the Superbowl
    February 5, 2017 – Falcons played in the Superbowl
    February 3, 2019 – Saints might play in the Superbowl
    February 2020 – Could the pattern continue? With the right hire…yes!

  89. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Keep these garbage college head coaches where they belong… IN COLLEGE!!!

  90. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Fireee Licht! Back to that.. booooo

  91. Guzzie Says:

    Tampa is where head coaching careers die, don’t do it Brian, your next job will be succeeding Lovie at Illinois

  92. uckinator Says:

    Mike McCarthy did a decent job in Green Bay. While he had a Hall of Fame QB, the management there did not believe in bringing in costly free agents. Therefore McCarthy had to win with just the draft picks and players off the street. Knowing that makes McCarthy look better.

  93. Mike Johnson Says:

    Not only no Buc fans but..HELL NO!!! Brian Kelly would be the biggest mistake this franchise has ever made. And thats sayin a lot considering the plethrea of mistakes the Bucs have made. Kelly keeps trying in the NFl. But his lane is college. Ask yourselves about the sucess Kelly has had in the NFL?
    But you know what? Its the Glazers..anything can happen!!!!!!!!!

  94. Eric Says:

    uh Brian Kelly has never coached in the NFL…..

  95. Bobby M. Says:

    Problem with these college coaches is they better produce immediate results or pro players will tune them out. Players will give a coach with NFL experience the benefit of the doubt….to an extent. College coach…..not so much.

    Another angle to this to be considered is something I noticed with Dominick. No decent coach was coming to work for Dominick….Not even Chip Kelly was hitching his wagon to that clown. If Licht is diving into the college pool, it might be revealing that behind the scenes he wants to hang on to a certain level of control. Guys with a pedigree in the NFL aren’t taking orders from Licht, sorry but not happening when you sit with a worst record then Dominick.

    As for Dominick….how many TV personalities are going to land GM jobs before his name stops being mentioned as a candidate? John Lynch got considered for the 49ers….Mayock for Oakland…..Not a soul has reached out to Dominick. He’s awful and everyone knows it.

  96. Mike10 Says:

    Hell no!

    This is a locker room that reaks of years of losing. We need someone with championship pedigree (e.g. JPP).
    The only thing Kelly earned was an (undeserved, short-lived) seat at the big boys table and a curb stomping at the hands of Clemson… we already have that, thanks

  97. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^ No, unfortunately Mike10, we have not even had THAT. — At least Notre Dame got on the big stage and played a meaningful playoff game instead of a national audience. — We as Bucs fans would kill for that at this point, lol. — But point definitely taken, man.

  98. BrianBucs Says:

    Mixed emotions on this one.
    Kelly is a very good coach and high character man.
    However, there is a LOT of work to do here and need somebody with much NFL experience.

  99. Destinjohnny Says:

    Wow just wow
    How did it get this bad?

  100. Destinjohnny Says:

    Bobby spot on
    And dom is Brett than Jason
    So what does that tell u ?
    Wow I guess somebody has to be the worst

  101. Todd Says:

    College coaches RARELY carry their success to the NFL. Joe’s…you should write a column on the failure rate.

    WHY? Because college coaches RECRUIT their talent, NFL coaches INHERIT.

    Big difference.

    No, select a proven NFL coach, please.

    BA would be my wet dream.

  102. What in the buc! Says:

    This guy couldn’t even score a TD on Clemson perfect idea

  103. StoutGospel Says:


    When we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you.

  104. What in the buc! Says:


  105. Bobby M. Says:

    I’m a big believer that from a profit standpoint, the Glazers make more money from rebuilding every 3-5 yrs then constantly trying to contend. As soon as the boys took over, salary cap spending went from Top 10 to Bottom 5. That’s the part nobody gives Gruden any credit for….he was coaching with a budget of peanuts, his preference was cheap vets vs babysitting cheap rookies. The Glazer boys were never going to allow him to spend to compete, they wanted to “rebuild”…..and so out went Gruden and in game the parade of rebuilds. They promote an assistant (Raheem) until that coaching staff flames out….Then hire a new staff. Now we had Lovie….fired him, promoted an assistant. Its not going to change. They’ll keep shooting for unproven and even when they prove they can produce a contender…They’ll start chopping the budget until the coach throws in the towel….Its really not hard to see what their doing. All this talk they want to “win”…..its stupid. No owner is going to tell the media they want to lose….its all lip service to sell hope and Tampa Bay buys hope better then any fan base in the NFL.

  106. Kobe Faker Says:


    “Bruce arians as 2019 Bucs HC?

    Are you Bucsheep nuts?

    The Guy was in the hospital with chest pains a year ago

    stress of HC took him to the hospital and made him retire

    so we want to hire him as HC,,,which caused him to retire because of stress? WTF?

    you are actually hiring his appointed OC/DC as our HC for next year

    What are you clowns thinking

    BA was a grest HC but he is old and sickly

    *1st of all BA likes the limelight and being wanted, but his family and he knows his body cant handle it

    BA likes to be talked about and life at his age is good…family…laughter…love…beauty

    do or die? wins and losses? playoffs and superbowls?

    Kobe wants a coach to eat sleep and sh!t football.

    BA wont last half the 2019 season next year

    BA is a jason gump dream and not the 3rd party appointed firm

    Kobe is going to leave you sheep 1 final statement to ponder


    Kobe Faker

  107. Bradley Clement Says:

    Joe, he also said that they are bringing in a president or someone to run football operations and still wasn’t sure about Licht. He said this as if it were 100%. He also said Dabo would be his #1 guy. I wonder if he has something in the waiting on the Bucs after the whole season plays out. He fully switched his tone on Winston too late in the season.

  108. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    The fact that this rumor can be taken seriously says everything we need to know about the Glazers’ incompetence.

  109. Jeff Says:


    Agreed completely. Anything is better than what we’ve had in the last several years. Hate seeing so much good talent wasted. Every year I get my hopes up only to have them dashed.

  110. T REX Says:

    Greg Schiano Part 2 – no thanks.

    The Glazers have such a great track record.

    The coaching pool is very weak this year.

    We’re screwed.

  111. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I see Kelly as little more than an Irish Greg Schiano. He is a control freak, big time, and that can work with College Kids, in fear of losing their scholarship, but certainly not with NFL Millionaires.

  112. Jean Lafitte Says:

    He certainly is projected to have a long career if he stays in South Bend.

    NOT here … 2 years and your out.

  113. Rod Munch Says:

    Who was the Bucs 2nd and 3rd leading rushers?

    #2 Winston
    #3 Fitz


  114. Rod Munch Says:

    USA Today just published a few mins ago an article saying contrary to prior reports the Bucs have no plans on interviewing Brian Kelly.

    Of course plans can change quickly, but just passing it along.

  115. StoutGospel Says:

    Good catch @Munch….thanks for the info on BK!

    And this is for our buddy…


    Go Team Glazer Go! Bucs resurgence!

  116. Stanglassman Says:

    McKay should be used as a positive not negative for dipping into the college coaching pool.
    John McKay the coach who was given a bunch of beer truck drivers and a few nfl cast offs to start. In a 3 seasons got us to the NFC championship game (lost in a rainy 9-0 rams game bc of two redzone fumbles) and had in the playoffs 3 times. Expansion coaches alway had poor records their first few years the Bucs just did it in dramatic fashion.

  117. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Kris Richards on Bucs Radar now! Will interview with Bucs after their game this weekend.

  118. Mike Johnson Says:

    Glazers hire an executive search firm to help them find a new HC. Not a football firm or Chief or some NFl guy like a Parcells with yrs of experience. They hire an executive firm. Ok Glazers..You Know nothing football owners. This is why we continue to be LOSERS people. I can’t see this next screw up hire!!!

  119. Getaclue Says:

    Only college coach I would like to see is Harbaugh or Dabo

  120. Dave Pear Says:

    Kobe Faker,

    Hey Kobe,
    You said you would not post anymore if Jason Licht was still here.
    Yet here you are.
    Of course you also said you would be gone if the Bucs beat the Chiefs 3 years ago.
    You cannot be trusted.

  121. BobbyBucs Says:

    Fake news

  122. IWantMyBucsBack Says:

    What’s the latest on Bruce Arians??