Boom Or Bust?

January 13th, 2019

Short-term future debated.

Joe finds it more than interesting how solidly new Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians is behind America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

For Will Brinson of CBS Sports, that scares the hell out of him.

Brinson recently appeared on CBS Sports HQ with friend of Nick Kostos and explained how this could blow up in the faces of everyone at One Buc Palace.

“Here is my concern with Bruce Arians in Tampa Bay,” Brinson began. “Everybody in Tampa is hitching their wagons to Jameis Winston. If there ever was a quarterback who was a no-risk-it-no-biscuit type of guy it is Jameis Winston who lacks any sort of conscious when it comes to throwing a football 60 mph at a linebacker’s hands. He just doesn’t care.”

Brinson’s fear is that if Jameis implodes this year, the Bucs are screwed because they won’t have a quarterback next year. Joe understands where Brinson is coming from but Joe doesn’t have the teetering-on-the-ledge vibe Brinson.

Look, Arians isn’t coming back from retirement to be here long-term. He’s here for a quick fix, then he will turn the team over to his assistants. Joe is of the mind the next Bucs head coach is already on the Team Glazer payroll, Harold Goodwin or Todd Bowles.

Joe is guessing Arians is here for three years. Just a guess. He signed a four-year pact. Arians has no interest in breaking in a rookie quarterback and grooming him and all but said as much when he said this week he is not here to rebuild.

If a guy is breaking in a rookie quarterback, that’s a rebuild.

Joe wouldn’t be shocked if the Bucs are already talking turkey with Jameis and his agent on at least a short-term extension. It’s difficult to believe Arians agreed to take over the Bucs without knowing who his quarterback will be his second year with the team, for the 2020 season.

You can watch Brinson’s discussion with Kostos about Jameis in the CBS video below.

105 Responses to “Boom Or Bust?”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:


  2. Mike Says:

    Who cares at this point? What’s the worst that can happen? They will clean house completely which is what many fans thought they should do before this direction was taken. If it goes down in flames, they will be very entertaining ones, surpassing Cleveland. Maybe we haven’t found our bottom for incompetence. I am highly skeptical about Licht, and already have my radar up on all of this new activity. I’m seeing red flags already. But hey-losers on this sight will just say I’m negative or better yet, racist.

  3. BucLover727 Says:

    Jameis is going to do great this year!!

  4. SilverBuc Says:

    That guy is an idiot.
    There are talks going on already…I expect a 4 year extension making RIGHT AT #10 QB money (22.2 million/year). Joe Flacco would become #11 (22.133 mil).

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Jameis is a fraud for a franchise QB…….. Arians will expose Jameis for the fraud he is and finally vindicate all of Koetters actions for paying Fitzpatrick instead.

    Jameis has had four years too long to figure it out and he is who he is now.

    Bucs fans are delusional to think Just because Arians is here (aka the quarterback whisper) that now suddenly Jameis will turn into the next Goff or Mahomes….. GTFOH with all that!!!!!

    Jameis knows this is his last year here……. He knows it and I think Arians deep down inside knows it too.

  6. SilverBuc Says:

    Maybe 23.23 mil/year because he’s like Jordan on the gridiron.

  7. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Listen……. You can’t fix stupid…… And Jameis is stupid

  8. Wesley Says:

    We shall see what Arians can do with him, so far J.W. has been only slightly above average, and that’s not good enough.

  9. SilverBuc Says:

    There are fraud fans for sure, that much is clear.

  10. SilverBuc Says:

    Jameis gon’ get paaaaaaaiiid!! Lol

  11. Tbbucs3 Says:

    See what Jameis will do with a decent defense then we can judge more accurately. Part of the turnover problem comes from playing behind in games so often.

    The week 17 Falcons game is a good representation of how things have been.

    Mariota has a top 10 defense every year and plays significantly worse than Jamies yet he wins more because here’s a wild idea…… is a TEAM game.

  12. BrianBucs Says:

    Hopefully Arians is a miracle worker.

  13. Mike Says:

    My bet is that they franchise Winston

  14. westernbuc Says:

    After Koetter benched Jameis he was much better not turning the ball over

  15. View from 132 Says:

    The playoffs are a great chance to watch full games of other teams, and while I’m not convinced Jameis will ever be great, the playoffs are full of guys just like him. Flashes of greatness, followed by a bad throw or bad decision. I can see how a coach would look at the situation and say the guy is a top 15 or 20 QB, and could be top 10 within two years. There just aren’t a lot of great QBs.

    It’ll really be about what ELSE the team can do well – play defense and run the ball. That will always be the core of football. The Bucs weren’t good at either, and if Jameis was drafted in any spot except #1, we’d focus far less on our mediocre / erratic QB play that’s just like Dak or Goff or any number of other “stars.”

  16. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    It’s “conscience”, whether this dummy doesn’t know the difference or a Joe is just a bad transcriber. Either way, why can’t the Bucs pick up a developmental QB this year? Arians is the same guy who won with Drew Stanton. And Jameis radically reduced his turnovers the second half of the year, yet just like people think the Uber incident happened this year, people still think Jameis is a wild risk-taker.

  17. SilverBuc Says:

    If they franchise tag him and he’s not asking for more than $22/year then I would expect Jameis to hold out (and I wouldn’t blame him) , spend a year with his wife and newborn son, and then get to choose where he wants to play. And Licht will have egg on his face… good luck with that. :thumbs up:

  18. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    And “Mike”, it’s “site” not “sight”, loser 😉

  19. SilverBuc Says:

    The Uber allegation happened 3 years ago, when Obama was still POTUS

  20. richardtyson Says:


    That’s right and Jameis could have been Obama’s son.

  21. Whatinthebuchappend Says:

    View from. 132 is pretty spot on ! Good post bud ! I too have had some high praise for jaboo as well as some harsh comments on him..what we have to do as bucs fans however is give this team our support and give this coaching staff a chance to put the past in the past , not look to far into the future and see what they can do with and for jaboo…if bowles gets this defence into the top 15 and Arians & company gets this running game going let’s say top 15 such as the defence needs to be , I am pretty sure at that point B.A & B.L can get jaboo to play complementary football with play action & a couple big plays a game ! Folks just let the new guys show you what they can do in 2019..don’t deem them God’s just yet & please don’t condemn before the season is over..I feel for some , if you follow this , watching games will become so much more enjoyable…GO BUCS !

  22. MadMax Says:

    They’re either going to fool everyone and draft Daniel Jones in the 1st round, or maybe Minshew in the 3rd. Or maybe sign someone? I dont know at this point. JW played well his last few games, just like last year. Im glad we kept him for his 5th year (i was calling for it like the Joes). But we still need a back up plan in case the bad JW rears his ugly head (off or on the field). Theres nothing wrong with that whether its addressed in the 1st to 4th round, or we wait to do it in the 2020 draft. We mainly need D this time. I want our draft to be D heavy (other than WR Hunter Renfrow, Hump’s old teammate, in the 6th if still there).

    I want to trade back from our 5th and land Devin White and Montez Sweat in the first round….somehow, some way.

  23. bkgrime Says:

    TheBucsAnthem hits the bottle a little hard, eh

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    Whatinthebuchappend … With ya 100%; great post. Like tbbucs3 said a few posts before “Football is a TEAM game” … no player can win games strictly on their own. Jameis has plenty of strengths, but he also has several pronounced weaknesses that we’ve all seen displayed too many times. Whether Bruce Arians & his staff can ‘FIX Jameis’ remains to be seen, but let’s all at least give him a chance to try. If Jameis improves markedly in 2019 (especially with better coaching & HOPEFULLY a better defense, run game & OLine) then we’ve found our future QB. If he doesn’t improve, we’ll have yet another bad year, pick high in the 2020 draft, and guess what … 2020 is shaping up to look like a much better QB draft class than 2019’s.

    Agree with you Joe that Coach Arians will most likely only be here for 3 years AS A COACH (I can still see him staying on as a ‘Consultant’ as he termed it) and that the future Bucs’ coach is already here (I’ll put my money on Todd Bowles as opposed to Harold Goodwin).

  25. Todd Says:

    @view from 132

    Yours is the most pragmatic, smart-thinking post in here.

    I agree 100%.

    And here’s the deal…BA isn’t an idiot. He’ll acquire or draft a solid #2 and will also acquire a seasoned pro who can coach up the young’ns.

    All the arm-chair QB’s in here need to relax…especially the stinkin’ thinkin’ ones.

    What was the title of the book BA wrote?

    “How to fu— up a franchise by encouraging your QB” or something like that?

  26. Todd Says:

    Does anyone know who our d-line coach will be with Buckner gone? Any speculation on why he wasn’t retained? He was part of the Arians Goat Herd at one point.

  27. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Will Brinson of CBS Sports says
    “Everybody in Tampa is hitching their wagons to Jameis Winston. If there ever was a quarterback who was a no-risk-it-no-biscuit type of guy it is Jameis Winston who lacks any sort of conscious when it comes to throwing a football 60 mph at a linebacker’s hands. He just doesn’t care.”

    This embodies the general national opinion on Winston…and the Bucs. For example, they look at his 2017 fumbles as being an ongoing issue, but you can tell they only watched a game or so and then looked at his stats. Nevermind that 2017 is when he injured his throwing shoulder in game two and the oline completely failed him…leading to record setting QB hits for the season…and the highest number of sacks since Jameis was drafted.

    Brinson has a passing knowledge influenced by media moral outrage and it makes him blindly biased.

    TheBucsAnthem Says
    “Listen……. You can’t fix stupid…… And Jameis is stupid.”

    Well now…you better hope so…because that statement is pretty stupid. If you cannot fix stupid, we may as well close down every educational facility in the world.

  28. Loyaltotheend Says:

    This season we all agreed Jameis isn’t th best deep thrower so the Bucs Fire Koetter and his deep passing game for Arians and his deep passing game but Arians won’t even call plays…

    Dumb hire

  29. Jeagan1999 Says:

    This is a simple fix….draft a guy like Haskins or Drew Lock to learn the system and push Winston. Go get Le’Veon Bell, or another good RB in free agency to help take some of the pressure off the QB. Then use the rest of the draft and free agency to fortify the offensive and defensive lines.

    If Jameis plays well and cuts down on the turnovers….problem solved. You could even trade Haskins or Lock down the road for future draft picks.

    However if Jameis continues to make stupid plays (or gets in more trouble off the field), then we have our QB of the future already on the roster and working in the system.

    This is the safest plan with the least possible downside!

  30. Bobby M. Says:

    Draft a QB…then possibly extend Winston after we see how he starts the season. Big concern is if Winston goes down, how much do you sign him for in 2020? That’s why drafting a potential replacement is a must. It not only creates leverage but protection for injury.

  31. 1sparkybuc Says:

    My guess is coaching alone will be good for 5 more wins, and that’s not even taking into account player upgrades. Given a healthy 2018 roster BA’s staff would have won a playoff spot. The roster will be stronger and the coaching more effective. No more celler dwellers.

  32. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Alot of paint drinking going around Buc Sheep nation (Nascar)

    After only 16 more games, We will all know if JW is the QB to move forward with or not

    Team Glazer is in a no lose situation. This years QB draft class is putrid while the next 2 years QB draft class is very promising

    If JW plays well and deserves a extension, no doubt there will be a clause for the team to terminate the contract for bad behavior…im positive JW will sign knowing what type of person he has now become learning from those mistakes”

    Kobe & Kobe

    “For the Posters”

    “10% discount for all disability claims. discount code “JBF”

  33. Jim Says:

    Ira is saying draft a QB in the 3rd round and that makes a lot of sense. Rebuild the defense and the O-line. Maybe there’s a RB out there somewhere, one that doesn’t beat women on video…

  34. Rob Says:

    If Jameis plays like Byron Leftwich well….. Go Bucs!

  35. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    #7423 hopes Jamies can make it to the playoffs or pro bowl next season so he can eat crow and drink the kool-aid

  36. Todd Says:



    That’s a BA move.

    I like it.

  37. AlteredEgo Says:

    Maybe Jameis can make the throws you’ll see today……I have n’t seen him yet other than a broken clock or blind squirrel…he played like he does today in college ….it all starts with accuracy and timing…and he has ot started yet….BA was simply brought in as an outside arbiter/evaluator ….I hope Jameis can some how change and become what we all hoped he’d be….but there ain’t NO Hope in football….again…watch the QB’s today

  38. Arian Nation Says:

    I’m not a sage but didn’t the Bucs trade the 3rd round pick for JPP?

    What’s the natter with Ryan Griffen other than lack of playing time?

    The Bucs on draft day should trade their #5 to the Jags for their picks at #7 and #38.

    The Jags leapfrog the Giants to select the 1st QB, Haskins from Ohio State. The Giants select Lock QB from Missouri and the Bucs still have the same menu of picks they had at #5 plus a great 2nd round bonus pick.

  39. JabooBuc Says:

    This offense needs a running game in the worst way. Jameis had Dalvin at FSU and he won a Heisman as a result. Investment in the OL and a true 3 down RB will help this team (including defense) immensely. I like Barber but not sure he’s a 3 down back. I’m not sure if he doesn’t possess the skills or if Dirk and company just didn’t use him that way.

    Hopefully BA can figure this out quickly

  40. Reach87 Says:

    The veteran coach gets it. The QB position is not our problem. Team game. Go Bucs!

  41. OneBuc55 Says:

    ESPN has did really did a number on Jameis…

    All everyone talks about on the network when they mention his name is Jameis and his off the field issues, like it’s recent history…The allegation is now 7 years old, the crab legs incident is 6 years old, and the Uber situation is now 3 years old…Yet his “off the field” issues are talked about on ESPN like current events, as if he’s running rampant doing reckless things on a daily basis…BS

    On the field, his talent can’t be denied; the issue is turnovers…yes he’s thrown some ints, and had some fumbles, trying to make plays…it’s not like he could rely on his defense to make stops, or his kicker to keep them in the game, and I won’t even mention how sad our offensive line and running game had been since he’s been here..Yet no other young QB has been asked to drop back more than Jameis since he’s come into the league…

    Personally I still think Jameis Winston is the best thing to ever happen to this franchise…He comes out every Sunday and plays his heart out trying to get a W…is he perfect, no, is he as bad as people think, absolutely not…

    Contrary to popular belief, Jameis hasn’t let this franchise down, they’ve let him down …The bottom line is he’s a gamer and he’s gonna give you everything he’s got every snap but the kid needs some help…

  42. Rob in Land O Lakes Says:

    View from 132, you hit it out of the park! As of Sunday morning there have been six playoff games played. I encourage all of you to watch the games closely and even watch the replays of the games on NFL network. The calm of the dominator that all of these teams have is an offensive line that moves people off the hall. All of them. You don’t see Defensive players knife in through the middle of the line to blow up a running play as we saw here in Tampa Bay this season time after freaking time. Watching these teams in the playoffs, you rarely see a running back getting hammered as he takes the handoff or a quarterback taking his third step and being flushed out of the pocket Fix this god awful offensive line, play defense to the strengths of who we have on the roster right now, and I think you’ll be amazed at how efficient a quarterback JW3 can be under Arians.

  43. TexBuc Says:

    3rd round pick was from last year.

    Coaching matters case in point Goff looked out of place as an NFL QB, enter new coaching for Rams and no one says Goff does not belong in the NFL. QB phenom that is Mahomes is demonstrating what talent and good coaching does = wins. At Texas Tech Mahomes was putting up huge numbers but without a supporting cast his coach got fired.

    Football is the ultimate team game.

    In Bruce I trust

  44. Says:

    I really sense this whole “no risk it” nonsense is a veil. You’re most likely going to see a deeply controlled, efficient offense that’s generally balanced.

  45. Ndog Says:

    TheBucsAnthem see this “Bucs fans are delusional to think Just because Arians is here” (aka the quarterback whisper)’ is where you are wrong again. It’s not only cause Arians but also cause Koetter is gone

  46. AlteredEgo Says:

    “No risk biscuit”…is an attitude not a practice….cold calculated risks…not drunken sailor risks…kind of like all those 4th down go for first downs yesterday….these two weeks of football ,this weekend and next, are the best football BY FAR, in the year…I love it !

  47. Ndog Says:

    Jeagan1999 Says:
    January 13th, 2019 at 6:52 am
    This is a simple fix….draft a guy like Haskins or Drew Lock to learn the system and push Winston. Go get Le’Veon Bell, or another good RB in free agency to help take some of the pressure off the QB.

    See this is why I say we have dumbest fan base in the league. So we have a top 5 passing offense and bottom 5 overall defense and we want to use a top 5 pick on a QB instead of upgrading the horrific defense. You can’t make the ridiculousness of this idea up. Guys get a clue isn’t it clear that having a average defense is what will our QB the most!!!

  48. AlteredEgo Says:

    If McCoy has his Batman Cave in his house….Ndog has his Jamyth Hallucination Room of Dreams

  49. JabooBuc Says:

    I know it’s always popular to say we should trade down in the draft but if ever there was a time to do it it seems like it would be now. Hoping for a good vet FA CB signing so we eliminate the need to draft one early and can focus on the trenches. Trade back so that we have at least 4 picks in the first 3 rounds. 1 DE, 2 OL (T and G) and RB. This assumes we bring back Alexander and that Beckwith has recovered.

  50. ben Says:

    After 4 years and Winston being the 1st pick in the draft is only rated the 20th best qb by the nfl . Add all the different off the field issues he brought on himself and time to…MOVE ON from WINSTON.

  51. AlteredEgo Says:

    How many QB’s drafted AFTER Jamyth are rated higher ?

  52. Andrew Says:

    The only one that’s stupid is TheBucaAnthem who watches Bucs game while trying the bird box challenge. “Jameis knows he’s done after this year and Bruce knows it too”

    Why would Bruce sign somewhere where he knows his first year will be wasted by the QB.

    Jameis played with no running game, mediocre oline, 6 pass catchers, and a terrible defense. He had to throw 40+ a game likely down 2 scores with a defense that couldn’t stop anyone. He’s trying to win games. Fix the defense and let him play differently with the same goal in mind. Defense improved down the stretch and he stopped with turnovers.

  53. JIMMY T Says:

    As usual, the DAILY Jameis Post from Joe to make sure HE DOES NOT LOSE THE HATERS! So predictable! Joe I guess those Haters equal $$$ for this site. I get it. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s throw Jameis under the bus post!

  54. Coburn Says:

    I get the gut feeling we will be picking up a new qb next year but we will see… I just don’t see it with jameis. And even I’d Bruce is 51% in favour of Jameis.. publicly he has t be all in. He wouldn’t at luke warm to media about him although he must have liked him to take the job.

  55. Bucs fans short memories Says:

    Rob in Land o Lakes: “Calm of the dominator” AKA: common denominator LMAO. That’s a Michael Scott ism. I really hope you talk like that in real life.

  56. Topcoach1978 Says:

    I hope I’m wrong but it seems JW is what he is at this point I’m pretty sure they’ll shore up everything he needs so YOU GUYS will have no more excuses for him, not so much a leader but he does work hard and is a student of the game but ultimately his pedigree, DNA, he has been programmed to just chunk it and let WR make a play and that has gotten his int count up there I can see where he is trying to clean it up but his inconsistency as a deep passer is in question especially with an attacking downfield passing game I hope he can get better for the sake of his career ,Hump gets a lot of looks because JW rather complete a low risk pass wide open vs DJax down the middle running wide open knowing he has limitations on his deep ball already being warned about ints!

  57. Dapostman Says:

    Another talking head who didn’t watch the last 6 1/2 games of 2018.

    Nothing to see here move along………………..

  58. tickrdr Says:

    I believe you are confusing “stupid” with “uneducated”. Stupid suggests a basic lack of intelligence that may make a person uneducable. An uneducated person may have the intelligence to learn, but has yet been taught a correct way of performing a task.
    For instance, many of the posters here at make numerous errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar, all suggesting that they are uneducated, however I don’t think all of them are stupid.


  59. Jcarter Says:

    What do you mean no QB next year? If Jameis does terrible, they will have a high pick with a potentially loaded QB class. Are you suggesting a veteran QB?

  60. Buc1987 Says:

    Goff looked like Jameis yesterday.

  61. Bolt Isle Says:

    One thing that I haven’t really seen mentioned is that Jameis’ numbers that are similar to Manning and other similar QB’s at the same point in their careers, is that he’s had a much worse surrounding cast around him. He’s had a coach that has had him regress with not much support at all. Even though Jameis got him that job.
    ViewFrom132 gives an objective and fact based take that can be respected. Some of you just give emotional opinion that is for hidden reasons.
    If Jameis was that bad, I highly doubt that Arians would have taken this job to possibly damage his reputation.

  62. Cgmaster27v Says:

    Bucs anthem, once again making the rest of is dumber for having to read your drivel. Jameis will succeed and you’ll be quiet in the moment sections like you are after every good game he has.

  63. StoutGospel Says:

    Will. Brinson.


  64. TexBuc Says:

    Bolt Isle

    Here is my post from a few days ago:
    1st 4 seasons in the NFL:

    P. Manning 81 int & 21 fumbles = 102
    J. Winston 58 int & 38 fumbles = 96
    E. Manning 77 int & 34 fumbles = 111
    J. Elway 65 int & 35 fumbles = 100
    A. Luck 55 int & 32 fumbles = 87
    A. Manning 58 int & 29 fumbles = 87

    Winston’s performance is on par with QB’s considered “great”

  65. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    –Different Era of Football – So Impossible to compare

  66. Bolt Isle Says:

    TexBuc- Props. Couldn’t remember who posted it. ExactlyAnd one could reasonably argue that they all had better supporting casts. And supportive head coaches.

  67. TexBuc Says:


    Agree different era, but it is really impossible to compare QB’s even today. Take phenom QB Mahomes highly productive at Texas Tech, but still did not win many games his coach even got fired for not winning enough games. Fast forward to KC Chiefs surrounded by a TEAM and proper coaching this kid makes Dan Marino look like a HS QB. Point is Mahomes alone in college could not win, but wins in the NFL because he is surrounded by a TEAM.

    Football is the ultimate TEAM game.

  68. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I’m I agree 100%

    So question based on your observation who’s the better QB

    Patrick Mahomes or Jameis Winston?

  69. TexBuc Says:

    Patrick Mahomes no doubt.

  70. TexBuc Says:

    You can also win with Winston. Same as Mahomes when surround with a team and the coaching Winston has also demonstrated the ability win in college. Winston in my opinion will never be on the same level of Mahomes or Rodgers, but I believe given a average team he can produce wins. Guys like Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady, and Marino don’t come along very often.

  71. Anonymous Says:

    To listen to Nfog, you’d think Jameis was Tom Brady! Get your head out of the fog! We have the 20th -25th rated QB in the league! What will the excuse be next year…..the sun was in his eyes when he threw all those interceptions! Guess Nfog has never heard of insurance before!

  72. tickrdr Says:

    Excellent question! Ask the same question about Goff, Watson, Wentz, Trubisky,
    And Mayfield.


    Blake Bortles first 4 years = 64 INTs and 38 FUM = 102.
    In year 5, he had 13 TDS and 11 INTs with 8 fumbles in 12 starts.

  73. Chris Says:

    Mahomes has no defense and still won 11 games.
    Winston doesn’t have the IT factor. When you give him free reigns it’s TO city. When you dial it back it’s a vastly conservative approach.

    No risk it no biscuit is the wrong phrase to say to Winston. Lot of risk it’s.

  74. TexBuc Says:

    Mahomes has the IT factor, but the 3 seasons at texas tech record 4-8, 7-6, and 5-7. Takes over a team the KC Chiefs who were 10-6 and won their division.

    Winston record at FSU 14-0 with National championship and won Heisman, year two 13-1 only lost his last game playing for second national championship. Takes over a team the Bucs who were 2-14 and last in division. Publicly asks his coach Koetter that he likes to e coached hard, but is ignored all 4 fours with Koetter.


    While Mahomes has demonstrated to be a generational player, but he was drafted into a team that is a contender coached by an accomplished coach.

  75. tnew Says:

    Altered.. I’ll be your huckleberry, but lets not look at your subjective ratings. Total QBR 2018.. Lets see who was drafted after Winston. Not sure why this is important but lets see if any QBs from the

    1.Pat Mahomes.. 2016 draft.. off the board when the Bucs picked
    2. Dru Brees.. not going to research but top of second round pick with the Chargers, who let him walk.
    3. Mitchell Tribuisky, first overall pick in 2016, looked like a bust until Nagy came in.
    4. Ben Rothliesburger.. not gonna do the research but was an early pick a while back.
    5. Andrew Luck.. top pick of his class, played a really poor game yesterday vs Chiefs, it happens
    6. Tom Brady, no need to tell, probably the best draft pick of all time.
    7. Philip Rivers, again, not going to do the research but drafting him not really an option.

    8…… Jameis Winston… So theirs that.

    The rest of the draft class was Mariota (go look at his team defense, rushing and FG%), Garret Grayson, Sean Mannion, Bryce Petty, Brett Hundley and Trevor Siemian. So choose the great QB picked after Winston..

    Once again, Team Defense (31st/points), Team Rushing (29th), FG%made (29th).

  76. Papa578 Says:

    After 62 years, this is the first time I have ever heard of this clown. Everybody has an opinion…so damn what…
    Line up and play ball. Whoever dosen’t cut it, next man up.

  77. SOEbuc Says:

    Another national analyst that doesn’t watch Bucs football to watch where Jameis took a very good turn being smart with the ball the last 6 games of the season. He’s using his good scrambling and down field running abilities to pull defensive players off receivers. Positive Jameis will not go down hill with BA and he could rise greatly.

  78. TexBuc Says:

    as of this post P. Rivers 10-22 149 yards 0 td 0 int. Score 7 to 38 Patriots.

    is Rivers the reason the Chargers are losing?

    or is the team just getting beat?

  79. TexBuc Says:

    Third delay of game? team taking timeout to avoid penalty how could this happen to a 15 year veteran QB generally considered a franchise QB drafted 2nd overall pick in the draft. I don’t hear announcers blaming Rivers like they do when Winston did the same.
    Just an observation.

  80. Bucsace Says:

    If Nick Foles wins today, which I doubt, the Bucs should go after him as soon as possible, I understand that the Eagles can’t afford to keep both Wentz and Foles under the salary cap

  81. TexBuc Says:


    So you believe Nick Foles is the answer. His performance the one season playing outside of Andy Reid and Doug Pederson system is with the 2015 Rams
    stats: 4-7 record, 190-337 56.4%, 7 TD, and 10 Ints.

    He was so frustrated with football after the 2015 season he quit and gave up his contract and the Rams happily released him from his contract. Only came back into football by being rehabilitated by Reid and Pederson and this is the guy you think will be the TB bucs QB savior?

  82. Jean Lafitte Says:


    Breaking in a new QB does NOT mean it’s a rebuild.

    There have been many first year QB’s coming in playing better than 4 year veterans, especially lately. If you’re turning over a complete roster then that’s a rebuild. I think we should draft the best QB available (Haskins, Murray etc..) and let the best man win in camp. JW needs stiff competition and I’m not totally convinced if done fairly and without bias that JW would win the position outright.

  83. TexBuc Says:

    What is definition of “many” first year QB’s?

    The only 1st year QB in the playoffs was Ravens with Lamar Jackson and he had a 2nd ranked defensive and 2nd ranked rushing attack. Bears QB Trubisky is a 2nd year player and Chiefs Mahomes is also a 2nd year player.

    L. Jackson 2018: 99-170 58.2%, 1201 yds, 6 TD, 3 Int. 12 Fun with 4 lost.

    So you believe if Jackson was QB the Bucs he would be 6-1 and 0-1 in playoffs with no team running game and almost last defense?

  84. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Maybe I’ll start drinking the Jameis kool aid when he can put up a full season with at least a 2:1 TD:INT ratio. Never mind all the fumbles.

    Until then he’s America’s Turnover Machine.

  85. TexBuc Says:

    You mean like these QB’s:
    Jim Kelly 237 td 175 int
    Dan Marino 420 td 252int
    Brett Farve 508 td 336 int
    John Elway 300 td 226 int
    Dan Fouts 254 td 242 int
    Marcus Mariota 69 td 42 int
    Jameis Winston 88 td 58 int

  86. BRock Says:

    Jiminy Crickets guys, Jameis is a baller, has heart, and wants to win! He’s not the problem and will be busting his butt to get better every day. Are you?

  87. TexBuc Says:

    Interesting FYI Drew Brees Stats

    1st 4 years with SD Chargers:
    80 TD, 53 Int

    13 years since being run out of town and now with the NO Saint:
    440 TD, 180 Int

  88. WalkdaPlank Says:


    Can you not read? I said SEASON. Not career.

  89. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Comparing Jameis to hall of famers like he is one LOL

  90. TexBuc Says:


    You made my point again even Qb’s considered “great” do not meet your criteria for a successful QB.

  91. WalkdaPlank Says:

    What are you talking about? I literally just said they were hall of famers LOL that’s successful.

    Jameis is mot

  92. TexBuc Says:

    Even the great John Elway could never win a super bowl until the Bronco’s found a running game.

    As good as Dan Marino’s career was he never could win a super bowl because he never had a credible running game.

    The old saying when a football team wins the Qb gets too much credit and when they lose the QB gets too much blame.

    Football is the ultimate team sport.

  93. TexBuc Says:


    2-1 Td to Int ratio

  94. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I’ve never held Jameis’ win-loss record against him because it’s a team sport.

    However he contributes to the losing, even losing some game almost singlehandedly like the Cincinnati game. He’s not the biggest issue but he is not a franchise QB. He is not Marino or Elway or Brees or any of those guys. He’s a Fitzpatrick, a Leftwich, or if he’s lucky an Alex Smith.

  95. WalkdaPlank Says:

    2018 QB TD to INT ratios

    Aaron Rodgers 25-2
    Drew Brees 32-5
    Russell Wilson 35-7
    Matt Ryan 35-7

    Not all those guys made the playoffs either.

    And none of them were questioning whether or not they were worthy of still being on their respective teams after their 4th seasons like Jameis was.

    Jameis doesn’t even sniff those numbers

  96. TexBuc Says:

    Rodgers and Ryan did not make playoffs. TD ratio is just a stat not an indicator of W-L record.

    As “great” as everyone says A. Rodgers is he only has 1 Super bowl. Losing record this year.
    D. Brees 1st four years was ordinary and run out of SD in favor of P. Rivers and did not “blossom” into a successful QB until his 6th year and beyond.
    R. Wilson is a very good QB and has been since entering the NFL.
    M. Ryan is above average QB, but his 35-7 ratio did not earn the Falcons a winning season.
    P. Mahomes is so far demonstrating to be a generational QB. His accuracy did not help during his college career at TexasTech going 4-8, 7-6, and 5-7. He did get drafted into a playoff team and sat out the year he probably did not need to develop but it not hurt.
    Comparing Winston’s 1st 4 years to “successful” QBs is demonstrating Winston still blossom and the stats bear his ratio is not out of the ordinary for developing QB. Yes some come into the league on fire PATRICK MAHOMES and Dan Marino, but not all QB’s blossom into “great” qb right away.

    Still need a team to win regardless of QB talent level.

  97. WalkdaPlank Says:

    “As “great” as everyone says A. Rodgers is he only has 1 Super bowl.”

    Just contradicted yourself there bud, Marino never even got one.

    Jameis is a no.1 overall pick, Heisman winning, national champion, only lost 1 game in his life before coming to the Bucs, highly touted to be pro ready. Why is it taking him 5 years to be the QB we want him to be? And that’s IF he blossoms this year.

    Ryan and Rodgers did not make the playoffs, but you don’t see Falcons and Packers fans falling for their heads or questioning their place. They did not contribute to their team not making the playoffs as Jameis did. Hell the Falcons were almost as bad as the Bucs this year but Ryan was not to blame.

  98. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Also Brees was not “run out of SD” he got injured. As I said, none of the aforementioned QB’s were questioning whether they would still be on their teams because of their playing after 4 years. When asked after the last game of the season Jameis said “I don’t know” about still being l a Buc.

    Franchise QB’s don’t have to question that.

  99. TexBuc Says:


    Why did it take drew brees until year 6 to blossom?

    You cannot scout and evaluate any player by watching TV or looking at stats. Unless you can watch the play from start to finish and KNOW what was called. What each player was supposed to be act. What type of offense does the QB play in. Is QB asked throw a short passing game where rarely is the QB asked throw beyond 5 yards? Or maybe in a 4 Vertical offense where everyone goes 10-15 yards while a QB is waiting for players to complete route and then make a read as the pocket collapses? Do YOU understand the differences in offenses that QB’s are asked to run????? Last nite during the Rams/Dallas game on a blown coverage by the Rams the announcers blamed the FS on first glance for the Dallas TD, on replay the FS was trying to cover the blown coverage of the CB. So most fans do not understand what they are seeing on TV when the network does not show the field to understand the play but just what the network shows.

    Every QB’s have games that he is directly responsible for losing. Not QB from team to team can really be compared because of the play call and level of talent from team to team.

    If you do not like Winston as a person that is fine, but to say he is lost cause is really uniformed. Do you think Arians came back at his age other than he thought he could get a super bowl ring as a head coach if thought Winston is a lost cause?

  100. DaPostman Says:


    You are wasting your time. Aaron Rodgers wasn’t even playing when he was 24. All that matters is what will Jameis Winston be as a QB, teammate and person in the future. You are not going to change the minds of people who are dug in against Winston. Only Winston can change minds. So let’s see how Winston and the Bucs do under a different coach and voice. I think he will take the next step but that’s just MO. To me the benching was an eye opener for Winston and it was needed and it looked like he got it the last 6 1/2 games.

  101. TexBuc Says:


    Good point.

  102. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Never said he was a lost cause, just that he is not a franchise QB. I’d love him to prove me wrong but he hasn’t.

  103. Jean Lafitte Says:


    right ….meant 1st and 2nd year QB’s but tell me you got my gist?

  104. T REX Says:

    More excuses for the Human Turnover Machine. That’s all Winston fans do is make excuse after excuse after excuse. Pathetic.

  105. University of Seffner Says:

    Bucs Anthem, lets say we make your day and release Jameis Winston: Who would you bring in as his replacement??? I can’t think or find anyone available…