Analyst Is Getting Excited

January 6th, 2019

“Damn, Jason Licht, if you pull this sh!* off, I’m going to lose a lot of f@#%ing sleep watching Bucs games on GamePass.”

Joe can just imagine the finger-wagging some will give Bucs fans for getting geeked over the Bucs announcing on their official Twitter feed that the team finished an interview with Bruce Arians to succeed Dirk Koetter as head coach.

Of course, for all we know Arians passed gas in the interview and his wife may have served Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht a crabcake lunch with spoiled fish.

But one NFL analyst who works for and Bleacher Report, good guy Mike Tanier, is giddy at the prospect of Arians working with America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

Of course, first Arians needs to be hired. Then, what is the status of malcontent wide receiver DeSean Jackson? And the running game — what running game?

Yes, a lot of things still have to happen before a great offense becomes a reality. But it is hard not to let the fantasies dance in your head of Mr. No-Risk-It-No-Biscuit Arians in charge of the offense with Jameis at the wheel.

The nerve of you to get excited!

49 Responses to “Analyst Is Getting Excited”

  1. Kstoges Says:

    it’s gotta be Bruce… it’s just gotta be

  2. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    MeJax has to be done here, right? If he was really such a bad teammate and had poor study habits and all that, there is no way he should be allowed back in the building ever again.
    I really hope if it is already decided that it’s Arians. We need that respectability and experience in this franchise.

    Conspiracy theory #1: Licht and Arians have been talking for weeks/months. Licht is mad Koetter benched JW and won’t play his 2nd Rnd pick.
    He had Arians put out the Browns message so nobody gets suspicious and so Licht can sell the Glazers that only he could get Arians here.
    Bring in minority coaches very early to satisfy the Rooney rule and then “interview” Arians.

  3. Itskirbyson Says:

    @Alaskan Spot on !

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    If Bowles becomes DC…I could live with this choice.

  5. OneBucPerson Says:

    DeSean has to go no matter what. Free up some cap space, then give guys like Bobo or Justin Watson a chance out with the first team if we need speed. Also re-sign Hump.

  6. BucLover727 Says:

    Go Bucs!!

  7. Wesley Says:

    With Licht in charge this team is still doomed no matter what.

  8. Don Perry Says:

    Why all the love for Boles. His defense sucked in NY.

  9. westernbuc Says:

    Assuming his health and heart are good, he’s a good pick.

    DJax is gone. Glad to kick him to the curb. Honestly Freddie Martino had a better connection with Jameis

  10. Bird Says:

    Bowles under Arians in 2013 ranked in top 5. Had best run defense in NFL

    Bowles under Arians in 2014 was ranked as high but they said he did wonders with big name players going down.

    Or Chuck Pagano. THey are buddies too

  11. Army_Bucs_Fan Says:

    Ok in a magical world where anything could happen …. what if the bucs trade DeSean Jackson to Pittsburg for Antonio brown and some how through the grace of god and little 8lb 7 oz baby Jesus pay Leveon Bell his Kings ransom Tampa’s offense just became a powerhouse. Then in the draft pick up as many defensive weapons as we can while trading gmc for more picks. Would anyone else like to see that happen? I know a depressed buc fan can dream right lol.

  12. Howard Cosell Says:

    Can’t believe it.

    This is just a ruse to get fans excited so they can be let down even more when the sad Bucslife reality settles in again

  13. Howard Cosell Says:

    Can’t believe it.

    This is just a ruse to get fans excited so they can be let down even harder when the sad reality of a Bucslife settles in again

  14. Stevbobucsfan Says:

    One reason I like Arians is, I really think he will get rid of the problem players and I think the team will be a little more disipline. At one time I thought the bucs was maybe interviewing K Richard to maybe become the DC/ assistant to the HC and then take over when Arians retire in 2 to 3 years. However, after watching Dallas defense Saturday I don’t think the Cowboys will let him leave for nothing other than a HC gig. Although Richard don’t have the title of DC in Dallas, he was calling the plays

  15. SenileSenior Says:

    Go Bucs!!

  16. Larry Says:

    Arians likes to throw the deep ball. Throwing deep is NOT what Winston does best. Seems like Winston would be better in a West Coast type of system. Guess we’ll see.

  17. OneBuc55 Says:

    Assuming Arians is our guy, it’lll be interesting to see the coaching staff he assembles…

    I’m sure his staff would easily be light years better than we’ve had around here since the Dungy/Gruden era…That being said, we’ve been left at the altar before by big name coaches so I won’t get to excited until we get a signature…

  18. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Arians is a good hire. Good NFL pedigree but the only thing that concerns me is his predisposition to walk away. Especially if things don’t change quickly.

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    The running game will be fixed by simply not telegraphing when you’re going to run it. Last thing the Bucs need to do is waste another 2nd rounder on a RB when is good enough – same exact thing I said last offseason. You had Chris Conte and Ryan Smith as starters and people were talking about the running game. Dolts.

    Anywho I love the idea of this hire but will save getting excited about this until it happens.

    Also if he’s not hired who is 2nd on the list? When Chip Kelly backed out at the last second we ended up with that Jersey Trash Schiano. Need to have a plan b in place, one that doesn’t resemble the pill plan b.

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    @Mike Tanier … “Imagining what Bruce Arians could do with the #Buccaneers offensive weapons … it would be 16 weeks of Week 1 and 2.” Uhhh, should one of us tell Tanier that FITZPATRICK was the Bucs’ QB in Weeks 1 & 2?

    @Joe … ” But it is hard not to let the fantasies dance in your head of Mr. No-Risk-It-No-Biscuit Arians in charge of the offense with Jameis at the wheel.” Sounds to me like you’re advocating that Bucs dual-hat Arians (IF he’s hired) as BOTH the HC AND the OC. And oh ya, the QB Coach. I can’t imagine a bigger mistake than saddling our next HC with multiple ‘hats’ like that (that’s what killed Koetter as much as anything else IMO).

    A Bruce Arians’ hire has great POTENTIAL because of what he MIGHT bring to the table IMO. A great ‘football mind’ for one thing, developed over the years by some great experiences working with some outstanding coaches. Plus the hope that he’ll surround himself with a staff of assistant coaches that’ll develop some of our younger talent AND create a ‘coaching tree’ (much like Tony did) that’ll serve us well for many, many years after Arians stops being our HC. The people he’d bring with him (and who he’d develop) will hopefully be our key to the future.

  21. Defense Rules Says:

    And Rod, regarding Plan B … Used to often tell my son as he was growing up “If Plan A doesn’t work, we’ll go with Plan B.” Took him many years, but he finally caught on when one day he said to me “You don’t really have a Plan B, do you.”

    Nope, usually didn’t. Unless you consider “Wing it” to be a valid Plan B. And from what I’m seen of Bucs’ coaching hires (and non-hires like Marvin Lewis?) over the years, that’s all the Bucs ever did … they winged it when Plan A didn’t work out. Scary thought huh (but human nature nonetheless).

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    Well Marvin Lewis wasn’t a plan B, it was a Rich McKay hire and we have no idea how that works out. Said it before but that 2002 defense was just ready to go. So long as the defensive staff isn’t touched I still set they win the SB with just about anywhere there, the defense was just that good.

    But who knows.

    As for plan B’s I have mixed feelings. Most people use plan B as just a lazy way out when the going gets tough. I’m personally a fan of no plan B, burn every bridge behind you, don’t give yourself a chance to get lazy or complacent. But in a situation like this you’re 100% relying on other people, not yourself, so you have to have backups ready to go since you’re competing on an open market, and the Bucs have failed before in this same situation.

    Anywho, hopefully it won’t be an issue and they get the deal done and this isn’t another Parcells or Kelly situation.

  23. Defense Rules Says:

    Hey Rod, Marvin lasted 16 years in Cincy. Might’ve made it 2 or 3 here given our history with coaches (Jameis isn’t the only one who’s good at turnovers).

    And yes, our 2002 defense “was just that good” (many still consider it in the Top-5 of all time). Jon Gruden had the good sense not to mess with it & to let Monte continue to run it. Our offense that year (2002) was #18 in POINTS SCORED (346 pts) but #1 in POINTS ALLOWED (196 pts). I’d take that spread … 150 point differential … any day of the year. Hopefully we get back soon to playing GRRREAT DEFENSE.

  24. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Defense Rules


  25. JJV Says:

    The Best Quotes from Bruce Arians
    Bruce Arians was a master of the English language.

    Sometimes Usually, that included a few expletives dropped. The former Arizona Cardinals coach was also the master of the press-conference opening quip and handing out the fitting nickname.

    Here is a collection of a few of the best quotes from Arians’ time with the Cardinals.

    After a win over a Rams team favored because of their stout defense in 2014:

    “I love it when nobody says you have a chance to win. There’s an 11-and-3 team and a team that’s always 8-and-8. You figure it out. Everybody wanted to talk all that stuff about how great their defense is. I think they saw a good defense tonight, it was in red and white.”

    On the struggles of rookie tackle D.J. Humphries in training camp before the 2015 season:

    “A knee in his (expletive) every day. A foot wasn’t going to do it. That’s why he’s nicknamed knee-deep.”

    After improving to 2-0 on the season in 2015:

    “They’re patting you on the back, they’re looking for a soft spot, where to stick the knife. Same guy patting us on the back saying we might lose 10 in a row and might still be right.”

    On rookie safety Budda Baker taking the bait on offense and nicknaming him:

    “He’s still learning. He’s still ‘Fish Bait’ a few times but as he continues to get better and better, that role could increase quickly.”

    While visiting Bickley & Marotta with a cold:

    “I need to start getting some whiskey lozenges.”

    Following a victory over the Baltimore Ravens in 2015:

    “We wanted to make sure there was a damn good traffic jam.”

    On taking the Cardinals’ job and being himself in the interview process:

    “The thing at the beginning was, ‘Hey, I’m not changing who I am and how I coach. I’ll probably get a lot of Bibles in the mail.’”

    After clinching a bye in the 2015 playoffs:

    “You don’t get rings for byes. You don’t even get t-shirts and hats.”

    On seeing the Cardinals fan base grow in the Valley while joining Bickley & Marotta in 2016:

    “Everywhere you go, I love seeing the kids in the jerseys. You know right now, if the kids are Cardinals fans, mom and pop got no choice.”

    Arians after his final game, a win at CenturyLink Field over the Seattle Seahawks:

    “Thank you for coming to my house. I hope you get home safe.”

    In his press conference announcing he will retire after the 2017 season (Jan. 2, 2018):

    “We built this program on three words: trust, loyalty and respect. I told our team last night I was done, that I’m retiring. And they lied to you. Because of that, there’s no greater feeling in the world to know your players have your back.”

  26. JJV Says:

    There’s no question that Arians, who has been honored as NFL Coach of the Year twice, knows how to motivate his players, and you see it firsthand in all eight episodes of All or Nothing. If there’s one thing we know for sure after watching the show, it’s that Arians is a character with a vocabulary that can’t be described as simply “colorful.” For him, profanity is an art form.

    Arians wanted his players to remember that life can change in the blink of an eye. You have to stay prepared for that.

    “That elevator drops fast at a sh*thouse,” Arians said.

    Bruce Arians penthouse sh*thouse
    Arians wasn’t the only one in the Cardinals’ locker room who reminded folks not to get too comfortable where they are. Quarterback Carson Palmer explained to his teammates the difference between confidence and arrogance, an important distinction we could all take to heart.

    Carson Palmer knowing who you are
    Just win, baby
    Whatever you’re competing in — football, Pokemon Go, the Game of Life (the board game or, y’know, in the bigger sense of existing) — all that matters is not taking an L.

    Bruce Arians no bad wins
    Maybe you win, but it’s as ugly as a field goal-only, offensive slapfight of a game, like the Cardinals’ 12-6 victory over the Rams during the 2014 season. But who cares, because it’s still a win.

    Do your job
    Arians’ biggest piece of advice is really just about not screwing up. It doesn’t matter if you’re the hero or not. As long as you don’t blow it, you’re doing okay.

    Bruce arians inspirational poster
    Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has to fail miserably — and make sure that person isn’t you

  27. JJV Says:

    Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has been known to make some fun quotes for the media. Whether it is saying, “no risk it, no biscuit,” or talking about doberman and a machine gun when discussing stretching, he likes to keep things fresh.

    Even his players have their favorites.

    “He always talks about touchdowns and check downs,” said Fitz. “The big play’s there, we are going to take it, and we are going to make it. If it’s not there, make sure we make positive gains. That’s another one of his sayings. ‘You’ll never go broke putting money in the bank.’”

    Arians has regulars he goes with as well with the media.

    He refers to offseason OTAs and mandatory minicamp as soccer because they play with shorts on.

  28. BucEmUp Says:

    This really sucks waiting to see what happens..Im excited and waiting to be dissapointed . Its just what the Bucs do to us fans all the time , so im expecting them tonfind a way to screw this up

  29. Pete I Says:

    From a sort of “JoeCardnialsfan”

    We all loved BA but the last 2 years he was the problem not the solution. Players were tired of being publicly thrown under the bus by BA, he was loyal to coaches but not them. His refusal to replace coaches like Amos was reason enough for MB to let him know that he wouldn’t mind if BA retired. We don’t know if BA decided to quit on his own or was encouraged to but we do know BA wasn’t going to replace any coaches or change what had become predictable play calling and I’m 99% sure MB/SK were not going to let him stay without at least replacing Amos and other changes. Nothing awkward, we were done with him and he was done with us. I will be shocked if BA gets the Tampa Bay job.

  30. D-Rome Says:

    Well, I saw what Dirk Koetter did with this offense. It was historic and that was with two QBs holding him back. It doesn’t matter who is coach if Backstabbin’ Jason Licht is doing the shopping.

  31. Pete I Says:

    And another:

    We all (well most of us) love BA but man he needed to stop coaching last year. His energy was low, his crankiness was high, and his mind was elsewhere. Retiring was the best option for him.

    Now he wants back in? at his age, with his health issues? This sounds like a guy who thought he had it made and realized he didn’t. Maybe he thought he’d be Kurt Warner and become a network star. Instead, sounded incoherent and unfocused on TV. And now he craves the attention, the attention that stoked his fires when he was here.

    There is awkwardness for the Cardinals, sure. BA’s replacement was an unmitigated disaster, an abject failure, the worst coach in NFL history. If they pushed BA out the door, they sure messed up the followup plan.

    Tampa won’t hire BA, Cleveland won’t hire BA. Are the Cardinals talking to him? Who knows? They said they were going to play this close to the vest. Michael B is a crafty lawyer who seems motivated to fix things and soon. I personally doubt BA is the answer, unless he’s a bridge to Bowles or something.

  32. Defense Rules Says:

    Interesting observations Pete. I could see BA rejuvenating for maybe 2 years or so, but certainly not the long-term solution to our woes. BUT … having someone with his experience to ‘advise’ our owners and GM and follow-on HC wouldn’t be all that bad IMO.

  33. Cobraboy Says:

    I suspect the Skyway will be crowded with jumpers of on Tuesday the Bucs announce some “exciting” but inexperienced coordinator (like Rah) or college coach (like Toe The Line) is hired.

  34. Clodhopper Says:

    I just realized the plethora of nickname potential for Joe if the Bucs hire Arians.

    I think Joe has what it takes to make it as long as Peter King’s.

  35. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Potential 2018 Coaching Staff

    Head coaches
    • Head Coach – Bruce Arians
    • Assistant Head Coach/Offense – Tom Moore

    Offensive coaches
    • Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line – Harold Goodwin
    • Quarterbacks – Jim Bob Cooter
    • Sr. Offensive Asst. – Clyde Christensen
    • Running Backs – Stump Mitchell
    • Wide Receivers – Darryl Drake
    • Tight Ends – Rick Christophel
    • Assistant Tight Ends/Assistant Special Teams – Steve Heiden
    • Assistant Offensive Line – Larry Zierlein
    • Offensive Quality Control – Kevin Garver

    Defensive coaches
    • Defensive coordinator – Todd Bowles
    • Defensive line – Brentson Buckner
    • Assistant defensive line – La’Roi Glover
    • Inside linebackers – Mike Caldwell
    • Outside linebackers – Kevin Greene
    • Defensive backs – Dennard Wilson
    • Assistant defensive backs – Steve Jackson
    • Defensive assistant – Robby Brown

    Former Offensive Players Available (Free Agents): Bruce Arians
    • Blaine Gabbert QB (Age:28) ARI
    • J.J. Nelson WR (Age:27) ARI
    • John Brown WR (Age:29) ARI*
    • Jared Veldheer T (Age:31) ARI
    • Mike Iupati G (Age:31) ARI

    Former/Current Offensive Players Available (Free Agents): Todd Bowles
    • Steve McLendon NT (Age:33) NYJ
    • Frostee Rucker RDT (Age:34) ARI*
    • Sheldon Richardson RDT (Age:28) NYJ
    • Henry Anderson RDE (Age:28) NYJ*
    • Deone Bucannon ILB (Age:27) ARI*
    • Avery Williamson ILB (Age:26) NYJ*
    • Neville Hewitt ILB (Age:25) NYJ
    • Jeremiah Attaochu OLB (Age:26) NYJ
    • Markus Golden OLB (Age:28) ARI*
    • Brandon Copeland OLB (Age:27) NYJ
    • Jeremiah Attaochu OLB (Age:25) NYJ
    • Morris Claiborne CB (Age:27) NYJ
    • Buster Skrine CB (Age:30) NYJ

    Note: NYJ has a ton of available cap space. So the chances of snagging one of their (FA) will be slim.

  36. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Former/Current Defensive Players Available (Free Agents): Todd Bowles

  37. JJV Says:

    There seems to be a difference of opinion of Cardinal fans- both positive and negative. Normal and to be expected of any team.
    ilent_Partner Says:
    January 5th, 2019 at 8:15 pm
    For the people who keep bringing up his age, they said the same thing here when he was coming to AZ. They weren’t saying it when he left. He would be a great hire for a change for the Bucs. Also, for the guy bringing up his playoff losses, he started Ryan Lindley in one of those playoff games because of injuries. Would you have expected a win? Even then, they were in that game well into the second half.

    It was a wonder that he still got his teams to the playoffs after losing Carson Palmer early in his second year when he still went 11-5 and the first year when they just missed the playoffs and they finished 10-6. And the last two years here was a wonder he got them to .500 as you saw the true reveal of their talent level this year, which was why he smartly bailed after last year knowing Keim was going to keep picking terrible players.

    From watching him locally here in AZ, he’ll make you as a fan want to run through a wall for him, let alone his players, unlike the last guy who sounded clueless every time he opened his mouth.

  38. TexBuc Says:

    Is it Tuesday yet?

  39. ghost Says:

    Considering Winston didnt even play weeks 1 or 2….

  40. Buc believer Says:

    Everyone is so worried about Arians heart… if dude has something happen to him there is a hospital right across the street from one Buc so it’s no problem!

  41. uknowme88 Says:

    Yawn!! Not excited, trust me I lived in Arizona when he was coach and except for the two good years he had people wanted him gone. You will soon find out why Tampa fans. Eventually you will get a playoff win, but not with this guy.

  42. JJV Says:

    There are much worse coaches to not get excited about than a two time NFL coach of the year with a overall record of 58-33 (64 win%) with two playoff appearances including the NFC Championship game. It will be a huge improvement over what Bucs fans have endured over many years regardless of some negative feelings. Sorry, but I for one am very optimistic.

  43. D-Rome Says:

    Buc believer, it’s not so much about his health but more about his longevity. At least it is for me. Fans should want a head coach that is going to be here for the long haul. Do you really want the Bucs to hire the second oldest head coach in the NFL? Do you expect that guy to be here for more than five years. The Bucs need a coach like that.

  44. TOM Says:

    I hope if BA becomes our HC, that he has the final say on draft picks & FA. Better yet keep Licht out of the draft room.

  45. Michael Wright Says:

    I believe the Glazers are thinkin Arians can get us there within 1 to 3 yrs. Because Arians is no long term fix. I do still think he has some health issues. But he will probably do more delegating than he did in AZ. My guess is he probably will bring Todd Bowles along with him as the DC.

  46. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I want to win next year!!!! I don’t care how freaking old he is.

    He’ll attract top notch coaching assistants and the big question will not be about his health but who is next in line.

    In addition if BA gets worn down by 2019 he can aways just pull a Tom Coughlin and move upstairs as Director of Football Operations with his handpicked guy as HC.

  47. SOEbuc Says:

    The Shaun Wilson and Peyton Barber running game.

    Wilson went on IR, but I really hope he can bounce back and get another chance. Wasn’t given a smidge of a chance last year. 6 carries, 29 yards, 4.8 avg in three games he played when RoJo was deactivated. Amazing speed, shakes, hands, and can get through the hole. If we could get a good oline together, I think he has serious potential.


  48. Phil Says:

    We could sign Kareem Hunt to fix the running game.

  49. JeffBucsFan Says:

    I haven’t seen this much positive reaction from Bucs fans since just before Lovie was chosen head coach.