“Today’s Blame Monday”

December 10th, 2018

Dirk Koetter took himself and his 11-21 record in the last 32 games to the podium at One Buc Palace this afternoon.

And the head coach announced “Today’s blame Monday.”

Koetter said that means it’s time for the quarterback and offensive line to take the brunt of the heat but it should go deeper than that in the Bucs’ 28-14 loss to the Saints.

He cited a couple of drops, plus a couple of poor reads by Peyton Barber on runs. He talked about playing poorly on offense overall and how the Bucs blew too many good field position opportunities and can’t make kicks.

And like Joe was railing yesterday, Koetter pointed at Cameron Lynch getting “stuck” on the blown punt block and missing the Saints basic defensive line “twist” that they had run previously. (Koetter didn’t name Lynch but Joe will.)

Bad tackling reared its ugly head in the fourth quarter, Koetter added.

What Joe didn’t hear was Koetter talk much about having his team mentally ready, or not ready, in the second half.

The player-focused chatter quietly reminded Joe of when offensive coordinator Todd Monken eloquently said of last year’s red zone offense after reviewing a year’s worth of film, “We chose to suck.”

77 Responses to ““Today’s Blame Monday””

  1. Troy Says:

    This team is coached to suck. It’s that simple.

  2. BuccaneerByBirth Says:

    Just a few more weeks until “black monday” start packing that office and call a realtor, Dirk.

  3. PSK Buc Fan Says:

    Don’t ya feel a change is coming……..

  4. Frank Pillow Says:

    It’s awesome where Dirk goes all passive-aggressive during his pressers and/or spends the time at the podium saying it’s his fault but implying it’s really someone else’s.

  5. DaPostman Says:

    Fringe players who don’t do simple tasks should be shown the door. Plenty of guys out there who won’t get sucked in on punt formation or hold on a punt return 40 yards away from the kick returner. Koetter doesn’t have the balls to cut guys loose when they should be. He’s the proverbial Captain who will go down with the ship because one of his crew hit an iceberg.

  6. Wausa Says:

    Belicheck cuts fringe players that make a big mistake.

  7. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Let’s stop the bitching and just clean house. Enough with all the BS.

  8. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    You nailed it @ PillowTalk

    Smarmy, petulant comments when the heat is turned up. He was given an extra year ( 2018 )…started off so well only to sing the turtlehead blues. Goodnight to you & Licht.

  9. Troy Says:

    Frank Pillow speaking truth!

  10. Eric Says:

    Its sad to see a guy fail like this, especially a good guy like Dirk.

    But, fail he has.

    Not even close to getting the job done. Golden opportunity up 14-3 and complete collapse. No offense, Special teams disasters. Got out hustled by the Saints. Horrible, just plain horrible.

    Into the Archives with Raheem, Schiano, Lovie, etc.

  11. buddy Says:

    Can’t wait until he is fired along with all his friends he hired..terrible special teams coach, horrible defensive backs coach, SNITCH Equipment Manager that the players don’t trust and hate. BLACK MONDAY could be my most favorite day of 2019 when he’s fired along with the entire group

  12. tnew Says:

    At least its not his fault. He said so himself.

  13. tnew Says:

    should’ve been fired a month ago.

  14. Buc believer Says:

    Can’t wait till he gets back to his potato farm in Idaho

  15. Mike Says:

    buddy, can you or someone else please explain your Snitch equipment manager that players hate comment- honestly don’t know what you are referring to and am highly interested.

  16. Eric Says:

    Lets not get all hyped up about Duffner and try and keep him. Good defenses don’t get “gassed”.

    Full sweep firings across the board.

    Had it.

  17. jjbucfan Says:

    ^^^THIS^^^ I firmly we believe that we are in the playoffs if he was shown the door with Mike Smith at the Bye. I guess the Glazers didn’t see it that way. 11-21 SMDH

  18. Bucsfanman Says:

    Ugh! Or is it “THUD!” You know, the sound of that 2-game win streak excitement coming back to Earth?!
    So, has the bar changed for anyone? Do we still give this guy 7-9? 8-8?
    Yesterday proved to me that he cannot coach. Saints adjusted, Bucs did not. I’m interested to hear the arguments for his retention. Any takers?

  19. jjbucfan Says:

    That last comment was for tnew, the delay on the posting is maddening sometimes, LOL

  20. GhostofSchiano Says:

    I can see a glowing big screen tv from Lovie’s basement. On the couch sits Raheem, Lovie, Schiano, and Dirk. A picture of Dungy hangs on the wall with two much smaller framed photos of Gruden and tedford. A josh freeman jersey all tattered and torn rest on the floor in a corner.

    They are watching the Superbowl and debate what might have been…….

    Then they will have some jovial betting on who else will join this group in the coming years.

    It’s a Bucs life.

  21. jjbucfan Says:

    Is Santos still our kicker? Is Tavecchio on a roster? if not-bring him in. Caleb Sturgis, Eddie Peneiro, anyone!!!!! get Fitz to hold just in case it is Anger, something is wrong here and the fact they haven’t looked anywhere but the kicker is getting ridiculous. Maybe Anger is the problem-we have been saying it for a while. Try something!!!

  22. Trench War Says:

    Why do grown men, that get paid well, need a cheerleader to get them mentally involved? What does that say about our team?

  23. D-Rome Says:

    A buddy of mine works for the Buccaneers and he planted a recording device in the Saints locker room. You can hear Sean Payton saying the following during half time:

    “C’mon men, these are the Bucs….the BUCS! We can’t lose to these guys! We practiced with a wet football for crying out loud! Alvin…..Mark…..3 yards? Are you kidding me? Losers find ways to lose and winners find ways to win! They’ll do their part, lets’s do ours and win this division!”

  24. Reach87 Says:

    Heard this before. Hate the coach, he is clueless. Bring in x,y,z and blow it up. Next years offense )players and coaches) take 5 steps back (too 5 offense), coach starts to not look so much like a genius, “fans” start babbling about “same ole Bucs”, cut x,y or z, if he can’t get us to win this game or that, call more screens (or whatever) upgrade the run game (meld 5 players and a RB) this week, find a kicker who never misses, make a rookie CB (safety, DT, LB, you name I…) a pro bowl candidate in the first 6 games after a too soft (or too hard in the hot sun) training camp, fire the bum. Sad. Alternative: get better offensive linemen (or train up the ones we have), get an impact player on defense, and keep the top 5 offense in place so posters see you have the stones to do what it takes to win consistently. PS: that doesn’t happen by always and constantly changing coaches. It never has. Go Bucs!

  25. Bucsfanman Says:

    Reach87- And your point is…….what? We’re BUC fans! It’s what we do.

  26. AlteredEgo Says:

    BTW…it is time to move on from Gene Deckerhoff…..he is impossible to listen to…..screws up radio play play all the time

  27. SOEbuc Says:


    Malcolm had dementia, hired the right coach, and we one a Super Bowl the next year. Kids have no clue. Throw some fat cash at an experienced HC with a great record, draft a OT and OG in round 1 and 2, sign Kareem Hunt.

  28. DayOnePaul Says:

    Koetter continues to throw people under the bus. Leaders take the blame in public, and effectively hold people accountable man to man. Koetter is not capable of these requirements of being a Head Coach in the big leagues.

  29. Alanbucsfan Says:

    You are what your record says you are:
    5-8 and probably 6-10 finish

  30. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Special Teams lost us the game yesterday and ultimately, cost us our season. I know the offense struggled, but the missed FGs and blocked punt took the proverbial wind out of the sails. Once the punt was blocked, the team lost our swagger and went back to the Same Old Bucs.

    There’s always next year 🙂

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree with cutting fringe players who make big mistakes…..but we have so many fringe players and they make so many big mistakes!!!

    As for the loss….I chalk it up to the lack of mental toughness…..we are cruising and a couple of things go wrong and the team completely folds…..

    That, my friends is on COACHING!!!

  32. Buc believer Says:

    @altered ego….. I am SO with you on getting rid of Deckerhoff!!! I want a homer to do Buc games not some old coot who gets as excited when the OTHER team has a good play! Not Gene he is as enthusiastic for the enemy as he is for the Bucs I have been saying that for years!

  33. Pete Mitchell Says:

    F$ck it… Let’s! Go! Bolts!!!

  34. 813bucboi Says:

    nothing like throwing your players under the bus……lol….



  35. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Disagree with some of you on Deckerhoff. He is the voice of the Bucs and i am definitely not looking forward to that changing.

    On Dirk… it’s disappointing because i really like the guy. I like his attitude & demeanor….. and his frankness with the players. I like that the players seem to care for him as their coach and they play hard for him.

    Unfortunately, it’s not quite enough. He is just not quite getting the job done and its time to move on.

  36. Buc believer Says:

    @Tampa bay demon.. so you LIKE someone who is not a Homer and LIKES sit when the. Other team has a good play????? SMDH

  37. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Lets go with a younger coach with great passion and enthusiasm who hates to lose……sort of like “Son of Chucky”

  38. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Seems it doesn’t matter what Koetter does the Joe’s have put a target on his back and their mouth breathing puppets are carrying their water for them.
    Whaattt? The Bucs are losing consistently, 11 wins in their last 32. Any coach would have a target on his back for that. Joe is a fan like everyone else. –Joe

    Funny when Koetter is being brutally honest he’s throwing people under the bus. When he’s taking all the blame, he’s too soft and lost the team. smh ..

    Nobody in the beginning predicted us to have a winning record including the Joe’s. Actually, one Joe said 7-9, the other predicted 9-7 but only if they came out of the first three games with a win. Joe knows very few people who predicted less than 7 wins, and that was reflected by polls on this site. Why make things up??—Joe

    We will finish exactly at what 90% predicted but everyone acts like they are outraged. stupidity …ya wanna be MAD then put the blame on the guy who fk’d it all up.

  39. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I’m not making it up and if you want me to prove it I will
    On September 2, Joe ran a one-day fan poll asking fans to predict the Bucs’ 2018 record.
    Here is the link: https://www.joebucsfan.com/2018/09/call-the-season/

    And here are the results you can find via that link: As you can see, most fans pegged the Bucs for a winning record.–Joe

    11 wins or more 108 5.82% 5.82%
    10 417 22.46% 22.46%
    9 476 25.63% 25.63%
    8 358 19.28% 19.28%
    7 213 11.47% 11.47%
    6 170 9.15% 9.15%
    5 or less 115 6.19% 6.19%

  40. Knoxville Bucs Fab Says:

    Own it Dirk, have no respect for someone that pushes the blame around to everyone else and especially when your the god dang head coach. Could tell in the pressers lately Koetter your about as nervous as a whore in church. Your done, just wish the Glazers would make the move now to get a jump on hiring a new coach

  41. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This is all about unmet expectations again…..we won those first two games and everyone is thinking playoffs…..maybe Superbowl….

    Then….the real Bucs hit the field.

    I don’t think Koetter has lost the team but he has lost the fans…..and the Joes…..and that is a prescription for disaster.

  42. Defense Rules Says:

    jjbucfan … “I firmly we believe that we are in the playoffs if he (Koetter) was shown the door with Mike Smith at the Bye.” JJ, statements like that tickle me. Bad teams are almost always bad across the board IMO. IOW, it’s not just ownership & management, it’s not just coaching; it’s not just the players … it’s the whole ‘kit and kaboodle’ as some are wont to say.

    When you compare teams player by player, position by position (to include depth players), it seems pretty clear that our Bucs just don’t stack up all that well. Yes we’ve got a number of high quality players, just not enough of them. Assuming at this point that BOTH Licht and Koetter are ‘relieved’ at season’s end (probably in more ways than one), it’d seem a sure bet that the new GM & HC will scrutinize this roster VERY closely. If you take our current 53-man roster, plus the 12 players we presently have on IR … total of 65 players … my gut feel is that AT BEST 50% will return next year. That’d be 33 players, plus 8 draftees, leaving a need to sign 12 more starting-quality/key rotational FAs. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see that happen.

  43. Not there yet Says:

    Stick a fork in em because Koetter sure looks done

  44. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I’m not talking about homer fans and their expectations. I’m talking about local and national media guys. The ones supposedly in the know.

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    Jean Dirk’s had 3 years and still can’t compete with good teams.

    It don’t take 4 years to build a contender.

    If it’s not obvisous that Dirk can’t build a winner I dont know what your looking at.

  46. JimmyJack Says:

    In 3 years Dirk has developed one friggen lineman. On either side of the ball!!! Verdict still out on VV

    It’s a comele failure and evidence that he is not making this team any better.

  47. kgh4life Says:

    The problem with this Bucs regime is that there is no accountability, from the top down. They can’t scout running backs for some reason, which is why they keep drafting busts at running back for the last couple years, does Licht make adjustments to his scouting staff to remedy that? We may never know. It’s clear that Donovan Smith and Benenoch is the weak links on the o-line and they still get to start week after week, that should be placed on the shoulders of George Warhop who has gotten away blameless for the last five years, and of course Mike Smith, he was DC for one of the worst defenses in football last season but Dirk still decided to bring him back.

  48. Jean Lafitte Says:

    what in Koetter’s 3 years is the common denominator? JW perhaps?

  49. Anglican Says:

    The general manager is just as much at fault as the coach. He is 50% as much responsible for this crap put it on the field as the coach

  50. bucanation Says:

    After watching hard knocks I knew this was a weak staff and the leadership is lame and this is the most Disappointing team I have ever watched , and I am 55 years old and a fan from the beginning I am a die hard from day1 but this is the first year I didn’t go to a game and I wont go until the owners cook the crazy out of organization .

  51. jjbucfan Says:

    Defense- glad I could “tickle” you. If you look back at my posts for the last 2 years- I have been very consistent with my feelings for this coaching staff. Especially Mike Smith. I read your posts- you seem to me like one of the informed fans so I respect your opinion. Not posting to argue with you. I do believe what I said, I thought they both should be fired after last year.. I am a business man, if one of my employees is not pulling his/her weight, they get a couple warnings because they are a direct reflection on my business and reply. If they do not improve their work or attitude or whatever it may be…they gots to go, lol. With Koetter being “the Boss” he is responsible for every single coach he has and their performance. We have a terrible offensive line, terrible defensive plan/scheme, terrible ST and Koetter only fires Jay Hayes- D-lone coach that was given absolutely nothing in his time here (except McCoy- that any true fan will appreciate what the mat guy does for us). This year, same thing. So as the GM and owners, I would have looked as this as a failure from the top. I would have fired him after last year, or at least after the Washington game when he refused to take out Fitz. We would have beaten the Giants, IMO. I think that any other coach would have parted ways with Warhop, the ST coach, the DB coaches and the d coordinator after last season. Instead he brought them all back which shows the team that they are okay with mediocrity. So that is my reasoning. We all want the same thing, the Bucs to be better.
    BTW- there is no doubt those that are now targeting Deckerhoff believe Mick Hubert would be soooo much better. Same people same anti-FSU BS. JMO

  52. NPRSageBoy Says:

    SOEBuc – Yeah! That’s the solution ! Sign Kateem Hunt so we have two deviates in the backfield at the same time.

    Get real and find a HC who won’t tolerate BS and have poeple of character on the team.

  53. denjoe Says:

    If he knew how to fix he would. lmao

  54. TheNorm Says:

    Go back and find my posts. “The norm” “sweeptheleg”

    I said 6-10 from the beginning. And I was laughed at and mocked by these absolutely stupid ignorant idiots on here claiming 9 10 or 11 wins and playoffs.

    Lmao idiots. LOOKS LIKE IM RIGHT ON TARGET. Why? Cause I’m not a blind stupid moronic FSU homer. I live in the land of REALITY and not in the land of feelings and thinking I can will the team to win with positive thoughts and hopes.


  55. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Oh snap Jean looking like today’s idiot poster. Nice work slamming that tool Joe. Glad you don’t allow posters to delete their posts because we can see exactly what he said above.

  56. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    @ Troy.

    You nailed it.

  57. BigMacAttack Says:

    One thing missing with Derp, is he never rallies the troops. Momentum changes and he just bends over and takes it. Call a timeout, get the team off their butts in a big huddle and fire them up. Dirk is a manager and not a leader. He’s so lacking in leadership traits. As stated above, my fault yet their fault. I feel for the guy because he’s just in over his head and The Jason Bonehead Licht put him there. Again, all of this falls on Licht’s shoulders and he needs to be fired first, at least an hour before Dirk and his band of merry misfits.

  58. Jean Lafitte Says:


    carry my water worm

  59. JimmyJack Says:

    TheNorm….. Congrats. The team failed and I see it has made your day.

  60. TheNorm Says:


    Not happy about it at all been a fan since 1987.
    But I know what my eyes see and it’s painfully obvious to those of us in the land of reality.

  61. Tnew Says:

    Day one gets it.

  62. JimmyJack Says:

    Your laughing and gloating in your post above.

    Unsure what your motive is but your doing it off of the back of the Bucs getting embarrassed at home yesterday.

    You sound like a creep from that comment trying to rub your prediction of failure in our faces…..For no good reason.

  63. jjbucfan Says:

    I’ll ask this again…play action from the 1 yard line. What is the O-line supposed to do? fire off the ball like it is a run right? How does Dotson, who is supposed to be firing off the ball get blown up so bad, he flies back 3-4 yards into our QB’s plant leg? Laziness? Missed the play call maybe? Yes it was a touchdown but it changed the game. Jameis got hurt and was never the same. All because Dotson decides to take a play off? And why no QB sneak from the 1…EVER?!!!!

  64. tnew Says:

    .. JJ, I initially thought that as well regarding the knee, and you are correct in that the Oline shouldn’t be pushed back that far that quickly, but going back and watching the game, Winston actually played well initially in the second half. After the turnover, his arm was hit on the only pass he made, tough to blame him for that. Next possession they move it from deep to midfield, even overcoming a D Smith penalty, Godwin drops a ball that would have moved the chains, then poof, punt block. Knowing the outcome it was easy to see. After the blocked punt, the entire team quit. Defense didn’t tackle as well or rush Brees with same intensity. Saints never punted again after that. 4 straight possessions.

  65. tnew Says:

    It was like the offense knew the coaches were going to try to run the ball, but they didn’t believe they could execute the runs. So they quit. Strange. The inability to run the ball really kills this team. The Saints made a concerted effort to keep Winston in the pocket in the second half. Without Winston running, the Bucs can’t run. Tough to watch

  66. Jfk Says:

    Let’s hire joe DeFilippo and mike zimmer that would be the Answer

  67. Issaic haggins Says:

    JR Sweezy looks great starting for a line that has had a huge rushing night tonight !!!! 1.5 mil a year , this is another huge red flag for this organization .

  68. jjbucfan Says:

    tnew- the only thing I’m saying about that is it looked like Jameis was throwing off his back foot, I attributed it him not being able to step into his throw,, therefore the ball sailing. I thought he played okay. When the receivers drop passes the way they did, tough on the QB. Evans disappeared after the first throw. Something didn’t feel right with second half play calling. O- line is and has been Jameis problem on this team. If we weren’t going to pick D James the only other logical pick based on off season moves was Hernandez or McGlinchy. Don’t get me wrong, I think Vea will be a good player, just not a game changer. We need to protect the franchise no matter who he is. Also Barber is getting a bad shake here, when he is running well DipSpit Koetter takes him out for a quarter. I can’t understand this franchise and the direction they want to go.

  69. tnew Says:

    Issaic… I kind of thought the same thing last time I watched him. He gets graded poorly because he has some big misses from time to time, but he is dominant when he doesn’t miss, especially in the running game. Bennenoch just always sucks. No-one can tell me Licht cut Sweezy without the coaches telling him Bennenoch wasn’t the answer.

    Maybe, just maybe this is a coaching thing. No, can’t be. Its all on the QB. BTW, Anyone see the INT, Russell Wilson threw to end the half?? How can a 30 year old player ever make that decision??? No one other than Winston ever does that.

  70. jjbucfan Says:

    Isaac-I can’t even imagine how many players have lost their career because of this regime. Warhop may turn out to be the Mike Smith of our offense and once again his boy Koetter is protecting him. This line got Jameis killed last year. This line can’t run block for 2 straight years. Sorry Joes but some us fans have been pointing this out for 2 years. I don’t believe for one minute that D Martin, Barber and Rodgers are to blame. This offensive abomination is 95% the culprit IMHO.

  71. tnew Says:

    JJ.. I think he wasn’t stepping up because the line was caving in on him nearly every play, but you might have a point. He might have been tentative with the knee. Go watch tho, he started out good in the second half, until the punt block. Everyone is acting like he missed 20 passes in the second half… After the punt block, which he had many completions before and not counting the last drive, again many easy completions so lets not pad things, Winston only threw 4 incompletions for those three drives. One was a direct throw away as a flag on Dotson was thrown in front of him and another was a mix up on routes with Godwin and Hump…. So he truly missed two passes. Winston’s worst mistake was failing to hit Godwin on 3rd and 10 when Godwin was running open a short cross and two Saints had him bracketed. Would’ve been 4th and 5 still, but Winston should’ve made that pass then the Bucs could’ve gone for it on 4th. Instead he was tripped up as he tried to spin away from the sack. This was his worst play of the half. But if this is the QB’s worst play..

    I think we are on the same page, my point was Koetter loves to point at the QB when possible. And it just wasn’t that bad as most are portraying. I get it, some really love that Koetter “holds Winston accountable” publicly. This serves no purpose other than to prop his ego up. Winston is good enough on his own generating criticism. He doesn’t need the head coach continually recruiting them.

  72. tnew Says:

    JJ.. one more thing.

    A staple of a good head coach is having a group of men confident in their ability to overcome adversity. This is not an attribute of a Koetter coached team.

  73. Realbucfan941 Says:

    Jean L,
    Not too bright are you? Common denominator JW. So the offense that is setting records this year who had more passing yards than the great show on turf is the issue? How about Mike Smith common denominator? The one who was setting records for defensive ineptitude. Notice the improvement once he left even with all the injuries???!!

  74. TheNorm Says:


    My laughter is at the idiots on here that thought this team was good.
    The blind homerism that prevented them from the truth that this team is bad right now.
    On the right track? Maybe. But bad right now. Stating a fact about my prediction is not gloating. It’s facts my friend

  75. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    @Buc believer, you can “smdh” all you damn want, man. All I said was that I liked Deckerhoff as the voice of the Bucs. I have been hearing that voice for 30 years. – If you don’t like it, that is your prerogative.

  76. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    Dude, laugh all you want, but none of us Bucs fans need some one to point out that we are bad. — It doesn’t mean that any of us were wrong for rooting for a win on Sunday. That is part of being a fan, man.

  77. DaPostman Says:

    The Norm is nothing more than another Captain Obvious. There are so many on this site it’s unreal. Please tell us something that we don’t already know.