Silent Confirmation: Ronald Jones Stinks

December 9th, 2018

Invisible when needed.

Want to know how much of an afterthought second-round draft pick Ronald Jones is with Bucs Bit-O-Honey-snacking, Ozark-watching, yams-eating Dirk Koetter?

One only needed to watch the game today.

Early in the loss to the Saints, Bucs running back Peyton Barber left with an injury. One would think an offensive coach would then turn to his fresh second-round pick.


With Koetter, likely coaching for his career with the Bucs, didn’t even consider calling Jones’ number. Instead, Koetter called for the immortal Jacquizz Rodgers to help save his job.

As the one-and-only Chris “Mad Dog” Russo would say, “That’s all you need to know.”

Now some Bucs fans were hollering on social media ripping Koetter for not playing Jones. Joe can only repeat that when he last saw Jones in a meaningful practice which was in training camp in August, Jones never demonstrated that he was anything special nor should be given quality carries.

Clearly, when he has played, to use one of Joe’s favorite Koetter lines, Jones didn’t exactly remind anyone of Gale Sayers.

Right now, with three games left in his rookie season, Jones sure looks like a total whiff of a draft pick.

44 Responses to “Silent Confirmation: Ronald Jones Stinks”

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    The entire roster outside of 4 or 5 players sucks. They prove that on the field more times than not. The race to the basement is on!!!!

  2. AfrikaThaRapper Says:

    I’m just at a total loss for words. From the top to the bottom. Need I say more?

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    Of course his body language sucked he was getting killed on every play. Oline once again was beyond embarrassing

  4. Ndog Says:

    Or Dirk is just an idiot. After all he did keep Mike Smith and still keeps George Warhop.

  5. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Add Noah Spence, Roberto Aquayo and Vernon Hargraves to the mix and you get a pretty good picture of Jason Licht’s expertise in franchise building. Add the immortal Vita Vea, Caleb Bennenoch and JayMiss Winnone to the ledger and it’s pretty clear that this dumpster fire has been raging for awhile.
    Time to blow this trash heap up and start again

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    Lots of misses every year…

    Any posts coming on that dominate performance from cancer93 today…. force feed us how great he is when he makes one of his 2 good plays a year but crickets when he is mauled like a ragdoll from goodwill

  7. NPRSageBoy Says:

    On second thought, Jones HAS to be better than Jeremy McNichols; at least Jones made the final roster.

  8. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Blame Licht fire Licht

  9. Tom S. Says:

    Ronald Jones is pretty close to being a certain bust as a high second round pick in his rookie year. Yet he doesn’t even qualify as the worst second round pick in Licht’s tenure (Aguayo). He does seem to be worse than fellow 2nd round busts Noah Spence and ASJ though.

    Licht is so wonderful. We really need to give him a 10 year extension, right Joe?

  10. Zwak Says:

    How can anyone evaluate him running behind this Offenseive Line?

  11. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Dirk just doesn’t trustyoung RBs, especially with his job on the line. This is the same BS he did to Peyton Barber. He doesn’t give the young RBs enough opportunities to do anything.

  12. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    I still haven’t seen enough of Rojo to call him a bust. Jesus, he can’t really be much worse than the other RBs on this roster. If we could ever get the kid in space, maybe he could do something. He’s certainly got more speed than the other RBs.

  13. Dapostman Says:

    Let’s see what happens next year with Jones before throwing in the towel on him. It’s easy to sit here and say he’s a bust. Let’s give him another training camp and probably a new coach and see if he picks it up.

  14. Gman Says:

    He may or may not be a bust..the oline is so horrible…no rookie with confidence issues should be forced to run behind it

  15. Hodad Says:

    I did see Jones as one of the first tacklers down the field on special teams so we know he at least has speed, and desire. The fact clueless Koetter didn’t give him one carry today tells me Koetter can’t coach, more then Jones is a bust. Jones will be back next year, Koetter won’t. I’m not judging the play of anyone the rest of the year until a real H.C. gets a crack at coaching them

  16. rrsrq Says:

    If the Bucs drafted any young RB outside of Barkley, DK wouldn’t play them. His loyalty is to Quiz, just like it was to Martin (veteran RBs), a good coach designs plays to utilize their players skills.
    Preseason, he throws a pass to ROJO that looked pretty good when he lined him up outside, where has that play been. How many RB screens have we run this year and last, my guess is between 5 – 10, give it to Barber and Jones in space, but we ran that Hump receiver screen (which works from time to time) until the cows come home. We just have talented players, we do not out scheme any teams with our offense.

  17. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Guice was the pick but licht has been making poor personnel moves past 5 years to get the bucs to 6-10

  18. ElioT Says:


    You can try to be this bad at drafting in the second round.

    2014: ASJ – Jackwagon
    2015: D. Smith – Lazy, zero fire
    2015: A. Marpet – Is he all that good?
    2016: N. Spence – Nothing
    2016: R. Aguayo – Total embarrassment
    2017: J. Evans – Is he all that good?
    2018: R. Jones – Joke
    2018: M.J. Stewart – Nope

    Dirk and Jason are both done.

    I hope the Glaziers have already started talking to a new GM or Team President type to evaluate the coaching candidates and the roster on this team.

  19. Crazed Bucs fans Says:

    Peyton sucks!!

  20. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Yup. I told my son during the draft that the only RB out of the top 10 projected backs that I didn’t want was Ronald Jones. He only had great games against weak competition and disappeared in big games, so of course he was our pick. This really sucks.

  21. Bradley Clement Says:

    Or maybe just Koetter stinks. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s decent with the new coach

  22. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Alvin, good RBs don’t need space, they just need a crack.

  23. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Thin legged fella who couldn’t average a yard per carry in the preseason. Well…not what you hope for with the 38th pick. When Lil’ Quiz Rodgers comes in before you do…you might be a bust.

  24. Not there yet Says:

    Agreed maybe Koetter is worse than it appears. I bet all our players will reach a new level of play with a new coach exactly like our defense did

  25. Cs2 Says:

    Joe, it’s literally his first year in the nfl. Our leading rusher is our qb and I’m pretty sure he rushed for less than 50 yards. You’re making a fool of yourself. Give him some time

  26. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Hodad, Koetter is coaching for his job. He sees Jones everyday in practice and still didn’t give him a carry. THATS all I need to know about Jones.?

  27. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Just because Jones is a second round pick doesn’t mean he’s going to be good. RBs need instincts and vision. You can’t coach either. He has it or he doesn’t. Jones doesn’t.

  28. Bobby M. Says:

    Jones isn’t impressing anyone on the practice field….so he’s not going to get a shot in the games. Its that simple, you have to prove it on the practice field first and then do it consistently. Neither of those are occurring with Jones….not to say it wont happen down the road, maybe next year…but right now he’s shown nothing to inspire confidence from the coaching staff or teammates. If Jones were killing it in practice….you’d hear players chirping for the guy. For a 2nd rd pick not to contribute as a RB….not even on special teams….That’s garbage by your GM.

  29. Mike Says:

    Koetter is a moron who should be fired. Force feed it to the kid- give him some confidence, show him you have real confidence in him. Koetter is a lousy leader- Bradley Clement is right

  30. D-Rome Says:

    If there is one person that deserves to be fired above all others it’s Jason Licht. Jameis will be back, and I can agree with some arguments on bringing Koetter back, but Licht has been as bad as Dominick. The wins and losses don’t lie.

  31. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Nobody in the NFL can be good with this collection of garbage AKA the Bucs OL taking up space in front of them.

  32. Kevinator24 Says:

    Idk, we all know how much Koetter dislikes rookie running backs. No s*** he is going to go with a guy he coached back in Atlanta as well as here over a rookie. I want to see what he looks like with a full year under his belt, plus some better coaching.

  33. Taylor Says:

    He played hard to get to the NFL to make millions. He doesn’t have the heart or will to care

  34. DayOnePaul Says:

    I leaned over and said to my Son, “Well, you wanted to see Ronald Jones. Now you will.”

    “Ahhhhhh, not so much. That was ‘Quizz checking in.”

  35. uckinator Says:

    I’m from Chicago and saw Gale Sayers in his prime. He said all he needed was 18 inches through the line and he would be off to the races. Most DB couldn’t keep up with him and when they did, he’d deek them out of their jockstraps. A work of art !

  36. SOEbuc Says:


    “Add the immortal Vita Vea, Caleb Bennenoch and JayMiss Winnone to the ledger and it’s pretty clear that this dumpster fire has been raging for awhile.”

    Vita is turning more into beast mode with every game and give Jameis a coach and an oline and you’ll probably be back S-ing his D like every after last weeks victory.

  37. Brandon Short Says:

    This is a team that should have been up 20-3 in the first half. I’m not down on the majority of the roster. Just the part this is underperforming the most… the QB and OL positions being the worst offenders. And yes, Jameis isn’t a good QB right now. Bring him back next season to play for whomever, but starting looking for answers at that position now.

  38. SOEbuc Says:


    I saw a guy get called for roughing the passer after he pulled Dat Prescot down by his legs in the pocket for a sack. Gale Sayers prime would of been awesome.

  39. Day1BucFan Says:

    Joe do some work. Why don’t YOU research how many plays a draft class gets for each team in the NFC South. You throw inflammatory “stories” and let the dogs provide content.

  40. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Jameis isntbthe problem. Jameis is great.

  41. Juggernautical Says:

    Should’ve just traded 1st and 2nd pick along with next years 1st to CLE and gotten RB Barkley….this year would’ve been a whole lot different

  42. Bucsfanman Says:

    There were so many other MUCH more accomplished backs coming out of college in the draft. Just sayin’!

  43. TOM Says:

    I’m not sure how good Barkley would have been running behind this OL. Just got to say Turn Out the Lights the Partys over.

  44. joestang Says:

    We might as well not even drafted last year. Lichts picks all suck. We didnt even get one decent starter outta this draft class. With all the talent at running back and corner and safety we end up with nothing. This is all Lichts fault, fire him now.