Not Since December 2016 In Dallas

December 9th, 2018

Jameis blames himself

It had been quite a while since America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, couldn’t complete half his passes in a football game.

Today’s must-win game was not a good day to break that streak.

Jameis finished today’s implosion against the Saints 18-of-38 for 213 yards, with two touchdowns and a last-second interception. Jameis was just 6-for-16 in the second half — with the game on the line.

After the game on the Buccaneers Radio Network, Jameis blamed himself for holding onto the ball too long and taking sacks he didn’t have to take.

Gotta “get the ball outta my hand,” Jameis said multiple times.

Also, Jameis noted the chip on the Bucs’ shoulder in the first half disappeared in the second half. He offered no thought as to why.

Yes, Joe knows the Saints have a strong defense. But if Jameis wants to be the player everyone, especially himself, wants him to be, he’s got to perform better in a second half at home.

The last time Jameis completed less than 50 percent of his passes was the big Sunday night game at Dallas in December of 2016. The Bucs lost that game 26-20 and fell to 8-6.

83 Responses to “Not Since December 2016 In Dallas”

  1. Season Is Over Says:

    I am over watching other teams’ success. This guy was supposed to be the answer to that.

  2. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I agree. Jameis missed on some throws in the second half, especially when the Bucs needed him. But if Santos had made his FG’s and the Bucs D and Cameron Lynch hadn’t imploded entirely the Bucs win this game around the score of 20-17

  3. DB55 Says:

    Wtfdik but it seemed to me that after he hurt his knee he didn’t play well at all. He was on fire the first half even dropped a beautiful long to Evans but couldn’t make a play in the second which is completely unlike him. So I’m blaming Dotson bc he sucks and ran into Winston’s knee.

  4. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    bucs miss desean jackson and oj, those are 2 guys who stretch the field but even missing those guys jameis was not close today and the OL is terrible as it has been during lichts tenure here and no firts team nfl RB on the roster

  5. EEK Says:

    Back sliding.
    Winston being Winston.
    Too inconsistent to be a franchise QB.

  6. Rod Munch Says:

    This is the game the Winston haters have called for over and over again… Protect the football first and foremost, don’t take risks, eat the sack if there isn’t anything there, throw the ball away if there isn’t anything there, don’t force the ball.

    Well there you go! You guys must have LOVED it today!

    Oh wait, you fake news morons are complaining that Winston took sacks and didn’t make plays. LOL! It’s almost like you all just hate Winston and will complain about literally everything.

  7. Patrick Says:

    And Dallas will kick our ass again in just a few weeks. Prescott will likely lead Dallas to the postseason for the 2nd time while we’re in year 4 of Jameis and still LOSERS.

  8. JP_09 Says:

    Stupid penalties and play calling didn’t exactly help, oh and don’t forget about the exceptional blocking and the phenomenal run game

  9. 907BUCSFAN Says:

    How many times have we yelled “Throw the F’n ball”. To many to count. And he’s just realizing this now!!! Now we get to start new all over again.

  10. Colonel Angus Says:

    You mean the last big game we played?

  11. Tval Says:

    Munch said EAT IT. LOL!!! Spot on, sir!!

  12. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Rod you’re a hard man to read.

    The one time I’m not upset with Winston after a loss and you’re over mad because he didn’t throw any interceptions?

  13. BrianBucs Says:

    The Bucs offensive coaching staff has Winston concentrating so hard on not turning the ball over that they have him playing very tight.
    I’ve said all along that Winston is not a championship winning franchise QB and still believe that. However, they have to let him do what he does and be himself. Today he looked handcuffed

  14. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Jamies would be better off playing for the Jaguars

  15. Tval Says:

    Dak has ZEKE…and a NASTY d. Don’t be dense

  16. Season Is Over Says:

    What is the answer for the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde act, Winstopologists? Fans are over the excuse train. I guess we will have to witness the genius in year 5 as Mr. Magoo sank this one before it started.

  17. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Koetter said Jamies didn’t have a good game, but at least he didn’t turn the ball over.


    Our quarterback is so bad we’re just happy he didn’t turn the ball over

  18. Gino Says:

    Joe-no big Jameis fan but pretty sure the game plan was not based around him being the leading rusher. This offense sucks. I honestly don’t think there is a running back in that backfield that would hold a job as a third stringer on any NFL roster. Huge whiff at that position in the 2018 draft it would seem.

  19. JimmyJack Says:

    I remember that game clearly. That’s the day I lost confidence in Dirk. I knew his offense would never be good enough when our RT got manhandled.

    Dirk had now answer. Never made any adjustment that made a difference. That RT was exposed for the entire game and was our weakness was never accounted for.

    We were clearly outcoached and outschemed in that game.

  20. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    bucs are a good 2-3 years away and GM licht has not built any type of playoff franchise and has made so many dumb moves its crazy the guy is still around

  21. D-Rome Says:

    Year four, folks…

    Bring him back next year, but this is who he is and he’ll never be a franchise QB. Bucs cannot give Jay-Miss the $120+ million dollar contract.

  22. Patrick Says:

    When has there ever been any real hope with this team? Honest question.

  23. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Hey Joe,

    Where dafuq was Gerald McCoy????

  24. JimmyJack Says:

    We also were unable to make any adjustment to stop their Running game in that Dallas game.

    Their RB got every yard needed in that game and we had no ability to stop him.

    Dirk’s team never has answers.

  25. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Patrick Mahomes is a true franchise quarterback

  26. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Face it JayMiss lovers; he’s NOT the franchise QB all you wet dreamers fantasize over.
    Maybe another offense might fit him better, but right now he’s a below average QB certainly not what was expected from the overall #1 pick four years ago.
    I know this isn’t what a lot of you want to hear, but Mariota is headed to the playoffs for a second year in a row.

  27. WalkdaPlank Says:


    I had a hunch but wanted to be sure so I looked at the box score.

    McCoy had 0 tackles today.

  28. Jawo75 Says:

    Ja moist Winston is 21-30 as a starter. Time to cut the driftwood.

  29. Bucs 14 Says:

    Franchise QB my arse. Magoo is average. As soon as you FSU nut huggers realize this maybe this franchise can move forward.

  30. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    WalkdaPlank Says:
    December 9th, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    I had a hunch but wanted to be sure so I looked at the box score.

    McCoy had 0 tackles today.

    And how much money did he collect from his paycheck today???

  31. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Too much money 7423

    Even Velcro managed 3 tackles…

  32. Season Is Over Says:

    Just imagine this guy against the clock in the Super Bowl if he crumbles like he just did with the season on the line with the lead. Even if McCoy was his usual ghost self the D did well enough for Winston to seal that victory. Total failure by Winston and Barber.

  33. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Hey news flash Brees had a worst game in these conditions yet everyone blames the QB for the loss. Lmao. We lost because of an atrocious offensive line and special teams play. As simple as that!

  34. 1609 Says:

    This team was no where near ready for this game. This coach has no idea what he is doing. He made no adjustment in the second half, ran the same old tired plays. No blitzing on defense playing soft cover,please a new coach and G.M.

  35. Buc4life Says:

    Blame Jameis??? Are you kidding me. This offensive line played like crap. No time for Jameis to throw and the penalties killed us.

  36. Cgmaster27a Says:

    The trolls couldn’t wait for this loss. Pathetic fanbase would be putting it mildly

  37. Bobby M. Says:

    Its year 4…..and even Winston is acknowledging he’s still holding the ball too long. He also launched multiple passes deep for Godwin into double coverage….And struggled with accuracy. This is who he is….the same as he’s always been. Smart move for this team is hire a defensive minded coach, a premier RB and draft a young QB to sit behind Winston. We have the option for Winston next year….after that is 2 yrs of tags. If you cant find a formula that works for Winston as your starter by then, you at least have a young QB to rebuild around and let Winston walk.

  38. AlteredEgo Says:

    In Jamyth’s own words..same answer twice…”I’ve got to get the ball out of my hands sooner”…..
    All those scrambles….most were because Jamyth still does not..can not SEE the play as it is unfolding (throw on time to the spot)….
    Jamyth is waiting until the WR is open and standing still then throws pitch and catch…
    Jamyth will never be an elite NFL QB because of those limitations….
    DJax knows this ^^^

  39. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Can’t use the Jameis is only 21, 22, or 23..HE WILL BE 25 IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!!

    hE’S GARBAGE AND FUNNY THING? everyone KNOWS THAT…they really do…

    Franchise? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone get him an Uber out of here but with a male driver please..

  40. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Tired/87 is correct.

    Winston made some poor 4th quarter throws but when Donovan Smith and Demar Dotson combine for almost 10 penalties, and one each from Jensen and Omameh I believe, followed by zero run blocking you won’t be in a position to make a favorable throw. Winston contributed to the loss no doubt but the brunt of the blame is nowhere near him.

    Jameis was running for his life the whole game it’s no coincidence that he was the leading rusher and the O-line was poor all day.

  41. Ndog Says:

    This article and the responses are why our media and fans are the dumbest in the league. We CANNOT run the ball and that caused our lack of ability to block on passing downs. The oline was HORRIBLE and we had 2 missed FGs and a blocked punt yet people want to blame the QB. Unreal how dumb this fan base is, and this article and whoever wrote is equally as clueless.

  42. rrsrq Says:

    If anyone saw the end of the first half of the fins v. pats game, you saw Tom Brady take a sack, inside the fins 10 yard line, they could’ve got a FG had he got rid of the ball, they lost by one. Even the great ones have moments of futility of the brain.

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    2 missed FGs
    Blocked Punt
    Poor Protection


    Jameis’ poor game…..

  44. JimmyJack Says:

    The QB always takes some of the blame for losses.

    Nothing wrong if you wanna critize Winston. He didnt play well. His team made it difficult for him. That’s for sure.

    But he didnt play well and he will be the first to say.

    At the end of the day there’s lot of guys you can point a finger at. Winston is not above one of them fingers.

  45. SilverBuc Says:

    When Jameis goes on to play for a competent franchise, I’ll come here to blast all the dumbasses after every loss.

  46. Topcoach1978 Says:

    Play calling in second half was garbage, Licht hasn’t really provided any help thru trades or draft picks year after year so cant expect too much from this group, D line started out good but ran outta gas McCoy didn’t show up when needed as usual, secondary started playing soft and scared again, Jensen just hold and get penalties, Donovan is fat and slow and undisciplined, Bennenoch is a back up, Demar is too dang old, whether its DJax or someone else they need a speedy receiver, they really need OJ, Rojo is a bust, Jaboo despite not turning it over played scared and gun shy smh a total mess

  47. Ripcurl57 Says:

    Same as it ever was..

  48. JimmyJack Says:

    Winston was in third and long all 2nd half. Most of those long yardage situations we’re caused by his teammates.

    Winston is the kind of QB who can overcome those situations on a good day. Today was not a good day for him.

  49. DBS Says:

    There were dropped balls. The constant pressure in the 2nd half . Where was Evans? And Joe don’t give us anymore garbage about how good Barber is. He sucks too. Stupid penalties. They did what they do .Up and down the field and could only score twice. Had to rely on the kicker as always and the same results we are use to. They let them hang around make adjustments and overpower the online. So it is not on Jameis,

  50. YucLife Says:

    @rodmunch really ? Must be an FSwhoo fan still holding on to the championship in college because Jamiss and others on that team are horrible and need to go !! Jamiss is absolutely average and not worth 21 a year, but please take the blinders off and really look at number 3s play along with his lack of leadership MORON

  51. Hodad Says:

    You guys who are blaming Jameis are idiots. Jameis again was our leading rusher for the second game in a row. He ran for his life most of the game. We have NO running game. The Saints know this, and played pass all the way. Our line can’t run block, can’t protect, constantly blow assignments, and commit the worst boneheaded penalties at the worst time. It’s easy to blame the Q.B., but if you knew what you were talking about the team with the better O line that was able to protect, and run the ball won.

  52. Ed Says:

    Saints defense in second half was blowing up running plays and were destroying our offensive tackles. The Bucs receivers weren’t getting open and in tight coverage Winston wasn’t very good. There were at least 6 balls that were overthrown.

    First TD to Brate was well thrown. The pass early to Evans was well done but other than that, balls were sailing over Humphreys hands. The Buc defense showed up first half but in second half they folded with Ingram running up the guy. Dirk Koetter’s hame plan was very vanilla. Scoring only 14 points is a major choke in a game that had meaning to New Orleans and to Bucs.

  53. Ripcurl57 Says:

    Winston will never progress any further..he made it to the pros on a questionable college career..he peaked already..done.too many excuses ,same excuses.blah blahs ba blah.

  54. JimmyJack Says:

    It’s very tough to expect Winston to win a game with all of the mistakes by the rest of the team.

    But he missed a lot of plays today himself.

    He played a bad game. Admit it then move on.

  55. Ripcurl57 Says:

    And the jaymiss apologists crawl out of the woodwork…painful..I can only hit and run here too much drama for a goin on 5th year qb.

  56. JimmyJack Says:

    D.Smith was a f***ing disaster today. He was the worst player on that football field

  57. Ripcurl57 Says:

    Eat that w..

  58. Coburn Says:

    Getting pretty tired of all the excuses for jameis. Well likely won’t need to listen to them past next year assuming new regime doesn’t just outright move on.

  59. JimmyJack Says:

    Ripcurl your acting like today was a career defining game for Winston. You’re obviously having a kneejerk reaction.

    Winston had a bad game. Admit and move on.

  60. Ripcurl57 Says:

    Admit another bad game and move on..exactly the routine it perfected.

  61. Ripcurl57 Says:

    It has been his story every year.

  62. ModHairKen Says:

    EVERYONE disappeared second half.

  63. JimmyJack Says:

    Winston is capable of completing 3rd & 10-15. He didnt today. That’s all there is to it.

    If your making more out of it then that your overreacting

  64. Ripcurl57 Says:

    What was jaymiss goin after hir center for on the bench?not smart..

  65. JimmyJack Says:

    Ripcurl I disagree. You are overreacting.

  66. Ripcurl57 Says:

    If you accept this as just another bad game…its Winston’s m.o. ..this is all the bucs will ever be with him.

  67. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Jay Miss is exceedingly average. He will never be a franchise QB for this franchise or any other franchise. Maybe a McDonald’s franchise at the fry machine, but not as an NFL QB.

  68. PriMech54 Says:

    This is a very good defense. The Winston detractor’s beloved Dak Prescott put up 13 points last week against them. Jameis is playing very tight with a heightened awareness not to turn the football over (which he is succeeding at) and he’s been the leading rusher for 2 weeks straight. Lol??? I’m not sure what you people were expecting. The Bucs are not a playoff team, have a garbage offensive line/system, no true running back and the Saints are one of the top 3 teams in the entire league fighting for a first round bye. This would have been a league-shaking upset had the Bucs won.


  69. Ripcurl57 Says:

    Sick of excuses from/ for winston.

  70. Ripcurl57 Says:

    Play our third string qb..what’s too lose at this point..

  71. Ripcurl57 Says:

    So a heightened awareness not to turn ball over,leads to needless sacks as he runs backwards instead of throw it away.mmust everything be explained to him..after all these yrs??

  72. Oneilbucs Says:

    Patrick you must don’t know football at all . Cause you said Dak made the playoffs in 2 years. And Jamies played 4 years and we haven’t made the playoffs yet right? Dak has a great running back Jamies never had a good running back , Dak has a good defense Jamies don’t, look at Dak after Bryant left and Witten left . His defense played good but offense suck cause they put 9 in the box to stop Zeak. Now he has cooper and he’s playing well now. Jamies never had a good defense or a good running game so you can’t compare him with Dak . Lamar Jackson is helping his team win but they have a good defense. Man when are yall going to learn that if you can’t run the ball and play good defense it doesn’t matter who is playing quarterback you are going to lose. But Jamies ain’t going no where so want yall go root for another team please.

  73. Ripcurl57 Says:

    Please go somewhere else winston.

  74. BigMacAttack Says:

    Jameis will go to IR and laugh $21mil into his bank account. Hard to blame this one on Djax. Remember that Jason Licht is the architect of this debacle and Koetter is his hand picked General.

  75. PriMech54 Says:

    Quit spam posting. If you can’t articulate your thoughts into one cohesive comment then gtfo out of the comment boards. It’s especially annoying when you possess such an untrained and uninformed opinion.

  76. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Sure the Bucs don’t want Jameis to turn the ball over. But he needs to understand that throwing the ball away is always a better option than taking a loss on a sack. If you are holding the ball too long ,then throw the it
    away pronto.

  77. Ripcurl57 Says:

    Because I’m not a Winston lover I’m spamming..right.

  78. Ripcurl57 Says:

    Ok primech,its not rocket science..anyone ,even the casual observer can see that Winston hasnt progressed..not sorry I dont aspire to agree with those learned ,advanced ,superior football geniuses who still defend an average qb at best..his record speaks volumes.

  79. rrsrq Says:

    We should’ve signed Kelvin Benjamin as a tight end, ijs, maybe he helps with all the over throws. This is a joke

  80. PriMech54 Says:

    Bro I don’t particularly think Winston looked that great in the second half. He absolutely was underwhelming. I’m not defending him saying he looked like a world beater. What you seem to be missing is that the ENTIRE TEAM literally sank after they lost the lead and sh@t the bed. Winston was never going to win this game by himself, so your expectations should be reflective of that. Look at the points allowed by New Orleans defense in the last 5 games; 14pts, 7pts, 17pts, 13pts, 14pts. Understanding that doesn’t make me a football genius, and resorting to that kind of a retort because you refuse to factor in all the variables is incredibly weak.

  81. Anonymous Says:

    I am just so glad the real JameISNOT came out when playing a quality team. He will falter the next three games as well. I hope this seals his fate and is chased out of town. Get ready for a new GM, new coaching staff, and a new QB!!!!!! Now let’s get ready for some hockey. Football is dead in Tampa.

  82. PriMech54 Says:

    And Ryan Griffen SURE AS $H!+ was not going to do ANYTHING against this team, or against any NFL team. What a complete joke that some of you really think that is an option. I also find it hilarious that I didn’t even identify WHO I felt was spam posting and you took it to heart anyway… lol.

  83. Oneilbucs Says:

    So every time the bucs lose its Jamies fault? Man the hate is real ….