Who Will Lovie Blame Now?

November 17th, 2018

Bucs fans remember.

This is going to hack off a lot of folks but Joe doesn’t give a damn. It’s something Joe has to get off his chest.

Not sure how many folks follow college football much less the Big Ten, much less Illinois, but ex-Bucs coach Lovie Smith has absolutely run a proud program not just into the ground in Champaign, Ill., but thrown it down a closed coal mine shaft in nearby Tuscola.

Today, Iowa beat Illinois at Memorial Stadium 63-0. Not only does Joe not remember the last time Iowa scored 40 points in a game, but the game marked the worst loss in Illinois history.

Illinois was playing football years before Teddy Roosevelt was president.

So who is Lovie going to blame now?

Bucs fans may remember when Lovie was fired after his second season with the Bucs and after personnel gaffes too many to count.

Lovie had one of his sons, who is also his agent (and a gifted agent at that) call and text and e-mail all of his buddies who worked in the northeast for various national publications and networks to plant in the heads of all media that Lovie was a victim of a palace coup in Tampa. That he was stabbed in the back by Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht.

Bucs Bit-O-Honey-snacking, Ozark-watching coach Dirk Koetter, who took over for Lovie, was also later implicated, which was just complete nonsense.

Even today Lovie’s buddies throughout the NFL parrot this nonsense. Recently, former Bears scouting director and overall crank on Twitter, Greg Gabriel, did a social media dance after a recent Bucs loss on what he believes are the expected graves of Koetter and Licht, claiming Lovie was run off by both Licht and Koetter and the two current leaders of the Bucs will soon get theirs.

What a bunch of BS!

Well, Lovie, just a few weeks after cleaning out his desk at One Buc Palace, found a sucker suitor in the Big Ten to hire him, Illinois. It was beyond a desperate move by the school, which had a decent program but never recovered from the Lou Tepper administration, a typical meatheaded defensive coordinator.

Lovie actually has four wins this year, which is the most wins he’s had at Illinois in a season. He currently has a .257 winning percentage at the school, the third-worst in school history.

Illinois began playing football in 1892.

So who is Lovie going to claim backstabbed him at Illinois when he is fired? Lou Henson? Ron Zook?

Probably Jeff George (hat tip @EricSloss1383). After all, George’s quarterback-playing son was Lovie’s quarterback until he saw what a mess he got himself into and transferred out.

So yeah, Lovie and his agent/son can’t blame Licht any longer or implicate Koetter. Instead, watch for Lovie to finger Jeff George somehow.

74 Responses to “Who Will Lovie Blame Now?”

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    Be careful joe the has beens wiil turn their back on anyone who is honest about one of their own.

    Every thing from the mediocre dungy the clown era gets overblown. No other sports franchise on planet earth calls 500 one dimensional football that failed in the post season glory years outside of low standard bucfan

  2. LakeLand Says:

    Lovie Smith defense give up 63 points
    Greg Schiano defense gives up 51 points

    Boy, do the Bucs know how to pick them

    11 years without a playoff berth

    Now we see why

  3. lurker Says:

    thanks for the information.

  4. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Not a fan of Lovie x’s and o’s but lovie, Gump and Klueless had a nice checks and balance system here at 2016

    The tragetary was definately up. These 3 had a good working relationship. They helped each other in their strengths and weaknesses. With lovie gone seems there was less accountability

    I believe and many others might agree that the bucs would be in a better state if all 3 was still here preferably in there old position”

    Kobe Faker

  5. JimmyJack Says:

    The part of this story that bothers me is hearing that people within the NFL circles believe(whether true or not) that our front office is run in such a manner where coaches and assistants could get stabbed in the back.

    Nobody wants to work for company/franchise that operates with crap like that going around.

    IMO this story is a glaring example of how poorly managed our front office truely is……….They dirtbagged Dungy too. There is a proper way to conduct your business as a man……Then there’s the Glazers way. Us helpless fans have to suffer the consequences too which is infuriating.

  6. LakeLand Says:


    The Yucs are the worst franchise in all sports

    I have been saying this for years and years
    And every year, they prove me right

    They have a ” Mickey Mouse” organization

    Goofy as GM
    Daffy Duck as HC

    When they fire them

    Their replacements will be worse

  7. tmaxcon Says:


    Dungy the clown failed period. No one rail roaded him. He was 500 nothing more. He is a one dimensional stubborn fool who wasted hall of famers on two franchises. one generational defense and one generational offense with arguably the greatest qb of all time yet dungy the clown has a career losing record in playoffs… pure mediocrity nothing more. Hall of fame lost all credibility the day that fool was enshrined

  8. Kobe Faker Says:


    Whats very depressing and I know you know but the sheep dont realize how bad this roster and front office is and bleak the future really looks

    We will be the bottom 3 worst team in all the NFL for the next 7-10 years

    Kobe Faker

  9. tmaxcon Says:

    You fools living in a failed past forget dungy the clown coached a horrible team with a great defense that won nothing in the post season. Hell Mike smith defensive units could shut down dungy the clowns pathetic high school offense that failed year in and year out. A lot of selective memory with dungy nuthuggers

  10. bucsfaninchina Says:

    o sweet very releveant bucs news.

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    Illinois and their shady ways deserves fraudulent lovie Smith and the family retirement plan. Garbage man that gets a free pass…

  12. LakeLand Says:


    Every year Bucs fans brag about this ” imaginary” talent on this team

    Then after 5-6 games, reality sinks in

  13. tmaxcon Says:

    Illinois gave us that garbage anti American president Tampa gives Illinois lovie dovie and the family plan. Not a was but entertaining

  14. LakeLand Says:

    Lovie- 63 Points
    Schiano- 51 Points

    How many points will the Bucs defense give up tomorrow?

  15. Kobe Faker Says:


    The sheep here truely have reality issues

    The latest i keep constantly reading on this website is that Jim Harbaugh and Nick Saban wants to be HC here in Tampa

  16. Kobe Faker Says:

    I think Schiano didnt get a fair shake down here. He should have given a few more years before he got railroaded by the local high school tampa media

  17. Jaywill Says:

    Lovie is still a better coach than Dirk.

  18. JimmyJack Says:

    Tmax………several local media members reported differently then what you are saying.
    I remember the debates from back then. Many fans wanted to keep Dungy. Lots of others, like myself wanted him gone.

    This isn’t about the Glazers firing Dungy……it’s about the way they did it. The way you treat people does matter buddy. Personally I’m tired of this franchise picking from second rate HC canidates because of the way our owners operate. I’m sick of paying the price because we have s**t tier owners.

  19. JimmyJack Says:

    Tmax my response will load once Joe approves it. Until then chew on this. Dungy is in the Hall of Fame bro.

  20. JimmyJack Says:

    Dungy HOF

  21. LakeLand Says:

    I don’t think the Yucs stabbed Lovie in the back

    I think it came down to a battle between 3 dummies
    And the Glazers went with the 2 dummies
    That they thought gave them the best chance to win

    The situation is similar with Winston and Fitzpatrick
    Two garbage turnover machines
    The Yucs picked the turnover machine
    Who they think gives them the best chance to win

    It’s hard to choose which garbage smells the worst

  22. Bucsace Says:

    Lovie is sure to take down the Athletic Director who made the huge mistake of hiring him in the first place. What amazes me is how this AD actually bought into the national media’s fake news stories that somehow Lovie’s firing in Tampa was unwarranted. All he had to do was get the video of Lovie’s 32 games in Tampa to get the real story. I’m sure this hire is going to cost him dearly in more ways than one. As for Lovie, he can cruise into a comfortable retirement from here, finally exposed for what he is…..a good position coach who by a series of lucky circumstances…..has managed to masquerade as a NFL & College head coach for way too long

  23. JimmyJack Says:

    Kobe…..Then the fans will cry stupidity for not hiring Harbaugh. Intelligence has nothing to do with it.

  24. tmaxcon Says:

    Bucs have no chance at Harbaugh or any decent coach or gm with options. Bucs are Least desirable location in nfl for winners… reality truly sucks but is undeniable

    Tom Flores hall of fame dungy the clown hall of mediocrity

  25. Kobe Faker Says:

    Bet the over 51 on tomorrows game

    I bet 3 months of my ebt foodstamp card on the over

    31-28 giants win

    *monks going to make the offense look good

  26. LakeLand Says:

    The reason why people say Lovie was railroaded

    The top 5 offense
    The top 10 defense

    This fanbase is brainwashed with meaningless stats

    And they are still bragging about these worthless stats
    While the team continue to suck like a leach

  27. Kobe Faker Says:


    Bigtime decision comingup for the Glazer boys

    Lakeland highschool football stadium will have more attendance that RJS

  28. JimmyJack Says:

    Players were upset when Lovie was fired and publicy spoke about it.

    It will be very interesting to compare any sentiments they share this year when Dirk gets the axe. I will be comparing. Just out of curiosity.

  29. firethecannons Says:

    Kobe is right
    this team needs to hire a much better GM
    Licht is less than mediocre so many misses really pathetic

  30. tmaxcon Says:


    How many wins????

    Only stat that matters sir is wins. lovie is a failure regardless of your man crush. His actual accomplishments prove he failed. So are you giving free pass based on him going to church or skin color. Its Its clearly not based on accomplishments. You’ve brought up top 20 defense that is as laughable as cancer93 pro bowls. Levies defenses were embarrassing the win loss record coupled with number of blowouts leave lovie the worst coach in buc history period….. not a sane person on this planet will agree lovie had a top 10 defense. He destroyed the defense he INHERITED in Chicago.

  31. JimmyJack Says:

    Kobe High school football deserves to get more attendance then our professional team when you compare the product

  32. tmaxcon Says:


    Screw the players feelings. That is part of the problem with this soft ass franchise. You think brady or belicheat give 2 craps about feelings…. players need to win and shut up….

  33. JimmyJack Says:

    Dungy won a SuperBowl and now resides in the Hall Of Fame.

  34. Jawo75 Says:

    Perhaps instead of worrying about Lovie Smith, Joe needs to think about what’s best for the franchise. Like firing Koetter and Licht now. Until these clowns are out of town, nothing will change. Joe just go beat off to naked pictures of Winston.

  35. tmaxcon Says:

    JimmyJack Says:
    November 17th, 2018 at 10:14 pm
    Dungy won a SuperBowl and now resides in the Hall Of Fame.

    Its a complete embarrassment to football dungy the clown is in ahead of tom flores and Jimmy Johnson both accomplished ten times more than dungy the clown did. Look up tom flores the first minority coach to win a super bowl

  36. Kobe Faker Says:


    I wished these 3 were intacted for a few years together

    Klueless as OC was much better with Lovie beside him making sure he ran the ball

    Gump needed someone to bounce ideas and input with. Gump, lovie and jon robinson did a nice job together in the 2016 draft

    I think JW would have developed with both Lovie and Klueless together

    1 player that really would have helped was kwon alexander. Lovie went all in with kwon

    What could have been? We were 6-6 before Kwons suspension ended the season…

    And Lovie as HC

  37. JIMMY T Says:

    Seriously bringing up Winston! U guys r FREAKING clueless racists fools! Unfreaking REAL! I can’t WAIT for Jameis to go to a real NFL CITY & come back to this town still fighting the Civil War & kick the BUCS ASS YR AFTER yr while u all cheer for whatever QB they draft is here throwing 25 picks a year ! F ING CANT WAIT to hear crickets when that hapoens!!

  38. JimmyJack Says:

    No use crying over spilt milk. There’s a mess that needs to be cleaned up.

    I am very worried about how the owners expect to fix this. They have run a dysfunctional franchise so far. I have no faith they will have the proper answer.

    I honestly feel like sheer luck is our best chance. We can only hire unproven leaders because those are the only people avialable to work for a dysfunctional company.

  39. LakeLand Says:


    It will be another 10 years or more
    Before the Bucs play a football game in January

    If free agents want a sunny paid vacation
    No state taxes
    No football in January

    Then the Bucs are the team to sign with

  40. JimmyJack Says:

    Whose your city Jimmy? I bet your shamed to admit.

    Did our hockey team steal your heart or something?

  41. Broy34 Says:

    Ur getting a little obsessed dude. Twitter and the website. Move on

  42. JimmyJack Says:

    Lakeland that’s ok. We have a lot of work to do.

    Need to find a good coach. A good GM. Good coordinators. Good assistants. Good positional coaches. We need a good college scouting team. We need a good pro personal team.

    We need better helpers to manage the practice fields. We need a better sideline crew.

    Our maintence guys probably have bad attitudes and need to be eradicated.

    This team is an absolute disaster and a ten year plan sounds appropriate. It might even be generous……………..oh but nevermind. I completely overlooked half of of roster. We need to add more time for that right?

  43. Tvan1011 Says:

    I hate your intro to koetter literally nobody finds it amusing that you say bit of honey sneaking whatever. You guys can and have done better than that with nicknames. It is like your not even trying anymore. His nickname is about as bad as his coaching.

  44. JimmyJack Says:

    Dungy won multiple Super Bowls.

    I bet he would love to show you what his fist looks like. He has a special fist.

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    IMO Joe’s best nickname is Father Dungy.

  46. Kobe Faker Says:


    I think it will be quicker and less painful if the Glazers and the Yucs just moved to London”


  47. JimmyJack Says:

    Tvan. I think Dirk is better off with a horrible nickname.

    Just makes it that much easier to flush the guy away. Along with the rest of the garbage infecting this franchise.

  48. JimmyJack Says:

    Two separate HCs don’t just come out and call foul on their previous employers. This aren’t a coincidence.

    It sounds like their is a lot of lying and deception behind the walls of Ol’ One Buc. But it is all behind closed doors. All we can do is speculate.

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    What’d he get 20 million dollars of Glazers cash to be fired??? Is that what it was?

    There’s peeps on here that feel bad for Lovie for the way it was handled.

    Perspective peeps….20 million? Poor Lovie. SMFH

  50. Buc1987 Says:

    Hell hire me for a million dollars and I could prolly win as many games as Lovie won for 20 million.

    They’d still be consistent losers and save money!

  51. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Lovie & Licht should have been a package deal. Delayed any potential growth of the franchise. I’m still trying to figure out how they won 5 in a row in 2016. Back those 5 games out and this has been a complete dumpster fire. And Licht absolutely butchered this year’s draft.

  52. JimmyJack Says:

    I don’t feel bad that Lovie got fired but I do not appreciate rooting for a team that has owners that continually churn out disgruntled employees.

    It does not take a genius to figure out the problems don’t repeat themselves for no good reason. There is something there.

  53. WalkdaPlank Says:

    “I didn’t want to put more points on the board” -Lovie Smith

    This is a real quote

  54. JimmyJack Says:

    What? Do you think I’m feeling bad for Lovie cause he had a s**t boss.

    I’ve had multiple s**t bosses. I will tell Lovie to his face to get in line with excuse……..At the same time I would use any avenue available to warn others about terrible bosses I have had. I just don’t have ESPN covering my story like Lovie did.

  55. JimmyJack Says:

    Plank……Correct yourself. There is a clear typo on that quote.

    Otherwise I gotta call BS.

  56. WalkdaPlank Says:


    Unfortunately, there is no typo. Lovie actually said that after a loss while coaching the Bucs. Joe even made an article about it.


  57. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Jimmy Jack

    I posted a link waiting for Joes approval. It’s real

  58. JimmyJack Says:

    Plank that is unreal.

    When will the embarrassment ever end?

    Our fanbase does not deserve that quote.

  59. Joe Says:

    Yup. Joe was at the press conference when Lovie said that. It was near the end of the first half against the Rams at the Den of Depression.

    Joe nearly fell backward when he heard that. Couldn’t believe it and checked the video. Sure enough, he actually said that.

  60. Jeffbuc Says:

    Only in Tampa will you have people arguing that Dungy was our greatest coach. Every real fan who was around in those days know we all ranted at home because we didn’t have internet or smart phones that Dungy needed to be fired. We had one of the greatest defenses of all time and a horrible offense. If you truly remember back then we were hoping for a punt so we could get a turnover on defense and get a defensive touchdown just to score. And as for anyone jimmy t still sticking up for jameis and using the race card as a reason Tampa fans are thorough with a turnover qb. Go look at Vinny and all the other qbs who were let go after there fisrst contract. I could care less what color jameis is. I just care about wins and losses and every week his bone headed turnovers cost this team many a wins. So to try and use the race card instead of the cold hard facts that he leads the league in turnovers since he got in the league is just plain rediculous. Hall of fame quarterbacks are coming out and saying at this point he is who he is. A quarterback who will wow you with the throws he makes and look like a hall of famer. But in the same game come out flat as hell in the first quarter overthrowing receivers. And make two or three middle school qb decisions a game. It sucks that a guy that had so much promise still can’t put it together in year 4 but facts are facts. He only has himself to blame not some Democratic I lost the governor race so the the whole system is racist shenanigans that everyone loves to use now. He is Andy Dalton to a t. Has some really good games then he just shots all over himself and throws 4 interceptions. Do I want to be Cincinnati and give an average qb a big contract and be stuck with him for 4 more years. Only to be teased 6 games a year with his potential only to be let down the other 10. No thank you. You can’t keep compounding a mistake by sticking with it. Cut ties be done with it and let him go give another team false hope for 6 games a year. So all you so called fans can say I told you so 6 times a year and the other ten when he is typically jameis. You will all be crickets

  61. JimmyJack Says:

    The Rams were one of the worst teams in the league that year. They came into our stadium, took complete control and soundly spanked us.

    These are the memories I have as a Bucs fan.

  62. John Says:

    Coaches are overrated. It’s all about the players on the field. Lovie has been nfl coach of the year and been to two Super Bowls, one as a head coach and one as a d coordinator. Lovie knows how to coach but the reality is that if you got a team wit a bunch of soft minded players it don’t matter who’s coaching.

  63. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Kobe, you calling other people names is pretty rich considering half of your posts are borderline incoherent, poor grammar, referring yourself in 3rd person frequently, and a bizarre (basically stupid) habit of “signing off” at the end of every marble mouthed post, as if it somehow adds a little panache. *hint* – it doesn’t, it’s extremely gay.

  64. ClodHopper Says:

    Lovie Claus was very good to Iowa. Also Iowa was a three game losing streak and was looking pretty bad during that streak too.

  65. SteveK Says:

    Great post, Joe!

    Thank you for keeping it real AF! That’s all we can ask for as torchered Bucs fans.

    I’d rather dissect recent history, leaving no Buccaneer nugget uncovered than talk about draft bc our record says we are all but out of it.

    Lovie and the family plan placed blame and created the poor perception. Sour grapes, and it’s playing itself out now.

  66. AlteredEgo Says:

    The Bucs are still left with his dingle berry Jamesi

  67. BringBucsBack Says:

    Joe, what are the chances of you reaching out to Lovie’s son & asking if he might wield some of his power by having a few of those big-city, N. East news outfits print-up your little epistle here?

  68. SteveK Says:

    The 2017 Illinois Football Team had zero invites to the nfl combine.

  69. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Lovie has the same problem many of the old school defensive coaches have: an inability to adjust to changes and challenges in the game.

    The NFL has declared war on defensive football, and so we need an out of the box, adjust on the fly DC/HC.

  70. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Been a fan since there have been Bucs..

    Tony Dungy IS the best coach we ever had,bar none…Care to give me the name of the one that was better?

    Who turned those defenses into the greatest Defense ever?

    Fun fact..Dungy’s offenses in his years here averaged almost exactly the same ppg as Gruden, in his time here….

    Agree by and large with your take on JW.

    Tony Dungy took the worst franchise in sports and changed the culture and won. (Only losing season was his first as a head coach).

    Anybody who witnessed the years before that had no problem with Dungy. Only Buc Fans could finally have a good organization and great team, and bitch that they weren’t winning it all fast enough… How quickly some forget how bad we sucked…

    Where are we now?

  71. Marine Buc Says:

    Blame racism. It seems to work pretty well these days. Lovie Smith can be the Brenda Snipes of coaching…

  72. tmaxcon Says:


    Dungyvwon nothing in Tampa. 500 coach who cant winin pos season. 4th best coach in bucs history and a total embarrassment to hall of fame

  73. gambelero Says:

    I agree with Jawo. Joe needs to do what’s best for the Franchise. He needs to buy the team from the Glazers, Fire Licht and Koetter and get things right with Jameis

  74. Bucsace Says:

    Lovie Smith at postgame press conference yesterday: “I didn’t want to put points on the board “……Well in that case I guess he succeeded brilliantly yesterday……Iowa 63 Illinois 0 Maybe Lovie is hungry for more of that early termination money!!!!!