What Is Wrong With This Picture?

November 12th, 2018

We live in a pass-happy world of the NFL, right?

When Bucs apologists hound Joe on Twitter saying one cannot compare the Bucs’ rotten defense to the worst of the worst defenses because it is a different era, Joe points to this.  The Bucs are 3-6 yet have one of the NFL’s all-time most potent offenses.

After yesterday’s game, a putrid 16-3 loss to the Redskins, the Bucs have 3,251 passing yards through nine games. Only one other team in NFL history had more passing yards through nine games than this year’s Bucs, and that was the Greatest Show on Turf, the St. Louis Rams of 2000.

Yet the Bucs are 3-6. Those Rams were 7-2, despite allowing more than 30 points per game.

Put yourself in Team Glazer’s shoes. You, through the efforts of AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht, have built a passing attack for the ages.

Yet your team is 3-6.

Yet your team doesn’t have a starting quarterback and might make another quarterback change as early as this morning.

Joe’s going to guess there was more than one empty bottle of Tanqueray in the Team Glazer suite yesterday afternoon.

32 Responses to “What Is Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Wow….even the front page of Yahoo is blasting the Bucs. How does a team that gains 501 yards only score 3 points? Trump didn’t even lead the front page this morning, but the Bucs sure did….LMAO! Can’t make this stuff up.

  2. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Yeah, that empty bottle is the result of Manchester United’s equally embarrassing loss. Remember the Bucs are secondary to the soccer toy.

  3. Not there yet Says:

    Greatest show on earth was consistent this offense is not. This is a situation where stats become meaningless. Kurt Warner’s probably offended. Rushing attack passing attack but that team scored points. Smoke and mirror stats people keep throwing out about this offense. Yards per game obviously is meaningless without the points so it’s an irrelevant stat. I’d prefer touchdowns but that’s just me.

    Dirk and his stupid stats last year thinking he needed a certain number of explosives to win games, how do you fee about stupid stats now dirk? Cowards did things to save their jobs last year thinking outing two players on the d line was the teams issue but it’s the guys who do all the hard work in the off-season pretending to be leaders that lay down when the season starts. They did you in and your such an amateur you couldn’t see the real problems. Thankfully you won’t get another year to fix it. Anyone can run this offense better than you. If we didn’t have weapons and we were getting these results ok but teams in our division keep changing coordinations but not missing a beat. It’s just you dirk

  4. snookman Says:

    Stats are misleading. This team is not good from the owners on down. They are a waste. The fact that people actually pay money to go to the games with this product is ludicrous. Year after Year after Year they are awful. It starts with the Glazers who are not sports people. Look whats going on in England with Manchester United. That club has fallen off the cliff. They were once the most powerful club in the world and now they stink. Fact is Business people with no sports acumen cannot just write checks and expect to have a winner. They need to know a thing or two about sports or at least have someone involved in the operation who can make personal decisions. Proof is in the pudding. Going on 15 years of misery with this franchise and no end in sight.

  5. BUC_40 Says:

    Maybe ownership doesn’t want Jameis on the field. If he gets injured they’re on the hook for his salary next year. Maybe they know they’re going a different way @GM and @Head Coach and want to leave the option of keeping Winston or moving on from him up to the new GM and or HC without and injury forcing their hand.

  6. JabooBuc Says:

    I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about Dirk’s play calling yesterday but i think the game plan was great. They were dominating yards and TOP and had what i think was a nice mix of passes and runs. Barber had a really good first half and we were moving the ball at will.

    However, i don’t know what happens with this team. They literally can’t get out of their own way. Fist the INT after they drive down the field on the first possession. Then they drive down again and a missed FG. You can just see the wheels start to come off.

  7. T REX Says:

    The Glazers are the problem. They suck as owners. They are incompetent. Raheem, Dominik, Schiano, Licht, Lovie, Koetter – ALL TRASH.

    At some point, put the blame on the Glazers. They suck. I’m tired of local media not calling out ownership for the terrible job they do.

    It’s time for them to fade away and hire a true football person to run the team.

    Those silver spoon idiots are worthless. Look at Man U – awful. The Bucs – awful. The Glazers STINK OUT LOUD!

  8. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Team Glazer sucks

  9. theodore Says:

    Don’t worry about the Glazers’ empty bottles. Later on that day, their homey Dr. Dre came through with a gang of Tanqueray.

  10. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Put Dirk out there and tell him the football is a piece of Bit O Honey.

  11. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Our secondary can’t stop anything

  12. Not there yet Says:

    lol Ok your not going to fire the head coach and cut the first overall pick at quarterback at the same time. They will get a coach that gives him one year with a different voice. It’s obvious the problem is Dirk but Winston is a different story and will get another look. Cry now so you can get over it and your not surprised next year. It’s called an investment not money but of time. They’ve never had a great quarterback and still don’t but you don’t have a great track record of drafting them either so he will get another shot 😜😜😜😜😜

  13. JJV Says:

    I wonder when the local media will finally call out Team Glazer and stop blaming everything else?

  14. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    It sure looks like to me we have done everything in our power to lose. There is no way we can look at everything and say someone isn’t making this team lose on purpose, it’s crazy!!

    Start Jameis from here on out, just my un-professional opinion, it couldn’t have been worse with him in there this last game. Fitz’s arm get’s tired in the later parts of the games and it’s evident, probably not used to throwing this much let alone for a 36 y/o at the end of his career. You have to see what you have in Jameis. People saying that quarterbacks will have a bad game or even a bad year, all the greats do, but you have to ride out Jameis, he gets better every year except for this debacle of a year that THIS WHOLE TEAM IS HAVING NOT JUST JAMEIS!!

    Why did Koetter call plays for this game? It’s like he is trying to get fired at this point, if you are that desperate to win why aren’t you mixing in some more hurry up offense, some reverses to d-jax or have him return some more punts, I am just not seeing enough to determine they are pulling out all the stops which they should have at this point.

    Turn overs, not the sweet tasty kind, the ugly ones that we give up consistently with who ever is in the backfield and yes the turn overs cost the game, we moved the ball, but it don’t mean anything if you can’t score, our redzone offensive offense was just that, offensive, in the immortal words of John Madden “when you score more points than the other guy usually you end up winning that game”.

    This whole team has lost it’s confidence in itself, Coaches, Players, Management, Water boys, Cheer leaders, Owners, and any Logical Fans. It’s sad times my friends and I don’t even look forward to the draft this year because we now have no confidence in building through the draft because it doesn’t guarantee wins, we have all the talent we need to be successful but no one seems to be buying into the system or themselves, the writing is on the wall in bright ugly creamcicle orange bucs paint.

  15. Mike Johnson Says:

    500 yrds gained on Sunday. And only 3 points. They should have Fired Koetter before he did his post game press conference. Now you got 2 very easily winnable game coming up in a row. Watch our Bucs lose at least one of them.

  16. Bobby M. Says:

    Koetter will find work as an offensive coordinator….as will Monken. There is simply no way possible for a coach to predict his team will drive the field over and over and over, yet find some way to turn the ball over. Koetter doesn’t throw the ball to the wrong players….He calls the plays in which the plays are there to be made, yet the QBs simply aren’t accurate. Theres nothing Koetter can do to keep Rodgers from fumbling….Again, we were in the red zone. Koetter has no other options at kicker….He’s the 4th or 5th kicker we’ve had. That’s not on Koetter. He’s tried benching QBs….Doesn’t work when they are basically clones of one another.

    Koetter takes the heat like a pro….he’ll get fired as anyone would expect….But I don’t blame Koetter for the mess he inherited. Licht built this team…In 5 yrs he’s had TWO HCs….FOUR DCs…3 starting QBs….FIVE Ks…IF EVER THERE WAS AN EXAMPLE OF THROWING MUD AGAINST THE WALL HOPING SOMETHING STICKS….ITS LICHTS VISION. That’s what you get with constantly hiring the “up and coming” GM/Coaches….

  17. Red86 Says:

    It’s coaching and players fault. Some of it is scheme as well. Our defense sucked for 11 years. No matter what era it is. DEFENSE WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS!! There’s no debating that. It’s time to move on from McCoy. Use that money on right guard and left tackle, move Donovan Smith to right tackle, and someone like Nick Bosa or one of those Michigan DEs. So tired of he’s always double team, which is a lie. He been in the league for nearly 10 years and don’t have a plan or moves to get pass double team as well as single block consistently. Yet, complains about not being in the top 100 players. Sound like priority is screwed up.

    Scheme wise, our o line aren’t good at zone blocking. Our defense can go to a 3-4 but our defense need alpha male mentality players for both schemes. They need to listen and stop focusing on social media likes. (I’m with Sapp on the social media beef with Kwon and LVD. Sapp won a ship. The others should apologize.)

    I can’t blame Jason Licht too much. Overrated Dominic left only 4 players on the team draft wise. I clearly remember playing Madden when Dominic was GM and the Bucs overall was in the 60’s. Licht done all he could to build a competitive team. All teams has busts and mistakes. But, I know Licht will leave more than 4 drafted players to the next regime. This alone should be a bad idea to keep him. Some moves are based on coaching and scouts influences. Keep that in mind.

  18. 813bucboi Says:

    i think dirk hit the bottle at half time!!!!….everyone knows you have to have a TO in order to challenge a play……


  19. Pryda Says:

    Licht isn’t so bad I think he stays longer ! Takes years to rebuild and longer if you got crap coaches biggest red flag was retaining almost 100% of the staff last year …….

  20. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Joe – do you seriously think that the Glazers give a flying f**k about this situation at the moment?

  21. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “easily winnable game”

    That phrase is banned when talking about the Bucs’. WE ARE THE EASILY winnable game for our opponents…not the other way around.

    Perhaps like me you look at games and think sometimes..well they were the better team or played better…other times we were the better team but found our usual way of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    When we lost to Carolina in their crib I thought the entire game that the Panthers had the better team. It is what it is.

    When we lost to the Skins I just wanted to puke because clearly we were the better team…or at least had the better talent. We should have never have lost that game yesterday.

  22. GhostofSchiano Says:

    I not paying anymore Ghost loot to attend another game until some changes happen and this team shows massive improvement. Not spending another Sunday afternoon screaming at a tv either. Damn why does the Bucs season end well before the holidays every year

  23. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Koetter’s Bucs offenses historical YPG vs PPG ranks:

    2018 Bucs: 3rd / 12th
    2017 Bucs: 8th / 18th
    2016 Bucs: 18th / 18th
    2015 Bucs: 5th / 20th

    Not sure why anyone would be surprised. That’s now 3 years with top 10 offenses and 2 years with top 5 offenses that basically score like just an average NFL team.

    Go back to all the comments by people that thought he had bad red zone schemes / design and put too much pressure on the QB. We’ve been discussing this for years lol.

    We also have been in constant shootouts inflating these stats where we are down early by a ton of points.

    He’s never designed an offense to be easy for the QB in terms of avoiding turnovers and scoring efficiently. He’s good at scheming chunk yardage plays and other aspects of offense but for whatever reason it’s consistently under performed and short circuited in the red zone regardless of the QB or whether we have a run game (2015) or whether we have a ton of weapons/etc.

    He has an issue with balance. Either all run or all pass it seems.

    Not sure who else you point the finger at when he’s the one common denominator. Unless it’s Demar Dotson’s fault?

  24. LakeLand Says:


    That’s the Bucs offense greatest problem

    They are 1st in P YDS/G
    1st in T YDS/ G

    12th in PTS/G

    Also the ‘Dumb’ penalties are a problem

    The Bucs don’t know how to ‘Win’ football games

  25. Bucsfanman Says:

    Lord C- you of all people know that it’s GMCs fault. Lol!
    There’s just so much wrong with this team. Where do you start?!
    I can’t think of any other solution than to blow the whole thing up. Ideas?

  26. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Bucs were worst in NFL last year in red zone scoring with Koetter calling plays
    Bucs were 0-5 in red zone yesterday with Koetter calling plays
    Go figure…

  27. LakeLand Says:

    I have been saying this all season

    You won’t win many games turning the ball over
    Especially if you’re not generating takeaways

    -19 Turnover Ratio

  28. tnew Says:

    Want to reduce turnovers? Don’t throw it so much. Barber was rolling yesterday. He should’ve had 25 carries. IFFFF Barber gets 25 carries, the Bucs might just win the game. Koetter can’t blame the score getting away on this game. Koetter tells on himself by placing a backs blocking ability at least on equal with the ability to run.

  29. tnew Says:

    The reasons why the Bucs suck is very simple. Redzone efficiency on offense and defense (tragically bad). The turnovers look worse because of this historic run of lack of turnovers on defense. Combine these factors and thats it.

  30. jjbucfan Says:

    Every time Payton Barber is running well, Dirk takes him out for quarters at a time. has anyone ever seen Payton Barber drop a screen pass or a swing pass? It is almost like he doesn’t want Barber to be a #1, we already knows he doesn’t want Jameis to be a #1 or he wouldn’t have yanked him after the worst day of his professional career. Dirk sucks and he knows it and is trying to get a paycheck without working like his buddy Smitty. They should fire him today so he stops pulling our team apart at the seams.

  31. 813bucboi Says:

    yeah barber was running pretty well yesterday…..but we all know dirk abandons the run game…..


  32. denjoe Says:

    Jason Licht, have built a passing attack for the ages.

    He can’t build a whole team or even a secondary thats why hopefully he gets fired.