“It’s Time To Take The Ball Out Of The Quarterback’s Hands A Little More”

November 20th, 2018

A call for Todd Monken to shift focus

It’s time to flashback to 2015, says a prominent former Buccaneer.

It’s time for wins over flash.

The “best, most consistent” Bucs offensive player over several weeks is running back Peyton Barber, says ex-Buc Anthony Becht, who works for the official team website.

And with inconsistent Jameis Winston now under center, it’s time for Dirk Koetter play more multi-tight-end sets and get more balance in the offense.

“It’s time to take the ball out of the quarterback’s hands a little more and not throw as many passes,” Becht said.

Speaking on WDAE-AM 620, Becht said he personally wants to see a highly dynamic offense, “but we just cannot trust right now the quarterback position to put all of the steam of offense on his shoulders.”

Becht, speaking on WDAE-AM 620, issued a call for reality on Jameis. His ball-protection issues were on display at the Meadowlands and the Bucs shouldn’t expect an immediate fix.

“It’s not going to change; it’s becoming consistent,” Becht said.

Playing more power football is a needed mentality shift for the Bucs, one that should help build consistency within in the offense,” Becht said. He made the point that while plays are there to be made the way the Bucs are operating on offense now, it’s more important to be consistent, balanced and assume a little less risk.

Becht isn’t down on Jameis but does say he’s got plenty to prove over the final six games.

Joe agrees with Becht. Barber is a weapon; he’s proven himself. And the team can certainly cut risk without going all turtle.

50 Responses to ““It’s Time To Take The Ball Out Of The Quarterback’s Hands A Little More””

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    Hard to do when you are behind in points….

  2. Pryda Says:

    Geeeeez the problems are on Defense!!!! Offense is fine

  3. Jim Says:

    That failure on 4th and one says something about the O-line.

  4. Jim Says:

    That failure on 4th and one says something about the O-line…

  5. Waterboy Says:

    Great points now the challenge is getting the coaches to see that.

  6. Pete I Says:

    Nonsense the whole team is the problem. The offense is anything but fine.

  7. Bucsfanman Says:

    This is purely a numbers game. The more a QB, ANY QB, puts the ball in the air, the more opportunities for the defense to take it away.
    I guarantee that the stats bear this out. Whenever Jameis throws more than 35+ times we lose more often than we win. Why? Because we’re asking the QB to do too much, especially one prone to taking risks.
    Less throws=less opportunities for turnovers=better chance to win.
    You cannot have a strictly passing offense and expect to be successful. It is NOT strictly a “passing league”. If you can’t run the ball you will not win games.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I have been making this point for 3 years and don’t get many responses…..Joe, to my knowledge has not addressed it.

    It happened again Sunday as it does in every game in every red zone appearance……we choose to run the ball on 1st down….almost every time we reach the red zone…..and it gets stuffed every time….so we essentially get only 2 shots at a first down…..and the third is made more difficult because the defense knows it’s a pass.
    We end up turning it over or forcing a throw or dumping it off short of the 1st down marker…
    Watch for it……it is automatic….and it is predictable and the opposing defense is always prepared for it….
    Both Monken & Koetter call it.

  9. LakeLand Says:

    I have been saying this for 3 years

    I’m glad Anthony Becht see it

  10. OrlandoBucsFan Says:

    A good running game is the defense’s best friend. It keeps them fresh and helps win the time of possession. I just wish we Benenoch hasn’t been consistent and I think Jensen is good but a little over-rated. Donovan Smith is good, when he wants to be, again very inconsistent.

  11. Fartman Says:

    yeah… easy to say… but when you’re down 14 points before my seat has had a chance to get warm, the running game is going to suffer.

  12. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Don’t tell that to KC & LA, geesh

    • P. Mahomes 33/46 | 478 6/3 | 3-30 77.1
    • J. Goff 31/49 | 413 4/0 | 5-34 78.1

    • K. Hunt 14/70
    • T. Gurley II 12/55

  13. Larry Says:

    It should be a given by now. Winston is going to turn the ball over!!! End of story. He was lucky that 2 of his passes were not intercepted and his one fumble was not lost for a touch back. That is just who he is. He is a high risk/high reward QB. He was that in college and now in the pros. I don’t believe Koetter’s offense helps him either. Too many long balls, which is NOT Winston’s strong suit. It’s for sure that Winston will be the QB going forward, for better or for worse. However, ;the HC and the GM need to go!!! They are just not good at what they do. How many high draft picks are contributing right now? That is on the GM.

  14. Dapostman Says:

    Can these Einsteins start to use the backs more in the passing game? A short pass is almost an extension of the running game. RB’s on LB’s should be an advantage for the offense but I rarely see it during Buc games.

  15. Robert W Says:

    Mahomes last night, the greatest new thing since sliced bread, had three INTs and two fumbles. That happens when you pass 50 times in one game. Stop with the turnover machine crap.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Another thing both playcallers do is on 2nd & 1 or 2…..they always run to try to get the 1st down……..these down & distance plays are a great opportunity for play action….and downfield throws…..but we simply go for the 1st down..

    It’s almost as if we aren’t confident we can make it on 3rd and 1…..and they would be right. (I guess I answered may own question here)

  17. Troy Says:

    You can definitely have a balanced scheme, LIKE THE GIANTS HAD when you’re not freakin down 14 points to start the game because the defense can’t stop an runny nose. Becht is more of a theory man, not really a realist.

  18. Bucsfanman Says:

    Troy- We’re down in games because the offense can’t score or turns the ball over. You can’t put it ALL on defense.

  19. donuts Says:

    The OL does not have the horses for a power run game. There is reason Bucs are the lowest YPC in the NFL.

  20. LakeLand Says:

    Why are the Bucs down by 2-3 scores early in games?

    They are professional athletes
    They are paid millions to do a job
    Do they even come to play?
    It don’t look like it

    How can it be the defense fault?
    It take poor play from the defense and the offense to fall behind
    By 3-4 scores

    Pittsburgh 23.7
    Chicago 38.3
    Atlanta 21-6
    Cincinnati 21-0
    Carolina 35-7
    Washington 16-3
    NY Giants 24-7

    The Bucs are out scored 178- 33 early in these 7 games
    And they are 0-7 in these games

    This the results of poor defense and poor offense

  21. 813bucboi Says:

    myself and others have been saying 2 TE sets for a while now…..and not with brate….use OJ and Auclair…….both roadgraders and both can catch…..

    but we all should know by now dirk lacks physicality and loves to be finesse…..

    running the ball more wont happen until we run dirk and his finesse outdated scheme out of town….

    Kris Richard 4 HC!!!!!!!!


  22. Not there yet Says:

    Dirk doesn’t know how to build a successful run game. In the off-season said they need to run the ball better then went out and drafted Charles sims again as if all he needed a third down back who could catch and block, things rojo didn’t have to do. The reason they should be running more is how bad the defense Is but Koetter is admitting his line sucks without saying it. They were able to run the ball against a defense that was just as bad. Another anomaly that won’t be the norm the rest of the year

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Pryda Says
    “Geeeeez the problems are on Defense!!!! Offense is fine”

    That’s not entirely true. While our offense is really good, it does need some improving in some areas. Running the ball. Run blocking. Pass blocking at the tackle positions. Route running for some guys (Jackson).

    It’s true though, that the defense is the biggest area of need.

    Running the ball more not only reduces the chance of throwing a pick, but it will also teach Jameis to slow down and think more. Patience.

    And that is his biggest weakness. I could care less on deep ball accuracy. Eliminate the picks and throw short to mid range passes like he did in college.

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Not there yet Says
    “Dirk doesn’t know how to build a successful run game. In the off-season said they need to run the ball better then went out and drafted Charles sims again…”

    Do you really think that was Dirk’s call? Think about it, he already had Sims on the roster, so why would he care?

    No, it was a Jason Licht move. But that doesn’t mean it was a bad move. I think Rojo is going to be better than Charles Sims in the long run. In fact, if we were forced to use him in place of Barber, I think he would get better and better for the experience…although I also think fumbles might be and issue at some point. But they are easy to fix in a RB.

  25. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    813bucboi Says
    “myself and others have been saying 2 TE sets for a while now…..and not with brate….use OJ and Auclair…….both roadgraders and both can catch…..

    but we all should know by now dirk lacks physicality and loves to be finesse…..

    running the ball more wont happen until we run dirk and his finesse outdated scheme out of town….”

    I’m not going to say you are wrong, because I honestly don’t know enough. I’m not obsessed with football, I’m obsessed with the Buccaneers.

    That said, my homer-based opinion is that Dirk Koetter’s scheme is good enough to make it the best in the NFL, so it makes no sense to me to get rid of it. No sense at all.

    I see your point about the road grating TEs, but Brate is also a low risk, big payoff catch passer in the red zone, so he has his role to play.

    I’ve been saying for years, what we need is a good hard running fullback/halfback or two. Pound that line throughout the first quarter, wear down the defensive line quicker, and then start using your finesse running back.

  26. MHBuc Says:

    Incoming phone call…… Hello?

    Glennon: Hey it’s Mike Glennon, I’m the game manager Joe seeks can you have the Bucs call me?

    Receptionist: Are you interested in playing QB for Bucs?

    Glennon: Hell no, just have a few questions about Joe and the new game manager philosophy he’s adopted.

    Receptionist: That’s it?

    Glennon: Yep!

  27. 813bucboi Says:


    dirks scheme is the best in the NFL at what?…….YARDS…. thats it!!!!….the game is about points not yards…..teams that could argue they have the best scheme/offenses would be the chiefs, rams and saints……

    dirks scheme isnt balanced, lacks physicality and is predictable…..thats why both winston and fitz throw multiple picks in every game because defenses and DC’s know whats coming….and its not a smash mouth physical attack…..

    imo, there is nothing brate can do that auclair cant do….but i do believe auclair is a better blocker in running and passing situations…..

    brate has value but i think his value would be better on the trading table…..winston’s best year was when he had evans, cecil shorts and lou murphy as his weapons……

    get rid of dirk and his passive finesse scheme….


  28. SKBucsFan Says:

    Does anybody want the QB controversy to go away this season? Trade Fitz to the Redskins. There are two upsides to this:
    1) They are so desperate now that I am sure we could at least get their 3rd rounder, maybe 2nd. and;
    2) Winston gives us the best shot at securing a higher draft pick. In fact we could get #1 if Koetter goes back to calling the plays.

    The problem is that for this to happen we need a GM with with a brain. He failed to trade D-Jax at the deadline, I am sure he can screw this up too.

  29. LakeLand Says:


    The trade deadline is gone

    The Bucs blew it
    They didn’t trade for any players
    They didn’t trade any players

    Now, they will let players walk next season
    And won’t get anything for them

  30. ben Says:

    after season maybe bucs can trade Winston to Washington and find a qb who can hit receivers on the run.

  31. Phil Says:

    Get real. We need to throw the ball deep on every play. If we don’t score 50 points or more we won’t win. We don’t have time to run the ball, we are usually behind and need to play catch up..

  32. Gambelero Says:

    We have some really good posts on this thread.
    Why do we always run (for no gain or a loss) every single time we get a first down in the red zone?
    Why do we always, like every single time, run it on second and short?
    How can you justify giving up possessions pigheadedly going run, run (for less than three yards cumulative) pray—when your defense is giving up touchdowns on every drive early in the game?

    You can’t win in this league with a predictable, dogmatic adherence to your tendencies. You have to mix it up, do the unexpected.

  33. LakeLand Says:


    If the offense come out firing and scoring points

    They won’t fall behind by 3-4 scores

    But the offense comes out turnover/punt on most early possessions

  34. LakeLand Says:

    You don’t need the ” Deep Ball” to score points
    There’s many ways to score points in the NFL

    You don’t have to swing for the fence, every time you’re at bat

  35. D1QB Says:


    2nd and 1 the Bucs ran 13 times, passed 16. Sorry but it’s not as predictable as you stated.

  36. LakeLand Says:

    LakeLand Says:
    March 14th, 2018 at 5:04 pm

    He’s good against the run, but I have one question

    Why would a team run the ball against the 32nd ranked pass defense
    The 32nd ranked defense in sacks

    What good is a $15 million run-stuffer
    When teams will be throwing for 400 yards a game against this defense

  37. Cgmaster27a Says:

    Ben just stfu, he hit every receiver last week in stride. Mike Evan’s td ring a bell? That stupid in stride narrative is so overplayed right now.

  38. Knoxville Bucs Fan Says:

    Great timing on calling for more two tight end sets when
    OJ has a high ankle sprain. Or Whatever it is maybe he broke it again as did last year and landing on IR. Steve I remember just a few weeks ago you saying in a roundabout way that Barber sucked and the only team he could start for would be these Bucs. Now he’s proved himself after a few games? BARBERMAGIC

  39. Tc Says:

    Patrick Mahomes 33/46 478 yds 3 interceptions 2 fumbles

    Jameis Winston stats last night for Mahomes.

  40. Rod Munch Says:

    The defense gives up 38 points…. people blame the offense.

    It’s pure idiocy.

    The defense is why you have to throw so much – you know, unless you want to lose 35-3 instead of having a chance at the end.

  41. Rod Munch Says:

    Plus how many almost turnovers did Mahomes have? Plus he’s now lost 2 of his last 3 road games as well. As we know from the Jameis haters it’s not all you do, it’s all about the bad you do and that’s all you focus on. Mahomes is a bum – they need to cut him right now. I hear Mike Glennon is available and he won’t turn the ball over and that’s all that matters.

  42. JimmyJack Says:

    Rod you are wrong and you are always wrong. That is why we are commenting on an article featuring a professional analyst that is telling us how wrong you are.

  43. Tony LA Says:

    This is so dumb
    Fix the friggin defense and let the offense continue to put 30 points and 500 yards every week.

    Becht is a dinosaur

  44. JimmyJack Says:

    Tony LA…….use some context. Our offense does score 30 per but they are only scoring when down by multiple TDs…….usually 3+.

    This is the problem……You fix the D and you change every game situation we play in. All the sudden you are not scoring 30 per.

    How about we fix the D and get our offense to give us a few leads once in a while? Or have an offense that can answer back after their opponents score? What’s so dumb about that?

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    Everybody is talking about how great those offenses were last night

    I saw too offenses that had answers when their team got behind. They answered back when they got down…..they didn’t let the game become a blowout they try to come back…….they had answers that’s why their were so many lead changes

    That is what good offenses do. That is what it looks like.

  46. JimmyJack Says:

    You’re offense cannot score zero points while the opponent proceeds to score 5 TDs on you. Good offenses can answer back.

    Good offense don’t get blownout.

  47. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    813bucboi Says:
    November 20th, 2018 at 10:40 am


    dirks scheme is the best in the NFL at what?

    Pull up the NFL Stats and the Bucs are listed as #1 in total offense, buddy

    dirks scheme isnt balanced…

    There are PLENTY of offenses that are not balanced. Jon Gruden prefers a vertical, passing offense, for example. Others are heavy toward the run. Both find success and so does the Balanced one. It;s just not the one you prefer.

    imo, there is nothing brate can do that auclair cant do…

    On that I can tell you that you are wrong. Brate is a more reliable pass catcher. Especially in the Red Zone. If Auclair was just as good, he would get more attention BECAUSE he can block. And btw…Brate can also block, or have you not noticed him doing it in the games?

    brate has value but i think his value would be better on the trading table…..winston’s best year was when he had evans, cecil shorts and lou murphy as his weapons……

    Winston’s best years are ahead of him. And the Bucs won’t trade Brate. They only just signed his contract, and they did it because he is one of the best. OJ is developing nicely, but Auclair is nowhere close to being as good as Brate. Heck, OJ wasn’t until a few games into this season.

  48. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    It’s ‘Your’

    ‘You’re’ means ‘You are’

  49. AJ Says:

    i get what Becht is saying. Sure it makes all the sense in the world. But how do we ever get to stay conservative. When we are down 20 plus points so early on. It’d be nice, but with this defense. We play conservative and its not just a loss, its a blow out loss.

  50. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Is this Buccaneer Bonzai character an administrator?
    Why the use of bold lettering unless you work for the Joe’s?
    This makes me angry because by doing this you lend credibility to your own comments. ..it’s BS knock it off

    I wanted to add that in order for us to run the ball with any efficiency we need the o-line to run block better or we’ll be seeing more 3 and outs.