The Bench Loses

November 27th, 2018

Curmudgeon gives props.

Yes, the bench lost on Sunday. And in the eyes of some, that means the Bucs win.

Per the indefatigable fingers of prickly Pete Prisco of CBS Sports, Bucs Bit-O-Honey-snacking, Ozark-watching, yams-eating coach Dirk Koetter didn’t have to put his starting quarterback on the bench.

For once, the Buccaneers didn’t have to bench their starting quarterback in a game, and that’s because Jameis Winston actually played well. In his first start since Week 8, Winston threw for 312 yards and two touchdowns. More importantly though, Winston didn’t turn the ball over, which was big for a quarterback who threw four interceptions in his last start. Winston got some serious help from a Buccaneers defense that picked off two passes and sacked Nick Mullens four times.

Joe will give more credit to Jameis than the defense. Yeah, the defense played well. The defense usually plays better than its normal rancid self at home. It’s not exactly like the Bucs’ defense was facing the Rams’ or Chiefs’ offense. But props to shutting down a below-average offense holding them to a single-digit of scoring.

San Francisco came into the game with the No. 10 defense. So Joe gives a lot of credit to Jameis for getting the job done on an underrated defense.

Overall, Prisco gave the Bucs’ performance a B-plus.

20 Responses to “The Bench Loses”

  1. LakeLand Says:

    He still have the Ravens and Cowboys on the road
    It’s been awhile since he won a road game
    I believe he’s loss 10 straight road games

    He has Carolina, New Orleans, Atlanta at home
    I’m on the fence, playing the waiting game

  2. This is our year!!! Says:

    I don’t understand why you bash Koetter with the names and continuously idolize America’s crotch grabber. I enjoy what the work you put into this site, but it is disgusting to read your description of Jameis every time put out a new article.

  3. miken Says:

    The 49ers are 2-9 and have given up 27 points or more in 9 of those games. Way to go Bucs! 2 turnovers created and no picks thrown…. Welcome to the NFL Bucs, try to do this more often.

  4. AlteredEgo Says:

    Have to give Koetter high marks for coaching through this soap opera….team has not shown any sign of quit !

  5. LakeLand Says:

    The 49ers defense only have 5 turnovers in 9 games

    Jameis having a turnover-free game against them

    That’s not saying much

  6. LakeLand Says:

    I meant,

    The 49ers defense only have 5 turnovers in 11 games!

  7. First Down Tampa Bay Says:


    Gotta start somewhere man. Let’s see if Jameis builds off this next week against a real defense in the Panthers.

  8. DBS Says:

    Yes of course you would. You are a Jameis first fan. Now try giving the whole offense and kicker credit. And making up names for people you hold a grudge against is childish. Jameis played a great game. Nobody can question that.

  9. Jeffbuc Says:

    Lakeland yeah it is saying what is suppose to say. Jameis didn’t have a turnover for the entire game. Doesn’t matter who he played it is a fact jameis had zero turnovers versus San Francisco. There not saying he was the best quarterback last week. Just he played how you are suppose to play against and inferior opponent. But you will find a way to take a negative from that simple fact. Just to be an ass

  10. Joe Says:

    I don’t understand why you bash Koetter

    Define “bash.” Something tells Joe your definition is far from Joe’s definition.

  11. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Jamies won got his confidence boost, and his law suit is settled so he should have a clear head moving forward.

    Let’s see what he can do!

  12. Darin Says:

    You give the defense less credit for doing it at home but the 49res defense wasnt at home. A west coast team playing a 1oclock east coast game. Only need to look at the history of those teams coming east to know Jameis had it easy. Not bashing Jameis at all. He played well. We’ve seen how he has done against everyone else tho. Lets not pretend he found the antidote. Week to week league. This week wont be so easy. Fire Dirk now!!

  13. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:


    Pleeeeeeeeeease complete a DEEP pass to Djax



  14. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Jameis played well…the ENTIRE team…shockingly including our kicker…ALL played well.

    We continue to temper our enthusiasm because of the Niners record and their struggles. I get that.

    But let’s rethink a little of this diminishment of our ACHIEVEMENT.

    Kickers are kickers no matter who we face. How many games have we lost over the past few years because of kicking. That was a major achievement

    But here is what has me fired up. SF is NOT a good team and I get that…but their strength is probably their offensive line which routinely gets ranked in the top ten. Our DL was living in their backfield…sacks…beating the snot out of Mullen even when he wasn’t sacked…RB’s tackled for losses.

    Negative Nellies here can go on and on but seriously we shouldn’t overlook this MAJOR achievement. Our two DL stars…JPP and GMC have clearly bonded and have combined to lead players like Nassib and Vea…it’s the very first taste of chemistry on our DL and watching it happen against a decent NFL OL was the highlight of the game for me. Not disrespecting JW’s performance…just that it was more expected than the DL blowing up.

  15. Kobe Faker Says:

    “You cant go to sleep the night before and you play football at 9 in the morning…

    Both the raiders and niners was west coast teams playing eastcoast 1pm game…

    And both teams played like crap and understandably so

    Mccaferty vs our linebackers in open space?

    “White chocalate going to do dirty in tampa”

    Kobe Faker

  16. gp Says:

    Bucs Fan #7423 Says:
    November 27th, 2018 at 4:43 pm


    Pleeeeeeeeeease complete a DEEP pass to Djax




  17. Dan Says:

    Bucs are toast for the rest of the season. Winston has no chance and will loose out the rest of the games for us. America’s turnover machine.

  18. __TGH__ Says:

    Watch the game again Joe, notice anything unusual? Winston checked the ball down way more than he normally does. Those throws to Quizz have always been there, he just now decided to take them and move on rather than wait for something downfield to develop, which put pressure on him and then he threw interceptions or fumbled. That’s what everyone meant when the said he was more decisive with the ball.

  19. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    Bucfan good point I didnt think about the law suit. That could put some mental strain on a person for sure. Not saying that’s an excuse for a NFL QB but it could of contributed to his play this year along with suspension cuz he looked good last year after the injury. As far as DJax goes I think it have to fall in his lap or he’d have to run down the field n hand it to DJax cuz he hasn’t looked like he would even attempt to catch anything that wasnt perfect not from either QB

  20. Slugglife Says:

    Doesn’t matter who you win against. This is the NFL not college. Teams are ranked by record, not strength of wins. Run off three in a row and we could be dancing or at least be a wall flower with a bit of Elvis in our pelvis.

    I’m gonna stay optimistic. Y’all do you.