Surge Of The Newcomers

November 29th, 2018


Last week Bucs fans at the Den of Depression saw a sight that had many breaking out their binoculars.

And it had nothing to do with the cheerleaders wearing their yoga pants.

The Bucs defensive line actually pressured the quarterback. Nick Mullens of the 49ers absorbed nine quarterback hits and four sacks while the Bucs’ defense had six tackles for loss (and he hadn’t been sacked prior to Sunday).

In the mind of Bucs Bit-O-Honey-snacking, Ozark-watching, yams-eating coach Dirk Koetter, it all started with the play of two guys wo were not on the roster last year. That would be Jason Pierre-Paul and Carl Nassib.

JPP, of course, was thieved from the Giants in March for a third-round draft pick. Nassib was a stray who escaped the Browns and was rescued by the Bucs on waivers.

“I think everything starts with JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) and [Carl] Nassib – the two ends,” Koetter said of last week’s heat on the quarterback. “I think those two, from a disruption standpoint. Gerald [McCoy] is still a handful when he gets singled inside. Teams haven’t been able to focus quite as much on Gerald, but I think the penetration of Carl and just the overall doggedness of JPP – that he just won’t quit – I think that’s pushed the entire group to bigger heights.”

There was an added benefit. Whatever Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht had to say to rookie defensive tackle Vita Vea sure worked. Vea easily had his best game as a pro with a sack and four solo tackles, three of which were tackles for loss.

Now the next step is to prove last week’s results were not a fluke. Pouty Cam Newton, the next opponent of the Bucs, is a much tougher target than Mullens may ever be.

18 Responses to “Surge Of The Newcomers”

  1. 813bucboi Says:

    we might as well continue the ” Surge of Newcomers” theme by hiring KRIS RICHARD as HC!!!!!!!

    he’ll develop the secondary and create a winning culture….not create excuses…..


  2. 813bucboi Says:

    why didnt dirk develop spence?….was everyone dead wrong projecting him to be a 1st or 2nd round pick with talent or has the staff failed to develop him?….i think the latter…..

    watch him go to another team and make a couple PB’s….lol…


  3. Rick Says:

    JPP’s production was expected. He is a proven threat to any qb, but Nassib, he is the one that is truly surprising. I don’t see why he isn’t a full time starter over curry who has been invisible. On paper we have a pretty solid unit on the dline( not great, but solid). It’s two bad the other two groups have been banged up. What a year it could have been for all units to be clicking now at this important part of the season. The o is still producing, and now the defense is finally awake. True test with a veteran qb this weekend, let’s see what that d line is made of!

  4. 813bucboi Says:

    continue the “Surge of Newcomers” theme with a new staff!!!!!


  5. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    JPP & Nassib have been so much fun to watch. Awesome.

    My question for everyone is this…

    How exactly is it going to play out with Noah Spence?

    I mean… is the kid just finished? Can they get him turned around? What is the story here?

  6. 813bucboi Says:


    this staff is done with him….someone who is hands on with developing players will turn his career around….

    how do you go from 5.5sacks as a rookie to falling off the face of the earth….and he’s been completely healthy all year….

    this staff sucks at defensive player development


  7. SOEbuc Says:

    No way a bandwagon fan and I root for the Bucs every Sunday, but I’m really waiting to get to this Panthers game so we can stop putting ourselves on top of a mountain cus we beat the worst team in the league starting their third string QB. #F%ck Newton and his dolphin teeth#F%ck Ron Rivera and his bad sunglasses#F%ck the Panthers#GO BUCS!!!

  8. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I hope Vea can get to Cam. Getting to Cam is only half the battle…getting him on the ground is also really tough. Cam is a big, big man, it’s like tackling an OL instead of a QB.

    As big as Vea is that should make a really interesting matchup if he can get to Cam.

  9. SOEbuc Says:

    @813 buc boi

    “how do you go from 5.5sacks as a rookie to falling off the face of the earth….and he’s been completely healthy all year….”

    Once again. Koetter’s dumb ass has no clue where and when to put players on the field. Let that HOT ROOKIE with 5.5 sacks play half the year with a broken shoulder!!! What happens next? Two years of bad shoulder problems and we haven’t seen one freakin thing out of him since. Real smart Dirk.

  10. stpetebucsfan Says:

    This is a big Sunday game no matter how you look at it. The negative nellies here have already decided that this game and several more will be losses for the Bucs. The optimists think this is win #2 in a run for the Bucs.

    Whatever we at least have a reason for “some” optimism and most of it revolves around two areas. The sudden evolution of our DLine and the calm turnover free play from QB. It those two things hold up we’ll be strong down the stretch. Yeah our back seven are not that good but they are improving and if we keep pounding the QB like we did Sunday it won’t matter. And remember while SF may be awful their OL is the strong spot of the team. There is no diminishing the display of our DL….our eyes were not lying. It’s just hard for our hearts to believe.

  11. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    813bucboi Says:
    “this staff is done with him….someone who is hands on with developing players will turn his career around….”


    I completely agree with that, @813. — Why do I feel like he is going to end up on the Patriots with 10 sacks per year?

  12. Lord Cornelius Says:

    So he’s basically saying Nassib>> McCoy lol

  13. bucsfaninchina Says:

    the argument could be made that we got our third rounder back in the form of Nassib

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Spence was a 2nd rounder…..

    But, I agree……players are hit and miss all over the league…..if Nassib works out we will be just fine.

  15. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I was on the same boat with Spence but maybe he just isn’t good. Maybe it’s his off field stuff or maybe he just has popcorn muscles. I have all but given up hope on him and why not with how Nassib is playing?
    I liked Nassib that year in the draft, glad we got our guy.

  16. adam from ny Says:

    carl “the arabian knight” nassib…is a hungry dog…

    jpp is a hungry dog…

    if vea is truly a hungry dog…all is good…

    then mccoy has to at least fake it – like he’s a hungry dog

  17. adam from ny Says:

    jpp is building relations with vea and nassib and getting them to play harder…he knows he can’t save mccoy…he’s be batmaning way to long for it to get fixed

  18. wombat Says:

    I thought Buckner is supposed to be the Dline messiah? How come he hasn’t been able to get Spence on the field??? You guys pick and choose coaches like they are condiments! Everyone had him as the new Defensive Coordinator a few weeks ago….