“I Really Don’t Want Fitz Looking Over His Shoulder”

November 10th, 2018

Joe has strong philosophical differences with Dirk Koetter, who was talking quarterbacks this evening and driving Joe to shots of whiskey and to Honeymoon Island for fresh air.

Koetter hopped on his Buccaneers Radio Network show and talked about his goofy quarterback situation.

“I do think the day is coming when Jameis will get another opportunity to get back out there,” Koetter said, gunning for new heights of vague coachspeak.

Koetter also added that he has not made a decision regarding changing QBs later this season, and he said “I don’t really think that will be that hard of a decision.”

Of course, Koetter said the ease of that QB-change decision should be obvious to everyone, if that decision eventually is made.

(Take notes. Quiz tomorrow.)

“I really don’t want Fitz looking over his shoulder,” Koetter added.

And to that Joe says, “Why the hell not?” Since when is competition and internal pressure a bad thing for any player?

Koetter doesn’t want journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick, a 2-3 starter for this Bucs team, looking over his shoulder. That’s what it’s come to. Man, Joe feels like he was just transported to a bizarre alternative universe.

Joe would love to see lots of Bucs looking over their shoulders. How bout getting offensive tackle Mike Liedtke in for an offensive series. How bout a kicker on the practice squad. Or how bout an automatic benching for at least one series the following Sunday if you’re caught loafing?

The irony here is that Koetter doesn’t want Jameis back on the field this season. That would mean Ryan Fitzpatrick not only lost additional football games, but he would become a benched starter for the second time this season.

The Bucs sure feel like a van halfway through a 200-mile trip with one gallon of gas left in the tank.

60 Responses to ““I Really Don’t Want Fitz Looking Over His Shoulder””

  1. Rod Munch Says:

    Dirk threw Fitz under the bus during a terrible road game in Chicago game.
    Dirk threw Jameis under the bus during a terrible road game in Cincinnati.

    If Dirk is really doubling down on Fitz, and tying his future to Fitz, then we already know how this ends.

  2. Zwak Says:

    Better draft picks next year!

  3. Pryda Says:

    Bucs lose Sunday and hopefully we fire this clown

  4. Season Is Over Says:

    Maybe he was simply implying that he wouldn’t want his starting QB to be looking over his shoulder. As in whoever is in there. There is enough pressure when you have Barber and Jones as your RBs and the farce of an OL.

    Is it safe to say Winston couldn’t handle the pressure of Fitz looking over his shoulder?

  5. Jerry Jones Says:

    And why again do you like Koetter, Joe’s? You guys highlight his backwards coach speak and every other shakey comment he makes, AND blast him for it but as you say “DONT GET JOE WRONG, JOES A FAN OF KOETTER”, I mean you guys realize how freakin foolish you look right?

  6. Knucknbuc Says:

    Or… we can look at it like this the 25 year old franchise QB
    isnt good enough to beat out the 36 year old journeyman. I like jameis but he turns it over way way way too much. He is what he is….Jameis Cutler. Hot and cold streaks all the time joe would give an inconsistent qb like Jameis 21 mill a year no problem.

  7. Burton21 idaho Says:

    I’m from Idaho and have lived in Tampa. Fire Koetter. Hire Arians and show we have the talent we do. This Fitzmagic is a joke like every city he’s been in. Writing is on the wall. When the GM separates from the HC it’s over. Look at the “Rock Star” and Raheem. That didnt take long to read between the tea leafs.

  8. Im tired and 87 is right Says:

    Koetter never wanted Jameis in the first place so it doesn’t surprise me he contradicts his philosophy of competition when it comes to the QB position. I think Justin P. said it best when we are all talking about the QB position when in reality it’s the crappy defense and the guys in charge of running this franchise. Why did Dirk change his philosophy of what worked best for Jameis his rookie year in running the ball and play action pass? Oh that’s right because they never drafted a RB. Just imagine what either one of these QBs could do if they had a running game. In the end they have sealed their fates. I just hope that the Glazers make the right move and keep Jameis with another regime who build around players strengths. Not force players into what they are not good at. Until the coaching and GM change we will see the same results with whoever is at QB. Sucks but that is the truth. Go Bucs!

  9. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Not sure what he means by that.

    If they didn’t trade Winston on the deadline, which they didn’t, we all know Jameis is gonna play again this year. Fitz knows it too.

  10. Mike Says:

    I feel like we’re following someone with a few screws loose.
    Does he even know he lost the team? He certainly lost the fan base.
    Fans are even starting to turn on the Glazer boys like they hated Culverhouse.
    At least he had a cool bright orange suit!
    This is a disturbing and embarrassing side show of total dysfunction and insanity. I feel like a victim of some sort of abuse and ptsd is coming on strong. I want to turn away but it’s like looking at a terrible traffic accident.

    Make it go away! Please!!

  11. Sumo Says:

    I’ve seen enough of Winston to know it isn’t going to work and so has Dirk. I’m glad you guys don’t run the team. No big contract for Winston.

  12. D-Rome Says:

    I agree with you, Sumo. Let it go, Joe. Jay-Miss lost the trust of the team and HC. There isn’t a coach that can “fix” Jay-Miss. The Buccaneers know they did everything they could to make him successful and he still makes boneheaded plays four years later.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    @Rod Munch … “If Dirk is really doubling down on Fitz, and tying his future to Fitz, then we already know how this ends.” Aw come on Rod, we all know how this ends REGARDLESS of which QB Koetter lets play. And Dirk knows also. Even IF we ended the season 9-7 by some miracle, the last chapter’s already been written.

    The ones who’ll survive this side-show is the Glazer Boyz. And the ONLY reason they’ll survive is because they own the football. I’m just hoping, hoping, hoping that they have the smarts this time to hire someone who REALLY knows how to build a winning franchise … like maybe a highly-experienced President of Football Operations … and then gives him full authority to fix this mess.

  14. Pete I Says:

    Jameis absolutely needs someone looking over his shoulder both on and off the field.

  15. Pa fan Says:

    I agree. If we lose this week fire Koetter. This is a joke. Tampa has always been a joke in the nfl but he has tsken us to new heights this year with how he is doing this qb thing. Its almost like Koetter wants to be fired and keeps pointing out how he has to coach better yet never does and still is employed in tampa. Seems like the more ya suck the more the bucs want ya. Once you become good we cant keep ya. Tampa will let you go to another franchise that actually cares about winning. Happens seemingly every year. Sad!

  16. Ryan Baker Says:

    What’s Jameis ‘ record as a starter this season ? And how pretty was that one win against the Browns ? Joe might have to shut this site down once America’s QB is gone .

  17. ZammyPup (IG) Says:

    Lincoln Riley earns $4.8 million per year. Pay him enough more to lure him. Lord knows we’ll have the money after cutting non-productive players with bloated contracts.

    Let’s start there.

    With a visionary, YOUNG new head coach who might…just might…be able to salvage Winston.

    One dog’s opinion.

  18. Couch Fan Says:

    When your team is constantly this bad. Everyone should be looking over their shoulder. Including Koeter.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here is your choice and it’s quite simple….

    Root for Fitz to lose and you get Winston.
    Root for Fitz to win and Winston sits…..

    OK, now Joe…..which is your choice.

  20. Dooshlarue Says:

    I guess in your bizarre alternate universe there is no red tide on Honeymoon Island huh Joe?
    Fresh air…….. ha ha.
    No. There is no red tide at Honeymoon Island, certainly not yesterday. –Joe

  21. SteveK Says:

    Fitz has earned right to start and he’s earned the respect of the locker room.

    Winston got suspended, paid the consequences and came back a broken turnover machine.

    Dirk may well be fired at season’s end, but if he goes then Licht and Winston should most certainly go too.

    Licht’s drafts aren’t all that. It’s confusing to constantly see him a year behind a position. 2015- WRs, 2016 DE/DB, 2017 RB, 2018 RB

    Adrian Peterson was out there to be had each of the past two years, and now he’s gong to shred us on Sunday

  22. Aaron Says:

    Nothing to do with the article but if there was ever a game where our D-line should dominate???

    Redskins RT Morgan Moses (concussion) is questionable for Week 10 against the Buccaneers.

    Washington was already planning to be without starting guards Brandon Scherff (torn pec, injured reserve) and Shawn Lauvao (torn ACL, injured reserve), as well as starting LT Trent Williams (thumb surgery). Moses’ pending absence would leave the Redskins short four starting linemen

  23. Defense Rules Says:

    @SteveK … “Adrian Peterson was out there to be had each of the past two years, and now he’s gong to shred us on Sunday.” Our starting DLine (and key rotational players) tomorrow should be GMC ($15.8 mil), Allen ($5 mil), Vea (Rookie yr … $9.3 mil), JPP ($15.5), Gholston $5.5 mil), Nassib ($0.9 mil). That’s over $50 mil for the starters/key rotational players (not counting Unrein’s $3.5 mil or Curry’s $7.6 mil of course). With 1 exception, they’re all veterans who’ve shown they can play at a reasonably high level.

    Now please tell me Steve WHY that highly-paid compilation of experienced veterans, all with a history of being good against the run, can’t stop a 33-year-old RB running behind a fair (at best) OLine. I’m sorry, but IF that happens, that should become Webster’s definition of EMBARRASSMENT & they need to find some other team to steal from.

  24. Not there yet Says:

    Doug Martin fiasco that just shows you why dirk is not the guy. He has no problem playing guys even when claiming the team isn’t giving full effort. Mike Liedtke can get plenty of time in training camp so can Cappa but even though Benenoch at least he knows how much. He’ll continue to play underperforming guys as long as he’s here. Winston isn’t the only guy that should come off the bench

  25. Day1BucFan Says:

    The offense is one of the best in the NFL. The person who has to go is Licht. I live in CA, and the PAC 12 is not uniformly NFL caliber. Drafting Vea and Jones was the last straw for me. People should look up Ronald Jones vs. Alabama highlights on YouTube. It’s the same pathetic running game we are seeing today.

  26. AncientBuc Says:

    Sadly, Koetter lost his team with the indecision he displayed against Chicago. He actually created doubt by not committing to Jameis that when the suspension was over and he was ready, he was the starter. Jameis did create the issue three years ago, but Koetter showed indecision and the locker room split. If everyone was committed to Jameis, then the DeSeans of the world don’t have air to breathe. No one wanted Cam benched after Pittsburgh game. Koetter showed poor leadership. He will be gone. Now Glazers have said basically choose how you want to ride it out. Who on this team can say Koetter has his back besides Mike Smith?

  27. ben Says:

    Winston ain’t my qb!! Fear the beard….

  28. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Over 2 years ago, Kobe Faker has told you the faults and complete lack of common sense this Klown was. Klueless is an insecure, lack of awareness Klueless Buffoon”

    Kobe Faker

  29. #1bucfan Says:

    I see AP running all over us like wen he was with AZ. I love the Bucs but man Sunday will be a long long day. We all better go to church an pray

  30. SteveK Says:


    Fair enough, but I am starting to see the light towards Jason aka Gump.

    How do we not make an offer for Calais Campbell so we can sign Baker.

    Or the draft? 2016 picks stink. 2017 is questionable, and this year’s stink. Especially the RB pick. Bad player. We dexter Jackson 2.0- a 2nd round pick that can’t play.

    I am starting to agree that Koetter is getting exposed, but I believe Winston and Licht did him little to no favors and ultimately should be blamed with at least the same or greater than Koetter.

  31. K_Bassuka Says:

    I like Dirk, but he is not a leader and he has to go. Clean house and get someone that knows what their doing here.

  32. Buccaneerscotty Says:

    Winston is out of here ! NEXT

  33. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Koetter created the QB situation , now he’s rationalizing it both ways.
    QB is not really the problem on this team-
    Both Trenches still stink and most of coaching staff stinks…

  34. Bucsboye Says:

    Was he throwing candy while saying this?

  35. LakeLand Says:

    When they fired Lovie Smith and promoted Dirk Koetter to Head Coach
    The fans were rejoicing on here, like they had won the Powerball

    I said it then

    They will regret this day

  36. Kobe Faker Says:


    Kobe Faker predicted this situation over 2 years ago

    Do we have a starting QB?

    How did our team become the absolute joke of the NFL and depleted of any talent ?

    etc etc

    “At 8 pm tonight,Kobe Faker will post and write on this forum, unlike the high school worthless writers from newspapers and websites, Celebrity Poster Kobe Faker, unlike anything you have read will disclose detailed information of what went so completely wrong

    thought provoking, enlightenment, self awareness…

    8pm you sheep will read life changing words that has put your Yucs into who they are today

    2 statements that Kobe Faker will write about and how and why it got derailed

    *2018 season, Tampa Bay Bucs should be in contention of winning the Superbowl

    *On January 6, 2016….

    Kobe Faker

  37. Destinjohnny Says:

    When u are forced to win 10 games with marginal talent at every position except wide out and tight end it’s a stress ball man
    Can we finally finally finally all point the finger at Jason ?

  38. BucsFan33 Says:

    I have been supporting the Keep Koetter campaign until now. How can you not want a journeyman at the end of his career looking over his shoulder. This isn’t the defense that Trent Dilfer won with folks. A real coach would want a promising future oriented QB.


  39. Defense Rules Says:

    Lakeland … That’s a hard one to agree with. I don’t regret that they fired Lovie … he almost single-handedly got rid of so many ‘serviceable’ Bucs AND brought in so many ‘unserviceable’ FAs that he sealed his own fate pretty quickly. Hiring Jason Licht to be his Yes-man in the front office was his biggest faux pas (since Jason continued on AFTER Lovie was shown the door).

    An equally big mistake was promoting Dirk Koetter to HC … then dual-hatting him as OC. For a never-before HC that’s the kiss of death (overwhelming responsibility with a young AND mediocre team). Bucs desperately needed Dirk to continue on as OC (he was doing quite well I thought with the offense) BUT they also needed to bring in an experienced HC to replace Lovie. Laugh but Mike Smith would most likely have done better as HC than Dirk has done (especially if the Bucs had been able to find a DC of the Jim Schwartz character & experience). This whole fiasco ALL started with a very short-sighted ownership decision to take the easy way out (‘promote’ Dirk Koetter) instead of doing a quality HC search. It ALL points back directly to the Bucs ownership AND the GM/front office.

  40. Oneilbucs Says:

    Jamies ain’t going no where. The quarterbacks and this year draft sucks. I have 1 qusetion? Why have Matt Ryan been playing good ever since Dirk left and Freeman who Dirk had on special teams? You people on this site is so blinding by hate for Winston y’all don’t even notice that.

  41. LakeLand Says:


    Mike Mularkey developed Matt Ryan
    After 4 years Mularkey took the HC position with the Bills

    Mike Smith hired his good buddy ( Dirk Koetter) to replace Mularkey
    Dirk tried to turn Ryan into a Gunslinger
    He came close to ruining him
    Arthur Blank fired Smith/Koetter

    And Matt Ryan has been back on track

  42. HeavyE Says:

    Yeah fear the beard, you are the only one that does, what a joke!! LMAO!!!!

  43. HeavyE Says:

    @ Lakeland, keep speaking that truth!!!

  44. BucsFan33 Says:

    LakeLand for the win. Straight truth and facts there.

  45. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Thanks Lakeland

    Hopefully oneil can comprehend….AND learn some grammar…

  46. sandwichman Says:

    BLOWOUT loss coming tomorrow folks! Do NOT be surprised.

  47. Jean Lafitte Says:

    You speak as if he has job security. He should do that, or should do this while he’s fighting to stay employed. The only coaches that can afford to make wholesale changes like Joe wants is a coach that knows he will be here beyond this season. Step into Koetter’s shoes for once. I agree with some of your suggestions but the reality is he can’t afford to experiment when he needs wins. Now when all is lost and there is no chance for a winning season then expect the coach to throw all these backups in the game. By then he will realize it’s all over and won’t give a bullspit.

  48. Jean Lafitte Says:

    BLOWOUT loss coming tomorrow folks!

    say’s the Skins fan

  49. Oneilbucs Says:

    Jmark I know a lot of y’all just wanted Winston to failed in Tampa. But what’s crazy is that y’all think Fitzpatrick is going to win. And by the way Matt Ryan looked bad when Dirk coached him that’s my point . Dirk is a trash coach . And I’ll bet you that my money is way longer than yours.

  50. Jean Lafitte Says:

    stupid ..nobody wanted JW to fail, we wanted him to win.
    …and yes we want Fitz to win. If you’re a Buc fan you want to win.
    If Mickey Mouse was the QB, Buc fans would want him to win as well.
    Only butthurt Winston apologist want Fitz to fail.

  51. Oneilbucs Says:

    I’m a bucs fan. But I just know football and how Ryan Fitzpatrick is. I know we don’t have a chance of winning nothing with him . And you can’t tell me that a lot of people on this site wanted Jamies to be successful here. A lot of people on this site didn’t want him here no way. Ryan Fitzpatrick is 35 years old and played for 8 different teams and never played in a playoff off game. He been in the league for 14 years now and y’all rather him than Winston . Winston is 24 years old and played just as good if not better than some hall of fame quarterbacks in there first 4 years. But the differents is Winston is a black quarterback and they are white and you can say race card cause that’s what a lot of white people like to say when someone tells the truth about the situation. But the truth is the truth rather y’all want to admit it or not . And I know and a lot of other people know on this site that a black quarterback can’t have a bad game with 4 interceptions but young white quarterbacks at 24 years old with a 32 rank deffence and a bad running game can look at Andrew Luck he has more games like that then Winston has but he will never get criticized for it because he’s a white quarterback and I know and you know that is the truth but y’all like saying race card when it’s call truth.

  52. Oneilbucs Says:

    Jean look at the bears and Panthers game that would tell you all you need to know about fiz. But he just don’t get criticized the same way Winston do . So you and the rest of this sorry fan base can keep thinking that a 35 year old quarterback that played in the NFL for 14 years and never played in a playoff game is going to win.

  53. Bucsmarley Says:

    Still hard to believe many of you believe Winston has a better control of our offense than Fitz. I must be watching a different game. I know Fitz isn’t our answer but his play last year and this year outshine Winston. What about griffin lol. Winston has had 4 years and zero progress. I love how everyone forgets about his off field issues. His turn overs can’t be coached out of him. He’s progressing the wrong direction

  54. D1 Says:


    You’re criticizing Fitzpatrick and you’re by no means alone. So what are you talking about? Fitzpatrick has been labeled and it’s not good, and when He screws up the comments universally is ..that’s who He is. Bottom line, Fitzpatrick screws up, it’s expected. Winston is not expected to screw up. That’s a good thing that you failed miserably to notice. Jameis has high expectations whereas Fitzpatrick low expectations. How is that Racist? You want to see the same criticism of Fitzpatrick as Winston, then you my race blinded fellow fan have made them equal. You’re the only one so blinded by Irishphobia that you have Winston and Fitzpatrick as equals……….You must be crazed by the bull.

    Fitzpatrick has superior stats to Winston and it’s not close.
    Winston is not the players choice, according to one acct and the captain vote,
    You saying the team is racist?

    The worst thing is that a 14yr never been to a playoff game, 7th round Ivy league
    Career back up is the starter and he’s boat racing stat wise the elite 1st pick in the draft, elite football program heisman trophy winner.

  55. ben Says:

    Onei.. Does Winston have a better red zone td rating then Fitz?? Has Winston fumbled more then Fitz? Does the team seem to play better with Fitz?? Has Winston thrown more interceptions % then Fitz??… So why do you play the race card ?? Ask me my father’s color but who cares ,except a raciest

  56. D1 Says:


    I want to start and play lights out. I think the games He has started vs Fritz is backasswards and if the Coach would start one or other based on the opponent this team would be better off. Fitz is the wrong choice for a blitzing team and Winston isn’t the guy for a shootout. But switch that around and it’s about the best guy that day.

    No one thinks Fritz is the answer long term.
    ..So that isn’t even a legit argument. The only question is…is Winston.

  57. Oneilbucs Says:

    Ben some white people will never understand or even care. Just look how y’all talking about a 24 year old quarterback. All I’m saying is that if Winston was white you know and I know it will be different. They have never judged a white quarterbacks at the age of 24 . Look at eli mannon, Alex Smith Rayn Tannhill, Philip Rivers have never played in a super bowl and he never will but that’s ok Matthew Stafford and others that’s what I’m saying all those guys was never judged after being in the league for only 3 years .

  58. Jean Lafitte Says:


    Take it from this black man, you are the racist.

  59. Oneilbucs Says:

    Jean call me what you want but I’m telling the truth and you know it . I gave you names you say I’m racist ok. That’s what y’all say when the truth is being spoken . And I know you ain’t no black man so just stop. I know race plays part of it I just don’t turn the blind eye to it.

  60. jmarkbuc Says:


    You’re a freakin’ joke..

    How about taking some of your “long money” (whatever the hell that is) and buying an English class…..