Opportunity Opens To Put DeSean Jackson On Injured Reserve; Bucs Should Pounce

November 26th, 2018

Timing is everything.

Across the NFL, it’s the time of year when general managers of teams eliminated from the playoffs, or nearly eliminated teams, are quick to put players on injured reserve so they can call up practice squad players to protect them through the offseason. “Protect” here means not expose them to sign with other teams when the season ends.

Today at his afternoon news conference, Dirk Koetter acknowledged that DeSean Jackson has a thumb injury and has seen a local hand specialist. Also, Koetter said, Jackson will head to New York tomorrow to visit with a medical specialist about his hand.

Whatever is wrong with Jackson’s thumb, it’s time to shelve him for the season.

Jackson wanted out via trade last month. And he spouted off on social media last night as if he still wants a trade. Putting him on injured reserve is the best option for everyone.

The Bucs wouldn’t have to cut him and potentially still could trade him after the season, though it’s doubtful another team would want to assume his $10 million salary for 2019.

Also, if Jackson hits IR now, then the team won’t have to worry about Jackson being divisive through the final five games, and potentially a new Bucs regime could decide to keep him.

It’s the easy way out of what appears to be an escalating situation.

Pounce on it, Bucs. Pounce!

110 Responses to “Opportunity Opens To Put DeSean Jackson On Injured Reserve; Bucs Should Pounce”

  1. BuccaneerByBirth Says:

    To be honest, the way some of his throws look I can see why he hates Jameis.

  2. Rick Says:

    Yeah I’m with putting him on ir. Jameis will force balls to him to keep him happy and it will rain turnovers all over again. It’s best for Jameis and to have any shots at winning.

  3. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s clear that he’s unhappy. You don’t want that mindset to spoil the locker room. Maybe it is in the best interest for all. Sad!

  4. AtlBuc Says:

    BuccaneerByBirth True but his lack of hustle is also a culprit. I saw a couple of balls he gave up on. Lesson: If you depend on your QB to “eat”, don’t go against him in the media. I wouldn’t throw him any catchable ball either.

  5. Crockett69 Says:

    100% Agreed. Team cancer & and a crybaby

  6. Pistol Pete Says:

    We have seen the last of him. Open the door for Godwin.

  7. Buc believer Says:

    Get rid of this cancer POS once and for all. He is just a whiny little beeatch who I hope burns through all the loot he has stolen errr earned as a football player and then has to work like the rest of us.

  8. Boogie-Nightz Says:

    Yes put him on IR and put an end to this farce after the season. The @Joes are right. What an oppurtunity sideline him without causing a media circus any more than this already is. And good riddance to this crybaby diva. We dont need him anyways. JW will do just fine with Evans, Godwin, Hump, Brate, and Watson.

  9. Boogie-Nightz Says:

    @Buc Believer

    Right on. No wonder the Skins did not re-sign him.

  10. tnew Says:

    I’m ready for the Bucs to pay Adam Humphries. Take the Djax money and put half of it there. Anyone but me think Hump can be a poor man’s Christian McCaffrey? The only time he has run from the RB position it looked pretty good. Wouldn’t mind seeing if Justin Watson can play either.

  11. JimmyJack Says:

    Congrats Jackson you are such a garbage player and teammate that we would rather pay you to sit on your ass. Nobody likes you in Tampa. Nobody.

    Now git. We don’t need you playing like a scrub out there like yesterday.

  12. AlteredEgo Says:

    So what is his off-season trade value?

  13. Joe Blahak Says:

    He’s frustrated cause Jameis has no touch on the long ball…a strictly fast ball thrower to a spot….but he doesn’t help by not having the drive to go get the ball….he’s a sulky, me first player…it was only a matter of time before he became trouble….IR is perfect

  14. pick6 Says:

    the bucs have figured out how to create explosive pass plays again this year, and not necessarily only to DeSean. I’m sure the threat of him going over the top helps create some of them, but maybe there is a younger more team oriented guy who can fill that role. I think the reason that there are so few DeSean Jacksons in the league is because coaches would rather have a guy who understands and accepts that the deep ball is a risky throw and the team is helped most often by the guys the speedster frees up from coverage.

    A role player will sprint down the field 15 times without seeing a target and just be happy to be on the field. An $11 million diva is going to demand that you try the riskiest play in football over and over again to keep him happy. after all, big plays are credited to the WR while the misses and turnovers just get the QB and coaches fired. DeSean’s role is essential to this offense working at its best, but it is just that – a role. The offense should and does move through guys who can get the ball more safely

  15. aj Says:

    DJax gives up too much. Like the big overthrow yesterday. DJax let off the gas as soon as he thought the ball was high.

    I think it would still be imcomplete, but if DJax finishes the route the pass doesn’t look nearly as bad.

    How do you throw to a guy with questionable effort? Especially when you have Evans, Hump, Brate and Godwin, who will alll play with heart.

    People talk about speed, but isn’t Godwin pretty darn fast? I think the team would lose less than some think by putting DJax in IR.

    He is clearly becoming a distraction at this point, and the last thing a struggling team needs is a distraction.

  16. Slugglife Says:

    Hump is a baller and he’s no poor mans anything. The guy isn’t afraid to take hits. He hustles every play. Never whines. Does the best job he can. Guys like him never get their due in terms of dollars, but respect? He gets mad respect from me.

    I love the guy. And Godwin. And Evans. And Brate. And OJ. Hell I supported DJax too, but if he wants out, let him go. Team sport period.

  17. AtlBuc Says:

    Joe Blahak True, and you don’t go putting your QB down because he can’t connect. Where I came from, your teammates are brothers and you support your brothers.

  18. tnew Says:

    I wonder if Djax is refusing to run the drag routes. That is where he would really make his money. Things will surface after he departs.

  19. Slugglife Says:


    That’s it right there. 11 guys have to know their role.

    Not 10. Well said.

  20. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    You guys are idiots if you want to get rid of deshawn jacksons. He’s the only player we have that can stretch the field.

    Without Deshawn, teams will just play the short to medium pass game and shut winston and the running game down.

    Deshawn Jackson is the only one that forces the defense to respect the deep ball.

  21. Eric Says:

    Jackson had great first two games.

    Since then his production is way down and with both QB’s not just Jameis.

    The guy has had a piss poor attitude since his arrival. If he wants the team to win why not return punts?

    Can you imagine Deon Sanders saying, hey man i refuse to go out there and return punts to help the team.

    Very bad apple needs to go.

  22. Robert Says:

    he’s had his thumb up his ass since JW cant hit him.

    no wonder it’s hurting.

    prolly stinks too

  23. unbelievable Says:

    Jackson is a great teammate when he’s getting lots of balls thrown his way and racking up stats.

    As soon as he has a quiet game, his mentorship disappears and he starts whining like a diva.

  24. aj Says:

    Hump runs great routes, that is where he gets separation, and he has a knack at getting every yard out of every catch. He is a legitimate threat in this league. Not his fault they can’t field a better punt returner.

    Didn’t Godwin run a 4.3 at the combine? Maybe it’s time to let him loose.

  25. JimmyJack Says:

    What moron decided to make this jerkoff our team captain?

  26. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Let’s just continue to stir the pot, and spin the unsettling drama more …smh

  27. Dlavid Says:

    Jackson is a real talent but he does not give the effort to haul in balls that he is being paid for ! Many times over the last two years he could have laid out for a ball or not alligator armed it ! Get rid of him got a fine group with Evans , Hump , Godwin , Watson ….

  28. Robert Says:


    I would agree with 99% other scenario’s. hell I used to want him traded

    until I saw what he can do when fitz was throwing too him.

    he has ever reason to be livid with crabman and the situation

    I think he has showed huge restraint as their costing him millions in his next contract. they should have traded him, but didn’t because the did not know the jw situation. JW has screwed him in every hole. my bet is he’d KO jw given the opportunity

  29. Eric Says:

    In the last nine games Djax has one touchdown reception, in the cincy game thrown by Jameis.

    In that nine game span Fitz started five of those games. So he can blame JW all he wants but the stats don’t bear it out.

    we aren’t going to lose much.

    and we get rid of a royal pia.

  30. pelbuc Says:

    He has no trade value anymore. Should have traded him before the deadline. Try to trade him after the season, if not, release him and pay Humphries. He has heart!

  31. cgmaster Says:

    Robert, Maybe you missed the last three games fitztragic qb’d.
    11 catches for a grand total of 132 yards or 45 yards a game.
    You all live off of that facade of the first tow games for those two clowns. It’s hysterical.

  32. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    another in a long line of jason licht dumbarse moves by not trading this guy, jason gump is top 3 worst gms in all of pro sports, he needs to be shown the door ASAP

  33. Jerry Jones Says:

    True, JW has hasn’t been able to hit him but I don’t ever see Djax fight for a ball. There are quite a few passes I’ve seen thrown his way that he could have dove for or just simply adjusted a little but he won’t do it.

  34. Mike Johnson Says:

    For whatever reason Fitz throws perfect balls to jackson. Yet Jameis over and under throws him quite frequently. Hell, I’d want out too! Deshaun will go to another team and flourish, And probably like many others..come back to bite the Bucs square in their A’s. its just..BUCLIFE baby!!

  35. Lord Cornelius Says:

    All I know is he doesn’t seem to give a s*** about winning based on what just happened.

    Remainder removed for hateful commentary. –Joe

  36. Eric Says:

    Very few “perfect throws” from Fitz to DJAX in the last five games Fitz has started. All losses. no td catches and averaging less than 50 yards a game.

    How come Evans keeps up his productivity when JW plays? And Hump and Brate.

    But not Djax.

    Get rid of the jack ass.

  37. SOEbuc Says:


  38. unbelievable Says:

    @Robert, outside of those first 2 games he hasn’t done much though. He doesn’t fight for balls. And look at his most recent stats that Eric posted:

    Eric Says:
    November 26th, 2018 at 3:31 pm
    In the last nine games Djax has one touchdown reception, in the cincy game thrown by Jameis.

    In that nine game span Fitz started five of those games. So he can blame JW all he wants but the stats don’t bear it out.

    45 yards / game in the last 3 starts from Fitz….

  39. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Plus when game is on the line we have Djax to return punts!

    …like he did in the Steelers game

  40. Jonathan Lipnicki Says:

    Interesting development…Licht loves him and is one of his most “prized” free agent signings. It would probably serve Winston well to shelve DJax actually. Evans, Brate, Goodwin & Humphries are more than enough to compete offensively.

  41. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The time to trade him was before the trade deadline. When he was closer to his big games and his value was higher.

    Jon Gruden needed WRs badly, and DJax fit the role. Perfect trade partner with a lot of picks.

    Too late for that now. Now we’ll be extremely lucky to get a 3rd rounder.

  42. JRUSS Says:

    Robert has a personal issue with JW it’s not about football at all. I actually like djax but he’s to blame also for the disconnect. His effort is lackluster when the ball isn’t perfect. And he flattened that route yesterday to separate from the defense, which makes the pass look even worse.

  43. aj Says:

    Let him go to IR and then let’s go find a linebacker.

  44. Tony LA Says:

    This is ridiculous and VERY unwise.
    If every baby on an NFL roster was put on IR, teams would never be able to field 53.

    Joe, do you watch the ALL-22????
    Regardless of what stats DJax gets, he always draws a corner in coverage and more of ten than not a safety shifts towards his side of the formation. This is what opens up the middle for the TE’s, Humphries and those delicious Evans over the middle slants. Lose Djax and you lose that.

    How does that help, exactly?

    Come on.

  45. DWilkes36 Says:

    Bucs Fan #7423…

    “You guys are idiots if you want to get rid of deshawn jacksons.”
    -Deshawn = DeSean
    -Jacksons = Jackson

    In the same sentence you’re calling people idiots? Hahaha

  46. Iamabuc Says:

    I believe nobody has entertain the idea that probably Jameis is not throwing the ball right to him as a payback for all the trash he’s being talking and team against him. If you guys noticed, JW3 can hit our receivers in stride for yac..he have done it and did it yesterday a couple of times (a couple to ME13 and a coiple to Hump that I remember)…sooo…

  47. Iamabuc Says:

    DJax really have to go.

  48. Eric Says:

    Evans played just fine before Djax got here. Godwin can run fly patterns to draw defenders.

    Djax is not a buccaneer man.

  49. catcard202 Says:

    DJax is right, from the stand point that he’s not being utilized properly…He should have been Slot Only / KR / PR & Holder….But it wasn’t like he didn’t get chances to make plays on the field…You still have to make plays when opportunity knocks. Koetter has force fed DJax plays…However, DJ Dropsies & inconsistent effort aren’t on JW3!

    Sometimes it’s addition by subtraction…Sometimes what looks good in theory, on paper…Just doesn’t work out when those grand plans are put to practical application… This appears to be one of those cases.

  50. Buc4evr Says:

    Bucs should not put DJax on IR. He is needed to be a decoy to clear coverage at the very least and still can catch passes. No way.

  51. Buc1987 Says:



  52. Rod Munch Says:

    You don’t put him on IR unless it’s legit because you hope to trade him to someone like the Redskins who have no NFL WRs. He might get you as high as a 3rd rounder if he breaks 1000 yards.

  53. YucLife Says:

    Should have traded him during the deadline ?? Still don’t understand that non move, but oh well.. just hear me out on this, but the Bucs need to bring in Reuben Foster !!! The guy is a beast and if you read the shady details this girl has had it out for him because it’s his first love. Remember he just turned 24 and she’s 29, but told the courts she was out to ruin his career ?? Remember ladies can be manipulative as well, but sign him and we are giving Winston a pass Joe

  54. YucLife Says:

    Should have traded him during the deadline ?? Still don’t understand that non move, but oh well.. Bucs need to bring in Reuben Foster !!! The guy is a beast and if you read the shady details this girl has had it out for him because it’s his first love. Remember he just turned 24 and she’s 29, but told the courts she was out to ruin his career ?? Remember ladies can be manipulative as well, but sign him and we are giving Winston a pass Joe

  55. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Get him out. Just do it. IR.

    I know we need him… need his speed… but I think as a group right now, we benefit from him sitting.

    And i have a sneaky feeling…. just watch Jameis hit a few deep throws… to others. — DJax is in his head.. he is trying to make it happen.. and overtrying. I think that is why it is not connecting.

    Let the kid just play,, with who he has got,, and see what happens. See if he doesn’t hit a few.

    Just sayin…

  56. Dapostman Says:

    Put Mesean on IR and promote Watson. You know the guys who will actually grow with Winston because Mesean will be Megone next season and this year is a building one. IR or cut bait……………

  57. tmaxcon Says:


    Choirboy loving bucfan rather go 0-16 than give a youngman the benefit of the doubt.

  58. Dapostman Says:

    Yes put him on the

    Irrelevant Receiver list

  59. gilhealy Says:

    Watson can fly. Kid’s a stud. He can stretch the field, and make the tough grabs. Loves the game. The quicker he gets play time, the better. This WR, TE corp could be lethal for years. Get him in. He’s gonna be a big part of it.

  60. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:

    Get him out of Winstons ear!

    It’s causing forced turn-overs.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    He wants to play with an elite qb

  62. Dapostman Says:

    Sports Reporter: Desean, your reactions to your teams devastating loss?

    Desean: Footballs a team sport. So uh, I got to put the loss squarely on the shoulders of my supporting cast. Look I been carrying these guys the whole season. I can’t do it all. I need some help.

    Sports Reporter: So your 4 dropped passes weren’t a factor in your mind?

    Desean: Not if my QB would have layed the ball in there like a pillow. Again, Desean can’t do everything…………….

  63. Nano Says:

    And just like Jamesis all he needs is to score 2 td one pass one punt return and you will welcome him with open arms
    Stop it
    This article is basura

  64. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Dapostman & gilhealy

    You guys are straight up right on Watson. I believe this kid has somethin. And Jameis likes him. Lets see what happens

  65. gilhealy Says:



  66. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    Lmao good stuff man.

    Bo knows Bo.
    DeSean knows DeSean.

  67. BucEmUp Says:

    I never wanted this guy from the get go…hopefully the bears will make a trade for him….he would be good there.

  68. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    @Joe Blahak

    Cmon man.. you feel it too, dont ya? I know you have been as harsh a critic of Jameis as we’ve got on JBF…. but cmon man, you feel it could be.

    Maybe its wishful thinking… maybe WAY too many beers after a hard day at work in credit card fraud…

    Joe,,,,,, maybe Jameis can put that FINAL piece to the puzzle, the long ball… to better action…. without DeSean.

    Whatya think?

  69. LakeLand Says:

    I warned these fools before they signed DJax

    They was making a huge mistake

  70. LakeLand Says:

    But they had to have #WeaponsForWinston#

    But they were the wrong weapons
    They should have been beefing up the O-Line
    Signing/Drafting a LEGITIMATE 3 down RB

  71. Dapostman Says:

    Lakeland is Tampa’s version of Captain Obvious

  72. tmaxcon Says:

    organizations with solid leadership from the front office and ownership can handle personalities like Djax bucs organization is totally void of leadership and direction does not have the ability to keep talented players in check which leads to a long-cherished tradition of basement titles. it’s a bucs life.

  73. BucEmUp Says:

    Humph and Godwin….and even JUSTIN WATSON would ALL be more productive consistently than Desean Jackson. Getting rid of him would be an instant improvement.

    But nothing matter until the Defense is fixed….yesterday was against a bad team with no wide receivers.

  74. LakeLand Says:


    If it’s so obvious

    Why haven’t the GM addressed the problems?

  75. jjbucfan Says:

    Perfect timing, I thought he may have pulled a hammy running a 4.2 into the locker room as opposed to on his routes. Please bring Bobo up, not Reedy or even Martino (who I normally like)…time to go young! I’m not a hater, I would like to see him a Jameis get it together, if they can, wonderful. If not, thank you for your time as a Buc.

  76. The Buc Realist Says:

    Wow, Look at joe and all the sheep trash the guy because jw3 can’t throw an accurate deep ball!!!!!!!! When the sheep get their wish and Djax is gone next year, and Jw3 has a new coach to “fix jw3”, the “real” fans do not want to hear that “now the bucs need a wr to stretch the field”!!!!!!!!

    #blame everything for holding jw3 back!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. jjbucfan Says:

    True BucEmUp- but we blitzed them from every angle because we weren’t scared of Mullen. We will play so scared against the big dawg QBs that we usually have lost by halftime. If we are going to lose, go down fighting!!

  78. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    Yes you were right. You were totally right and i dont mind saying it. In fact this Bud Light (sincerely) is for you.

    But also for Dapostman & gilhealy,, these Bufs are for you (i definitely need to get rid of these)…

    In fact…. in fact….. EVERYONE! !!! This round is on me… to all my brothers n sisters on JBF… this Bud is for YOU.

    Now! How many of us are there?
    Cr@p. — damn, kind of slot.
    Ok… but its the thought that counts, right?


  79. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Sorry for all the typos.
    Ok i am putting down the phone.
    Step away from the phone.
    Luv yall.. go Bucs

  80. LakeLand Says:

    Tampa Bay Demon,

    Dirk Koetter wanted DJax, not for Jameis
    He wanted DJax because he wanted a explosive offense

    The Bucs were doing fine in 2016, 9-7 record
    Jameis passed for 4,000 yards
    But Koetter want to break passing records
    He want to be known as a passing guru

    He knew that the deep ball wasn’t a strength of Jameis
    But he didn’t care, he was willing to sacrifice the team
    For his personal ambitions

    All the Bucs needed was a 3 down RB
    And another WR opposite ME aka Chris Godwin
    Another OG, not named Sweezy

  81. Knack2Babbyyyy Says:

    DeQuit Jackson, is the type of player that would be happy if his team got blown out by 50 points, but he had a 150+ yard game with 2 touchdowns. If I was Dirk Koetter, I would deactivate him for the rest of the season. It would send a message throughout the locker room, that piss poor attitude and effort from any player will not be tolerated.

  82. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ^^^ @LakeLand

    An incredible post above, man. Can not argue with one single thing that you said. — Well said, man

  83. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’m LMAOH. Why? When you are a Loser its..Fire everybody. Fans here sat get rid of GMC, Get rid of Jackson..Who’s next? Pretty soon it will be..1-15 again huh? Jackson will be fine. He simply has to much speed and talent. I’m willing to bet..he come back and puts a beating shine on these Bucs which last foreever. Don’t they all?


  84. SOEbuc Says:

    Is it me or does Jameis connect much better down field with his bigger receivers than the smaller ones like DJax?

    -6’2″ 220 lbs.
    -4.42 40-time (only two receivers ran faster than 4.41 and seven between 4.41 and 4.43 at the combine)
    -Twenty 225 lb. bench reps
    -40-inch vertical (OMG!!!)
    -GIGANTIC wingspan

    “He says he aims to crack the No. 3 receiver spot for whichever team he ends up with by the end of his rookie year.” – The Daily Pennsylvanian

    Said it himself. Get b!tch boy out and replace him with a more mature rookie that could be our next All-Star on our WR corp.

  85. Rod Munch Says:

    SOEbuc – When Winston was coming out in the draft I remember the talk again and again about how he does better with big WR’s because he’s willing to throw the ball high and let guys go up and get it. I’ve seen the INT stats on D-Jax, but I haven’t seen them on Hump, and I think Winston gets into a huge amount of trouble when throwing to Hump, more so than D-Jax – at least that’s the impression I get from watching games without having access to the actual stats.

    But big guys, Godwin, Evans, OJ, Brate, all big guys and Winston does certainly seem to hit them at a much higher percentage than the pipsqueaks.

  86. Doug Says:

    This guy was such a bad signing, Jameis has never been the same since we signed this guy. He forces the ball to him.

  87. LakeLand Says:

    Jameis Winston throws a good “Deep” jump ball
    The WR has to fight for those balls

    DJax isn’t willing to fight for balls, that’s not his forte
    Remember the Dunkaneers, ME,VJax, ASJ
    Those are Winston type receivers

    DJax demands a clean “In my hand” deep ball
    He will never get that from Jameis

    This is why I was so against DJax signing

  88. SOEbuc Says:

    Rod Munch

    Hump is mature on and off the field with his team. Plays the position and runs the plays that are drawn up for him extremely well. He takes it all the way downfield on a WR screen. DJax just wants his down field bombs for stats and Jameis isn’t giving him that so that’s why he’s crying like a baby that’s just been born.

    By the way, that GIGANTIC wingspan on Watson I was talking about, 33.75 inch!!! 86th percentile. Not as tall, but that and a 40-inch vertical this guy could be Mike Evans 2.0 in the end zone.

  89. CT Buc's fan. Says:

    If Winston is retained next season I say cut DJax, as for whatever reason they can’t seem to develop chemistry. And we need the money to pay for other positions in which we’re weaker.

    We’ll still be good on WR and we can spend that 11 million to get help in one of the many areas in which we can use help. How about some competition for Peyton Barber at the RB position?

  90. FortMyersDave Says:

    Winston seems to have developed a rapport with Brate, Evans, Godwin and Humphries. Why on Earth should he be wasting his time trying to keep that malcontent DJax. The DJax signing may be one of the most damaging ones that Licht has made during his time here and that is saying a lot…….. The redskins did not seem to sad to see him go, kind of the same way the Bills and Jets feel about Fitz………. All Djax did was fracture a locker room that already was short on leadership. Perhaps DJax could work on a team that kept him under control but he never worked out here in Tampa or Washington for that matter….

  91. Dapostman Says:


    because obviously they aren’t good at their jobs. See what I did there?

  92. Dave Says:

    DJax is never going to win those jump ball contests. Half the DBs are taller than him.
    He’s made his career catching balls in stride and then breaking tackles. Jameis just simply cannot get the ball to him in stride.

  93. adam from ny Says:

    the guy doesn’t give proper effort…about a 6.5 out of 10…which is just passable…it is abundantly clear from watching him play that his priority is to avoid hits over making a catch…his prime focus is keeping his body safe from hits and injury – this trumps catching all balls for him…he just wants to protect his body before leaving the league..grimes is definitely doing this too…but yesterday at one point grimes decided to join the party – he got the fever i guess, watching his teammates playing well…anyway be careful what you wish for with djax…the fact is he really loosens up the field for all fellow receivers when he’s in the game…and that is uber important…let him play out the season and get rid of him after…we will need a stretch the field threat to replace him tho…evans is definitely not that guy…if anyone has problems with djax they can yoke him up in the locker room by the showers like in jail

  94. Rod Munch Says:

    SOEbuc – Hump is a great 4th WR – and a complete and total liability when he’s further up the depth chart. In this system, where guys are meant to win 1-on-1 battles and get seperation, he can’t get it done and we’ve seen the disaster that is him starting, and it was a disaster. But as a #4, he’s great.

    BTW to be fair to him I went back and looked at Winston’s INT’s for the last 10 games or so and in fairness to Hump I only seen him as the intended target once. So perhaps my feeling about Winston getting in trouble when throwing to him is flat out wrong – or we have to go back further than that. But I did look it up just to see what the actual numbers were and basically most of Winston’s trouble comes from targeting Evans and OJ – although I think at least 2 of those OJ targets were OJ tipping the ball in the air (I think, I could be wrong). D-Jax, I believe, had the same number of INTs with Winston as Brate – again I was doing it quickly and not writing it down, but I believe those were the numbers – it wasn’t nearly as skewed as it seems. Additionally there is not a breakdown on things like hail marys, like the Giants game, so that’s another layer that is needed for the stats.

    As for drafting a WR the Bucs have to get a real safety to replace the abortion that is Chris Conte, and they have to get at least one more starter at corner and lots of depth – and if they move on from Kwon they need a starting LB, they need DE’s, if they move on from Smith they will need two OT’s. So they have a ton of needs – I can’t imagine a WR is high on their list. However, with that said, I’ve said since last year, the best defense is an offense that scores 40 – so sometimes you keep piling up guys and building on strength as a way to try to win now – but I don’t think the Bucs have that luxury.

    As for Hump I think he gets high end #3 money from someone, but hopefully not here. I’d love for them to keep Hump as a #4 WR, I know that sounds like an insult, but it’s not, as a #4 he’s a matchup problem and he can provide big plays. But as a #3 WR he’s one injury away from starting, and that would basically kill the entire season since he can’t get open against starting NFL corners – well unless he’s playing against Bucs corners, then he probably has a shot.

  95. Anonymous Says:

    @Rod Munch: I guess we watch different games. The Humphries I see may be the most dependable WR on the roster.

    He’s the Bucs Wes Welker and the best slot man on the roster, if not the division or Conference.

  96. SOEbuc Says:

    Rod Munch

    I’m not talking about drafting a receiver. I’m talking about putting in our Ivy League Cooper Kupp 2.0 man-beast Justin Watson in. Another strong jaw white boy late pick like Hump and Brate to ball out.

    And don’t take it the wrong way, but don’t throw stats about who Jameis is targeting when he throws picks. Hump has the BEST HANDS of this #1 group of receivers and has been the highlight of the season. It’s a throwing offense. That’s why he gets so many catches and yards as a #4 WR. Can guarantee his ass ain’t going no where.


  97. Season Is Over Says:

    Weapons for Winston!

  98. donuts Says:

    We need upgrades on both OL/DL. These passing game battles are won in the trenches.

  99. tnew Says:

    Hump is always where he’s supposed to be on the field. That is what he does well and that is why he will have a long career, hopefully for the Bucs. If Djax or Koetter, was more willing to have Djax in the slot running drag routes underneath clearing routes, he could be special.

  100. adam from ny Says:

    do you think he said he won’t do slant routes either, so he doesn’t take hits?

  101. SOEbuc Says:


    See what Cappa and Liedtke can do. Go pay a RT. Ed Oliver in the first round solves this d-lines problems.

  102. Fire Light Says:

    DJax is adittion by subtraction

  103. SenileSenior Says:

    Tnew. I’m seconding what you said about paying Humphries. HE IS A BUCCANEER.

    Remember how he prevented two interceptions in the ‘Skins game last week. He is worth his weight in gold as a football player! And he is not a bad as a Wide Receiver either. :O

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!

  104. Season Is Over Says:

    Koetter not being able to utilize this guy properly is still a major problem. Yes, Jackson grew a worsening attitude. The answer as to why is more complicated than just him being selfish. It isn’t all on the Qbs either. The organization has failed to provide the proper infrastructure for him to prosper. You can argue as to why and what level the blame resides. He must take some of the blame also. Clearly there are effort issues at this point. It didn’t start this way. The deep passes Fitz threw in the first couple games were on the money. Fitz and Jackson made it look easy. Why he failed here is important. The bigger question is why the organization allows him to be on the team after his public acknowledgement. Surely greed doesn’t overcome respect at this point. If Winston had been suspended by the team for his prior antics he would be a better QB right now. Lead by example and I hope the Glazers are watching.

    I have no allegiance to Fitz. Nor do I want to see him fail any more than he already has at being a starter. Winston put the team in position to play Fitz, not once but twice. Koetter would have been reamed had he not gone back to Fitz after seeing the first couple games. Recently, Fitz was not throwing nearly the same ball he was in the beginning of the year. No zip or command on the longer passes. I think he lost his arm strength somewhere along the line. I don’t want to use it as an excuse. It was clear. Fitz was the only QB not turning the ball over at an alarming rate which made him the only QB that could win with that defense. Just like I said all year. Once he started with the turnovers he was useless.

    Winston has every chance in the world. I honestly hope he has turned the corner and will be a level-headed QB. The numbers don’t make sense. I can make an argument five different ways for Winston being good or bad. Admittedly, the infrastructure has failed the team. Even with a new coach the excuses can just start again. New system, new whatever… he needs more time. It is a vacuum. He needs to be what they drafted him to be. End of story.

  105. THETRUTH Says:

    without DJ defense wont worry about deep threat , we saw this for years with bucs , this is why we signed him. there is reason our WR are more open this year.

    when he leaves like people want you wont see a long ball again , unless its a 50/50 cause no one has to cover past 20 yards.

    hit a man in stride and you would see what he can do.
    if manning or brady was here he would have 80 plus yards a game easy

  106. lambchop Says:

    So, let me get this straight. We got DJax to be the deep threat yet we didn’t realize that we needed a QB who could accurately get it to him on deep passes? And we are blaming DJax for that? Look his bread and butter are deep passing plays, he likes to have the ball in stride and dropped in his basket, otherwise you’re not going to get much of an adjustment from him. He performed on these very same requirements with other capable QBs, but again let’s blame DJax.

    C’mon man. That means we should pass on all speedy WRs who aren’t 6’5″ because every WR would be pissed when he can easily get open but he can’t have a timely thrown ball.

    I’m not blaming Jameis. I’m blaming Jason Licht and anyone else who signed off on this experiment without realizing this was going to happen. Winston is not a consistently accurate passer at 15 yards down the field, let alone 50. He relies on his statues to high point his passes and make adjustments to the ball. Someone should have realized that.

    But, no we should rather put DJax on IR for a silly injury and have him bad mouth this organization for other free agents thinking of coming to our team in the future – like DJ Swearinger, Blount, Bennett, Talib, Revis, Tynes, Carl Nicks, Matt Bryant, etc etc ad naseum.

    Yes, that sounds like a really smart thing to do.

  107. lambchop Says:

    Mark Barron.

  108. ATrain Says:

    I love how Joe will throw DJax away because Jamies can’t throw a pass

    Yep it’s whats wrong with the BUCS fall in love with a player not their play

  109. Brandon Says:

    Considering that DJax is actually in 4th place on the team in snap counts at the WR position tells me that most of you don’t pay too much attention.

    Mike Evans is on the field over 80% of the time.

    Humphries is on the field just under 70% of the time.

    Godwin is on the field for just under 60% of the time.

    Djax is on the field at just over 50% of the time.

    Djax isn’t really taking away from anybody’s snap counts… AND Rudy Humphries based on numbers alone is our #2 WR.


  110. VFL98 Says:

    not a fan of Djax. See Ya!!