Koetter Clashes With Ex-Buccaneers

November 3rd, 2018

Joe needs more than one hand to identify the former players, including ex-Bucs, who are certain that Jameis Winston’s mechanics are suffering.

A fresh name was added to the list yesterday morning, and Dirk Koetter expressed his disbelief 10 hours later.

Buccaneers Radio Network analyst John Gilmore, the paid-by-Team-Glazer former tight end, was clear about Jameis on WDAE-AM on Friday morning, “It seems to be a mechanical thing,” Gilmore said. He added it’s “what I see on tape,” referring to floating the football and other troubles.

Koetter has heard the mechanics chatter and seems to think mechanics are not failing America’s Quarterback.

The head coach weighed in multiple times on his Buccaneers Radio Network show last night. “I’m not one of these people buying into this mechanical thing,” Koetter said. That came after he said, “I’m not sure where this mechanics thing is coming from.”

If Koetter wants a clearer understanding of Jameis’ mechanical issue, Joe would wholeheartedly recommend Koetter call former Bucs and Patriots QB Jeff Carlson, who also piled on Jameis’ mechanics this week.

Carlson is a first-class guy who lives locally and has devoted decades to teaching quarterbacks. Joe has interacted with Carlson many times and there’s no doubt, in a matter of minutes, he could identify and diagram various issues with Jameis.

Is that a stone Koetter is willing to turn over?

61 Responses to “Koetter Clashes With Ex-Buccaneers”

  1. Season Is Over Says:

    This is the coach you have been pining for. The QB guru that you propped up. Are you years late to the party? You asked for this when everyone complained and now you ask if Koetter is willing to look into his own inadequacies? Are you being serious? No one is going to take complaining about Koetter from you seriously. We had our laugh years ago.

  2. bucsnole Says:

    Where has Mike Bajakian been during this whole mess. . . I would like to hear what he has to say. And what about George Whitfield???
    We have industry analysts saying they see throwing mechanics issues and coaches say they dont see it.

  3. Pete I Says:

    Well he will be part of the EX buccaneers club very soon so he might not want to pick fights with the members of his soon to be commune.

  4. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “Is that a stone Koetter is willing to turn over?”

    “You can’t handle the truth!!!” Jack Nicholson in a “Few Good Men”

    Cognitive dissonance….denial…whatever you wish to call it is a debilitating thing. Koetter is coaching handicapped if he can’t bring himself to turn over that stone.

    Sad because as Jesus Himself taught…”The truth will set you free”

    Just face up to it Dirk. At least explore the possibility that ALL these other people with great credentials are not mistaken.

  5. Cobraboy Says:

    Once upon a time we had “Weapons for Winston.

    Now we have “Excuses for Winston.”

    How times have changed.

  6. Bird Says:

    Non story.

    Anyone can see the happy feet.

    Some guys can throw off back feet and at different angles – Aaron Rodgers even newbie Patrick mahommes Jameis ain’t one of those guys.

    He does not want to pile on Winston as he is already taking plenty of criticism.

  7. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Like you said Joe, if the coaches cant see it but everyone else can. That aint a good sign.

    This kind of thing is why I wanted Koetter gone after last season. Really makes me wish Jameis hadn’t thrown that hail mary touchdown to Godwin vs the Saints.

    If we lose that game. I think Koetter and Smith get the axe. Which I would have done anyway. Because Koetter, like/accept it or not, is flat out not the guy who will win us a SB. He’s not a good enough during the season. Every year is the same, start out strong then get your butt kicked and drop to 3-5 digging your self into a hole that statistically no one gets out of.

    Another thing that happens if we lose that game, We get a shot at Bradley Chubb, Quenton Nelson, or Denzel Ward because we’d have been sitting at #4 if I remember correctly.

    Chubb is 100 percent the stud we all thought he was and has 7 sacks as a rookie.

    Nelson is 100 percent the stud most thought he was, excluding the “DONT TAKE A GUARD IN THE 1ST!” crowd. He is mauling people and Marlon mack has 230 something yards in the last 2 games.

    And Denzel Ward, who myself and John Dorsey correctly marked as a stud and future Shut down corner. People seem to forget that 5’10 corners have been very successful in this league. Especially ones with elite, superior athleticism like Ward possesses. He has 39 tackles, 9 Passes defensed, 3 picks and a FF half way through the season ON THE BROWNS!

  8. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Koetter and Licht need to go.

  9. Lamarcus Says:


    How do you those said rookies would of succeed here in Tampa? Tampa is a mine field and historical cannot develop players. Jameis is the prime example

  10. Seminole Bill Says:

    There is nothing wrong with Jameis’ hands and feet, as Carlson claims. The problem is in his head. He takes too many chances, gambles with the ball when he should take the check down receiver or throw it away. If we get multiple people trying to coach the young man it will screw him up forever.

  11. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    Lamarcus I can’t say definitively whether Ward would have succeeded if Smitty had still been here because of how bad his secondary scheme was.

    But Chubb and Nelson are so damn good that they are scheme proof. Nelson Especially would have fit in phenomenally well here. With and interior line of Marpet, Jenson, and Nelson. We could run the ball on anyone.

  12. Jerry Jones Says:

    Of course Koetter will say that, he was supposed to be in charge of developing Jameis and is one of the main reasons he stayed on so why would he admit Jameis’ mechanics are bad?

  13. Jeffbuc Says:

    Koetter needs to go every year same thing like schwiftybuc said. Every year we come out flat on the road unprepared. We have at least 6 of those games a year where we are down 21-0 or 21-6 before we even get the meat off the grill. Then we have to ditch the whole game plan that stunk from the beginning and turn to passing every down. How about on the road like this Sunday. Let’s throw some quick slants to our 6-5 230 pound receiver or to Godwin also big bodied on the third corner. And I think desean still being one of the fastest guys in the nfl could get open on slants also. I don’t understand why we don’t run more of them. Every other game I watch that is there staple play when they need 4-7 yards. I really think we could run slants all the way down the field with the occasional deep middle to Howard when linebacker collapse. But what do I know I’m just a fan. But it sound like it would work to me at least try it. That’s what jameis should have been throwing 50% of the time to help with his early game inaccuracies and confidence

  14. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Have enjoyed your posts the past week. Perhaps it’s your perspective from your playing days and I loved yesterday’s story about “Jubilee”. LOL

  15. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Koetter just needs a new quarterback

  16. SchwiftyBuc Says:

    I’m not convinced that we need a new QB. I’m 100 percent convinced we need a new coaching staff.

  17. Geno Says:

    I got to be honest, I don’t remember John Gilmore as a Buc. Wasn’t he a Bear. I appreciate an analyst’s perspective but where was Gilmore at the end of last year on Jameis mechanics. Sure he might not have elite mechanics but elite decision making seems to be the key for most great qbs.

    I think the articles and comments focusing on that are more appropriate.

    This article of clashes with ex-bucs is a good article headline though.

  18. Architek Says:

    Coaching staff sucks

  19. Buc believer Says:

    Dork clashes with ex Bucs he clashes with current Bucs the only person it seems he gets along with is fat Jason Gump.

  20. Cobraboy Says:

    @stpetebucsfan: I tip my hat.

  21. Destinjohnny Says:

    Start getting draft picks ready for 20

  22. Mike Johnson Says:

    Give’em Hell Dirk!! Besides..You’re gonna be at a nice little Divisional 2 college coaching football next season. So give’em a taste of the cold steel baby!!
    Word is..Glazers already got their new HC searching antennas up and rollin.

  23. Easy Says:

    This Joe always makes excuses for Winston as evident in Kaufman’s podcast. Winston is a turnover machine and always has been whether it’s INTs or fumbles. His “mechanics” aren’t all the problem. It’s the boneheaded throws

  24. Troy Says:

    This is comical. When you throw the ball right to a defender, that’s not a mechanical issue. When you try to throw into triple coverage, that’s not a mechanical issue. Jameis has problems with staring at receivers, trying to throw into good coverage, and forcing the ball to Evans or Jackson. Yes, he overthrows people and that’s a mechanical issue. But he is a poor decision maker more than anything else.

  25. Resurrection of Duff Says:

    Joe is it possible to trade Winston in the off season?

  26. Dubcity06 Says:

    He has mechanical issues yes absolutely. And makes terrible decisions. Bad combo. Infact the worst combo for a QB.

  27. JimmyT Says:

    Hey Cobraboy
    U want to give up on a 24 year that has a lot of games for a crap franchise? Go right ahead but most football people don’t share your ridiculous view! What a JOKE

  28. JimmyT Says:

    Resurrection of Duff
    ” hey joe is it possible to trade Winston in the off season”? Uh yeah sure it’s possible! GEEZ! Or they could overpay Teddy Bridgewater who has a gimpy knee. Or since u know it all are so focused on Picks sign Tyrod “checkdown” Taylor. Yeah let’s keeps losing but hey no turnovers ! U guys r INSANE!!

  29. Not there yet Says:

    Everyone comes in with mechanics issues especially Winston but that’s not the ONLY reason why he’s worse this year than any other. Koetter has never made excuses for Winston and I’m glad Winston is sitting because Koetter won’t be able to blame his team for the poor record they will have this season. Koetter is in full save my job mode but just isn’t good enough to keep his job.

    If you’re all out on Winston that’s fine but he said Fitz gives them the best chance to lose, don’t blame Fitz for being Fitz when we’re losing. Cam isn’t all that accurate but they are winning because they have a competent coach. Below average offense above average defense, difference is the head coach.

  30. BucEmUp Says:

    Jameis deserves a shot with another head coach…even Monken. Koetter is failing. Not just with his qb, all phases of this team are failing. Kicking, defense, special teams clock management. I really hope they are not stupid enough to let him play under a new coach. Tell ya what if they promoted Monken he may call and work a deal with John lynch for mullens. Especially if they bring in Brooks for head of operations.

  31. westernbuc Says:

    Mechanics doesn’t throw the ball into triple coverage or make the wrong read….

  32. Rod Munch Says:

    You must keep in mind that Dirk throws hissy fits and has literally quit on the team before. Right now he’s throwing a hissy fit because he was forced to fire Mike Smith and wanted the chance to be able to say “see it’s not Mike Smith that was the problem.” You might not believe that, but I do, because Dirk is that kind of guy. If Jameis gets the team 48 in Atlanta his buddy Mike Smith still has a job (of course if the kicker makes his kicks the Bucs win and Mike Smith would still have his job).

    So right now hissy fit Dirk is mad at Winston, doesn’t want any fix, he’s just like an 8-year old child who throws a fit, is made to stand in the corner, and then won’t leave the corner out of spite.

  33. unbelievable Says:

    I wanted Bajakian gone after 2015.

    The guy is worthless IMO.

  34. Cobraboy Says:

    JimmyT Says:

    Hey Cobraboy
    U want to give up on a 24 year that has a lot of games for a crap franchise? Go right ahead but most football people don’t share your ridiculous view! What a JOKE

    Give up?

    Not really.

    I just don’t want to see him in a Buc uniform until he figures out that the other jerseys are the other team, the enemy, and he quits giving them the ball.

    He’s had four years to figure it out and STILL makes the same mistakes as a rook.

    I just don’t see him getting any better. IMO, he’s peaked.

    Many of his errors are not aggressive errors like Farve used to make. I can forgive aggressive errors, you know, team down a couple of scores, not much time left, and it’s time for desperation. I can forgive those errors, like I can forgive an occasional holding call going against a beastly, bad-ass DE out to dismember the QB, or forgive a personal foul when a lineman retaliates against a cheap shot on the QB.

    But that is not Winston. Many if not most of his errors are not aggressive errors. They are dumb-ass errors, throwing right to a guy like he’s invisible. Over and over. Like fumbling. Like holding the ball waaay too long. Like forcing the ball to a player when someone else is open, not taking what the defense gives.

    Why is that a “joke?”

    But if you want to make excuses for some of the worst QB play possible, play that far outweighs good plays, be my guest. I just tire of seeing good plays being the meat in a s#!t sammich.

    As a knowledgeable fan, I’ve seen enough. But opinions vary.

  35. JimmyT Says:

    A real coach like Jim Harbaugh would NOT TAKE the job unless he could have Jameis. Jameis IS A FRANCHISE QB and a real coach that understands how to build a Complete team would take Jameis in a second

  36. D1 Says:


    You know this how?

  37. JimmyT Says:

    Cobra boy
    I don’t give a SPIT if you have seen enough! Who the hell r u? All I know is Super Bowl winning coaches like Jimmy Johnson would NOT give up on Jameis and Phil Sims, a super bowl winning QB thinks more of Jameis than Marriotta AND says his “high” picks can most definitely be coached out of him so whatever! I hope Jameis is back next year with a real coaching staff!

  38. Slugglife Says:

    This guy JimmyT seems to be throwing a hissy fit. You see, he doesn’t give a spit what you think, but you damn well better give a spit what he thinks.

    Click your heels together and make a wish that Winston gets better Jimmy. The rest of us want to see the Bucs have a chance at winning, not see how many Carolina defenders can hand out game balls to little kids in the stands.

  39. Slugglife Says:

    Brought out the big guns quoting Jimmy Johnson and Phil Simms!

  40. Cobraboy Says:

    @JimmyT: Who am I? A nobody. Just like “u.”

    But nice meltdown. Perhaps your dream will come true and Fitzpatrick stinks the place up so your diety Jameis Winston gets to throw at some more different colored jerseys.

    Let’s see: 10 INTs in 10 quarters. At that rate he’d project 64 INTs. in a full season. I’m sure Jimmy Johnson or other Super Bowl winning coaches would be down with that.

    Actually 4 INTs against the Bengals was a blessing. The Bengals dropped two, or it could have been 6 INTs.

    (channeling JimmyT)YAY! Jameis!(/channeling)

  41. Not there yet Says:

    Wow I didn’t realize futz was so accurate. It’s Winston’s fault people in this town are so desperate and clueless they see Fitz as the answer. No listen to dirk because yeah footwork has nothing to do with bad throws. 3 interceptions in one half for Fitz but yea ok he threw off his back foot on them but hey that’s normal, throwing mechanics and footwork are overrated. That’s not something Brady, brees and Rodgers have at all

  42. Easy Says:

    Draft Will Grier

  43. tickrdr Says:

    @JimmyT and the other apologists:
    More than 28% of the offensive drives led by JW3 this year have ended with a TURNOVER by Winston.
    In 39 drives he has had 11 TURNOVERS (10 INTs and 1 FUM). That is the equivalent of the Bucs’ offense getting to play for only three quarters of the game, while the opponents get to play the full four quarters. Note that these are only drives ended by Winson’s mistakes. This does not take into account fumbles by other players, or any other lost possessions due to missed kicks, dropped passes or critical penalties etc.


  44. Cobraboy Says:

    Fact: If Winston turned the ball over at half his historic rate, he’d be a hero.

    But that IF is not reality so the guy is a liability to winning football.

  45. Cobraboy Says:

    tickrdr Says:

    @JimmyT and the other apologists:
    More than 28% of the offensive drives led by JW3 this year have ended with a TURNOVER by Winston.

    That stat gives me tachycardia 😉

  46. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Well played hurling tachycardia at our Cardiologist poster.

    I had to look it up…I’m sure tickdr did not!

  47. Pittsshore Says:

    I just hope we are able to lose enough games in order to draft Will Grier.

  48. tickrdr Says:

    I’ll second St.Pete, about your posts, which are typically spot on!

    As for your tachycardia, take some beta-blockers, and call me in the morning.


  49. tickrdr Says:

    BTW: I absolutely loved your rant earlier today!
    I’m not sure you need anyone else to list some of the problems for JW3.
    You did a pretty good job of that yourself.


  50. BigMacAttack Says:

    It’s really time to cut Dirk loose and find out if Monken is ready to be a head coach. If the Bucs lose Sunday, then fire Licht and Koetter Monday. Let’s see what Monken can do. We know what little Dirk brings to the table. And Licht never met a Draft he couldn’t screw up. Cut these Bozos loose.

  51. Danati74 Says:

    I haven’t read too much……I stopped when someone asked where is Mike Bajenkin or George Whitfield. Good Question, can they elaborate with us on what kinds of things they were working on and how many INTs Winston threw during their debachery and CB heaven sessions.

  52. Maddognavy Says:

    When did Jimmy become America’s QB? Who gave him that name?

  53. Jaywill Says:

    Winston suffered a hip injury on that tough hit in Atlanta game. He was limping pretty bad. Especially against Browns. That could his mechanics.

  54. Ninety9buc Says:

    It’s crazy that so many readers argue about whether Winston is a good quarterback or not. The crazier thing though is to suggest that it’s Koetters fault??? Seriously??

    Come on man!!! Dirk Koetter has given the dude every opportunity to improve it’s not like Koetter has no experience coaching quarterbacks. Koetter was coaching one of the best quarterbacks in the league (Matt Ryan) far before Winston was even a thought. Jameis is the exactly what everyone thought he was. As Denny Green would say. Nothing more nothing less. The fact is he’s just not good enough to play on an nfl team with a mediocre offensive line and a subpar defense, and still lead a team to victory.
    He’s no where near that at this point in his career.

  55. Oneilbucs Says:

    Jamies will win somewhere else just like the rest of them. Man just go draft a white quarterback so y’all can be happy. I still think that’s why a lot of you want him gone . Now go ahead and say race card just like every time when some one tell the truth. Cause if you tellingme that fizpatrick can start next year who played for 8 different teams and never played in a play off game then what you call it . Jamies need to know one thing that this is a losing franchise and and a trash fan base. When you can give up on a 24 year old quarterback who been on a losing franchise and a losing fan base, but you rather fizpatrick who never won anything but you say he’s good . Then y’all bring guys like rich Ganon that’s why this is a losing franchise and a poor fan base. Jamies will never get to be a fizpatrick cause ain’t black Rayn fizpatrick. We will probably lose today as well. If I’m a rookie I would not want to come here this is a young quarterback growth killa. This team have never delvope a quarterback in franchise history so what make you think they can now with this trash franchise and fan base.

  56. Topcoach1978 Says:

    @Cobraboy….at least I’m not the only person that has this clown figured out you won’t be able to convince the fans that are in total denial no matter how bad JW plays they’ll support and still make excuses but while JW is packing tell him to take Geraldine with him!

  57. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Grammar Much?

    Please help Jameis out of town, you can continue to carry his junk for him…..

  58. Oneilbucs Says:

    Jmark you and these racist rednecks don’t want a black quarterback no way . And that’s the real problem y’all just to cowardly to say it . I hope they do draft a white quarterback so y’all can be happy. But he will get more than 4 years to grow as a quarterback than a black quarterback will in Tampa bay. I hope Jamies leave this poor franchise and this poor fan base. And y’all can keep y’all fizpatrick are any other trash white quarterback.

  59. Schlomiebarmitzvahcircumscissorstein Says:

    Jameus has a very low iq. His limited intelligence is a disqualifier. There won’t be any “development” beyond this point. This has nothing to do with coaching.

  60. Edjustshootmebucsfan Says:

    Projection much?

  61. stpetebucsfan Says:


    You just outed yourself. When you’re WRONG…simply play the race card!!!! It’s disgusting and SHAME ON YOU!!!

    In the debate leading up to the draft…JW or MM…I certainly detected racism…I’m not a naive pollyanna…when I read words like “thug” my dog ears can pick up on that whistle. Jmark has never posted like that and in fact the vast majority here do not.

    JW’s problems are not related to the color of his skin…they’re related to the color of opposing teams uniforms which he apparently cannot see!

    And you are so damn dumb you post racist crap and then blame us? “And y’all can keep y’all fizpatrick are any other trash white quarterback.”

    What the f do you call that? BLATANT out front RACISM…”trash white QB” Again Shame on you!!!!