Ira Talks Koetter Firing Timing, Stunning Fitz-Jameis Decision & Fallout, Coach-Hiring Process, Jon Harbaugh & Mike McCarthy, And More

November 13th, 2018

The Sage of Tampa Bay sports is in disbelief at the state of the Bucs, and that says a lot for a guy who’s been covering the NFL for 40 years. Joe joins Ira for the usual highly intense chatter about all things Bucs, presented by Ed Morse Cadillac Tampa and Ed Morse Cadillac Brandon.

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18 Responses to “Ira Talks Koetter Firing Timing, Stunning Fitz-Jameis Decision & Fallout, Coach-Hiring Process, Jon Harbaugh & Mike McCarthy, And More”

  1. ben Says:

    some fans act as if Winston has been a great qb with all the weapons ..move on pls!!! Why keep pretending he is special when he has shown is not??

  2. Cobraboy Says:

    It’s painful to hear such extreme bias and Winston fanboyism to call Fitzpatrick “subpar.”

    Why don’t you guys post a poll asking fans:

    1) Who they would rather see start at QB for the balance of 2018, Fitzpatrick or Winston?, and

    2) Should Winston be brought back in 2019 at $21 million?

  3. Pryda Says:

    Jameis is so young so much potential has had crap coaches since he came into the NFL we definitely sticking with him !

  4. Eric Says:

    75tds on the bucs for first 48 games. Puts him in elite company and shows his great potential.

  5. Mike Johnson Says:

    Its a given Koetter’s outta here unless he just somehow finshes 8-8. Even then, the tides against him. I just truly think the Glazers need to turn this operation over to solid football minds. They don’t have a clue. As for Jameis, let a new coach evaluate him next season. We’ve invested far to much to see him move on and do well with another coach and team. Fitz is not winning many games for us. He’s a joutneyman for a reason! I would not be hesitant with Tony Dungy. some say he is soft and conservative. But the guy knows football and good players. Hite him in some capacity. Besides, we will get him much cheaper than a Parcells who will break the bank. We gotta stop this Buc bleeding before we are labeled the worst team in NFL History.

  6. Bucsfan77 Says:

    Another possibility for the Winston still riding the bench Is the Glazers are done with Kotter and would rather keep Winston healthy till new coach comes in and has time to work with him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Glazers sign Winston to a new short term cheap contract, 2-3 years 15-18m a year which would be mid range QB pay which Winston right now is only a mid level starting QB. That would give us a couple years to either have the new coach fix his issues or hold out till a decent one hits draft, like Tua in 20.

  7. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “It’s painful to hear such extreme bias and Winston fanboyism to call Fitzpatrick “subpar.””


    I just listened and didn’t get that impression. The points I got were:

    1. Season is basically done at 3-6 coming off 1-6 the last 7 games. Fitzpatrck is 0-4 in that stretch and is 36 years old.
    2. Both Fitzpatrick and Jameis have been turnover prone this year.
    3. Fitzpatrick is 36 years old and an established up and down player / back up QB. Winston is 24 years old and only played 2.5 NFL seasons; while setting franchise records in that time for his start to his career.

    That’s just the truth of the situation… not “bias”….

    As for your questions.. the whole reason all sane Bucs fans want to insert Winston rest of the year is so we can answer your 2nd question….

    My answer right now is “I don’t know. Probably. The 2019 draft class sucks and Fitzpatrick is not the future.”

    We should be playing Winston to see what we have. If we are done with him because of other reasons than on-the-field-performance; then cut him /trade him / deactivate him / and see what we have in Ryan Griffen.

    Either way sticking with Fitz coming off 4 losses and a 3 turnover 3 point performance makes sense how lol?

    Either way it’s not even a QB problem as much as anything else…but this just seems like a no brainer for the organization.

  8. Lord Cornelius Says:

    *Correction Jameis has played 3 full seasons worth of games at this point (49). Although he was banged up 6+ games of 2017. So probably 2.5 years worth of healthy games.

  9. Cobraboy Says:

    @ Lord Cornelius: I did not make up what was said re: “sub par.”

    And we have 4 years of knowing what Winston has.

    It is pure speculation about why Winston is riding pine, and who ordered it. We do not know.

  10. Architek Says:

    Elite company???? WTH

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    One Joe left the conversation to turn the music up and never came back.

  12. Bucs4821 Says:

    Bucsfan77 raises a good point. Offering Winston a mid-tier “prove it” (on and off the field) incentive based contract isn’t a bad idea.

  13. Season Is Over Says:

    See what we have? Lmao!

  14. GhostofSchiano Says:

    @Lord C

    Agree the draft class has mo real qb or rb prospects.

    Maybe Alabama’s Jonah Williams offensive tackle, after that not sure which way they go.

  15. ghost Says:

    you can argue jameis’ fate til you pass out, but the final call will be up to our new GM/HC

  16. Jerry Jones Says:

    Who F’ing cares, fire them all.

  17. The Ghost of Ghost Says:

    It’s very easy to make hypothetical decisions when someone else carries the financial risk.

    Jameis is guaranteed roughly $20M next year against injury. That’s it. Nothing else guaranteed. So, if it were your money on the line – $20 million, not $20 – and the forecast outcome the same one QB vs the other, would you play him? Of course, you’d also be aware that if he doesn’t pan out and ends up getting hurt, he’ll not only take your money but count the same amount, $20M, against the 2019 cap even if he’s off the team, thereby severely hindering potential FA efforts a new coach might (let’s be honest, would) want to make.

    The decision to bench Winston is not merely a lot more complex than most seem to realize, it also says a lot more about the Bucs’ future than people believe it to do.

  18. Destinjohnny Says:

    Said it the day after draft day and boy did i take the heat in JBF
    I’ll say it one more time….this was the draft that gets Jason fired