November 1st, 2018


Joe is depressed all over again.

The Bucs trotted our America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, to talk in the locker room today. And just when Joe was starting to snap out of it, Joe is, back in a blackened depression again.

Of course, Jameis has been benched for the foreseeable future and maybe for good as the Bucs quarterback. When asked today if he sees himself on the Bucs roster next year, he had an alarming answer.


There was nothing that Jameis said that gave any indication he will return to the starting lineup. Jameis declined to share any details of his sitdown with Bucs coach Dork Koetter and used the word “replaced” to describe his demotion.

When offensive coordinator Todd Monken spoke earlier, he wasn’t reassuring either. While he said the change in quarterbacks isn’t necessarily permanent, he added the move or any future moves will be Koetter’s call.

Additionally, Joe cannot remember Monken, who is outspoken if not bluntly honest, ever deflecting so many questions, referring many questions to Koetter or Jameis.

60 Responses to ““Hopefully””

  1. Rick Says:

    Cmon joe, you know better than anyone here. “It’s a business” But I hear you, it’s never a cause for celebration when someone loses their job but the stats are there. Fitz, now, gives us the best chance to win.

  2. LakeLand Says:


    He should go to the nearest church
    Get down on his knees
    And pray to the Almighty

    God please, please God

    Get me out of this CESSPOOL

  3. LakeLand Says:

    Why would would he want to continue to play for the YUCS?

    That’s the million dollar question
    It’s not like he’s leaving a great organization
    Like the Patriots, Steelers,

    These are the YUCS

    Take your blessings and move on

    It could be worse

    They could sign you to an 10 year contract

  4. Joe Says:

    Why would would he want to continue to play for the YUCS?

    He’s got 20 million reasons why.

  5. Makie Lovie Says:

    He will never be as successful anywhere else if he doesn’t have the same caliber receiving core. Mike Evans made Johnny Manziel look like a superstar…

  6. Fartman Says:

    Jameis is done… long live Fitzmagic.

  7. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Lakeland aka America’s Suicide hotline Operator”

    Kobe Faker

  8. LakeLand Says:


    I understand the $20 million for next season

    But the Bucs are holding him back
    From reaching his full potential
    He’s 24 he can make 10 times that in his career

  9. ZammyPup Says:

    Just give me/us one fricking game absent the negative doldrums BS.

    Let’s enjoy Sunday.

    Let’s enjoy Fitz.

    Throw some POSITIVE energy his way, please.

    Knock off this depressed crap.

  10. CRABMAN Says:

    hopefully he has hit bottom

  11. LakeLand Says:


    After every storm
    There’s a rainbow

  12. CRABMAN Says:

    no worries zammy. the fanbase will be united again come sunday when fitz lights it up

    it’ll be telling if jameis, crabman, winston is cheering or stewing

  13. ghost Says:

    I’d bet lakeland’s pathetic existence that Jameis is going the way of Josh Freeman

  14. asdf Says:

    I don’t understand the people that act like Jameis is some sort of elite QB in a terrible situation. Look at what Fitz has done with the exact same roster. Offense never looked or felt as explosive with Jameis. FACT

    Jameis IS NOT AN ELITE QB.

    Same issues he had coming into the league he has 4 years later and the worst parts are mental

  15. Ray Rice Says:


    You must have used your phone to type this article. “Dork Koetter, Isis outspoken”, man I hate when that happens. Dam phones and their spell check. Anyway I needed a good laugh today. Only thing that will make me laugh more is Geraldine McBooty holding a Captains team meeting.

  16. LakeLand Says:

    When the Falcons voided Michael Vick $130 million contract
    Vick went to prison
    Was released from prison

    Got a $100 million contract from the Eagles

    Now he’s a studio analyst on Fox Sports

  17. Cs2 Says:

    Welp, we gotta start looking for a quality QB, RB, CB, DE, OT in this years draft. Gotta make the best out of everything

  18. BUC IT Says:

    The bucs knew they were getting a immature guy with red flags when they drafted him #1 overall. So he must’ve been oozing with talent…. My fear is that we let him walk and he becomes a stud. Our front office needs to think long and hard about the proper decision for next year but this guy isn’t a mid 1st, 2nd round, 3rd round guy. This is a 24 year old with a ton of talent at a position very tough to find. I’m not sure what the right move is….. but don’t listen to the noise….. our front office needs to make their own decisions and not let anyone outside influence you.

  19. LakeLand Says:

    These same “Stupid” trolls was cheering when Vick went to prison

    Since Vick been out of prison
    He has made more than they can dream about making

    They still on their “Dead End” job
    Vick is comfortable in a Fox Sports studio

  20. Joe Blahak Says:

    Depressed? I’m shouting hallelujahs! This chapter of Bucs history needs to be closed. Griffin active Sunday “hopefully” too…

  21. LakeLand Says:

    When Jameis Winston is gone
    The Yucs will still Suc

    Like they have for 42 years

  22. CRABMAN Says:

    never cheered when vick went down

    never got to cheer when big ben did what he did

    jw got away with it too

    dogs and people are different

  23. CRABMAN Says:

    never got to cheer when big ben went down… cause he never dig


  24. HeavyE Says:

    This fan base will never be united, especially after we suffer the blow out!!!!keep on believing in the journey man, if you want too! LMAO

  25. Steve@Tattoobowling Says:

    There is nothing depressing about this at all.

    The NFL is a win now game to game league. This tells me that the coach interested more in winning the next game then worrying about the feelings of Jameis.

    I can assure you that the locker room has more respect for the headcoach now then if they would have simply plugged Jameis back out there knowing he hadnt earned it.

    Perhaps he gets another chance, perhaps he doesnt…We are one game out of the wildcard as it stands.

    Go Bucs…everything else will work itself out.

  26. DB55 Says:

    Look at what Fitz has done with the exact same roster
    Any idea why fitz was benched? I know he won every game he started and never turned the ball over. Any idea why he was bench half-way through his 3rd game?

  27. Bobby M. Says:

    I think the best path for Winston is similar to what Steve Young did….go sit behind a great QB (like a Tom Brady) and refine his skills more. He’s simply not ready to be an NFL QB at this time. Sitting him in Tampa isn’t going to fly, he’ll likely benefit more in the long term from a fresh start somewhere else.

  28. jmarkbuc Says:

    @BUC IT

    “The bucs knew they were getting a immature guy with red flags when they drafted him #1 overall. So he must’ve been oozing with talent…. My fear is that we let him walk and he becomes a stud.”

    Immature guy with red flags…yep

    Oozing with Talent?? oozing with turnovers

    I fear tying up money to “wait and see” if he’s gonna develop, more than I fear him becoming a stud somewhere else.. How much more do you need to see?

    It’s not taking Wentz or Mahomes 4 yrs to see if they can play.

    For those that say we don’t have this or we don’t have that, let’s suppose your right and trade this super valuable QB and get the other parts we need, since he cant make it without them anyway….

  29. BigHogHaynes Says:

    I said long ago that they would turn on JAMEIS!!

  30. Casey Morgan Says:

    I just hope to see Winston on the sidelines wearing sweats Sunday. A. We don’t want to see him play again. B. We don’t want him hurt for $20M…

  31. D-Rome Says:

    Wins are more important than Jay-Miss. He is not the future.

    Simple as that.

  32. Buccernutter Says:

    Not sure what’s so alarming or surprising by this. Or a reason to be depressed.

    This is a standard business talk. They need to win. Fitz has been playing not only better but one of the best in the league. They are going to let him play til he collapses. Which he will. If he doesn’t then it may be time to worry but that just means Fitz played well enough to keep for a while.

    When he does collapse Jameis will get his chance again and his “hopefully” response is just in light that he plays well enough. It wouldn’t get depressing til he gets on the field and sucks again.

    So we can either have fitz play well and make us contenders OR
    He plays bad and gives Jameis another shot who
    Plays well and is back next year OR
    Plays terrible and we start over.

    Only one outcome is truly depressing. And we’re not there yet.

    I honestly believe Fitz plays well. Wins us 2 of the next 4 then jameis comes back and plays better than ever. Then he comes back next year and then anything can happen.

  33. Dooshlarue Says:

    ….. Lakeland

    And when the Bucs flourish without him you will change your name to Mulberry and act like you’re new on this message board.

  34. LakeLand Says:

    When the Bucs flourish

    There will be no more football
    There will be no more world

    If the Bucs flourish
    The world will come to an end

  35. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Again, our fanbase proving again how dumb they are. You guys are chomping at the bit to go back to the days of Glennon, Greise, Sims, & McCown. This franchise has gone 40 years playing mostly scrubs at QB. Jameis has set numerous franchise records and if he lives I can assure you he will get coached up and go onto have a great career. Any real fan of the Bucs has seen enough of Jameis too know that when he is on he is a top tier QB. Once he lands somewhere where there is a running game, a somewhat decent line and a defense that can make an occasional stop you all will rue this rush to get him out of here. I know many of the posters were Jameis haters from day 1 and are ecstatic to see him struggling now. You will regret it though when we are trotting out scrub QBs and Jameis turns the corner.

  36. Pete I Says:

    Great picture, accurate caption. Winston is sad. Sad example of a QB , face of the franchise and role model.

  37. Fartman Says:

    Sounds like to me the owners have spoken. I’m betting Jameis will be wrapped in bubble wrap, the rest of the season to avoid paying him the 20 mil.

  38. Joe Blahak Says:

    20 million can help the defense improve…best spending practice

  39. RustyRhinos Says:

    Yes, Lakeland every INT or Fumble is just the Buccaneers organization holding Winston back. Whatever.

  40. Nick2 Says:

    Wow Lakeland are you talking about Vick who tortured animals???? Wow you have a very low bar for heroes. Perhaps just serving time wipes away all your sins in your mind but Ive been to Atlanta and its more of a CESSPOOL than Tampa will ever be. If Michael Vick is your idol we will always understand your bitterness of the Bucs. I remember Sapp and Simeon trashing Vick time after time. They couldn’t get past our D. Now you have come back to gloat LMAO

  41. Nick2 Says:

    Lakeland by the way wasn’t that 4th quarter in the Superbowl the biggest choke in NFL history??? Another bitter dirty bird.

  42. chris l Says:

    What is most appalling is the background noise in the interview. i get the players play ping pong but i heard laughing and cheering. i mean maybe it helps team camraderie but this team needs to be pissed like the fans. no time for games. we need to win and win now.

  43. Not there yet Says:

    What seriously so you think he controls the salary cap and decides who should pay him and when? Duh of course he doesn’t know after being benched duh damn

    People in his camp are keeping him calm because he has Fitz in front of him. People think Fitz is so amazing but sorry not amazing enough to get the wins needed not to play Winston. In 3 weeks bucs will be playing for nothing but draft position and showing a new head coach why this is a great team to coach. Anyone who takes over will fix the defense and immediately get this team to the playoffs regardless of who the quarterback is. Dork is the one who’s gone.

    Why was Marcus Mariotta coach fired last year? That’s exactly what will happen and exactly how they will determine if Winston gets a long term contract. People here seem to think the 20 mil is a big deal because you’re all poor it is to you but not for a quarterback.

  44. ProofReader Says:

    Dork Koetter?

  45. Sharkiebucfan Says:

    This coaching staff and front office is awful, they all will be gone next season. Start spending time with the family, golfing, or fishing. Sunday’s better spent not watching this joke of a franchise.

  46. Pete Mitchell Says:

    If the Bucs don’t bring him back, does he make more than 20mil next year somewhere else?

  47. JabooBuc Says:

    DB55- we all know why Fitz was benched. JW was a #1 draft pick and they picked up his option. They had to see what he could do and I am sure they were optimistic that he wouldn’t sh*t the bed.

    But good old JW comes through again…missed 3 games for being a moron off the field and now likely to miss that contract for being a head case on the field.

  48. chargedcbh Says:

    He gave an honest answer, he doesn’t know. Do you? Nobody knows, so what is SO Alarming? OMG

  49. BucEmUp Says:

    Dirk Koetter doesn’t even know what he is doing. He doesn’t know will start next week. Koetters just listening to the fans and.once that quits working they will all turn on him.and he will be fired.

  50. 813bucboi Says:

    what happened to all those “candid” coaches….lol…..pretty tight lipped with the a$$ on the griddle….


  51. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs are not a ” Stable” franchise

    JPP stated it best

    NO spot is guaranteed

  52. D1 Says:


    Dirk is listening to a few things, fans rank dead last. First , He is listening to his team, the guys not named winston. Winston starts this week, team will lose and no longer trust dirk.
    Licht is in his and the Glazer’s in lichts. Plus he’s listening to winston and trying to not lose him. It socks being a HC, fans know everything about football and are always right even though Sunday for 3 hrs is their total time with the team. What coaches do the other 80hrs is a mystery to fans because they can fix it in 3mtes and head home by noon.

  53. Buccaneer Bill Says:

    “He’s got 20 million reasons why”

    He’ll have a choice of which $20m to accept. The older and more experienced he gets, the better he’ll be. From a football POV, it’s extremely shortsighted to think otherwise.

  54. D1 Says:

    I read tons of posters calling everyone haters filled with hate. Hate so overused it’s mean less guys. But the thing is, other than two posters I haven’t read any hate towards winston. Fans feed up with losing ain’t hate it’s reality.What is obvious is how easy those people are at criticism of anyone not high on winston accusing them of cheering him failing.
    Ok, when Fitz had a rather winston day, they jumped on their commodore 360s and spewEd
    More hate and throughly basked in the “I told you so” light.

    You know who you are and acting like a 16 Yr old bitch cheering at a buc player failing is the same puss thing you did when another weak kid got his lunch money taken instead of you.
    Yo mommas po so it ain’t like u had something to steal…

    Team is what the winston ultra supports blame for the teams losses, then Fitz drops a qtr and it ain’t team it’s attack Fitz Cuz he trash. Pathetic puc Bois roll u bitches.

    Team wins or loses don’t hate Fitz, Winston haters puc u two jabronis.
    If Fitz fails don’t roll up in here with yo weak azzz ship and pound your Charles atlas before chest and say see told you…told what..we know you a bitch ., if winston gets a chip somewhere else be happy but stfu . It’s not the first or last time..u tell nobody dic.just sux it bee.

  55. Dapostman Says:

    Fitz has to play since the Bucs are still in the playoff hunt. Once the playoffs are out of reach because this team isn’t very good Winston should be reinstated to see if sitting has helped him turn the corner. The problem Winston has is he tries too hard to make every play. I never see him outside the pocket throwing the ball out of bounds like other QB’s do. If we see that and he understands that he can’t rescue this team that other guys are going to have to play better too then maybe just maybe he will turn the corner. Like I’ve said in the past here’s to hoping.

  56. Mike Johnson Says:

    Jameis will get another chance. But that chance will be all he gets. Glazers just might pull the plug on everybody next yr and start fresh. Fire Licht, Koetter and Jameis!..I don’t know if they got the balls their old man had. We shall see. The wise move would be to,,Hire my man Dungy as head of Football Operations and start bringing some winners in here. Because this franchis is truly pityful. Fans this year have already started to turn against them. And in a small market like we got, you need all the fans you can get. I LMAO at Buc fans who actually think FitZ is the answer. He’s good for a game or 2. Then he to,,becomes an interception machine. He’s a career backup for a reason.

  57. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I read your stuff but I’m on moderation so it’s hard sometimes for me to answer other posters. I didn’t mean to ignore you the other night. I like a lot of your stuff especially when you don’t go extreme with the hyperbole. LOL

    As for this evening…I don’t think JW needs to pray about his football career…his immortal soul is enough…football is just a game. God doesn’t care.

  58. Anthony Lash Says:

    Fitz is 71-52 in his career and when he’s officially at the helm he’s as disappointing as the worst relationship you’ve ever had. Depressed is the word

  59. wisconsinbucsfan Says:

    Lakeland always looking on the bright side….. hell it could rain.

  60. TBTemojin Says:

    Why does Lakeland even visit this site??? Classic fake Bucs fan troll!!! get lost clown shoes