Hold The Cheering

November 1st, 2018

Talks Bucs quarterback.

The best quarterback the Bucs have ever had, who was a turnover machine himself with Tampa Bay, has now weighed in on the current quarterback carousel.

Steve Young, who the Bucs gave up on and traded for a second-round pick, only to watch as he won a Super Bowl and later was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is intrigued by Bucs coach Dirk Koetter elevating journeyman backup Ryan Fitzpatrick to starter-for-now status.

But Young seems to caution Bucs fans to be careful what they wish for and all but said Koetter needs to come up with a mind game for Fitz so that he always believes he’s a backup.

You can watch the BSPN video below.

43 Responses to “Hold The Cheering”

  1. Onetrickpony Says:

    Say what ?

  2. CRABMAN Says:

    young learned under montana

    rodger learned under favre

    Crabman should learn under FITZMAGIC!!!!

  3. 813bucboi Says:

    be careful what you wish for is what was said when dirk was hired……now its time to clean house…..

    Kris Richard for HC!!!!!!


  4. AlteredEgo Says:

    Keep Jamyth and Fitz next year and draft a QB with the first pick in the 2019 draft… all bases will be covered and Koetter and Licht can sort it out going into 2020 !

  5. isrBuc Says:

    Ok. I guess he is an archaeologist like “patterns” decamper who should be writing for joewinstonfan.com

  6. LakeLand Says:

    Steve Young was more ” Intelligent” than the other Bucs Quarterbacks

    It didn’t take him long to figure it out
    That this franchise was the worst in the NFL
    He was begging Culverhouse for his walking papers
    As soon as he got to Tampa

    19 games in Tampa
    And he was Ghost

  7. Capt Kidd Says:

    I remember when Young was here the fans couldn’t wait to run him out of town. You’d always hear things like “He’s too stupid to pass so all he wants to do is run!”

  8. Easy Says:

    At this point Griffin is the wildcard to me. Make him active and if Fitz gets hurt throw him in the game.

  9. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Anyone with eye can see that brad johnson was the best qb to play for the bucs, if you were watching any b johnsons games did you ever think to yourself, “is this going to be the moment he throws a pick 6?” nope because he did what he was asked and was a strong general on the field….doug williams was even much better than jameis is at this time and the stats thing does not matter as jameis gets tons of garbage stats

  10. BucEmUp Says:

    Everyone who wants Winston gone will be dead silent when he wins a championship somewhere else

  11. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    America’s Quarterback, Hall of Famer, Steve Young was the best Quarterback we had. Too bad his best days were with the 49ers.

  12. DB55 Says:


    I believe the words you’re looking for is #RunJameisRun

  13. Ed Says:

    Young played in Tampa but on Niners he sat and learned the game. Winston has too many bad habits and mechanics that by now should have been fixed so let him get his game together while Bucs play real football

  14. LakeLand Says:

    There’s reasons why QB perform better, after they leave Tampa

    1. The Bucs draft QB early in the draft
    Which means the teams has a poor record

    2. The Bucs have a lousy roster
    Mostly bum players on the roster

    3. The Bucs can’t get decent free agents
    No “Team” player want to be in Tampa
    They can only get the ” money chasers”

    4. The Bucs are always in a rebuild mode
    Often firing the staff, bringing in a new regime

    5. Young QB has to be developed
    The Bucs never has the right staff to develop young QB

    6. When QB leave Tampa
    He can decide the team that he want to play for

    7. More likely he pick a team
    That has a “Competent” coaching staff in place

    8. They go to a team that has a talented roster
    hence Doug Willimas, Steve Young, Vinny T, Chris Chandler, Trent Dilfer

    9. He can go to a ” Complete” team
    That the Bucs hardly ever have

    10. He can go to a winning organization
    A team rich in tradition of winning football games

  15. Ray Rice Says:

    $hiit! At this point I’m willing to accept anyone they put back there that can get my beloved YUCS a W. Brian Griese or Tim Rattay 2020. Anyone.

  16. SKBucsFan Says:


    Maybe, but then he becomes someone else’s problem. And the only way he wins a Super Bowl is if he signs with the best defensive team in the league. Based on everything we have seen in college and the pros, he doesn’t have a chance if the team he ends up on isn’t ranked top 3 on defense. It could happen, but the wins will be because of the defense, not the 3 plus picks per game that he will be throwing.

  17. ATrain Says:

    Hey Joe

    How about an article on the other 100 people in the NFLmedia and explayers saying Winston’s done

    Hope hope hope

    You cant tell the future

    But I’d Jamies can’t make the throws with this offense why would he anywhere else

    Is there some Coaching secret to stop throwing INT
    Stop staring down the recievers

    Jamies problems are not hidden or slight
    That last game was horrible

    But hold on to him
    He might Get Better

    That’s it
    Put Jamies in tank the rest of the season and next Tua in 2020

  18. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Amen brother. Brad Johnson never gets his “propers”. He is the Rodney Dangerfield of football.

    Here’s a little tidbit….Brad started eleven games as a freshman for FSU’s basketball team.

    Alas he struggled to convince coach Bobby and he was up and down trying to finally beat out Casey Weldon.

    I’ll never forget a game at the “Old Sombrero” when Brad played for the Vikings and kicked the Bucs butts. As a prejudiced homer I felt Brad didn’t throw the ball well. He was never flashy. But as I thought of all those “bad” passes I criticized…WR’s and TE’s stretching…reaching…it was because Brad had brains and put the ball where ONLY a Viking could catch it. They may have to dive or stretch but no Buc had a chance to touch the ball.

    Can you tell Brad is a fave of mine.

  19. LakeLand Says:

    Brad Johnson was the best ” Game Manager” I ever seen in the NFL
    He wouldn’t fit with this Buc team

    Dirk would have him throwing 50 passes a game
    They all 20 yards or more

  20. unbelievable Says:

    Lakeland nailed it with our franchise.

  21. lambchop Says:


    Enough with the Winston will win somewhere else. Who F-ing cares? If it happens, it’s with an entirely different situation which can’t be replicated here. Stop with the sour grapes mentality and grow some nads and move on. You have to take a decision, sometimes a new start for a player is what that person needs. At this point in his career, he should be getting better not getting worse or at the very least staying the same – inconsistent. His trajectory as a QB has been stagnant.

    Would you rather go through these ups and downs for another 4-5 years or cut your losses and find a solution now? Will it be easy? No, but there are veterans that we can go after to fill the void. All we need is an above average QB, not Tom Brady.

  22. Casey Morgan Says:

    So you guys only remember 3 QBs that left Tampa Bay and did well. What about the other 30+ who never did anything? J. Freeman, S. King, Rob Johnson, Josh Johnson, Chris Simms, Bruce Gradkowski, Tim Rattay, Eric Zeier, etc. etc…

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    The moron lynch mob are the same people who talked about how the Bucs totally ripped off the 49ers by getting a 2nd rounder for that bum Steve Young. Those same people 2 years later said Vinny Testaverde was a bust and couldn’t play for any other team on football and will be out of the league the moment the Bucs cut him.

    Lynch mobs consist of morons who just repeat whatever some other moron said – because idiots, in a group, are very loud and very stupid.

  24. Rod Munch Says:

    Casey – Now you morons are compared Winston to Tim Ratty?! As they said in Tropic Thunder, you never go full #%^#<. LOL!

  25. RustyRhinos Says:

    Draft Brett Rypien this year a 4 year starter and who has touch and is a very accurate QB, will he be a first rounder pick IDK. But he has the pedigree, his uncle is Mark Rypien. 12400 yards in his 4 seasons and it is not even over yet.
    Yeah call me what ever but as I read o or and over and over after we drafted Winston “Wait for it” Still waiting…
    Go Bucs!

  26. Wesley Says:

    The best Q.B. we’ve ever had was Jeff Garcia, and I’m not joking.

  27. BurgDweller Says:

    @Crabman Comparing Fitzpatrick to Montana and Favre is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Thanks for the laugh!

  28. Greg Esty Says:

    Actually, Favre wasn’t much of a mentor to Rodgers.

  29. Joe Dunn Says:

    Wow – – some great ideas and some really lame ones – – just because you CAN post stuff on a public forum does NOT mean your takes are accurate! Steve Young eventually became a VERY good QB at a high level and has the ring to prove it.

    Side note: I read years ago that he was the fastest player on his college team…..faster than the RBs or WRs AND the black players!

  30. lambchop Says:

    Here we go again with the Steve Young, Dilfer, and Doug Willaims won a sB somewhere else. So what? Were they going to do it with the Bucs if he just held on another couple of years? Hell no. Sometimes the system, coaching, chip on the shoulder, teammates have something to do with it. Is that so difficult to understand? Players don’t win in a bubble and they don’t win alone.

  31. Cobraboy Says:

    Young never wanted to be in Tampa ion the first place.

  32. Bucsace Says:

    For every Doug Williams and Steve Young there were countless other guys who were garbage…..So if you look at the percentages of Winston becoming a Superstar QB somewhere else, it most likely ain’t gonna happen……Sit Winston down for the rest of the season, and save the 21 million……Brad Johnson was good, but Jeff Garcia was underrated IMO

  33. Mike Johnson Says:

    Young is spot on about Fitz. And no Jeff garcia was not our Best QB ever. its a toss up between Doug Williams and Brad Johnson.

  34. Rod Munch Says:

    Actually the best QB in team history is Jameis Winston. Brad Johnson was a game manager who was there not to lose, and no revisionist history will change that. Was Brad Johnson better than Trent Dilfer and Shawn King? Absolutely. Did he have a pro-bowl season? Yes, he did. Did he have a pro-bowl season when the defense was injured and struggling in 2003? No, he was the career backup/middling starter he had always been. Had the Bucs had a QB like Winston in that era they would have won a lot more than one Super Bowl, and if you don’t believe that just ask the players who played on that team.

  35. RobertG Says:

    Stop saying Dildo was a great SB QB. The Ravens Defense won that SB

  36. stpetebucsfan Says:


    That was a great top test list of why some…a few QB’s…succeed with other teams after failing here.

  37. TheNorm Says:

    Lmao rod munch is such an idiot. Lol. Get over it. Your boy got benched for a 35year old back up.

    That says all anyone needs to know lol.

    Pathetic. I told you his days were numbered

  38. Jason Hull Says:

    Steven in Tampa is joke compared to Winston they haven’t this kind of offense ever Steve young said hut then ran for his life Winston has stop two receiving corps

  39. Calbucsfan Says:

    Have to disagree with the Mr. HOFer. Fitz knew he “was the man” for the first 3 games and went out and played like a future HOFer for 10 of those 12 quarters. JW can’t say that in ANY quarter this year.

    Then, when JW’s faltering was no longer acceptable, Fitz came in, did it again and almost won the game. That’s not the player Steve Young describes, that’s Fitz Magic!

  40. Noles Says:


    I hope your joking Jeff Garcia is not best bucs QB ever. Brad Johnson was as it relates to performance and winning. It’s too bad we didn’t get him sooner like early on in His Viking tenure not after we got him from the skins toward the end of his career.. i am not including performances once they left ie.. Young, Williams & Testaverse but how they played for us…Jeff Garcia is an Arena league QB please…. another Gruden retread see Michael Pittman, Thomas Jones, Antonio Bryant, Charlie Garner etc.. & enougb w Fitz Magic he has played for 14 years anyone who thinks he is our answer is uninformed & the BUCS have ZERO chance of playoffs or winning record so stop already. JW will play again unless the Glazers boys don’t want to pay him next year which I can understand. The GLAZERS are the real problem & they need to hire a VP like Jax did w Coughlin and let that individual make decisions. It starts by firing Koetter and Licht. Like Parcells said if he is responsible for cooking dinner he wants to pick the groceries & I don’t want to go grocery shopping with Licht or Koetter… They suck!! Another 10 years of rebuilding.. To start rebuilding 5 years after that.. Lakeland nailed it… seen this thing from the start & nothing has changed… but I still watch & hope not sure why at this point

  41. Pittsshore Says:

    Who cares Joe? Fake news.

  42. Wesley Says:

    Noles- wrong.

  43. Destinjohnny Says:

    Tua in 20
    And let’s get a real team president Derrick brooks
    And hold on our new gm…….. ronde Barber