Eyeing John DeFilippo

November 26th, 2018

Yes, the Bucs’ playoff fantasies are alive, but it’s far more likely that Tampa Bay will be eager to name a new head coach in 35 short days.

And a hot name in that realm is offensive guru/quarterback whisperer John DeFilippo.

His work was on display last night against the Packers on Sunday Night Football. DeFilippo, chosen this offseason as the man to lead the Vikings offense by defense-first head coach Mike Zimmer, is guiding Kirk Cousins to his best season, which included the “W” to push Minnesota to a 6-4-1 record.

Cousins is completing 71 percent of his passes with 22 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.

DeFilippo, 40, came to the Vikings after two years coaching Eagles quarterbacks, handpicked for the task by a former NFL quarterback, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson.

In 2015, the Browns made a bold hire and named DeFilippo their offensive coordinator. His gift? Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel as quarterbacks. The marriage lasted a season.

A super high-energy guy, DeFilippo would be considered the hot young name in the head-coaching pool. He interviewed for the Bears’ top job last year. It’s just a matter of when he gets his shot.

Before last night, the Vikings offense was under scrutiny in Minnesota. DeFilippo had a tough act to follow after Pat Shurmur, and then arriving to a team with Super Bowl dreams and a brand new QB. Joe likes that DeFilippo had to deal with an intense microscope from Day 1 this season — and he’s passed the test.

As for Team Glazer, nobody really knows what type of hire they would want to make.

If they want a big name with a long track record to replace Dirk Koetter, DeFilippo won’t be their guy. If they desire an offensive guru with a solid shot at being the next Sean McVay, then DeFilippo might top their list.

Joe has been studying DeFilippo and is very intrigued. The son of a coach (just like Dirk Koetter), DeFilippo has a ton of experience for a young guy and he’d certainly transform the energy at One Buc Palace.

He might also be the best choice on the market for America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

That victory last night, though, might hurt DeFilippo’s chances with the Bucs. The Vikings are the top Wild Card seed now and the Bucs might get scared off by potentially hiring a young head coach late in the hiring season because his team is in the playoffs. That makes it harder for the new HC to compile a quality staff.

Enjoy the video below from DeFilippo’s days with the Eagles and grooming Carson Wentz.

55 Responses to “Eyeing John DeFilippo”

  1. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    First of all, pop some bottles for Jameis NOT turning the ball over AND the defense playing AVERAGE!

    We already have a great offense (when Jameis doesn’t turn the ball over), and NOW a stable kicker. I’m all on board with NOT firing Koetter AND bringing in a DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR that’s a DEFENSIVE GURU.

    Oh yeah, pick up Jameis’s 5th year option.

    Let’s go Bucs!

  2. FortMyersDave Says:

    I think that Koetter is a goner unless he somehow runs the table to 9 and 7. Problem for Tampa is that there could be a lot of openings come January. Dallas, the Jets, Browns, Cards, Bengals, Falcons, Detroit, Denver and the Packers could all be shopping for a head coach and Tampa probably would be somewhere in the middle to bottom of any coaches choices from the above mentioned teams.

  3. OneBucPerson Says:

    Honestly, really just feel like we’d be better off focusing on fixing the defense. Offense is completely find, let’s bring in a defensive guy like a JDR.

  4. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Duffner deserves a further look at D coordinator. Whitehead is developing, we had blitzes from other players besides the front four, a goal line stand and
    Nassib has been playing well.

  5. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Almost forgot Vea who was a force yesterday.

  6. Easy Says:

    Koetter has the number 1 ranked offense in the NFL and that’s between 2 freaking quarterbacks. The defense is, has and continues to be the problem for this team. We just need an overhaul on the defensive staff and change of philosophy.

  7. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    No disrespect to our current Head Coach.

    But “if” we do turn the page…

    –Head Coach: John DeFilippo
    –Defensive Coordinator: Jim Schwartz

    Wouldn’t be a terrible option

  8. lambchop Says:

    Should be a very very interesting offseason. I think there are certain decisions and closed door drama that will get Koetter fired even if we run the table and win out (not happening).

    Being this inconsistent is not solely the QBs problem. Everyone has a hand at how terrible we’ve been, including the ones that have already been shown the door in years past. We’ve had too many years of bad decision making. I would love a point man to run this team that the GM and coach have to answer to. We need a serious football IQ guy over seeing the organization. No more I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

  9. BucEmUp Says:

    Bob….san Francisco is really bad. Dufner is not the answer. Please remember Eli manning having one incompletion and every other game his defense looked just as bad as Mike and Lovie.

    I would be fine keeping Koetter as long as.derock.brooks or Bruce Arians was brought in as some type of assistant or consultant and Buckner was given the keys to the defense and a drafting some.stud.press corners and pass rushers. .

    Press coverage and.good defense will equate to playoffs

  10. Jim Says:

    I thought the problem was the defense. Why are we looking for an “offensive guru/quarterback whisperer”??

  11. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Head coaches
    • Head Coach – Vic Fangio
    • Interim Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator – Chuck Pagano

    Offensive Coaches
    • Offensive Coordinator: Jim Caldwell
    • Quarterbacks – Pep Hamilton
    • Running Backs – Earnest Byner
    • Wide Receivers – Clyde Christensen
    • Sr. Offensive Assistant/TE Coach: Rob Chudzinski
    • Offensive Line – Harold Goodwin
    • Assistant Offensive Line – Cameron Norcross

    Defensive Coaches
    • Defensive Line – Jim Tomsula
    • Outside Linebackers – Bill Davis
    • Inside Linebackers – Ted Monachino
    • Secondary – Teryl Austin
    • Safeties – Ed Reed

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Find a coach for “America’s Quarterback”…..I thought that’s what we did the last time……if we find a new coach, how about we find one for the Team.

    I think Jameis will be just fine, by the way……

  13. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Head coaches
    • Head Coach – Vic Fangio
    • Asst. Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator – Mike Mularkey

    Offensive Coaches
    • Quarterbacks – Jason Michael
    • Running Backs – Sylvester Croom
    • Wide Receivers – Bob Bratkowski
    • Sr. Offensive Assistant/TE Coach: Rob Chudzinski
    • Offensive Line – Russ Grimm
    • Assistant Offensive Line – Cameron Norcross

    Defensive Coaches
    • Defensive Coordinator: Todd Bowles
    • Defensive Line – Brentson Buckner
    • Outside Linebackers – Ted Monachino
    • Inside Linebackers – Mike Caldwell
    • Secondary – Dennis Thurman

  14. Bob in Valrico Says:

    The evaluation process of players, coaches, and GM should continue as well. Good win, but this a battle of two teams in some disarray. Stiffer competition is coming and its easier to have a little more optimism at this point.

  15. Dewey Selmon Says:

    An offensive coordinator with no head coaching experience? Didn’t we just try that?

  16. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Koetter deserves another year now that he has a stable kicker, Jamies isn’t turning the ball over, and the defense is playing average.

  17. Anglican Says:

    If they brought him in as a head coach the results would still be tbe same if they keep JL as the GM. We currently have a 2 headed monster as HC and GM.

  18. dmatt Says:

    We need not only an offensive guru as head coach but someone who will take charge of Jameis n maximize his skills set. Someone with leadership traits that can give a boost in the locker room when the camera is not present. Someone who will hold coaches n players accountable no matter their title or position. Someone who will call DJackson out for his lack of effort to stretch for the ball or lackadaisical performance, I prefer he’ be traded. Someone who will aggressively go for it on 4th n 2 in the red zone. Someone who demands a violent defense n demand that the GM bring in a guru defensive coordinator whose scheme the players can relate to. Someone who will go after defensive players aggressively in FA n the draft. Someone who can bring in a keen for talent scout coach. Someone who will not wait until we r behind to open up the offense. Someone who will always challenge the likes of Sean Peyton, Ron Rivera, n Dan Quinn. Someone who will put the NFL on alert that “There’s a New Sheriff in Town”.

  19. Joe Blahak Says:

    This team needs to get back to being all about the defense….Marinelli for HC

  20. Bosch Says:

    A big name with a long track record would NEVER work for the Glazers. They will have to be giving someone unproven their first shot and hope they get lucky. So far that has been their pattern and it has yet to work out.

  21. Not there yet Says:

    That is a fantasy because the bucs have no playoffs hopes whatsoever. Just because other teams are losing that are in the hunt it doesn’t mean they’ll be losing to us. Your saying he bucs can actually beat a good team lol

    I knew this exact thing would happen, after calling the season over and done we would beat a crappy team and then someone was going to try to get the fans to buy into playoff talk. It’s nonsense because we know not to buy into playoff talk until we are in their. This team hasn’t proved they can play with the big boys and that game yesterday hasn’t changed a thing, it’s still true.

  22. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    If you’re building a savage 3-4 defensive front.
    You gotta have the best linebacker coach in the game.

    Vic Fangio (LB Resume)

    New Orleans Saints (1986–1994)
    • 57 Rickey Jackson
    • 56 Pat Swilling
    • 53 Vaughan Johnson
    • 51 Sam Mills

    Carolina Panthers (1995–1998)
    • 91 Kevin Greene
    • 57 Lamar Lathon
    • 56 Micheal Barrow
    • 51 Sam Mills

    Houston Texans (2002–2005)
    • 55 Jamie Sharper
    • 58 Steve Foley
    • 56 Jay Foreman

    Baltimore Ravens (2006–2009)
    • 52 Ray Lewis
    • 55 Terrell Suggs
    • 57 Bart Scott
    • 96 Adalius Thomas
    • 95 Jarret Johnson

    San Francisco 49ers (2011–2014)
    • 52 Patrick Willis
    • 53 NaVorro Bowman
    • 99 Aldon Smith
    • 55 Ahmad Brooks

    Chicago Bears (2015–present)
    • 52 Khalil Mack
    • 94 Leonard Floyd
    • 58 Roquan Smith
    • 59 Danny Trevathan

  23. AlteredEgo Says:

    Geesh Joe….what is it about you and Koetter….Koetter ain’t going anywhere

  24. Ed Says:

    What’s this talk about Koetter? His offensive coordinator resume isn’t the same as being a head coach. As a head coach his job was to run the entire football team and have all accountable. Yesterday was the first time in 10 games that there were no interceptions, fumbles, missed tackles, blown coverages, missed assignments, etc. He coached a good game against a team that lacked any explosive components.

    I think he’s run out of time and with the regression of Winston its time for multiple changes to the organization. He’ll find another OC job for sure.

  25. Deminion Says:

    David Shaw !

  26. The Coroner Says:

    Offensive minded new Head Coach?

    Chucky (offensive minded) came in and took the defensive team built by Tony Dungy and won the SB.

    Dungy (defensive minded) went to the Colts and inherited arguably the best offense in the NFL and won the Super Bowl.

  27. lewis Says:

    Next week none of you will be saying keep Dirt

  28. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Yes pump the brakes…..big picture both licht and koetter need to go…just because the defense performed against an undrafted qb and offensive players doesnt mean anything, lets use a better barometer next monday against cam and crew

  29. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Mark my words, the Glazer are going to give Koetter another year as head coach. He and Licht will make the case that the offense is top notch and they just need another offseason to sort things out and over hall the defense. I imagine every coach on the Defense will be gone except Buckner. They will leave it to the new Defensive coordinator to decide his fate. Being that Koetter has an offensive background, it is a valid point to shift the blame and buy another year. Not saying I like this, but these whispers are gaining traction.

  30. T REX Says:

    We just played a depleted team that is 2-8 with their 3rd string QB.

    Can we please turn the page on the last 4 years and bring in NEW blood. No way should we bring in a head coach based on him trying to help Winston.

    Dumbest thing I have ever heard. Winston has the most turnovers since entering the league. More than Bortles.

    Will you idiots please stop with this nonsense?

  31. Waterboy Says:

    Koetter has to go. He could run the table the rest of the season and I still wouldn’t want him back. They need a guy with a backbone and someone who makes quick decisive decisions in there running the team. Koetter had last offseason to get someone in to fix the defense but he failed to have a solution for the problem now his time is up.

  32. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    Replace one promising OC who turned HC without any previous NFL head coaching resume (😝Koetter) with basically the same guy? Sounds like a push at best, no thanks. Like others have said, the offense is quite good for the Bucs. Evaluate the team’s effort and execution these next few weeks, and if it’s a strong showing I vote keep the continuity of the current HC and offensive coordinators (but clean house on the defense side unless that unit shows vast improvement). The constant coaching carousel has set this team back. Sometimes you have to get rid of guys (Lovie for all the HC experience he had was a train wreck! At least Rah and Schiano had the excuse of learning the ropes as an NFL HC), but other times you have to stay the course unless the perfect candidate falls into your lap.

  33. Dapostman Says:

    I’m on the Jim Harbaugh train until it derails and Jim Harbaugh says no thanks!


  34. Pryda Says:

    Defensive Coach!!!!

  35. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Jim Harbaugh is simply not coming to Tampa. Like you I’d love to have him as the Buc’s HC but it’s just not happening.

    He was interviewed before Saturday’s game and said he’d love to stay as the Wolverines head coach for another twenty years if the AD wants him.

    WHY would Harbaugh ever consider Tampa? First off money is irrelevant. Even if the Glazers mimicked Chucky’s deal and gave Harbaugh ten million a year that would not be a raise for Harbaugh who made that much this year at Michigan…his ALMA MATER…the place he played as QB.

    I hate to say this as a Buc’s fan but the Browns may actually be as attractive as the Bucs right now. Mayfield is an excellent QB…and lots of talent after all these years of multiple draft picks and high choices.

    Harbaugh has reached the SB in the NFL…he doesn’t have that much to prove…at his Alma Mater however Saturday’s embarrassment has probably fired him up big time.

  36. G-Money Says:

    The Lovie Smith example has gotten as old as the Tony Dungy did nothing for us argument. Lovie smith drafted a 19 year old QB, a bunch of O linemen, because that’s what the Glazer’s wanted; more Offence !!! He got fired before having his own Defensive draft and you people call his experience a train wreck?? Look; to many HC’s got opportunities here, not named Lovie, and he left Chicago at 10-6, when was the last time Tampa saw that, and it meant something ? Get out of the past, and stop blaming HC, and DC, and everyone except the Glazer’s for their own inconsistency. Bucs Fan For Life…Go Bucs !!!

  37. tmaxcon Says:

    Tampa is simply the least desirable location for front office, coaches and players in the entire nfl. No one with a choice will take this crap job. The league insiders understand glazers have no intention of fielding a respectable product

  38. Joe Says:

    Tampa is simply the least desirable location for front office, coaches and players in the entire nfl. No one with a choice will take this crap job. The league insiders understand glazers have no intention of fielding a respectable product.

    Fully and completely false. Team Glazer is very much a hands-off ownership group. Their employees really like and respect that.

    Is that the problem, that the Glazers are too hands-off? That’s a discussion for another time.

    Have never, ever seen an NFL team struggle to find candidates to fill a coaching job. Ever.

  39. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Agreed, “all about the defense”

    Marinelli was not a good HC in his last attempt, however…..

  40. tmaxcon Says:


    that is fair, every job is filled that is for sure….

    Hands off is your term, personally, I’ll go with Apathetic or Incompetent. You are acting like this team is in a 2-year slump, not a nearly 2 decade-long slump.

    you can not honestly with a straight face state these owners are attempting to field a competitive product. based on their hires and results any sane person can see it’s all about the league ticket revenue sharing and tv money sharing. Bucs fanbase calls dungy the clowns .500 football with no chance in playoffs glory years, therefore, glazers have no reason to field a better product they don’t have to with such an ignorant low standard fanbase

  41. tmaxcon Says:

    Marinelli wow…. yeah let’s bring in another has been the game passed by. just like all of dungy failed assistants marinelli did it right with that magical 0-16 season.

    will one of you fools please explain to me why living in a failed past is so much more desirable than trying to actually field a team that can compete for 5 to 7 years which bucs have NEVER had in franchise history…. is life so scary that you have to live in the past versus reality.

    bucsfans are as mentally weak as the choirboy career losers they cheer for.

  42. Joe Says:

    I’ll go with Apathetic or Incompetent. You are acting like this team is in a 2-year slump, not a nearly 2 decade-long slump.

    Oh, the tens (hundreds?) of millions of dollars Team Glazer throws away trying to build a winner is anything but “apathetic.” They’ve burned a complete fortune trying to get this team to be a winner.

    you can not honestly with a straight face state these owners are attempting to field a competitive product.

    Don’t know of too many people that have flushed God knows how many millions of dollars in order to make sure their business failed. The mounds of cash Team Glazer has tossed out the window trying to build a winner likely could have cured syphilis by now.

  43. tmaxcon Says:


    then you just answered the question for both of us it’s not apathy it’s Incompetence.

    They barely hit the league minimum salary for 10 years. Hell the glazers are one of the main reasons the cba has a minimum clause. The argument they are spending to win every year simply does not hold water. The franchise has no direction or leadership from top to bottom. Period. You have to try to be this bad.

  44. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Bucs organization resembles trailer trash living.

  45. Joe Says:

    The Bucs organization resembles trailer trash living.

    If you ever walked through One Buc Palace with its manicured shrubbery, gated walls and security staff and chefs in the cafeteria (which is off limits to Joe) that’s the kind of trailer park we all strive to live in!

  46. Anonymous Says:

    These are disturbing comments to me. This call for a new coach is a failed pattern and a result of the Glazers listening to people on these boards, especially Joe who hides behind this dual identity…“the Joes”. Are you the one that ran Doug Martin out of town or was it the other guy? If so, you probably are deluded enough to think that these owners, coaches and players actually give a sh*t what you think, inciting your readers to follow you as you push coaches and players out. Now I don’t have any problem with a guy trying to make a living, as it seems you have done by attracting advertising but you belong in the background running your business and let Ira
    take the reigns of any meaningful football commentaries that stays positive for this team. Ira will tell it like it is but will not go on some vendetta to have a coach or a player expunged from the organization.
    This kind of behavior gives the Glazers a bad name for not caring about their team and I know this is not so.

  47. Brandon Says:

    As far as getting salaries at or to the league salary cap minimum, everybody knows that the easiest way to do that is by signing your own free agents to second contract deals. NEWSFLASH! We don’t get many Bucs draftees that get a second contract. Teams like the Steelers, Patriots, and others that draft well, make a habit of trying to resign their drafted players before they have a chance to hit the market and land a salary cap crippling deal. We don’t have that problem because we haven’t drafted well since the late 90’s. Between Bruce Allen/Gruden, Dominik, and Licht, we haven’t had many players not only deserve a second contract, but make it to see a second contract. This is why we consistently don’t spend money. Then we can’t get free agents because they usually aren’t very good as the good ones are resigned by their own teams or franchised and then we end up getting marginally talented overpriced free agents that never live up to their contracts.

  48. Crabberbill Says:

    I think we should change the NFL. Keep Koetter as OF Head Coach ( as long As Monken calls the the plays) and make someone else the a defensive head coach> Maybe get Kiffin or Marinelli to run the defense?

  49. SOEbuc Says:

    No more offensive coordinators that only know how to run offense. Like you said Joe, fat contract to an experienced HC with a good record that can put together a staff.

  50. Fire Light Says:

    Koetters offense doesn’t mesh with Jameis’ strengths. He will definitely find a new job as an OC or something similar. I don’t think he’s a bad coach, he’s just a bad head coach.

  51. Cobraboy Says:

    Per the CBA, all owners, including the Bucs, are *Required* to spend a minimum amount of $$$ on player salaries and that’s a Yuge number.

    The Glazers have never been “cheap.”

  52. Knoxville Buc Fan Says:

    Just spitting numbers out your mouth Stpete? No way in hell is Harbaugh making $10mill a year at Michigan. Man some of you just spit sh!t out your mouth…

  53. Nick2 Says:

    Joe your going in the wrong direction, look for the unknown unproven defensive back coach who has very little experience and will come on the cheap. Kind of like a modern day Raheem? The Glazers always flirt with great coaches only to pounce on the most inexpensive and ineffective option.

  54. rrsrq Says:

    You play to win the game…
    Maybe Herm Edwards got his tune up, doesn’t he have ASU bowl eligible in his first year.

  55. lozo26 Says:

    Why does everyone forget that McVay has a very good defensive coordinator with NFL head coaching experience? I doubt even McVay would deny his success is absolutely dependent on Wade’s presence. So stop looking for the next McVay because you’ll also need another Wade Phillips to go with him. You’re not likely to find that combo just laying around again.